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Summer Picnic – Episode 16 – 17


Summer Picnic – Episode 16

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Celine’s Pov:

Goldy walked downstairs in anxiety.

“You look very beautiful and s£xy my daughter” I said as she forced a smile.

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“Mother am nervous” She said as she breathed heavily.

“Nervous? Why? I thought you wanted this?” I asked concerned

“No mother! I wanted Mr Alex to love me and not to love Marga’s mask” She said.

“Come on child! No-one will ever find out that you are not Marga because the mask is exactly your skin color” I said

“I know mother but will I be on this mask forever?” She asked worried

“Don’t you want Mr Alex anymore?” I asked

“Of course I do mother!” She said sharply

“Then this is the only way you can have him all to yourself…” I grinned

“But what if father comes back anytime soon and ruin in our plans? What if he unlocks Marga?” She asked scared

I laughed heartily.

“Listen child! Your mother is a very clever woman! I already thought of that” I said

“So what do you plan doing mother? I don’t want my plans to be ruined” She said.

“Oh Goldy! Don’t you trust your mother? I already arranged a dungeon right deep in the jungle, where I will lock up that dog in there forever until she dies” I said as Goldy’s face beamed with smiles.

“Thank you so much mother!” Goldy smiled and I hugged her.

“You’re welcome my daughter! Run along now” I said as she catwalks.

This is the just the beginning Marga!

I will make sure your life becomes more miserable.

You will be locked up for the rest of your life.

And about your good for nothing father that calls himself my husband,……

He will just have to believe that you were kidnapped and you will never return.

I will make sure you remain crippled forever.

And I promise you no-one will ever find out about my little secret.

Marga’s Pov:

I kept wailing and wailing.

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My legs hurt so badly and my whole body was aching.

What have I ever done to them?

Goldy and her mother hates me so much.

They are bent on making my life hell.

I groaned in pain.

The pains were unbearable.

Just then, the door swing open and I struggled up but I couldn’t.

It was my step mother and two huge men.

Should I call them men or thugs?

I became very scared!

“Mother please don’t let them hurt me!” I cried but she grinned at me.

“Shut up you swine!” She yelled at me.

Blindfold her!” Mother ordered them.

One of them held me tight and I struggled to break free.

He punched me hard in my tummy.

I groaned in pain.

He also gave me a dirty slap and blood gushed out of my mind.

He placed a handkerchief on my nose and I struggled till I passed out.


I regained consciousness as I rolled from one side to another.

I opened my eyes….

It was really very dark in the room and my eyes hurts.

My hands and legs were chained.

And my mouth was tied up.

“Mmmhhhmmhhhh…..” I tried talking but I couldn’t.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

Am trapped forever…..

Sandy’s Pov:

We already lost hope of seeing Miss Marga.

The night was almost coming to an end.

I can also see that daddy was also disappointed.

Tears rushed down my cheeks.

I can’t believe Miss Marga could do this to us.

My siblings were also crying.

“Isn’t that Miss Marga?” Nicholas cut in

We turned our eyes sharply.

Our jaw dropped in shock.

It was Miss Marga.

She was dressed in a hot beautiful dress.

She looked absolutely gorgeous.


Tonight I think she looks a bit slimmer than before.

And darker cos she used to be fairer.

And the figure… She doesn’t look as curvy as she used to be.

But the face is exactly hers.

She smiled broadly at daddy and waved.

Nicky wiped her tears off immediately.

Our faces beamed with smiles.

But why is she behaving a kinda strange.

Usually, she would rush to us and give us a hug and peck.

But now she was only interested in daddy.

Excited Nicky rushed to Miss Marga.

Nicky hugged her tightly.

“Miss Marga!” Nicky called in excitement.

Suddenly, Miss Marga pushed her off roughly and Nicky fell on the hard floor.

“Silly girl! You’re ruining in my makeups” Miss Marga yelled.

Our eyes widened in shock as we gasped……

Episode 17

Goldy’s Pov:

I pushed her roughly in annoyance.

That brat!

Just take a look at my dress…

Does she know how expensive this cloth is?

And she’s using her dirty hands to touch me.

I looked around and saw that all eyes were on me.

I became visibly scared.

Did I do something wrong?

“Miss Marga? Why did you push Nicky?” Sandy asked shocked.

Oh my goodness…

Now I remember that am actually wearing that stupid girl’s face.

“Oh Nicky! Honey am so sorry” I pretended as I helped her up.

They were all still looking very surprised.

Now I remember that Marga is the kind girl.

I quickly helped her up and hugged her.

“Am sorry sweetheart… I was just… Just emotional….” I burst into false tears.

Mr Alex walked closer to me with the good for nothing kids.

