Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 16

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 16

A story by Tisa Phiri

Scar woke up early for a long time he had never felt so rested and he had slept without night mares. He looked at Sila`s face, her head lay peacefully on his chest. he watched as her chest moved up and down slowly as she breathed.

“she’s so tender and delicate” he thought to himself.

“maybe there`s a God somewhere for sure. he just sent this perfect thing in my hands. i dont even deserve her” he thought to himself.

He remembered the day after he had raped her, he regretted and felt bad, the only thing he could remember at that time was her cry as he forced himself through her tightness. He never even told anyone about the rape but his conscious always reminded him of what he had done. He later on decided never to drink and get drunk. He could only take 2 glasses of wine per day. His only way of releasing his stress was through smoking.

At some point Jo decided to get him a woman. she was quite decent a bank Teller. she was a beautiful woman but all Scar was attracted to her was her body, in fact hated her guts and love for money.

He always satisfied her in that area anyway so he had no issues even though Jo insisted he let her around he decided to dumped her and paid her off for her services especially when he suspected her having another man.

It was actually a relief that she was out of his life and he had never bothered himself with another woman till he s₱0tted Sila in town and fall for her instantly.

Here he was with her, He gently stroke her hair.

“what do i do now? my life is all ****ed up with my enemies probably hunting me down right now? i need to keep this woman and my son safe.”

he was deep in thoughts when his phone vibrated. He checked the caller and it was one of the boys. “boss switch on the TV there`s something you have to see.” The voice came through sharply.

He slowly put Sila`s head on the pillow without waking her, walked to the living room in his robe, turning on the TV he was stattled by what he saw on the News the reporter was reporting a house burning down in flames.

“This came in in the early hours of today. we do not know the cause of the fire and the police have established that there were no any human remains from the house fortunately.” the reporter explained..

Sila who had followed Scar in the room saw the news.

“on my God !” she scre-med raising everyone in the house.

” thats my house. Someone burnt down my home and i have no where else to go.” she cried loudly as hugged her.

Maria and Zac came to the room and Zac cried upon seeing his home burn on the TV.

“mom!” he shouted,

“they burnt our house and all our things.”

Sila walked to him and hugged him. “am so sorry sonny… sorry” she held the boy and cried with him.

Maria who stood watching cried too as she watched the fire men trying to put out the fire.

Scar lifted Sila up.

“You need to be strong for Zac stop crying now and look after him” he whispered to her.

“Come with me for a minute” he held her hand. Sila wipped Zac`s tears,

“go with aunty sonny okey.” She told him.

“am coming.”

“Am so sorry Sila this is happening to you.Its all my fault. you need to stay far away from me, am a cursed man” Sca cried.

“See i destroy everything i touch.” He shook his head really feeling bad about the way things had turned out.

Sila cried in Silence.

“don`t you see ? my life is over, that house is the only thing i had worked for my wh0le life. i paid for it with everything i had and it took me years to finish paying that brother in-law of mine for the house. That proud fool almost took advantage of me over that house. It was my only pride the only thing i had to leave for my son in case i died today and now its all burnt to ashes.” She sobbed.

” My family hates me because of Isaac, they think of me as a disgrace cause i got pregnant at 18 and threw away my future. where will i go now tell me? Where?”

Scar shed tears too

“its all my fault am sorry, i should have stayed away from you had i known this will happen. stay here for a while. i know Chile did this and he wont stop till he gets to me and now he knows you. he will try destroy me through you. please i know its hærd but i have to find that fool and kill him myself.” He mumbled.

“Kill him?” Sila asked suprised.

“how can you even talk of killing somebody proudly like that? ” she made a face.

“You have to understand Sila, that`s the only way to get rid of people like me. its either him or me. I promise if i had to die it will be until you and Zac are safe.

Look at me Sila” he shook her.

“i have made a lot of mistakes and wrong choices in my life but knowing you in this short period is the best choice i have ever made, believe me nd if i died today just know that i love you and our Son more than anything. You, Zac and my mother are the most important people in my life, let me see my guys” he told her before walking out.

“someone will bring you clothes and please feel free to prepare and eat anything you want. If you need anything the workers can help you. you are safe here chile knows better than come to this house. There are guards everywhere and I doubt he even knows this place.” Je added.

“Take care” Sila managed to say when He had finished talking.

he smilled..

“and come back alive” she added.. “I will ” he smilled

“especially if i have to come back to see your face again.”

Sila sat down and cried. she had lost her home and now was hiding from a murderer. Funny how life can turn over night, just yesterday she recalled being happy and at peace with her small family. watching her favorite serie and laughing. Now all was in the past.

she sighed as her phone rang, it was her Mother.

“Helo” she answered..

“Sila” her mom spoke up

” i just saw the news. are you and your son aIright? ” she asked…

“yeah mom we are okey. thank God we slept at a friend`s house so we were`nt in,side..”

“oh thats a relief Sila we were worried about you.” Her mother responded.

Sila sighed, her mom was the one who always showed a bit of concern in her life.

“so tell me what are you going to do now? ” her mom continued.

“i dont know yet mom i am still confused.” she answered.

“oh poor child” her mother said. ,

“you always have to face the most difficult things of all your friend. we have no money to help you now but you can call your brother in-law am sure he can help out. He has lots of flats there maybe he can lend you one as you try to settle down again.” She proposed to her.

“oh mom thank you but no. i would rather stay on the streets than call that proud fool for help. He almost raped me before i paid him for that house remember…? ”

“Sila you are so stubborn, when you change your mind call him and ask for his help. I even heard he`s in Kabwe right now.” Her mother insisted.

“forget it mom am not doing it.” Sila shook her head as she hang up.

“that proud brother in-law, he  always wants to get glory. but i wont be used for his foolish pride and ego” she murmured to herself.

To be continued

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