Stuck Between The Beverly Brothers

Stuck Between The Beverly Brothers episode 11 – 12

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💋 Stuck b£tweeΠ th£ Beverly broth£rs

SB³ 💕💕

Chapter 11 💞💞

Jennifer Owens 🌷🌷

~ Carly ~

Kyle took me to a couch and made me sit while h£ sat beside me.

h£ stared at me for awhile and I arch£d an eyebrow.

“what ” I asked.

“are you sure you can [email protected] it” h£ asked and I took a deep breath.

“br!ng it on ” I said and h£ smiled.

“you see, th£ man who murdered your family is our fath£r ” h£ said and I nodded cause I already knew.

Simple logic would tell that.

“h£ has never been a good fath£r to any of us. So it all started wh£n we were at Las [email protected] ” h£ paused and I have h¡m a “go on” sign.

“dad runs an illegal bus!ness and h£’s got boys. Th£ family company was given to mom by h£r fath£r but dad wanted it. Mom knew dad wasn’t a human cause h£’s got no sympathy nor emotion and marry!ng h¡m was th£ biggest mistake ever ” h£ said.

“so mom filed for a divorce but dad refused go sign it, Brett and I got h¡m drunk and got h¡m to sign it cause h£ j√$t wants to put our lives !n h£ll but we wanted to be free of h¡m. h£ found ©vt but didn’t do anyth!ng. Months later, h£ found ©vt that mom already had anoth£r man and h£ wouldn’t let mom be so h£ killed h£r ” h£ said and I fl!nch£d.


“at that time, Brett had a girlfriend called C!ndy, $h£ was so jovial and calm but little did we know $h£ was a green snake under th£ green gra$$. $h£ was th£ one who have dad !nfo ab©vt our lives, $h£ told dad that mom had anoth£r man and $h£ was th£ one who told mom to go ©vt that day. Unfortunately for us, Riley, our kid sister went ©vt with mom that day.

Dad said if h£ couldn’t get th£ properties !n h¡s name th£n mom wouldn’t enjoy it eith£r so h£ blew up th£ir car and our kid sister was !n too” h£ said.

Tears s1©wly ran d©wΠ h¡s ch£eks and I felt hurt.

Th¡s is th£ first time I’ve seen h¡m cry.

“before all that happened, dad will always mistreat Brett, b**t h¡m up wh£never mom and I weren’t home and those never seemed to left h¡m. h£ was broken wh£n h£ found ©vt that h¡s own girlfriend whom h£ had loved so very much, betrayed h¡m and that cost th£ life of h¡s sister and moth£r.

Cyndy also had an accident while travel!ng ©vt of th£ country and $h£ died. S!nce th£n, Brett neith£r had a girlfriend nor even talked to girls cause h£ blames h¡mself for what happened

If h£ hadn’t [email protected]||en !n love with C!ndy, $h£ wouldn’t have known our !n and ©vts to tell dad.

We m©v£d h£re hop!ng dad won’t f!nd us but that monster did.

h£ th!nks we’re still s¢ar£d of h¡m but not anym©r£.

Once we f!nd a solid evidence aga!nst h¡m, h£’ll rot !n jail.

So th£re, that’s it and that’s why Brett is never th£ same aga!n.

I was affected by it too but th£n I thought, it’s left with th£ both of us and I’m th£ eldest son I’ve gat responsibilities.

I had a breakd©wΠ once and Brett almost had an h£art attack at an early age and I blamed myself for it.

Wh£never I feel like break!ng d©wΠ, I th!nk ab©vt Brett so I stay strong, j√$t for h¡m” h£ said th£ last part lowly.

“you’re th£ big broth£r everyone wish to have, j√$t like my broth£r ” I said and sniffed.

I’d been cry!ng as Kyle told me th£ir story.

It’s not Brett’s fault that h£’s that way anyway.

I mean, I turned dumb, literally dumb 😂.

And Brett is go!ng through h¡s own but not lately.

Kyle could face it and not everyone is like h¡m.

Not everyone is strong like h¡m.

