Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 5

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 5 

A story by Tisa Phiri

20 minutes later, Harry got to Scar’s house. Harry was a huge guy with a strange character. He talked less, he was a guy who was rarely seen but had great skill of making people disappear without a trace.

Scar knew him through Chile and when ever there was a rogue in the gang or anybody who possed as a threat, Harry was contacted to eliminate such persons. He never asked questions, his was to do the job and get his money. His theory was simple.

” if someone hired him to eliminate the other they had their reasons.”

Harry sat down on the couch waiting for Scar who was Stil in his room. Jo had gone to let him know he had come.

“am coming” Scar told him as he looked through some papers. He looked at Jack’s picture and shook his head.

” you have messed up this time Jack” he spoke to the photo.

” I was willing to tolerate you but it seems you want to use my woman to satisfy your stupid desires. this world is too small for both of us.” He shook his head standing up.

He handed the photo to Harry. “that’s the guy, the address is on the back of the photo.”

Harry looked at the photo and nodded. Scar handed him a stash of money.

“come for the balance when the job is done.”

” I will get in touch” Harry sighed and headed out.

Scar looked at the bar, he took a bottle of wine and drunk without using a glass.

“damn woman” he whispered to himself.

“you make me drink this early.”

Jo who stood watching his boss came closer.

“Scar was it necessary to kill him?”

Scar looked at his wine swallowed hærd before responding

” the idiot dared sleep with my woman Jo.”

Jo shook his head.

“is he the boyfriend then?” He asked.

” Well I don’t care” Scar told him.. “all i know is that he’s a jerk and is only using her. maybe if he was a good person I would spare him . But he is a damn womaniser who uses women for his d*ck satisfaction. How dare he plays with Sila!”

Jo nodded in agreement.

“it’s okey boss am sure he won’t do that again.”

Scar asked Jo to follow him

” in case I send you I want you to keep an eye on her” he told Jo showing him the house where Sila lived .

“I need to see her. ” Jo responded

“of course you will today.”

Sila’s night shift had ended that morning. so she had some days off before the next shifts would start.

After resting a bit she decided to join the maid outside who was washing clothes. she sat on a stool talking to her maid, unknown to her, Scar and Jo were watching her..

“That’s her” Scar pointed at Sila. Jo smilled lustly,

” she’s gorgeous” he complimented..

“well she’s not to be touched” Scar warned..

“sure boss” Jo chuckled.

Just as they were talking Zac who was out playing noticed the car parked closer to his yard . He looked at the man in the car and recognised Scar. since he had his shades on, the boy easily remembered him.

“hey uncle!” he shouted.

Scar turned and saw the boy waving at him.

“oh no he has seen me, let me handle this” he told Jo.

” stay back.”

“Hey boy !” Scar answered walking to where Zac stood.

“what are you doing here?” Asked Isaac.

“Oh well I came to see a friend down the street. I didn’t know you guys stay here..” He lied…

“yes” Zac answered happily

“thats my house” he pointed.

“Good to know you stay here” Scar smiled at the boy Zac.

” mom is outside there” zac pointed at his yard.

“well let me say hi then. ”

Sila saw her son walk in with Scar. “hey !” she called out standing up. “what are you doing at my house? ” she smilled.

“I was visiting a friend and saw Zac outside. I just came to say hi, the boy told me you are out here.” Scar shrugged..

“You are welcome”

“mind to come in?” She asked him indicting for him to go in the house.

“I can spare some minutes” Scar agreed following Sila in the sitting room.

He looked around and he loved the serenity that surrounded the house. The colours and neatness of the room felt so comfortable, he relaxed as he sat on the small couch.

“you have a beautiful house” he told Sila.

” I like the colour and display in your sitting room” he complimented honestly.

“thank you” Sila smilled.

“welcome to my humble home. can I offer you anything?” She asked with a wide smile.

“Water Scar” told her..

As she disappeared to the other room Scar stood and looked at a picture of Sila and Isaac hanging on the wall, they looked great. The other pic had Sila alone in a uniform, he looked at the third pic. It was a photo of Jesus.

His mind wild back. he remembered how growing up he was a regular church boy. He even served as an alter boy in the Catholic church and participated in most of the youth activities as a teenager. He smilled to himself, those days where gone. now he had no time for God nor prayer. According to him, God had abandoned him, he even doubted his existence

“if he was there and cared so much he wouldn’t allow all the bad things to happen especially to children” he thought.

Sila came back with a glass of water, Scar turned sharply.

” I was admiring your pictures.” He cleared his throat.

“Thank you” she answered handing him the water.

“So where is the father to Zac?” he asked. Sila was quite…

“mmmn … oh sorry ” Scar quickly apologised

” I didn’t mean to meddle in your private life, am so sorry.”

“it’s ok” Sila shrugged.

“you are the second person to ask about him today and honestly I would rather not talk about him.”

“My bad..” Scar apologised again.

“well I see you’re a nurse ?” he pointed at the photo.

