Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 2

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 2

A story by Tisa Phiri

“Hey sonny !” Sila hugged her son Isaac but they all called him Zac.

“Where is my ice cream mommy ?” Zac asked searching his mother’s plastics.

“Take it easy” Sila smilled .

” l always keep my promise don’t l ?”

” Give me already.” Zac shouted impatiently.

His mother looked at him shaking her head..

“hey sonny, is that how you ask for things ? Say it properly now will you ? ”

The boy smilled at his mother and “please mommy can l have my ice cream.” he pleaded with his head bent one side. Making Sila smile.

She k-ssed her 10 years son and handed him the icecream ,

” here now go sit in your room and watch Cartoons.”

“Watch him and let me rest am so exausted.” she told maria, Zac’s nanny who stayed with them.

” Yes aunty.” Maria responded .

In her bedroom Sila removed her uniform and threw It in the washing basket , she went to the bathroom and took a quick bath before going to bed. she had a few hours before going back for work . Her shift was starting at 6 pm , she planned to sleep for at least 4 hours and watch her favourite serie before going for work .

Sila was a 26 year old single mother , her parents lived in the copperbelt , her father worked as a miner at KCM and her mom was a business woman. Sila was the second born in the family of 3. Her elder sister was well married to a wealthy business man in Lusaka.

Though Sila desired to get married one day, she never desired a man like her sister’s husband despite being wealthy. He had lots of issues with girls , later on he was involved in dirty politics and he had earned himself a name and so Sila’s parents always considered him a god .

” Find yourself a man like your sister’s husband” her mother would tell Sila .

“Unfortunately mom that son in-law of yours isn’t what you think he is and I would never marry a man like him” she would tell her back .

Sila’s younger brother was also doing well , he did engineering at UNZA and was now employed at Lumwana Mines in Solwezi.

Well, everyone else except Sila had done something worthy talking about unlike her who just did a nursing course and found herself employed by the government and was now working as a nurse at Chowa clinic in Kabwe.

Even though her family made funny of her job , she loved it . Helping people was always her passion . Growing up, she wanted to become a doctor but years ago when she was rapped by some thief who had broke in her auntie’ s home there in kabwe , her life had changed drastically .

She had just completed her grade 12 and so her aunt the young sister to her mother invited her to go to kabwe for a visit before the grade 12 results were out .

5 days after her arrival some thieves broke into the house and stole all the big items , the fridge , 40 inch flat TV , the air con and other items.

Sila was in the bathroom when the robbers broke in , her uncle and aunty hid under the bed with the little ones but Sila had stayed in the toilet listening on the activities the other side .

She was stattled when the door banged open and a man with a very handsome figure and his face covered in a mask walked in with a gun, she tried to scre-m but he held her mouth with his strong hands

“sshhhhssshhh” he whispered he looked down at her night gown and swolled hærd . Sila didn’t dare to look at him for the second time , her eyes kept down as she shivered in fear.

The thug had torn her gown and raped her before going back to join his boss after someone who sounded like a boss ordered everyone out .

Sila stood up and her hands landed on the piece from the mirrow which had broke a day before , she slashed it in his face before he could leave. He held his face in pain and Sila saw blood oozing out . She covered her head thinking the thug would kill her but surprisingly he left her without saying a word .

Sila remembered how everyone didn’t buy her story of being raped and accused her of wasting her future by getting pregnant . Her aunt even said if she was raped she could have scre-med out that night or said something the following morning but she didn’t say anything because she was so embarrassed and ashamed .

Sila had lost her V-rginty to a stranger and 3 months later when she discovered she was pregnant she had no choice but narrate the truth unfortunately her family didn’t listen .

lt was after a lot of pleading and crying when her father agreed to take her to a nursing school thus, all her dreams of becoming a doctor died .

“Who would take care of your b****** son if you went to the University for 7 years” her parents told her .

Though the circ-mstances behind her son’s birth hurt her, Sila had loved her son since the first day she lay her eyes on him , she worked hærd and hoped for her Son to have a better life than hers. since no one bothered her for anything, She spent all her money on her son and herself.

Sila started dozing as her mind was lost in the past memories. She sighed deeply and allowed herself to sleep.


At Scar’s house.

Scar looked at his image in the mirrow.

“lf not for that stupid wild girl I would look handsome” he thought to himself. he recalled how he had charged on the girl in the toilet on one of the jobs with Chile . That day he was a bit tipsy and was hærd the moment he looked at a beautiful girl standing behind the door scared.

He succeeded on helping himself on her and before he could walk out after Chile called everyone out. The girl slashed his face with a broken mirrow.

