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Summer Picnic – Episode 12 – 13


Summer Picnic – Episode 12

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Marga’s Pov:

I walked downstairs with a bucket.

To my greatest surprise, I saw mother and Goldy.

Goldy was having a lot of injury all over her body.

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What the heck happened to her?

Thoughts ran through my mind.

She was groaning in pain as mother applied some balm on her.

Did someone beat her up? I thought.

“Goldy! Are you OK? What happened?” I asked shocked.

Mother stared at me with so much hatred.

I gulped and bow my head

I wonder why they hate me so much…..

“And what’s your business?” Goldy said.

She was burning up in annoyance.

“Uhmm… I just wanted to know why you look so bloody and…” I stammered.

Mother landed a resounding slap on my cheeks.

I held my cheeks in shock as tears flooded down my face.

“You may think you have the rich guy but I just want to tell you that you can never compete with my daughter” Mother said.

I became confused.

“The rich guy?” I asked anxiously

“Tch…pretend all you can! But I promise you this Marga I rather die than see you together with my man” Goldy said even if she was in pains.

“I don’t understand…. Your man?” I asked in confusion

“I don’t expect you to understand Marga so get out of my sight” She yelled at me.

I quickly rushed out in tears.

Her man?

What man is she talking about?

Oh my gosh…. Could it be about Mr Alex?

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Does Goldy like Mr Alex?

I covered my mouth with my palms.

So this is the reason why Goldy seemed very angry with me?

I bowed my head in tears.

Suddenly a car drove into the compound.

Mr Alex

Alex’s Pov:

I drove out of the compound.

Actually I was going to buy food for my kids.

You know sometimes I wonder why Bella even came over to this place.

That lady have got guts.

She ordered for food.

While my children go hungry.

Just then, my eyes caught with a handkerchief.

“Who has this?” I thought.

I quickly recollected whose it was.

“Marga….” I smiled.

Thoughts of her filled my mind.

I reversed my car and drove towards her place.

I really need to see her.

My kids will be happier to see her.


I drove straight into the compound.

I saw her walk out of the house.

She looked extremely shocked when she saw me.

“Mr Alex?” She called as I smiled at her.

I got down from the car with her handkerchief.

“Hi Marga….” I said as I held her hands.

She forced a smile as I gave her the handkerchief.

“Thank you!” She managed to say

“I missed you Marga” I said

“What?” She asked in surprise

“I meant the kids missed you” I said as I gulped.

She smiled.

“You have to go Mr Alex!” She said starring at the window.

“But why? The kids wants you to come over” I said

“I will but not right now” She said in fear as she kept starring at the window.

“Please Marga you have to come….” I said

“Please just go Mr Alex! I beg you” She said.

She looked extremely scared.

“MARGA!” Someone screamed her name from inside and she flinched.

Sandy’s Pov:

We tiptoed from the room.

And bent over from the stairs… We stared at Bella.

She was eating at the dinning

We fumed in anger.

“This lady is so wicked! She ordered for food while we go hungry” Nicky whispered.

Nicholas gulped down saliva and licked his mouth.

Our mouth watered.

“I thought daddy went to buy food for us” Nicholas said

“Well I can’t wait any longer” I said

“What do we do now?” Nicholas asked.

I smiled mischievously.

“Any idea?” Nicky asked

“Yes… I have an idea….” I chuckled

“Let’s hear it” They said eagerly as I whispered some inaudible things into their ears.

They giggled.


I picked up my phone and dialed the number.

The telephone in the sitting room rang aloud noisily.

“Who could be calling?” Bella said as she got up and walked away to the sitting room.

We high five and laughed.

Nicholas rushed to the dinning and carried the food.

Nicky helped him and they carried the sumptuous meal as we rushed into the room.

“Hello… Hello…. Hello…. Who’s this?” Her voice echoed from my phone and I quickly hung up.

We merried in excitement.

“Bolt the door! It’s time to eat” Nicholas said as we quickly locked the door.

We dished out the chicken and basmati rice with veggies.

“Yummy….. ” We licked our hands in happiness.

“Good heavens….. Where’s my food?” We heard a loud scream from outside.

We giggled in excitement…….

Episode 13

Bella’s Pov:

Anger burnt through me as I sat on the couch tapping my feet on the ground restlessly.

Those children……

I can’t wait to strangle them to death.

Are those really children?

Those pests?

I was so angry.

I yawned hungrily.

Well I’ve been knocking on their door but they didn’t open the door.

