Sudden Prince

Sudden Prince episode 21 – 22

{..Wrong place, Right time..}

Chapter 21💕22

THEME: Written again..✍️

By, 🌺Mayor🌺
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Derek’s roar rented the room and Augustus head snapped towards the door. His eyes widened seeing Derek in his half transformation, his aura deadly.

“What?” Augustus eyes widened.

Without wasting a moment, Derek lauched towards Augustus and swing him down to the floor. He began to punch Augustus face hard making sure he bleed from his nose and lips.

Dragging Augustus up again, he threw him across the room. His back hit the wall leaving a crack before falling flat on the floor. He passed out in the process.

Phaedra who was covering her nakedness with the sheet, gasp at the scene. Derek was so angry, she could feel it. His red eyes was glowing, his cannies visible and growled.

With the aim of slashing Augustus to pieces, Derek stepped forward but a voice stopped him.


He slowly turn his head to look at her. “That’s enough” she whispered. Beating Augustus will cause a lot for trouble for him not to talk of killing Augustus. Derek gaze went to the man lying unconscious on the floor with blood dripping down from his face.

“Why didn’t tell me?” Derek asked.

“I.. I couldn’t.. I wanted to but I just can’t..” Phaedra sobbed.

Derek’s eyes return back to normal, his claws and cannies went back in and he crouched before her. He raised his hand to her face and wipe her tears using his thumb.

“It’s okay, I’m here” he whispered then pulled her for a hug.



Immediately that name left her mouth, the beast let go of her and she fell to the floor flat with a loud thud. The beast’s face squeeze in pain as he pulled his white hair hard, and kneel to the floor and loud growl torn out from his lips.

The white long hair slowly sip back in turning to a black short hair, his claw went back in and his face returned back to normal. Zameil sucked in a hard breath as he continue kneeling to the floor.

Raising his head, he found Alice unconscious on the floor already.

“No,” He shook his head and ran towards her. He had hurt someone again? And It turned out to be Alice of all people.

“Why are you here?” His voice cracked. He quickly placed his head on her chest and breath out in relief hearing her heart beat. He immediately lifted her up from the ground and turn to leave but then found Derek standing at the entrance with shock. Behind him, was Phaedra who had her lips parted.

“Zameil” Derek muttered.

“Just help me please” Zameil voice cracked with a worried look on his face.

Alice was laid on the bed with her eyes close. Saverina had her hand on her stomach as green light emitted from them. Her face was cold as ice as she thought of what happened to Alice.

Zameil say not too far as he hated himself for what he just did.

“I’m sorry I left.. I..” Derek made to speak.

“It’s not your fault” Zameil cut in with his gaze remaining on the floor.

Saverina finally stop after a while and stood to face them. “She’s fine now, I’ve healed her back. She’ll wake up next morning”.

“I’ll stay with her” Zameil said.

“I’m sorry your highness, I can’t allow that. I’ll stay with her instead” Saverina refused.

Zameil made to ask why but then realized why she said so. It’s still the full moon, what if Baal decides to come back. He then nodded in agreement.

Getting out Derek faced Zameil.

“What exactly happened? I know what I faced when you turned before me. But Alice survived, how is this possible?” Derek asked.

“She called my name” Zameil remembered how her voice pulled him out of Baal’s hold. The only person who had succeed in doing such a thing was the most powerful soccerer in the kingdom. But Alice didn’t posses any power, how is that possible?


The sun rose up waking everyone one in the city, Alice eyes slowly opened and rolled over. Her eyes met with Saverina sitting beside her bed while staring at her.

“Ahh!!!” She jerk and quickly sat up. “Why do you have to scare me like that?” Alice snap.

“Am I that ugly to scare someone?” Saverina asked.

“No. That’s not what I’m saying.. I.. forget it” Alice huffed and ran her finger through her messy hair.

“You fight a lot in your sleep” Saverina said and Alice eyes widened as she look at her again.

“Don’t tell me you watch me while sleeping through out the night”

“I asked you to be careful last night cus it’s the full moon but you didn’t listen” Saverina said.