I know someday, Brett will come ©vt of h¡s dilemma.

“so Brett is stuck up draw!ng and design!ng ph°tos of mom and Riley. You know Brett was closed to Riley but not me cause I really didn’t ¢ar£ much, I s√¢ked at be!ng a big broth£r but ever s!nce th£ !ncident, I tried my best to become th£ best broth£r to h¡m. I had wanted to s£nd h¡m to rehabs but that would make h¡m feel like an ©vtsider and I don’t want that. I’ll give h¡m all my love and I hope you would too and don’t take whatever h£ does to you to h£art. j√$t try to understand h¡m” h£ said and I nodded.

” I will ” I said with a smile.

I’m gonna h£lp Kyle br!ng [email protected]¢k th£ old Brett cause I love h¡m.

What? No! I don’t.

Or maybe yeah I do.

But what ab©vt Brett, I love h¡m too and h£’s so cute.

I’m never upset with h¡m with whatever h£ does to me and I like see!ng h¡m too.

Kyle is very nice and I like h¡m too.

I even let h¡m have my first klzz.

But who do I love?

I th!nk it’s Brett, or maybe Kyle.

Ah! I’m stuck b£tweeΠ th£se Beverly broth£rs.

God h£lp me.

🍭 Stuck b£tweeΠ th£ Beverly broth£rs

SB³ 🌷🌷

Chapter 12 🍒🍒

Jennifer Owens 🏵🌹

~ Carly ~

“so today is Sunday, let go ©vt ” Kyle said and I nodded with a smile.

“let’s take Brett along too” I demanded .

“o..k but I don’t th!nk that’s a good idea ” h£ said, gett!ng off th£ couch.

“let’s j√$t give it a try ” I said and h£ smiled.

“sure! ” h£ said and we walked upstairs.

I stood at th£ door to Brett’s room while Kyle went !n.

“h£y Brett, plann!ng on go!ng ©vt to catch some fun, ¢ar£ to jo!n ” Kyle asked.

h£ raised h¡s h£ad up and looked at me th£n [email protected]¢k to h¡s broth£r.

“not wh£n $h£’s go!ng ” h£ blurted ©vt.

h£ still isn’t used to my pres£nce.

Gosh! Kyle looked [email protected]¢k to me with a sad face and I smiled.

I signaled h¡m to come ©vt and h£ did.

I h£ld h¡s [email protected] and took h¡m to a corner.

“it’s OK, j√$t go have fun with your broth£r ” I said with a smile.

“no I can’t, I want you with me ” h£ said and I smiled m©r£.

“can’t you see? h£ wants to catch fun with h¡s broth£r, h£’d be so happy, don’t you want h¡m to be happy ” I asked and h£ stared at me, mute.

h£ stared at me like someone deciph£r!ng someth!ng th£n smiled.

“thanks ” h£ said and I smiled.

“you sure you’ll be f!ne all by yourself ” h£ asked and I smiled.

“OK ” h£ said and surprised me with a klzz.

I let it go and deepened it.

h£ ₱v||ed away and pecked my foreh£ad.

h£ smiled at me one last time before enter!ng Brett’s room.

I went [email protected]¢k d©wΠstairs and switch£d on th£ TV to pa$$ time.

Kyle and Brett walked d©wΠ th£ stairs and I must say, th£y’re cutie pies.

I was lost star!ng at th£m that I didn’t realise wh£n Kyle came to my front and snapped h¡s f!ng£rs.

If Kyle was !n front of me, th£n who was I still star!ng at?

I looked and saw Brett, oh!

“take ¢ar£ ” h£ said and klzzed my foreh£ad.

I waved at th£m with a smile and watch£d as th£y walked ©vt.

I laid on th£ couch and let ©vt a sigh.

f*st forward ➡ ➡ ➡

I kept turn!ng and toss!ng uncomfortably on th£ couch.

It’s been hours s!nce th£y left and th£y ought to be [email protected]¢k by now.

I better start prepar!ng d!nner.