“yes” Sila smilled

“i work at Chowa clinic.” She added.

” I will surely run to you when sick Scar” jocked and they both smiled .

“Anytime” Sila said with a chuckle.

Sila’s phone rang interrupting them. she looked at it and ignored, it was Jack .

“won’t you pick that?” Scar asked her.

” it’s nobody ” she said putting down the phone. just then a text came in and she opened it.

“Sila pick up, am coming to your place some one broke into my house, am scared of going in. I have a bad feeling about all this.”

Immediately Sila called him back. “what do you mean someone broke into your house Jack? Stop playing games already.” She shouted .

“It’s true Sila” Jack answered

“I think I saw some guy over the bedroom window, there’s someone in my house and I just fled am heading there now.”

” okay then” Sila responded cutting the line..

“Any problem .?” Scar who was listening on all this time asked.

“ummm it’s just my friend thinks someone broke into his house so he’s coming here.” She told him.

“oh that’s bad” Scar responded.

” I must leave you to attend to your friend then.” he told her leaving the house.

“see you around” Sila saw him out.

“yeah ” he answered rushing out and waving at the maid outside.

upon getting to the car Scar dialled Harry’s number.

” where are you?’

” Pursuing the target now, he just fled from his house.”

“you idiot how could you let him ran..? Drop the mission.” Scar ordered.

“what ? ” Harry asked shocked.

“I said drop the mission you fool. wait for my call.”

“yes boss” Harry answered furious that he had to let the guy live another day, he’s thirsty to kill was intense.

“Damn idiot why is he coming to Sila!” he shouted.

“maybe we can wait for him here and sort him out this night.” Jo suggested…

“no…. change of plans. I need him alive for now. just give him a good beating. Mark the territory for him and let him not mess with my woman again, he’s a lucky b******.”


Jack knocked at Sila’ house some minutes later.

“but who could it be?” she asked him.

” I have no idea” Jack told her.

“I just noticed the door handle was a bit broken and I think I saw a shadow in my bedroom.”

“mmmn that’s strange” Sila agreed.

“since when do you have enemies? Or was it thieves? ” she asked.

“I dont think the guy wanted to Steal anthing Sila. if that were the case he could have gotten things before I went back, besides when I peeped through the window, everything seemed to be in place and I could swear someone followed me as I drove here ” Jack p-nted.

” Are you crazy!” Sila snapped.

“you mean someone was following you and you decided to risk my son and my life to save yourself?” She yelled at him.

“But I had not thought of anyone close by.” Jack looked up at her.

” oh how typical of you Jack. you only think of me when you are ho-ny or in trouble. well am not ready to risk my life for you Jack leave my house and find another hiding place.” She pointed at the door.

“but Sila.” He spoke up.

“no way, just leave already it’s getting dark outside.”

Jack reluctantly left, as soon as he joined the main road a car stopped in front of him and some guys Came to his car and grabbed him out. They beat him up leaving him laying in blood.

“Stay away from Sila you idiot” one of the guys warned him.

“or you are dead meat” he added before speeding off..

Jack tried to stand but he couldn’t. he was so weak from the beating . it was around 19 hours.

People parked their cars aside and some went to help Jack.

“you need to go to the hospital sir ” some elderly man told him.

“who did this to you?” They asked.

“I have no idea” Jack whispered painfully his entire body sore and in pain.

At the hospital he was told to get a police report. Unfortunately he couldn’t identify the people who beat him, he had no idea. He hid the warning of staying away from Sila from the police.

After being treated, Jack was discharged the following morning. he had insisted he continued treatment from home. looking at his phone he found a lot of missed calls from Sila and a text..

“Tell me you are safe…” it read.

Jack dialled her line and when she picked he sighed weakly.

“well Sila I got the message from your boyfriend it was quite clear. ” he informed her

“what do you mean ?” Sila asked suprised.

“which boyfriend ?”

“Don’t play dumb Sila some guys beat me up on my way from your place last night. am sure it’s the same people I saw at my place. guess what they told me after leaving me half dead.? stay away from Sila, care to explain that?” He asked her.

Sila was shocked. she had no boyfriend as far as she was concerned.

“but who could have beaten Jack? ” She wondered..


Scar looked at Sila as she hang up the call. he had his laptop replaced and he reconnected the feed from Sila’s room.

“good” he smilled.

“That idiot got his potion. I hope you stay away” he spoke to himself.

” next time i won’t be so lenient. ” He stoped talking when Sila started mattering something.

“It’s that stalker” she talked to herself.

“yes it should be him. what the hell is that man up to?” she wondered as she paced around her bedroom.

Scar shook his head.

“stay calm..woman.”

Sila walked out of her room and Scar watched her bedroom. He wished he had planted cameras the wh0le house.

Sila sat in front of the TV her mind busy.

“I have to put an end to this” she thought to herself.

“next time i see that BMW I will have to play that man’s game and stop this nonsense before it’s too late, how dare he” she frowned.

To be continued

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