Alice finally recalled her doom last night. The maid, the room and the beast. She quickly got out from the bed and stormed out from the room.

“Eliz.. I mean Alice!” Saverina called and ran after her. “Alice!”

Getting to the room, Alice swung it out. The room was empty. “Was it a dream?” She frowned then turn to face Saverina. “A maid trapped me up in here with a lie and then in this room I saw a..” Alice breath out. “A beast”

Saverina took in Alice’s word. “A maid bought you here” The person after Alice’s life is at it again.

“We’re you the one who saved me cus I remembered it trying to rip me apart. Is that why you warned me about the full moon. What was that beast?..” Alice freaked out.

The door flung opened and Zameil walked in. Saverina clinched her jaw when he gave her a look asking her to leave. Getting out, she stood for a moment in other to hear their conversation.

“Are you alright?” He asked with a worried look.

“Huh?.. uhm.. I’m fine” Alice stuttered.

“You don’t feel hurt anywhere, do you?” He asked.

“I don’t”

“The maid that bought you in here, do you recognize her?” He asked.

“Huh? How did you know?”

‘She didn’t see me transform back?’ Zameil thought to himself. Maybe that’s a good news.

“I heard everything just now, will you recognize the maid?”

“Yes I will.. but..

“Come with me” Zameil reached for her hand and pulled her out of the room before she could complete her word.

**** Read – The new girl episode 77 – end

Outside the palace, some men could be seen coming back from hunt very early in the morning. Their wives and Children came to welcome them with warm hands.

While they were chatting happily, they heard a strange noise coming not too far away. It was danger.

“Run!” A man running from a distance yelled as he ran towards them. Unfortunately for him, a fast arrow pierced through his head, his blood splashing all over the grass.

Those who saw it, eyes widened with terror. “Ahhhh!!!!”

Like animals, the small area was raided. Women, men and little children was killed. Their houses were burned down the floor. They stole their foods and valuable things they set their eyes on.

From a distance, while the these cruel things were happening.

A woman sat like a devil as she sharpen the knife in her hand. A devilish smirk graced her lips.

Back in the palace***

“The Crow clan are terrorizing the kingdom again. They stole the goods of the villagers settling on the west. Young and old were killed your majesty” One of the minister informed the king who sat on his throne with a domineering power. Queen Delphine was sitting beside him.

“Have you figure out where they hide?” The king ask, his voice carrying power.

“Not yet your highness. We found out the name of the leader of the clan, her name is Delilah. She is a powerful woman possessing the power of a demon and witch.. her aim, no one knows” Another minister spoke.

“A woman?” The king frowned a little. Queen Delphine was surprised too. This clan has been so hard to track or beat. They are sure powerful.

The king exhaled. “Ask every sorcerer to find where the enemy is hiding. Anyone who gets it would be rewarded abundantly.”

“Yes your majesty” They all bow as the king stood an stride out of the room like a black panther. Queen Delphine followed.

After they were out of the court, Queen Delphine called. “Your Majesty. There’s something else you need to know..” the king stopped to hear her word. “It’s Augustus and Derek, the friend of Zameil”

“C’mon soldier!” The higher rank soldier yelled.

Galen let out a hard breath. It feels like his lungs was not functioning anymore.

“Soldier, do not rest during their training!” He yelled at him.

“Give.. me a mi..nute” Galen managed to speak through his hard breath.

“Get your ass up and keep training!”

“Easy there Carlos. He’s just a young boy” Sarah said to the commander tapping his attire lightly. She walked towards Galen and stretch fort her hand. “C’mon let’s go inside”

Galen didn’t waste a moment to take her hand.

Reaching inside, Galen took a bite from the bread. He was so hungry.

“So what did you do to Lord Derek that made him gave such an order”

Galen sighed. “Let’s just say.. I was trying to help a friend but offended him in the process” He replied while Sarah smile, staring at his face.

“That’s pretty” She muttered.

Galen looked at her. “What?”

“I meant the fact that you wanted to help a friend. That’s pretty” she said.

“Oh.. thanks for the bread though” Galen said smiling at her.