I was wailing and shedding false tears.

I just have to cover up for this commotion I caused.

“What happened Miss Marga? Are you OK?” The kids asked anxiously.

Thank goodness they are falling for my little drama.

“It’s my step mother, she told me some painful words and am so depressed” I lied.

They felt really sorry for me.

“It’s OK Marga!” Mr Alex said as the children hugged me.


I hate the fact that this silly children are all over me.

I just hate them a lot.

Am happy they don’t suspect anything fishy.

Well the party continued.

And believe me it was fun!

I mean Mr Alex was so all over me.

I can’t believe this is what Marga has been enjoying.

The privilege of being so close to this Mr handsome.

Gosh! So breathtaking….

But this impersonation isn’t really easy.

I have to watch my words moves and everything.

I can’t act like my real self and sometimes I don’t even know how to act or speak.

But I have no choice anyways.

I have to do everything possible to be far from those crazy kids.

Because I can’t bear their sight.

Of course Marga is the good girl not me.

Sandy’s Pov:

The night was fun and it ended very interesting.

This is best day ever!

There were lots of food and drinks for everyone.

I walked upstairs really tired.

I tiptoed to Bella’s room.

I almost forgot that she was locked in.

I quickly brought out the keys of the room from my pocket.

I unlocked the door immediately and rushed out.

It’s a good thing she grieved throughout the party.

Serves her right.


We sat on the bed happily.

“You know what Sandy am so happy that we got back on that crazy Bella” Nicholas smiled.

“Sure! Next time she will never cross our path again” Nicky added.

“I bet she’s fast asleep in the room cos when I opened the door she didn’t even come out of the room” I laughed.

“I really abhor that lady!” Nicky said

“Well she will soon get tired and leave with her stinky self” Nicholas said

“Sandy why didn’t you do the presentation again?” Nicholas asked sharply.

“Yes.. Miss Marga” Nicky said

“I just feel a kinda strange about Miss Marga tonight and….” I said

Just then, our door throw open and daddy walked in carrying baby Kira.

She was fast asleep.

“Hi kids!” Dad smiled at us.

“Oh daddy! Baby is asleep already” We giggled

Dad placed baby in her cot.

As she slept peacefully.

Nicky touched the baby’s chubby cheeks.

“Nicky don’t touch her else she’s gonna wake up!” I said as I held Nicky’s hand.

“Ouch….!!” Nicky cried in pain.

“What is it baby?” Dad asked as Nicky showed us her elbow.

It was bleeding a little.

“What happened to you Nicky?” Nicholas and I asked anxiously.

“It’s a scratch! That was when Miss Marga pushed me” She said gloomily.

We bowed our heads.

Dad only gulped hard as he turned to leave.

“Uhmm… Daddy where’s Miss Marga?” I asked.

“She said she can’t go tonight” Dad said.

We jumped for joy.

“Really? So she will sleep here with us?” Nicholas asked

“Well she doesn’t want to sleep here… Good night babies” Dad said as he walked away.

I got up from the bed and walked straight to the door in thought.

“Sandy don’t you think Miss Marga is being weird?” Nicky asked.

Nicholas nodded his head.

“There is more to this…. This is not really the Miss Marga I know” I said

“She’s being so unlike herself” Nicholas said

“She even pushed Nicky and not only that, she doesn’t sleep in our room…. Miss Marga would always want to be by our side all the time but now…. I don’t understand” I said

“Sandy you see am just confused… Her face but not her character” Nicky said

“Something is fishy!” I said as I bit my lips in thought.

Bella’s Pov:

Anger burnt through me as I laid on the bed sulking.

The door swing open and Alex entered.

“Bella you didn’t attend the party” Alex said as I scoffed.

“Is that what your good for nothing brats told you?” I yelled

“I won’t tolerate you referring to my kids as brats” Alex said

“Then teach those things you called kids some manners” I said

“How do you mean?” He asked as I quickly got up.

“Your children stole my dress and locked me in here” I groaned angrily

“What?” He asked in shock

“You heard me! You know what? I’ve had it up to here and I can’t bear this anymore” I cried

“I still can’t believe this!” He said

“Believe whatever you like… Those things you called kids are not kids anymore” I said

“Am sorry about…” He said

“Needless cos I want you out of my room right now!” I screamed at him.

“But…” He said

“Leave my room!” I shouted as he turned to leave.

Those kids are trying my patience.

Am going to make them pay.

I groaned in anger.

“Alex! Alex… Where are you?” That was a female voice.

I sprang up.

Who could that be?

Just then, my door throw open and a familiar lady walked in.

She was putting on a skimpy nightie.

She placed her hand around Alex’s neck.

My eyes popped out in shock….

To be continued….

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