Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 7

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 7

A story by Tisa Phiri

Now!” Scar shouted as the first truck emerged from a corner. he had chosen a s₱0t just after a corner.

The first guy with a trap threw the trap over the road, without noticing the truck driver who was enjoying the night drive drove right through the trap.

“pooooooff….!” Went the front tires as the truck swayed slightly from the way.

The second truck which was 200 meters away approached and as the driver tried to figure out what went wrong with the friends truck, he drove on the second trap and he almost lost control, immediately he managed to control the truck, Scars crew emmerged from the bushes.

Scar and Jo went for the drivers.

“To the cars drivers, now!” He ordered the other guys.

As they stood at their positions ready to drive Scar was trying to get the keys.

“where are the keys to the cars?” He asked The drivers.

The drivers acted tough for a minute.

“give me the keys or I will kill you.” Scar threatened them with a gun pointed at them. one of the drivers he was holding shivered with fear as the grip on his shoulders sent pricking pains to his wh0le body.

He pointed at the small box with all the keys.

“good.” scar smilled in his mask.

“get the keys” he told Jo.

In an instant all the car engines went on.

” let’s go boys !” He ordered as the 6 New Mercedes Benz car landed on the road and speed off in two directions three on each.

“Listen you two? don’t dare to move from here or even attempt to call the police or one of my boys in the bushes will blow your heads off you hear…? ” he warned the drivers

The drivers nodded in fear as they watched Scar disappear in the thick bush. In 5 minutes the night was quite as though nothing had happened.

When the drivers gained momentum and called the cops., Scar and his men were long gone. ..

Scar was the first to arrive at the agreed s₱0t with Jo. They had used the truck they came with. He looked at his watch,

“well that went well” he told Jo.. we pulled the ambush in exactly 5 minutes. The boys should get here any second.” He added.

As he was finishing his sentence, the cars emmerged one by one skidding as they halted in front of them

“yea !” They all shouted with excitement getting out of the cars and raising their hands.

“Well done boys!” Scar told them as he gave the drivers shoulder hugs.

“Great job, okay so now step 2. we are to use our planned farm routes to get to the ware house.” He looked ag each one if them

“Hey Jo and Ken you two use the truck and go by the main road. I want an update on the police activities.

” okay then” Scar added

“, the rest as per plan.. go!. I will drive one of these babies” he pointed at the Benz with a smile. “lets Go !”

They all disappear in the night and all was quite again.


At home Sila was tucking in her Son in bed. she wondered to her self how a precious gift would come out of a thief. she wished things were different. maybe a normal guy getting her pregnant could be better. she knew she had to do all she had to do to raise her son but couldnt help wish her son came to know his father.

In her bed Sila lay down and thought about Jack, even with the fact that their relationsh¡p was not so serious. she had a man at least but now since Jack called to tell her about how he was threatened she had not seen him again. she missed his company.

“it’s all the fault of that stalker” Sila thought. she looked at the dressing table getting the gift and looking at the chain and the watch.

“how is it that a man with the kind of money to buy such gifts has no confidence to approach a woman? ” she asked herself.

Sila felt so lonely. She even wished the stranger had shown more interest in her but she never saw him again after the day he entered her home. Deep down her lonely heart she admired him he looked so calm and composed and handsome too. The short sleeved Gray shirt and Dark blue Jeans he had on outlined his perfect body.

Sila recalled his nice scent.

“wow!” she thought,

“he’s a true definition of a gentle man.” she smilled to herself as she decided to rub off the thoughts of a man she barely knew.


Scar and the crew had arrived at the warehouse and all cars were parked in,side. It was a great and successful job. Scar dismissed his boys.

“Now go and get yourselves some drinks, make sure you go to public places and be seen around, we cannot afford any suspicions.”

He handed a stash of cash to the boys.

” share that. lets meet here tommorow morning” he added ad they all walked away.

In his bedroom Scar opened the laptop. He watched Sila as she slept. he k-ssed the screen.

” I missed you my woman” he spoke to himself,

“see you tommorow.” He mumbled.

Early in the morning Scar had already bathed and sat on his stool. He was a light sleeper, of course one of the reasons was the night mares of the people he had murdered and those he had killed using people like Harry which was a bigger number.

He was not a strong believer in God but his conscience always haunted him. Scar believed in survival of the fittest. According to him everyone had their own battles to fight in life. he decided to be on the stronger side, he knew his life was not for a long time, with his job he could die or be jailed any day. The main reason he never wanted any wife or children.

“Why have children who will have to suffer living without a father.” Were his thoughts. His own life was an example. he had decided to live one day at a time. he had never anticipated falling in love with anyone till the day he met Sila. He never understood why he felt so much attached to a woman and a kid he barely knew.

Scar was brought back to the present when Jo knocked on his door.

“Come in Jo” he answered.

“Morning Scar.”Jo greeted..

“Hey Jo!. rested enough?”

“Yea” he told him..

” good then” said Scar. .”I need you to get to town and buy some food for everyone and drinks. we are spending most of the day at the warehouse.”

“Okey man. but let me use you BMW my car is dirty.” Jo responded

“sure” Scar threw the keys at him..

“see you. I will start off in 10 let me just bite something my stomac feels empty.”

“sure” Jo nodded, as he left the room.


Sila prepared herself she and Martha had agreed to go shopping in town since she was still on nights off. she prepared breakfast for her son. k-ssing him good bye, she drove out of her yard. Martha called that they meet at shoprite.

“you will find me” Sila told her as she hang up.

Sila parked her Runex in the shoprite parking lot and waited for her friend. Just then she saw the BMW parked two cars from her. she got out and looked at it, it was the stalker’s car.

“now you show up you stalker” she spoke to herself.

She saw a man carrying plastics heading to the car, put the plastics in the trunk. Her thought told her to go to him and confront him. but she Changed her mind and decide to follow him.

Jo who was busy listening and shaking his head to the music as he drove didn’t notice a Runex following him. As he turned to head to the farms Sila’s heart skipped. she however talked herself into it.

” I have come this far and am not backing out.” she increased the speed and left a gap of 500 meters before Jo’s car.

“Today you will face me you stalker ” she whispered to herself.

After driving for about 30 more minutes Sila who had ignored Martha’s calls noticed they had drove through some thick bush.

she decided to park the car and walk to the man as she saw him park in front of what seemed like a small shade. As she approached the s₱0t, she saw two other cars parked outside. fear gripped her.

“who is this man?” she asked herself reliving all the stories she had heard about ritual killers and Satanists.

“my God am dead.”

as she turned to go back to her car.

“Boom!” she bumped into a man. raising her head, there standing before him was a tall dark man with a very scarely look.

she tried to dogde and ran for her life but he was faster. He held her hand and pushed her down with so much force she fell down on her back on the ground.

Sila shook with fear as the man charged towards her.

” please let me go” she tried to plead.

“I didn’t mean to be here.”

To be continued

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