And now they are pretending to be fast asleep again

Suddenly, I heard their door open.

I sprang up to my feet and rushed upstairs.

The most heartbreaking thing 😢

It was Sandy…. 😡

I don’t know why but I hate her the most.

She was holding a plastic tray containing some bones of the chicken and veggies.

She was chewing some of the chicken 🐔 and licking her lips.


In my entire life, I’ve never seen kids as cunny as they are.

Are they really kids?

Or are they adults?

I held her wrist and she turned around.

“You silly girl! Where’s my food?” I yelled as I raised my hand to slap her.

She quickly grabbed my hand as she snatched her wrist from me.

“Hey! Bella or whatever you are called are you crazy?” She screamed at me.

I felt like crushing her.

The kid have got guts.

“Shut up! So you and your stupid siblings have gotten to the extent of stealing my food” I said

“Stealing your food?” She scoffed

“You heard me…. I will make sure I get you all beaten up” I said angrily.

“You are just being delusional Bella… You know if I were you, I will go back to Manila cos you are not allowed here. You are ruining in our picnic Bella and we hate you so much” She said.

I was gobsmacked.

I gulped hard.

The two other rascals came out with their chickens as well.

“Bella you are so desperate but I promise you, you will never have anything to do with my dad” Nicholas said.

“Shut the hell…..” I said as the other little girl cut in.

“No you shut up Bella…. Your sight irritates us so much” Nicky said.

My jaw dropped….

“Let’s go guys!” Sandy said as they walked downstairs.

I stood at a spot in shock as I folded my palms in shock.

I really have to get back at those rascals for talking to me in such manners.

Just then I heard the baby’s cry from inside their room.

An idea popped into my head and I smiled.

Mr Alex’s Pov:

I parked my car at the garage and walked into the house.

I saw the kids watching TV in the sitting room.

“Hi daddy!” They waved at me.

“Babies… Come get your food” I said as they only smiled.

“No thanks dad! We are full right guys?” Sandy asked as they nodded in agreement.

Does that mean they are not hungry anymore?

I shook my head as I kept the food I bought inside the kitchen.

I walked upstairs.

I heard someone’s voice.

It was Bella so I rushed into the room.

She was shedding tears.

“Bella are you OK?” I asked

“Should I be? Should I be OK after your silly children play pranks on me?” She yelled

I breathed heavily.

“But the kids are innocent” I defended

“Innocent indeed? So am a liar right?” She said furiously.

I couldn’t say a word.

I only left the room.

I walked into the children’s room.

To my greatest surprise, it was so scattered.

“My goodness!” I shouted.

I looked into the baby’s cot and I couldn’t find baby Kira.

Fear gripped me.

“Where is the baby” I asked no-one in particular.

I quickly started looking for her.

Suddenly, the toilet door opened and baby crawled out of the toilet.


She was so messy!

Worst still, she was having a toilet brush on her mouth.

“Yuck! SANDY! NICKY!! NICHOLAS!!” I screamed crazily.


They bowed their head as tears flooded down their cheeks.

“What manner of careless kids are you guys? Just take a look at poor baby Kira… You can’t take care of your baby sister” I shouted at them.

They burst into tears.

“Gosh! All you know of is how to play pranks” Bella added.

“But daddy she was sleeping right in her cot after Sandy fed her a bottle of milk” Nicky cried

“Shut your mouth! I saw her coming out of the toilet…. Am so disappointed in you guys” I said in annoyance.

“We’re sorry daddy” Sandy cried

“Sorry for your silly selves…. For the next four days no more watching TV for you guus…Now get out of the way!” I pushed them aside roughly and stormed out of the room.

They burst into tears again as Bella smirked mischievously at them.

Sandy’s Pov:

We held hands as tears rushed down our cheeks.

I know this is all Bella’s doing.

Maybe she’s trying to get back at us for eating her food..

And now daddy is so angry with us.

He even banned us from watching TV for the next four days.

We fell on the bed crying our eyes.

“Sandy we are definitely going to make that m

Bella pay” Nicholas said

“Of course” Nicky said as I nodded.

I just wished mother was here with us.

If she was then there will be no Bella.

We kept on shedding tears.


We were still crying.

Our faces were all swollen and sore.

We were all hurting.

Suddenly, we heard a knock on the door.

The door swing open and Miss Marga walked in.

Our ever beautiful Miss Marga.

“Hello babies!” Her tiny cute voice said

“Miss Marga?” We cried as we hugged her tightly…..

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