Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 8

A story by Tisa Phiri

“Please” Sila pleaded her face drowned in fear as the giant gave her another slap. she felt pain ran down her body, every strength in her was gone.

“Tell me who sent you here” the Guy asked still charging on her as she crawled in an effort to flee.

“I wasn’t sent by anyone please. I just followed that car.” She shook pointing at the BMW.

“oh well you followed a car for no reason at all?” Ken asked her raising his big hand to hit her again.

“please please! I have no idea what you people are doing here. let me go I won’t say anything.” she cried.

Ken moved his hand to hit her.

“stop! ” Scar ordered as he came out of the underground,

” thats no way to treat ladies man ” he said as he walked closer to Sila. He turned her around to face him.

“what the hell!” He shouted as he realised who the woman was.

“what on earth are you doing here?” He asked his face furious.

Sila looked at him and grasped.

“you?” She pointed at him.

” it has been you all along. oh my God.” Sila shivered as she saw The scar on the top of Scar’s face. Up until that moment she had not been able to realise it was the rapist from her past. now that Scar had no shades on, she clearly identified him. she recalled him pushing himself into her as she tried to scre-m. his hands on her mouth. she recalled the stench of alcohol which almost made her throw up and it pained reliving the moment from the past.

What in God’s name had she put herself into.

“You thief!” she snapped

“leave me alone already you are a damn Rapist. God will punish you.” She scre-med loudly.

Scar watched her in silence as she shouted not understanding clearly what she meant by rapist.

“Boss let’s get rid of her” one of the boys spoke up.

“she probably was sent by that Mafia Chile.” He suggested.

” I dont think so” Scar told him while inspecting Sila.

Another guy moved forward and slapped Sila hærd,

“tell me who sent you, you b****!” he yelled…

Sila fell to the ground again and collapsed.

“How dare you!” Scar scolded him grabbing his shirt and shaking him angrily,

“don’t ever hit a woman like that again you idiot.” he shoved him back.

“now everyone get back to work” he called out..

Ken put her in the car. I will take care of this myself.”

“but boss.” Ken almost spoke up..

“I said put her in the car dammit! has everyone gone deaf today?” he yelled.

Sila was put in the trunk.

Scar whispered something to Jo and drove off. He wondered how Sila had figured out his hideout. Scar had always wanted a life free of complications. everything had to be staright forward. he hated the complication Sila was putting on his life.

“damn woman” he cursed as he accelerated the car furious. had it been anyone else, the person could have been buried already.

He hooted continously as he reached his gate. Daka the gate man came running to open the gate.

“welcome back boss!” he greeted him.

Scar didn’t bother to look at him and Daka knew it was a bad day. He lifted the now shaking Sila. she was almost coming to. He lay her down on the couch.

Sila scre-med as she opened her eyes just to look at the face of her rapist close to her.

” Leave me alone already!” she scre-med.

” please I beg you I have a son to take care of don’t kill me.”

” well.” Scar grinned,

” you brought this on yourself woman and no one goes free after seeing our faces and knowing our hideout.”

“I won’t say anything to the police please I beg you in the name of God.” She cried

“Mmmmmmm take it easy Sila and tell me one thing, what the hell was that about me being a rapist..?” He asked trying to stay calm.

” or whatever your real name is, stop pretending. I now know you have been following me around and even threatened my boyfriend. you are the thug that raped me 10 years ago. please stop tormenting my life already I owe you nothing. I beg you let me go back home to my son.” She pleaded crying.

Scar was shocked and he sat down. “what? You are the girl in the toilet?” He held his head in confusion now that she had said it. Scar recalled the night he had raped her. how could he forget her face.? No wonder she looked familiar the day he saw her first.

“dammit !” he spat, how was he going to handle the situation now.

The woman he had follen in love with was the same innocent girl he had raped. He remembrred less about the rape cause he was drunk.

