Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 3

A story by Tisa Phiri

After the incidence in the evening with Sila, Scar drove to a bar and decided to stay away from Sila for that night. As soon as he sat down in the corner. some guys approached him.

“Boss we have news on the Lusaka Job.” they informed him.

“spit it out already.” Scar asnswered.

“Well” one of the guys started…

“we heard that the police are seriously looking into the issue, that business man has so many connections.”

“Let them work their buts off for all I care.” Scar snapped.

“they will find nothing on me. do I look like thief to you? ” he asked the guys, pointing at himself.

“no way Boss” the guys answered grinning.

“you can leave me alone now” he dimissed them.

“but I need you close by just order the drinks you want the bill is on me.” He looked at them as they grinned happily.

“yeah!” They all cheered excited.

“you are the boss Scar !” they said going to the other side of the bar.

Scar sat quitely sipping on his wine. unlike other gang leaders Scar drunk moderately, he always prefered to have a sober mind. That’s one of the reasons he managed to put everyone under control and gained his respect.

Jo joined him a few minutes later.

“hey Scar! am glad you got a successful deal with our buyer.” Jo smiled the moment he settled down.

“well” Scar answered..

“that was good for sure. just make sure you find a way of putting off the cops from my boy’s tails and control the boys I don’t want anyone going out to behave like idiots and jeopardise us, you understand?”

“Yeah boss” Jo responded standing to leave.

Before Jo could leave Scar called him back.

“I trust you Jo. You know that?”

” Sure Boss. what’s up now? you look rather worried tonight Scar tell me what’s eating you up?.” He sat back down.

Scar opened up to his right hand man.

“there’s a woman Jo and I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about her. she’s beyond my reach man, I want to but I can’t have her.”

“Tell me where she is Scar and I will bring her to you tonight. You know you can have any woman of your choice” Jo suggested calmly.

“no.. you will not do such a thing Jo that woman is not to be touched. I will find a way to deal with this but I don’t want anyone near her

am I clear?”

“Yes Boss” Jo nodded he knew the woman in question was important to his boss. He had noticed his boss disappear without a word for the past months and he knew now it was definitely that woman.

Following morning…

Scar woke early and looked at the package on his bed. He had bought a beautiful Gold chain paired with a nice Gold watch. it had cost him a fortune but he gladly spent the money. He had always thought of giving it to Sila but didn’t know how.

Lifting the package he walked out of his house and drove out a flew minutes later.


Sila’s shift had ended at 7 am.

she wipped her hands after washing them. she had just finished attending to a patient.

lifting her bag, she went straight to her car and her eyes w¡dened when she noticed a small package on her driver seat before she could open the car.

“what is this?” she asked loudly. she tried her door it was closed. “How on earth did that thing get in my car?” Sila wondered. she opened the car door and lifting the packet, it had a small note attached on top.

sighing, Sila looked at the note and thought for a while.

“who is?” she opened the small wrapped gift and the Gold chain and wrist watch glitter her hands.

“oh my !” she whispered to herself, “this is so beautiful, but who could have sent such an expensive gift to me.?” She wondered.

She went back in the clinic and called her friend Martha.

” come and see what I found in my car” she told her as she pulled her to the parking lot.

“Wow! Sila this is so beautiful. this your secret admirer must be rich. just look at this.” she shouted lifting and admiring the gift. Sila was quite for some time.

” you know what Martha? Now am officially worried. why won’t this man just approach me instead of stalking me and leaving gifts in my car. ? How did he even place it in,side when the car doors were locked?” She asked worried.

“I don’t know my friend and to be honesty this man is so much into you. I don’t understand why he won’t come direct though.”

“That’s my point exactly Martha” Sila pointed out.

” am not going to rest now till I find out who this man is and what he wants from me. This is totally freaking me out. Who does this? ” She scoffed sitting in the car.

Meanwhile, Scar was smilling as he listened to the conversation in his car parked a few meters from the clinic. He had decided to drop the gift at 04 and planted a recorder in Sila’s Runex.

“You will never find out my dear woman” he smilled to himself.

Scar drove back home after seeing Sila’s vehicle driving out. He had to prepare to watch her bath. he knew the oppession with Sila was driving him crazy but he couldn’t let go,

“I will have her one day” he thought to himself.


Sila went straight to her room. unknown to to her, Scar was watching her from his house. she removed her uniform and her undies, leaving her self in just an inner p-nt.

Just then her phone rang, she picked her phone and looked at the caller.

