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Stuck with my ceo episode 10 & 11


Stuck With My C.E.O
Episode 10
Author Fehimuan

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Cho-bi’s POV
”Darling”. I said to Min-Kyu planting him a quick and clumsy kiss on his lips.
Min-Kyu’s arms felt great around her, i made a quick sound and then my brains sorted out. He pulled me closer, his body closer to me and i tried not to m0an at every attempt he made on my body…. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, i grabbed his shoulders and closed my eyes.

I slowly woke up surprised at my dream, I wore a tight-fitted jeans and a sweater to Min-Kyu’s Place, i was to resume work early that day, he has suddenly become proud.
”Mr Min-Kyu”. I said and he opened the door as i came in.
”Thought you would forget about the mister thing, i would have sacked you right away”. He said and i didn’t blink, i was determined to make him feel less important…
“I saw myself in the tv today”. He said.
”Because you acted the film, what’s the title?”.
“Boys Before Flowers” He said.
”You acted that film”. I simply said smiling. ”So what can i do for you?”. I asked.
“Wash my clothes in the bathroom”. He said and i nodded.
”Ok”. I said turning back but stopped when he said ”Don’t use the washing machine, it will ruin the clothes”. He said and i turned back.
“Min-Kyu, Mr Min-Kyu, how…. wait…. the clothes”.
”Wash them or i’ll sack you”. He said and i entered the bathroom. ”Oh My God”. i screamed on seeing the mess he had created.
I picked up my phone and dialed Min-Lee number, he was my best friend.
”Hello, Min-Lee, remember our plan, it’s now”. I said to him.
”Seriously?”. He asked.
”Idiot, yes. you have to make him feel real jealous”. I said and cut the line. I quickly put the clothes in the washing machine…..
I came out of the house and saw him watching an advertisement..
”What are you watching?”. I asked.
”None of your business”. He replied rudely that i bit my tongue annoyingly and sat down.
”Who asked you to sit down?”. He asked.
”I’m sorry sir”. I said and sat up.
A knock was heard on the door and i rushed to open it.
”Ohh, Min-Lee”. I said and hugged him. ”Idiot, make this look real”. I whispered.
”Who are you?”. Min-Kyu asked.
”Sir, meet my boyfriend, Min-Lee”. I said and hugged him again.
”Disgusting”. Min-Kyu said and went over to the bathroom.
”Idiot, aren’t you supposed to make it look real”. I asked irritated…

”Shin-Sha, I’m fed up of that guy”. I said as I sat down in her studio.
”I don’t understand”. She said.
”Look at my hand, i’m hurt on every finger, i’ve cooked for him and i’m tired, that’s not the job I booked for, i’m not a nanny, he’s proud and I can’t stand it”. I said crying.
”Don’t be a dull girl, make him remember you”. She said.
“How?”. I asked.
”Kiss him, laugh at him, don’t be afraid of him, bluntly refuse the works he give you and help him look for a nanny”. Shin-Sha said.

Episode Eleven
Cho.-bi’s POV
”Are you sure I can kiss that proud jerk”. I asked Shin-Sha.
”Yes girlfriend, how could you possibly think min-lee would make him jealous”. She asked and I nodded.
”Wait, I have an idea, I’ll take him to my house maybe he would recall how he farted”. I said giving her a high 5.
”I’m writing a script for lee-min-ho, he wants to act with me and min-kyu as one of the lead roles in his new movie….”Our love story”. I said handling her the manuscript”.
”What’s the plot?”. She asked curiously.
”It’s exactly like what’s happening now, min-kyu has totally forgotten about me after me…. In the movie, he will also forget me after a fatal accident so we would travel to america just for 3 days but on the last day during a party, I will ask him to remember me and if he doesn’t, i’ll fall into the swimming pool, then he would remember and bring me out of the water, we’re acting scene one today”. I said and she frowned.
”What’s Wrong?” I asked
”Isn’t the film dangerous, what if something happens”. She asked concerned.
”Nothing will happen shin-sha”. I replied as my phone rang.
”Hey Lee-min-ho”. I said.
”Where are you?, its time for the acting”. He said over the phone.
”Ok, I’m on my way”. I answered and cut the line. “Girlfriend, Got to bounce”. I said hugging her.
”Cut…….Cut”. The director shouted at the camera. ”Cho-bi, you’re not showing any emotions for lee-min-ho at all, you have to make it look real” He said.
”I think we should change the character”. Lee-min-ho said. ”Let Min-Kyu replace me”. He suggested and the director nodded as min-kyu smiled.

”Shin-hye, do you love me?”. He asked playing with my hair.
”I do and I will always do”. I replied and hugged him.
He reached for out to kiss me but I blocked his hands with a finger on his lips.
”Marry me first”. I said and winked at him.
He stood up and moved frantically and restless in the room. ”I’ll marry you, let me have a job first besides i’m traveling tomorrow”.
”Traveling?” I asked and stood up.
”Yes, i’m traveling to meet my mother”. He said and I hugged him tightly from behind.
”Please don’t forget me, promise me you will come back”. I said and he held me kissing me from behind.
”How would I ever forget you?”. He asked and kissed my forehead. ”I will come back for our love”. He added and I hugged him again…
Suddenly, I lost my balance and as I tried falling, he caught my waist and faced me with an expression on his face I could never explain…. It was what happened when I went for his interview.. I hope we would remember.
He was still holding my waist and our lips were few inches from each other.. I was beginning to develop the urge to kiss him

To be continued

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