Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 15

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 15

A story by Tisa Phiri

Sila could not sleep. she lay on Scar`s bed, hoping all turned out well. she had no idea what was going on. But one thing was clear, Scar was fighting to get her son back.

she heard a knock on the door. “come in” she answered. Daka, the gate man came in with a cup of coffee.

“The Boss told me to bring you this ” he said handing Sila the cup.

“Thank you” she said honestly.

“i cant sleep” she murmered as she sipped on the coffee.

“You must be special to my Boss.” Daka told her instead.

“i have never seen any woman in this house before, but you have come here a second time.”

Sila smilled..

“what can i say. i barely know your boss.”

“Hes a tough guy yes” Daka mentioned,

“but he has a big heart too. Am just a gate man mam but he doesnt treat me like s***. He gives me more than am supposed to get and always helps me when in need. You must see how he takes care of his men. No wonder they all are loyal and committed to him.” The man let a laugh.

Sila smilled,

“well thats good of him for sure.”

“Yeah” Daka nodded before leaving the room.

” your maid is safe” he said before closing the door.

“Thank you” Sila raised her hand at him watching him as he closed back the door.

she sat quitely as she sipped on her coffee. wondering how Scar had got himself in the gang of thieves and murderers.

“Does he even have family?” She asked herself. She remembered hours past the time he told her he loved her and shook her head. deep down her heart felt safe and good around him but how was she going to fall in love with a man who had a very dark past? The man who destroyed her future and her good relationsh¡p with her family…?

she was deep in thoughts when she heard the front door bang. Putting her cup down she went out to see what was going on. she saw Jo hold another guy who had blood all over his shirt.

“My God! what happened to him? ” she asked running to help Jo put him down.

“He was shot” Jo told her.

Sila looked at his shoulder,

“this is serious you need to get him to the doctor.” She suggested.

“No …” Scar answered as he entered the house.

Sila looked at his direction and ran to her son who followed behind him.

“Isaac!” she scre-med hugging her boy tightly.

“Oh my God you are alive” she smiled tears in her eyes

“I was so scared I would lose you. Are you Okey?” She checked him turning him around.

The boy cried,

“mommy i was so scared there were guns and sounds and blood. ”

“Its okey baby” she rubbed him on the back.

“its ok. You are safe now. Am here and nothing is gonna happen to you.” She assured him as she embraced him close.

“Thank you so much ” she looked at Scar.

“thank you for bringing him back.”

“Its fine Sila just help my guy there if you can he`s bleeding badly..” Scar responded.

“Ok” Sila stood,

“call maria to take care of Zac”

“Yeah sure” Scar agreed as she went back to Ken. she tried all she had learnt from her nursing school and what she saw from the doctors.

” I need to get the bullet out. Thankfully it hasn’t gone so deep. Get me some sharp knife or something i can use and a bottle of wine.” She instructed.

“hurry !” Scar added as Jo and the other guy went to search for what she requested.

After minutes of working on him she manged to pull out the bullet and stopped the bleeding. she sterilized the wound and bandaged it.

“He needs some antibiotics and pain killers.” She looked at Scar.

“we have something in the house.” he responded.

” good” she looked him,

” give him and get him to rest. I insist he sees a doctor though.”

Ken smilled at her

“i will be fine mam, thank you. ”

Sila looked at him, he was the same guy who hit her back at the forest. she felt for him and kept what she wanted to tell him to herself.

“well thank God you didnt kill me the other day” she smiled back at him as she stood up.

she washed her hands and went to see Zac.

“hey son!” she called out as she sat next to him, Maria had bathed him and he lay down in the bed.

” how are you feeling now my strong man ?” she asked patting his hair.

“Better mom, uncle came to rescue me. He is so strong mom like superman, the other guy was so terrible and the room they put me in had a very bad smell. the men where smoking and talking like killers from that scary movie.” Then boy ranted holding his mothers hand.

Sila smilled..

“well thank God he got you back safely. you are safe now.”

Zac looked in the direction of the door, Scar stood there looking at them,

“Thank you Uncle!” he shouted raising his hand at Scar. Sila turned to look back and saw Scar smilling.

“You are a strong boy” he told Zac, “you did great. you will grow up to be stronger than me belive that” he said patting Zac`s legs on top of the sheets and left the room.

Sila k-ssed her son before standing up too

” am coming Zac ” she told her son, “get some rest now okey. we will go back home tomorrow.”

She followed Scar to his room. He stood by the window looking out as she entered. she cleared her throat.

“can i come in? ”

“yeah” Scar told her.