Standing before the king, Derek’s expression was firm as he held Phaedra’s hand tight. There’s no sign of regret for his action last night..

If that time comes again, he’ll repeat the same action and maybe kill Augustus if possible.

Augustus also stood, his face has bruises on them and it was swollen.

“Is that so?” The king asked, his voice powerful.

“He’s lying father, how could I have done that to my own daughter. That’s disgusting” Augustus denied.

“Is that true Phaedra?” The king asked.

“Yes, your majesty” Phaedra didn’t waste time to reply.

Derek look around, he didn’t spot Zameil, where’s that cold freak.

“You’re planning this with Zameil just to ruin my image. How bold of you” Augustus said to Derek.

“I regret not destroying that mouth of yours” Derek replied.

As usual the king do not believe Derek. For the fact that Derek is Zameil’s friend. He believes everything connected to Zameil is a stain.

“How dare you lie before the king?” The Queen asked.

“I have no reason to lie” Derek said.

“A proof or a withness?”

Derek clinched his jaw. There should be a way out of this. He was the only one who saw this and he has no witness. Pheadra gave Eleanor who was sitting around the corner a look. Eleanor sighed not know what to say.

“He’s telling the truth your majesty. My father sexually harassed me many times. I had talked to you about this but you never gave me ears..” Phaedra finally spoke up.

“You should be ashame trying to frame your father Phaedra, I’m so disappointed in you” Queen Delphine spoke.


“Don’t interfere, we are here to question Derek. Is this how you repay the king after all what he had done for you father?” The Queen asked. She is sure a noisy type.

“You not believing won’t change the truth. And I won’t force to believe”

“How dare hurt the crown prince!!” The Queen yelled.

“Cus I’m an alpha and I’ll do whatever to protect my mate”

Immediately that word tore out of his lips their eyes widened especially Phaedra. She felt her heart skip a beat.


Derek continue. “I found out the day she almost took her life because of this cruel man. She never told me, I saw it Myself and I repeat the same action a million times..”

After those words the Queen slowly sit back, the king face was unreadable. That wasn’t all, cus the huge door opened and Zameil walked in with Alice and then a maid.

The maid who trapped her.

“Do you really have to do this?” Alice whispered.

“You’re my bride and I must find out the culprit or else he or she would repeat the same thing”

“Bride?” Alice eyes widened.

“What are you then?”

“I thought you said the marriage means nothing”

“Stop talking” Zameil muttered and Alice felt like punching his handsome face.

Riya, Plato and Julius who were present lips parted.

The maid has a terrified look on her face as one of the guards dragged her in. She thought Alice would be dead not to expose her.. but how the hell is she Alive?

Is she even human, to escape the hands of death.

The guard pushed her down on her knee before the king.

“Who sent you?” Zameil asked in a deep hard tone.

The maid shivered at his voice. She kept quiet not sayiny a thing.

“I’m you were not deaf when you had to listen to the one who trapped her in the room” Zameil said.

“What’s going on here?” The king asked.

“Someone tried to kill my bride, and I’m here to draw out the culprit” Zameil replied.

‘Gosh he called me his bride again’ Alice thought. She recalled something and her heart skipped a beat. She remembered seeing the beast transformed back into a person before passing out! Zameil was the beast she saw last night?!

“I’m sorry your majesty. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Don’t force me to speak.. please I beg of you” The maid begged.

Zameil sighed and crouched before her. He lift her chin up to look at him. “Tell me, and I won’t hurt you, I promise”

“Just let the poor maid go, don’t you see we are in the middle of something?!” The Queen asked but he didn’t even look at her.

“Say it” Zameil voice double, mixing with Baal. The maid felt like he was staring deep into her soul.

“She’s..” the maid made to speak but then her eyes changed as she fell into a trance. it was as if something took control of her body. The maid immediately reached for a knife in her pocket and slashed her own throat killing herself in the process.

Zameil eyes widened, same as others.. The maid killed herself.. no she didn’t, someone actually made her kill herself using dark powers.. but who?!

Among the royal families, one of them smirked as she sat there without a word.



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