I got my lazy a$$ off th£ couch and took it to th£ kitch£n.

I settled d©wΠ for black bean —–stuffed with sweet potatoes.

M!ns later, I was all done and set.

I h£ard tires screech and I ran to th£ w!ndow to see th£m alight!ng th£ car.

I smiled and went [email protected]¢k to th£ food.

Th£y’re j√$t !n time.

“Carly ” I h£ard Kyle’s voice and came ©vt-of th£ kitch£n.

“smells nice ” h£ complimented as I walked to h¡m.

h£ wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd me and I did too.

“now go fre$h£n up and before you come [email protected]¢k, d!nner would be set ” I told h¡m and h£ nodded with a smile.

I went [email protected]¢k to th£ kitch£n and h£ went upstairs.

I f!ni$h£d sett!ng th£ table and Kyle and Brett walked d©wΠ j√$t !n time.

I thought Brett was gonna jo!n us !n d!nner but h£ went over to a couch to sit.

“Brett jo!n us” Kyle demanded but h£ didn’t even respond.

“don’t worry, I’ll got eat !n my room ” I said to Brett.

“no you won’t, h£ll jo!n us with you h£re ” Kyle said and I smiled at h¡m.

“it’s OK ” I said with a smile.

I served my food and before Kyle could protest, I ran upstairs.

I stood at a corner and peeped to see Brett at th£ d!nn!ng and I smiled.

I went to my room, sat on th£ floor and ate comfortably.

Who ¢ar£s if I don’t eat on a table?

I j√$t want those broth£rs to be happy.

After d!nner, Kyle came to my room and we chit-chatted for a while before h£ left.

I got on my b£d and under th£ duvet th£n slept off.

I woke up th£ next day, fre$h£ned up and dressed up.

Today I’ll get to go to school.

Now I’m [email protected]¢k, th£ real Carly that no one messes with.

I’m gonna show that star lake college that th£y messed with th£ wrong person.

I’m no m©r£ a dummy dumb that th£y knew before.

After eat!ng breakf*st which was bread with jam and milkshake, Kyle and I drove to school while Brett took h¡s own car.

We arrived and alighted.

As usual, Brett arrived first.

Kyla and I walked [email protected] !n [email protected] to cla$$ and I ignored th£ glares and murmurs from th£ girls of course.

I took my seat which was beside Kyle while Brett took h¡s own seat which was beh!nd us.

h¡s seat was amidst Boyd of course and I know th£ girls know h£ doesn’t like females that’s why th£y keep th£ir distance and crush from afar.

Our h¡story teach£r came !n and after m!ns, I felt bored.

Brett and I had French cla$$ togeth£r while Kyle had geography.

“do you know th£ way to French cla$$ ” Kyle asked and I nodded no.

“WTF! But you’ve been com!ng to school ” h£ asked and I smiled shyly.

“I k!nda don’t attend French cla$$ cause I was a dummy plus Brett was th£re but now I’m ready ” I told h¡m and h£ chuckled.

“should I show you or.. ”

“no don’t worry, I’ll tiptoe beh!nd Brett ” I said and we both chuckled.

“OK take ¢ar£ ” h£ klzzed my foreh£ad and I could h£ar th£ [email protected] that elicited from th£ students.

I smiled and turned to tiptoe beh!nd Brett.

While tiptoe!ng beh!nd Brett, I bumped !nto L!nn and h£ groupies.

“oh! h£re comes th£ dummy dumb ” L!nn said and h£r groupies busted ©vt laugh!ng.

“I’m afraid $h£’s bl!nd as well ” on of h£r groupie called Jenna said.

I looked at Brett’s and saw h¡m go!ng.

If I don’t follow h¡m, I’d miss French cla$$.

I tried go!ng but L!nn ₱v||ed me [email protected]¢k and that cut me off th£ edge.

I h£ld h£r [email protected] and yank it off my arm.

“listen h£re, you’re th£ dummy dumb h£re not me. You spend all your time bully!ng but I spend my time do!ng important th!ngs. My time is very precious to me and j√$t stand!ng !n front of you is a waste of my precious time ” I said and turned to leave but stopped.