“it was tough out there” he starte

“I was so scared, i thought i might loose Zac or any of my boys. I almost lost it. I couldn’t kill that lunatic in front of my boy. I had to let him go. I have never been so scared in my life before. I had to save him and am glad it went quite well. I couldn’t have survived the pain of losing my only son.” he added sadly still looking out the window.

” You did well” Sila told him.

” look, i dont know what went down back there but i really appreciate what you have done for me and my son. You saved his life who knows what could have happened out there. ”

Scar kept looking out the window, “my life is a mess Sila. everyone thinks am the invisible guy. like am so strong and the master mind, the boys look up to me and wants me to direct them, the only thing they dont understand is that i too have my fears. I hærdly sleep at night, i cant even see my mother openly for fear someone might kill her. I live in shadows and it hurts and is so lonely sometimes. ”

Sila looked at him, he wasn`t the mafia she had hated a few hours ago. He was just a vulnerable man who looked powerless and in pain. The pain in,side his heart, she felt for him. Truly she couldn’t understand his pain or what made him what he was but that moment she felt he needed her. He was opening up to her and she could not help notice how sad and lonely he was. His eyes longed for her comfort.

“I cant understand you ” she stood behind his back, he was still facing outside the window.

“but somehow i know you are a strong person with a big heart too. Those people you work with put their lives on the line for you, you know why?” She asked

He turned to look at her.

“because of what you have in here, ” she held his chest.

“Your heart is good though they wont tell you, it is what leads them to you and its what has kept you alive till now, not your strength or your brains. God uses hearts not the outside appearance to change people . It’s the heart that defines who you truly are. ”

He looked at her innocent face, smilling, he held her face.

“Those are the most beautiful words someone has ever told me, thank you Sila. you are so precious and innocent and am just a common thief.” he said sadly.

“Well we all have our dark side, no man is perfect. ” she shrugged.

” I never thought i would say this. but am sorry, am so sorry for ruining your life Sila, i was drunk that day and i now regret ever raping you and getting you pregnant at a tender age. Am sure it hasn`t been easy raising Isaac alone. Am truly sorry for everything, will you ever forgive me? ” he asked raising her chin.

Sila nodded.

“its all in the past now, am just happy my son is safe and you had a major role in keeping him safe. No matter the circ-mstances surrounding his birth, I love my son he’s the best thing that has happened to me” she smiled honestly and stepped back.

Before she could turn back and leave, Scar moved closer to her, “and thank you for keeping the pregnance. Zac is the only good thing i feel i have brought to this world too.” He smiled.

He reached out and k-ssed her without warning, she hesitated for seconds and responded back, holding his neck as she k-ssed him back. Scar tightened his hold on her getting his tongue deeper into her mouth.

she mourned with pleasure as he car-ssed her lifting her gown up her thighs. Sila was taken by passion as he gently rubbed his hand in her thighs. He paused and looked at her calm face as she eyed him with passion and desire.

” are you sure?” he asked breathing heavily.

“Sure of what? ” she smiled..

“making love to a Mafia? ” she teased gently rubbing his groins.

“uuuuhh!” he let a scre-m of pleasure, took off his clothes as he led her to the bed taking his time car-ssing her and k-ssing her. Every part of her driving him crazy. He couldnt believe a delicate and gentle body was in his hands.

She smiled as she opened her eyes to look at him.

” What is wrong? ” She asked breathing softly as she rubbed her hands on his back and kept her face to his.

“You are perfect” he smiled,

“its almost like a dream you are right here so close to me. If it is a dream i never want to wake up” he said chuckling and getting back to her getting himself in her as he felt the strong passions and intense pleasures rushing through every joint of his body.

Minutes later, he sat up p-nting and looking at her perfect form in his arms

“My wh0le life i have never felt so much pleasure and happiness” he told her honestly. She smilled her eyes half closed.

“and i never anticipated making love to a thief would be so mind blowing” she teased him with a laugh.

Scar smilled widely,

“well, thieves are human beings too you know.” he added as he slid his hand on her unclad back.

” I wish i met you under different circ-mstances Sila, honestly” he said.

“I wish i was a good man with an honest life and all this past was not there. ”

She sat up and looked at him.

“you have so much sadiness , i can feel it. why dont you leave this life of yours..? It’s not too late you know.”

“I dont know woman, this is who i am and you dont just walk away from this life its not that simple. Its either you die with a bullet in your head or you are jailed for life. That`s the reward of what i do. Imade some dangerous decisions and now I feel caged.” She scoffed sadly.

she looked at his eyes and could see through his pain.

“Come here” she told him opening her arms. He moved to her and she held him tight in her arms

“you can do it if you choose to.” she whispered k-ssing his neck.

He mourned in passionately as he scooped her getting her on top of himself.

” show me the way then.” he giggled and held her tight.

To be continued

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