” Jack” she sighed loudly.

on the other side Scar’s heart skipped.

“That idiot won’t leave her alone” he thought to himself.

He had inspected him for some time and he knew that Jack was a banker. He was quite a womanizer too. Scar had noticed that the relationsh¡p between Jack and Sila wasn’t that serious. It was dragging. so he didn’t pay much attention to him.

“but he better not mess with my plans” he thought to himself.

“or else I will just send him to hell where he belongs.”

“Hey Jack what’s up ?” Sila answered.

“Hey babe I missed you. how are you? ” Jack responded.

“Don’t lie to me Jack we both know you don’t ever miss me. so drop the act.” She responded.

“Sila don’t talk like that i was just busy for the past days.”

” By that you mean weeks?” she added sarcastically.

“just admit it Sila, am the man for you” Jack boasted from the other side.

“you are wrong Jack you are not the man for me and I really don’t care what you do so leave me alone already I have to take a bath and take my son out for shopping.” she said cutting the line.

“Good girl” scar nodded as he watched Sila.

“you are mine alone Sila” he whispered as he touched the screen drawing the lines of sila’s unclad body. He swallowed hærd as he admired the contours of her body. she looked so attractive with water running down her body. He watched her until she was done bathing and dressed up.

“For shopping!” Scar whispered to himself. He had to go see her into town. He opened his drawer and got the keys to the Prado. He couldnt risk following her with the BMW that she had already noticed.

Sila had breakfast with her son who was telling her all the stories about school.

“I can’t wait to get back to school mommy” he said excited,

“I miss playing soccer.”

“you have Saturday and Sunday Zac just take it easy” Sila told her son as they both laughed. she looked at him as he ate and wondered what the father to Zac would look like.

“that thief” she thought to herself.. “he’s a rapist and I hate him. Am glad he is no where near my son” she thought.

“I would never let him near my son.” She frowned.

Sila was brought back from his thought when Zac announced he was done eating.

“shall we go now,?” Sila told her son and they walked out to her car outside the house. They had gone round buying things in shops for over 2 hours.

“lets have lunch in Steers” she told Zac when all was bought.

Upon seeing them head to Steers, Scar quickly put on his dark glasses and locked the car before heading their way.

Sila accidentally dropped the purse as she stepped in the shop and when she stood up to walk on, someone bumped into her. she turned to look at the person who bumped her and found a handsome gentleman apologising.

“am so sorry lady” he said his face down. Sila looked at him. He was so handsome she gasped.

“well, it’s okey sir” she sighed smilling.

“it’s my fault i bent to pick my purse.”

“well thank you then” Scar smilled heading to the counter. Sila joined Zac who was already standing next to Scar at the counter.

“Is this your son?” Scar asked looking at Zac..

“of course” Sila answered proudly. “he’s name is Isaac.” she added…

“Well he looks like a good kid ” Scar chuckled.

” yeah” Sila nodded..

They ordered their meals and Scar offered to settle the bill.

“Thank you Sir” Sila told him extending her hand to shake his.

“ummmm Aron. You can call me .”

“yeah sure” Sila smiled…

“am Sila”

“Nice name” he said shaking her soft hands..

“well. I must be leaving now” Scar excused himself.

“see you around.”

He went out, his heart filled with joy.

“shes amazing” he thought to himself as he started his car engine. He had to go to the underground warehouse to check on some items.

Just before he turned to join Lusaka road someone hooted behind him, he looked at th side mirrow and saw a black Jeep following him.

“damn you Chile” he thought to himself.

“not now.”

He parked at th hospital junction and waited for the Jeep which parked right in front of him.

Standing outside Chile, his former boss came near him.

” hey man !” Scar greeted him.

“Hey boy!” he answered grinning.

“I heard about the Lusaka Blow. was that you?” Chile asked.

“Mmmmmm rumors travell fast uh ?” Scar shrugged.

“But anyone can pull that man, who knows who it could be for sure ”

“Are you sure?” Chile eyes him with suspicion.

Chile had developed jealousy as to how the Boy he trained had turned out to be more wealthy and successful than him. even though Scar had paid off his debt. Chile had planned to get more from the Boy but Scar knew that for a fact. he wasn’t going to let chile scare him.

After talking for a while.

Chile adďed.

“I saw that chick you followed around town. I must say you have good tastes” he smilled before heading to his car.

Scar looked at him with rage.

“Damn! ” he spat hitting the steering as he got into his vehicle. “That b****** !” he cursed as he drove on.

To be continued

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