“and don’t you ever [email protected] your filthy [email protected] on me ever aga!n ” I snarled and th£ few people !n th£ hallway clapped.

I turned and ran to th£ r©vte Brett had pa$$ed.

Th£re were many cla$$es so I didn’t know th£ particular one.

If th£y’d j√$t written th£ name on each cla$$ th£n it’d not be difficult to f!nd.

I sigh£d and tiptoed to a cla$$.

Th£re wasn’t a teach£r so I scanned everywh£re but th£re was no Brett.

I did th£ same with two m©r£ cla$$es before I sighted Brett.

I h£aved a sigh of relief and went !n.

I found myself a seat and sat.

Th£ boy beside me kept star!ng at me and it was awkward.

“hi” I waved at h¡m, hop!ng h£’d stop star!ng.

“you talk now ” h£ asked and I was like “oh”.

“I attended h¡story cla$$ with you ” h£ said and I breath£d ©vt an “oh”.

Didn’t even notice h¡m.

How would I notice h¡m wh£n I’m not done star!ng at th£ Beverly broth£rs?

“so I’m Carl” h£ said and I smiled.

“we k!nda match cause I’m Carly ” I said and we chuckled.

“I know right ” h£ said with a smile.

I looked [email protected]¢k and caught Brett star!ng at me which made me quickly turned to face th£ board.

School closed that day and we went home.

I fre$h£ned up and ate lunch, yeah lunch cause it wasn’t d!nner time.

I ate lunch !n my room while Kyle and Brett ate !n th£ d!nn!ng.

“h£y ” I h£ard Kyle’s voice at th£ door and smiled.

“Brett and I are go!ng to th£ park ” h£ said and my face dropped.

“don’t worry, you’ll come along ” h£ said and I arch£d an eyebrow.

How am I gonna go with th£m wh£n Brett’s go!ng?

“j√$t trust me ” h£ said like h£ read my thoughts.

h£ w!nked at me and left.

I watch£d from my w!ndow as th£y drove ©vt.

I sigh£d and plumped d©wΠ on my b£d.

M!ns later, th£ doorbell rang and I sigh£d aga!n.

I carried my lazy a$$ d©wΠstairs and opened th£ door.

I opened th£ door and smiled wh£n I saw Amber.

“h£y ” I said and hugged h£r.

“go get dressed, we’re go!ng ©vt ” $h£ said and I arch£d an eyebrow.

“not my idea but Kyle’s. h£ asked me to br!ng you to th£ park so go put on some jean “$h£ said like an order.

Kyle did told me to trust h¡m and yeah, I’m go!ng.

I ran up and dressed up !n a shirt and a jean trouser.

I packed my hair !n ponytail and walked d©wΠstairs.

“you look wow” Amber said dramatically and I rolled my eyes.

We went ©vt and hauled a cab.

M!ns later, we arrived at th£ park and alighted.

Amber paid and we walked !n.

“I can’t even see th£ boys ” $h£ said and I nodded !n agreement.

“h£y girls ” we h£ard beh!nd us and we turned to see Kyle.

I smiled at h¡m and h£ returned th£ smile.

“let’s go get candy floss ” h£ said and we all walked to get it.

I wanted to ask wh£re Brett was but I sigh£d h¡m on a chair and I smiled.

We got th£re candy floss and as we walked to wh£re Brett was, Kyle ₱v||ed me [email protected]¢k, leav!ng Amber to go h£rself.

“what ” I asked with a smile.

h£ smiled with my [email protected] still !n h¡s and knelt with one leg on th£ floor.

“will you be my girlfriend ” h£ blurted ©vt and my eyes widened.

I looked over to Brett’s and h£ h£ld an expressionless face while Amber looked hurt.

I looked [email protected]¢k to Kyle and saw love !n h¡s eyes.

h¡s face was plastered with a warm smile.

My h£art b**t f*ster as I stared at h¡m.

What should I say? Should I accept or not?


T. B. C

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