Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 17

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 17

A story by Tisa Phiri

Scar looked at his boys. He glanced at them for some time without saying a word.

“Boss ” one of them spoke up.

“We have never seen you like this, this is really getting to you. Just say the word and we will do whatever you want to avenge your woman`s loss”

” yeah” the other guy added.

” lets go and destroy Chile already. we have the guys and we can hire others if need be.”

Jo who was seated opposite Scar spoke up too.

“we all saw what happened this morning on the news and am sorry to tell you guys that we have some more bad news for all of us.” He started.

“That business man we robbed the gen sets and Jeep has teamed up with Chile. we don`t know how but he`s in kabwe and right as we speak he`s funding Chile. he wants us all dead.”

” what? ” all the guys in the room asked as everyone shook their heads and all this time Scar was quite.

“what now? Are we going to sit f wait for them to come got us” They all looked at Scar.

He cleared his throat..

“you know l what guys? i have never asked anything rather than loyalty and none of you has ever disappointed me. Now listen to me. we all knew that our lives were not so much assured in this job, we all signed in knowing the danger involved. I know some of you have families and people to take care of, that`s why i will not ask any of you to put your lives on the line for me anymore.

You all have a choice, either to be with me on this or not. I will not force anyone to be on this war.

what is coming is big and very personal, its probably going to change all our lives. so decide now. Before we start anything” he sighed closely staring at them all.

It was quite for a while and then Ken spoke first..

“boss” he said.

“. you are right we have always done what you said and all of us are loyal to you and i for one is not leaving you alone to face this war. we worked and fought hærd to be were we now and i will fight with you till the end. Thanks to you my family has a better life and they will inherit a good fortune too if anything happens to me, am with you Boss all the way.” He raised his hand.

one by one all the guys decided to stay with Scar. Jo was the last to speak.

“Scar, you are more than a friend to me boss. You have been with me and taught me more than stealing cars and machines man, am not going to let you in this alone. we are brothers man. I have known you when you were still and i was the one who pushed you to this years back. So am not going to abandon you brother to the death we fight together!” He shouted looking at Scar who nodded gently.

“Thank you all guys for all this and your words, nothing will give me so much courage than knowing you my brothers are besides me as i fight my enemy. I am not a believer in God, but if any of you is, pray that this battle favours us. we have to hit before Chile does and as we finish planning here this evening i want you to promise me one thing, anyone who will make it out alive. Make sure you keep an eye on my son and my woman. ” they all nodded in agreement before they went in plotting and sketching their plans to attack Chile.

Scar drove home to his mother after taking and planning with his boys. They would attack Chile`s hideout the following night. He parked outside his mother`s house and stood by his car for a while. He had no idea why he was even there. After almost 10 minutes of standing outside, he knocked on the door and his mother opened for him..

“” she called him.

” what are you doing here this time? i mean you never visit me in the night.” She asked concerned. He went and sat down on a sofa.

” mom,” he started.

“I want you to know i love you very much and if anything was to happen to me. i want you to live on and continue in happiness. I want you to know its not your fault i lived my life the way people will say. It was all my doing and you never failed me. Life had its turns on me and all my decisions were mine alone.”

His mother looked at him surprised

“My son, i don`t understand you. you are a hærd working person and you have made it in life with your hærd work. what will people say about you? ”

he smilled at her..

“you always say the sweetest words mom” he smiled.

” yes.” she told him..

” you deserve that my son and more. ” he laughed.

“you are the best mom in the world mother ” he said k-ssing his mother on her forehead.

“I got to go mother” he said standing up to leave.

“wait a moment” his mother stopped him. she went to the kitchen and brought a plate of food.

” I prepared your favorite meal this evening like i knew you would come.” She handed him a plate.

He smiled

“oh mother! sweet potatoes with groundnuts? this is good thank you.”

He ate as his mother watched him.

she could feel it in her heart something was wrong with him but Scar had always kept to himself. He never expressed his feelings since he was a child and his mother always had a hærd time getting him to open up. He hugged her good bye as he went out.

“I put something in the account mom did you see it?” he asked as they walked to his car.

“No” she smilled

” i will check my phone later. Maybe the message came i didnt see it.”

” okey good night mom” he said as he started the car engine.

“Good night and God bless you.” She smiled as she waved at him.


He reached home and found Sila and Zac in the sitting room. Zac was watching cartoons as Sila looked at nothing in particular.

“Hey guys! ” he called out.

“Hey!” Sila said looking at him. Zac greeted him as well his eyes still glued to the TV. Scar sat quitely looking at Zac and later stood.

“am going to bed now.” he said patting Zac on his shoulders,

” good night big boy” he told him.

“Good night” Zac answered without looking away from the TV.

Sila followed him the moment he closed shut the bedroom door.

” anything new?” she asked him. :you don`t look good at all. would you mind to tell me what happened? ”

“Sit here” he patted the bed besides him. Sila sat next to him.

“I dont have good news unfortunately. Chile has teamed up with a big business man from Lusaka and their mission is to hunt me down and kill me. He doesn`t only want what i stole from him. He wants my head on the platter as well.” He sighed

“Oh Aron that sounds bad i dont know what to tell you. what are you going to do now?” she asked concerned..

“I dont know yet Sila. but i have planned to attack before they do, then i might stand a chance to beat them.,”

Sila shook her head.

“does it ever end ? this your fighting and killing each other like animals is this what you people live for? ”

” life is a battle Sila” he responded his eyes on her.

“i really wish i met you way back.

You know what?” he smilled.

” you are the light that has shined in my dark life and with you besides me right now is more than what i would ask for. promise me you will be a strong woman and fight hærd and protect our Son. He doesnt know me and i think he should never know his father was a common thief if anything happened to me.”

Sila looked up at him.

“dont speak like you are saying good bye dont you dare. no one is dying tomorrow or anytime soon.”

He smilled as he held her wa-ist,

” this my dear woman is what i choose years back and the price of what i have done. I can not promise you more than today because my tomorrow is not certain.”

“but…” Sila almost talked..

“shshshshsh” he whispered to her.

“i dont want you to be sad, on the contrary you deserve a better man and a good life. I am not certain about my life tomorrow but, but i am certain of one thing. I love you with all my Mafia being” he smiled as he k-ssed her.

” Allow me to enjoy being with you tonight. Let me have some piece of happiness again”

she smiled and held him close relaxing in his arms feeling his steady pulse from his chest as he stroke her back gently.

“whatever you say Boss” she whispered.

He smiled and closed his eyes burying his head in her chest.

To be continued

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