Looking at Sila he felt pity for her but letting her go was risk not for him but his wh0le gang. he was not going to risk his life’s work for a woman.

” Well then… Sila. it’s good to see you again.” he fodged a smile,

“to start with the reason you are even alive now is because I like you a lot. I stalked you without remembering you were the girl I accidentally raped.” He mumbled standing up.

“So apart from being a thief and a rapist you are a liar too” Sila snapped. she felt hate for the man before her. she wondered how posible a gentleman who looked calm and so responsible could turn out to be the mafia she was looking at that moment.

“you will pay for this you thug” she added sacastically.

“Don’t bite more than you can chew woman. don’t take my leniency for granted. I don’t honestly care what you think of me. you have no idea who I am, so judge me all you can I dont give a damn.” Scar scolded.

Sila stood and ran to the door. Scar took quick steps and caught her by the door. He gave her a slap on her face.

” behave yourself now you hear? ” He shouted, pushing her back to the couch.

Sila hugged her knees as she cried visibly. Scar felt bad he had slapped her. he felt like reaching out to her but hesitated, he loved her but as it was she made every thing even more complicated.

He was not one to be so attached to a woman. he always got a woman he wanted did whatever he wanted and got rid of her but for some reason he felt so attched to Sila it scared him.

He moved to her and gently touched her face,

“stop crying now”

he whispered..

Sila spat in his face.

“you devil leave me alone!” she shouted.

Scar withdrew as he wiped his face with a hank .

“do that again and you will never see your son again” he warned her.

“Infact let me go see how his doing ” Scar announced after locking Sila in the spare bedroom.

Sila scre-med and hit the door in anger

“stay away from my son you idiot Stay away!” She cried hopelessly.

“Give her something to eat” Scar ordered the man who worked in the house.

” make sure she doesn’t leave that room.” He added.

“Yes boss” the worker responded …

He got in the car. he felt sadiness in his heart.

” why is my life so ****ed up?” he said to himself.

“what the hell is wrong with me.. ?” He sighed angry

Scar decided to go see his mother. he hadnt visited her in a month, she was the only person he wanted to be with whenever things didn’t make sense in his life..

His mother was seated outside on the corridor as Scar parked the car.

“wow my son, you are welcome ” his mother smilled tying her wrapper.

“Thank you mom” he said hugging her.

His mother looked at him.

” now what made my have a sad face this afternoon?” She asked with concern.

“Let’s sit in,side mom” Scar told her instead leading her in the house..

“Tell me what’s bothering you Aron. am your mother I can see something isn’t right with you.” She started the moment they sat down

Scar swallowed hærd, tears formed in his eyes. Everyone else had never seen him that weak and desparate. People around him thought he was the tough Mafia who had no time to cry., his was action, he was fearless, the master planner, little did they know their Mafia had a tender heart. He had his weak moments too and felt desparate. He too ran out of plans.

His mother held him as he sobbed in silence. she felt her son’s pain but had no idea what was going on in his life.

“Tell me what is eating you up my son?” His mother rubbed his back.

“I can’t mom” Scar told her.

“I feel so sad and lonely my life is meaningless mom I seem not to do anything worthwhile. ” he sniffed in sadly.

“Don’t say that . your life is worth more than anything in this world. God has blessed you with a good Job and rescued us from poverty. You have all the reasons to thank him..know that he protects your life… for u have a great purpose to fufil in this life.

“There’s no such thing as God mom, forget it. otherwise he could have put my life in a better position my life is So ruined mother.” He responded looking away.

“Please my son” his mother stopped him.

“.there’s a God, don’t ever doubt that. no wonder you are breathing and alive today. He loves you and gives you life” she added.

After talking with his mother, Scar felt better. He got to his car and took off. He still was not convinced about the issue of God but he was glad his mother had talked to him he felt some relief..

He went t o the shops and got some toys and other items. He was to see Zac. He knew the boy would miss his mom, he had to come up with something to calm him and the maid down.

To be continued

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