He almost shot her dead but then changed his mind heading out. when Chile asked what the blood in his face was for. Scar had lied he cut himself from the convenient room..

“the handle is broken Chile so l hit myself when rushing back here .” He had looked back one more time before joining his friends in the car parked outside .

“Damn!” he cursed ,

“why the hell did I spare that girl’s life ? If l had told Chile am sure she could have been eaten by moth by now.” he thought to himself.

Scar smilled to himself when he thought of Sila trying to bury his past. She was a beautiful woman and for some reason he was madly in love with her .

Scar had women follow him and had no problem finding himself a beautiful girl but he only eyed Sila . Surprising , even for him he never approached her directly , for the past 5 months he had been stalking her .

He knew where she worked and almost all her activities . He had sent one of his boys to plant some cameras in her bedroom and bath room , everyday he would watch her bath , sleep and dress in her bedroom .

Everytime he would play the videos especially when Sila took her bath . He loved every bit of her, she drove him crazy. He’s obsession with her was immerse.

Scar was stattled by a knock on his bedroom door so he quickly clossed the laptop.

“am coming..!” he answered picking his car keys and heading out to meet Jo. They had to go see the buyer for the prado and Hilux from their last job 4 months past .

He had his boys Change the paint and as usual bribed some officers for new registration id’s for the vehicles .

“It’s time Scar, we have to meet our buyer in 20 minutes.”

“he will wait” Scar grinned .

“I control people not the other way round . He knows better than walking out on me” he shouted reluctant.

“Let’s go boy.” he told Jo as they went out to the car .

“I came looking for you in your bedroom boss. you weren’t there , where did you go ?” Jo asked as they started driving off the yard.

“Oh so now you question my moves uh? ” Scar answered rudely .

“am sorry boss.” Jo apologised looking ahead , he knew better that challenging Scar. It was a bad idea even though they were friends . Jo always knew his boundaries , he knew when his boss wanted things kept to himself , he was not to meddle .


Sila woke up at 15 hours and watched Tv with her son , she later on prepared some food for them .

“Mommy schools are opening on Monday ” Zac told her.

“Mmmmh” the mother answered knowing were the topic was heading to .” So I need things for school mommy.” Zac added softly.

Sila looked at her son ,

“sure boss tomorrow when I knock off we will both go get your things . ” she giggled.

“Thank you mommy.” he k-ssed her forehead and ran out .

Sila prepared herself for work , at exactly 17:40 hrs she took off in her car heading to the clinic .

“l hate night shifts.” she murmured to herself as she drove , she was taken by the songs and didn’t take note of the car following her .

Just before she could turn she saw it again in the side mirrows , the BMW she had seen that morning .

“What the hell is that person doing ?” she asked herself .

She suddenly stopped and Scar’s car almost hit hers from behind. realising she was coming out of the car, Scar quickly drove passed her and sped off .

“What is your problem you idiot!” Sila shouted but he didn’t stop to respond to her. She drove to work irritated and told Martha about what had happened .

“Who could it be ? ” Martha asked.

“I have no idea my dear but am almost certain that man is following me. It cannot be a coincidence.”

“Maybe he’s a secret admirer ” Martha added .

“Well why can’t he come out of hidding and face me like a man instead of him stalking me , I don’t like it at all.” Sila shook her head.

“By the way” Martha changed the subject

“How is Jack ?”

“Mmmn please don’t bring that jerk up” Sila responded ,

“imagine he hasn’t called me in two weeks. after all I don’t love him and he’s cruel with kids . I don’t want him near my son , let him be. ” she frowned.

The ladies chatted a bit more before Sila started working , her shift was on . She wondered who the stalker was as she worked.

Her phone rang an hour later , she looked at it , it was her sister .

” Hallo!” she answered wondering why she was calling her at that hour .

“Hello Sila! l have bad news .”

“Tell me what happened ?” Sila answered as she prepared medicine for a patient .

” We were robbed in the early hours today , some robbbers stole the gen sets for our company and my husband’s new Jeep which he just bought a few weeks ago.” Her sister complained.

Sila almost laughed ,

“that proud fool deserves it.” she thought, but then she compossed herself sighing sadly.

“Oh no..thats sad sis, so any news on the robbers ?” She asked.

“Not yet” her sister responded,

“but the police are fetching for them every where.”

“I hope they catch them” Sila added sounding concerned .

“They will , you know my husband he is connected and the cops will surely work hærd to find the thugs” her sister added proudly.

“Yeah sure they will. Am sorry for your loss sis” Sila agreed .

She shook her heard as she hang up ,

“proud fools” she spoke to herself getting back to work.

To be continued

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