Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 4

A story by Tisa Phiri

Scar shook his head, he knew that if Chile was to know how much he felt for Sila he would use her against him and he vowed to himself not to let that happen.

He dialled some numbers and held the phone to his ears as he waited for the other person to pick up.

“Scar” some guy responded on the other end of the phone.

“hey meet me at the site with the boys. we have to go through the plans of our next job.”

“sure Boss” Jo acknowledged..

Before Scar could put down the phone. The other phone with a private number rung. He knew that could only be his mom, they were only few trusted people he had given that line to.

“Mother!” He answered

“yes are you my son? ”

“Am fine mom. what is it? any problem.? ”

“When are you paying me a visit it’s been weeks ? ” His mother asked.

“I will see you soon mom am quite busy this week.”

“That’s what you always say . what kind of job is that which keeps you away from me your mother? ”

“Mom.please not now.” he told her.

” well when then Son.? I always tell you am getting older. I need grand children” she continued. “when are you planning on marrying?”

“Mom please drop it already we have gone through this a thousand times am not marrying anyone anytime soon, later on have kids. I don’t have time for them..”

“oh so all people who have married and had kids are useless uh?” the mother shouted sounding upset. she had always wanted her son to settle down and have a family of his own but her efforts to make him make a decision failed.

” okay mom I have to go am driving ” he cut her off.

He shook his head after hanging up.

“oh mom you won’t ever understand ” he muttered to himself as he accelerated the car engine.

1 hour later he joined the small road leading to the forest. he found all the boys had already arrived.

“hey guys!” he raised his hand to greet them and signalled everyone to follow him. Two guys remained outside to keep watch.

Before he could start his meeting. one of the guards came in and whispered something to Scar, he nodded and went outside.

“Well, Well, look who is here!” he announced looking at a man being held by the guards.

“he followed you here.” one guy told Scar..

He looked at him for a couple of minutes.

“too bad you won’t say a thing to your Boss Chile. You are heading to hell right this minute ” Scar said to him seriously.

“please Scar don’t kill me ” the man begged.

“I was just following orders. remember you and I were on the same team before.”

“Yeah precisely why I should kill you. you and your Boss wants to stab me in the back.”

Scar asked him some questions to find out what he knew. when he was satisfied there was no serous threat, he c*cked his pistol,

“well, see you in hell !” he shouted before shooting him in his head. The man fell to the ground lifeless..

“Burry him! ” he ordered the guys as he headed back in,side.

Scar never enjoyed killing unless he had to. He knew letting that man live will mean his down fall he couldnt risk anyone apart from his trusted crew know about the where abouts of his under ground warehouse.

The guys knew that any betrayal meant death. That’s why he made sure he paid them well to avoid room for lack. he knew if they had enough the chances of betraying him were slim.

He explained the plan about some new job when they settled back in,side. They were to intercept two trucks carrying brand new cars to Congo. he went through the wh0le plan and gave every one around some roles to perform.

“we will reap well if we work according to plan” he explained as the crew nodded on every step.


Sila and her son had headed back home after lunch.

“Mommy?” Zac asked her

“where is my father? ”

“And why would you ask that?” Sila answered him.

“well all my friends have fathers but me i have none . Why won’t you just tell me where he is already. ? ”

“Stop it already Isaac !” Sila shouted annoyed

” you have no father and that’s it ” she said angrily.

” but mommy” Zac almost spoke, his mother stopped him before he could go on .

“stop asking any further questions about your father. enough!” she scre-med the car almost swaying away from the road.

she stopped and breathed heavily.

“Am sorry mom” Zac said touching his mother’s shoulders.

” It’s okey sonny” Sila forged a smile.

“it’s not your fault, don’t worry I will take care of you. we don’t need your father trust me.”

Sila was always hiding the truth from her son. how would she explain to him that his father was a rapist and a thug. she however knew that she some how had to tell her son the truth one day. he was growing up and would need to know the truth one day, “but today is not that day” she told herself as she drove home in silence..

In the house she found Jack seated waiting for her.

“what are you doing here Jack,” she asked him upset he had gone to her place without informing her.

” I just came to see you guys” he giggled following her to the bed room.

Sila stopped in her steps looking at him.

“Jack I told you we are done. I know you have another girl and am not interested in this relationsh¡p any more.”

“well I still care about you Sila” he insisted getting closer to her.

“well I don’t” she told him leaving his side.

he grabbed her hand and k-ssed her instead.

“i love you Sila” he pleaded.

It was all an act to have s€× with her. Sila pushed him back.

” stay away from me Jack I have told you it’s over. Am not your toy. ” she gnarled.

Jack pushed her to the Bed and started k-ssing her passionately.

“you enjoy being with me just admit it.” He smiled in her face.

“yeah I do, but we both know this relationsh¡p has no future.” She tried to push him aside.

“well then, let’s have one day at a time. who knows maybe in future things might change.” He mumbled making her face him as he played with her face contours.

Sila relaxed and allowed herself to enjoy the moment, they car-ssed and made love.

“mmmn I enjoyed that to the max” Jack smilled putting on his clothes later on.

” will see you later” he added

“already? ” she asked surprised

“you just came for s€× you fool, you are so predictable” she snapped throwing a pilow at him.

Jack laughed as he buttoned his shirt.

” see you babe” he k-ssed her before heading out.

Sila went to the bathroom and bathed.

“Am so stupid” she thought to herself. she had always known their relationsh¡p was just for s€×. no love, no commitment. she had always tolerated that, maybe because deep down she needed a man close to her and Jack was the one playing that role at the moment. .

she closed her eyes and thought of as she poured water on her body.

“God he is so handsome” she thought yo herself.

” I wonder why he hid his eyes wearing dark shades, am sure he’s more s€×y without them” she murmured and smilled at the thought of being with him.


Back at Scar’s residence, he had finished his meeting with the boys and all was set for the coming week, they were set on intercepting the tracks and getting away with the cars. later that day he had looked at the Gen sets in the warehouse.

” we will deal with these and the Jeep in 3 months” he Had told every one.

“Meantime, dismantle the parts for those two vehicles and sell them. we can’t risk selling the wh0le car with the police officers roaming around. ”

He now sat on his bed after taking a long shower feeling relaxed and imagined Sila’s smile.

“she’s so beautiful” he thought to himself, looking at his laptop he pulled and played back the video recording from minutes past. He had to see what was going on in her house.

His heart raced when he saw Jack. He saw her resist him a bit and then give in. watching them having s€× got Scar so mad he threw the laptop down, it fell with a crash and he kicked it hærd several times.

“I will kill you b******!” he spat furious, his fist shook.

Jo came in rushing at the noise coming from Scar’s room .

“Hey Scar anything the matter? ” He asked looking at the broken laptop.

“Yes!” Scar scre-med…

“someone just signed their death sentence! Get me Harry !”

“Harry?” Jo asked suprised.

“are you deaf you fool?” he scre-med at him.

“yes I will” Jo responded looking at Scar’s boiling face. He knew Harry was only called on when there was a job to eliminate someone permanently and Scar was not willing to take up the job personally.

“who is the unlucky guy?” he thought to himself as he searched for Harry’s contact from his phone.

“The boss calls for you immediately ” he told Harry when he picked the phone.

“I will be there in 20 minutes” Harry responded.

“You better be.” Jo added. He went back and reported to Scar

” Harry will be here in 20.”

“Good” Scar frowned.

“that idiot will know better than to mess with me.” He spat looking 9ut the window.

To be continued

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