Sweet Bitterness

Sweet bitterness episode 10

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“I don’t even understand what th£ problem is. $h£ came !n and started slapp!ng me that I stole h£r man. Which of h£r man did I steal? Is it that godforsaken Tony? Tufia…” Paul!ne spat ©vt !n disgust

“Kai..th¡s girl can pretend sha..you want to tell me that you’re not hav!ng an affair with Ken h£re?!” Tessy s¢r**med angrily

PauPau looked at Ken, and th£n at Tessy and [email protected]¢k to Ken
“What is $h£ talk!ng ab©vt?”

Ken sigh£d “I’m not hav!ng an affair with Paul!ne, at least not yet..I only said that to see your reaction and you failed woefvlly. I was expect!ng you to cry and regret your actions but !nstead, you came h£re to dis₱|@y th£ t©vt !n you. What right do you have to fight Paul!ne? Did we ever date? I mean you practically humiliated me each time I professed my love to you..you rubb£d my social status on th£ ground and you didn’t ¢ar£. I’m now your man simply because your Tony left you?” h£ laugh£d.

Tessy knelt d©wΠ and cried
“I’m sorry Ken, I love you”

“Love !ndeed” Baddo scoffed..”Ken let’s get ©vt of h£re abeg. I’m gett!ng choked h£re by th£ air of jealousy”

“Next Time, be ¢ar£ful with your life choices” Ken said to Tessy who kept cry!ng and plead!ng.

“Paul!ne let’s go..”Ken said to h£r

“Huh? I don’t even understand what is happen!ng h£re” Paul!ne was confused

“Th¡s type of friend can kill you at night because of a man” Baddo said

Ken dragged h£r ©vt of th£ room

“At least let me get some cloth£s” $h£ protested

“I’ll get cloth£s for you” Ken replied dragg!ng h£r to th£ car

“I’m not even putt!ng on a footwear” Paul!ne said

“I’ll get footwear for you”

“Oh oh oh! My br£@sts are dangl!ng!!”

“I’ll buy bra for you”

Jack th£ guard opened th£ door and Ken lifted Paul!ne up and put h£r !nto th£ car.

Baddo kept laugh!ng at th£ drama.


Gozie staggered !nto th£ house that night. h£ was already soaked and dra!ned !n alcohol.
h¡s dad and mum wh£re !n th£ sitt!ng room wait!ng for h¡m

“Th¡s boy has started aga!n.” Chief Phil¡p shook h¡s h£ad

Gozie made to climb th£ stairs but fell d©wΠ
Madam Joy ran to h£lp h¡m but h£ started throw!ng up.
$h£ called on th£ maids who h£lped h£r to clean up th£ place.. while $h£ took h¡m |ns!de h¡s room with th£ h£lp of th£ guards.


Gozie woke with a slight h£adach£. h£ was surprised to see h¡s mum by h¡s Side.

“How are you feel!ng?” $h£ asked smil!ng

“How did I get h£re?” h£ asked

“A young lady brought you [email protected]¢k accord!ng to th£ security men at th£ gate” h¡s mum replied

$h£ left th£ room and came [email protected]¢k with a h°t tea and some drugs.
Gozie collected it and drank.

“A!n’t you go!ng to your super market today?” h£ Asked

“No I want to be with you” $h£ smiled

“Honestly I’m surprised. Th£ unusual show of love and ¢ar£..”

“I know.. after my last talk with you, I realized I’ve been a bad moth£r. I didn’t tra!n you up th£ way you should go like th£ Bible said. Maybe that’s why God refused giv!ng me anoth£r child after hav!ng you. I don’t even deserve to be called a moth£r..” $h£ started cry!ng

“It’s Alright Mom.. at least you’ve learnt and that’s th£ most important”

$h£ hugged h¡m..
a guard knocked on th£ door to !nform Gozie that someone came to see h¡m.

h£ dressed up and went to th£ parlor to see th£ person.
h¡s eyes couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, it is Me..I know you Are surprised right?” It was Pamela, Presh’s younger sister.


“Yes, I brought you home last night. You were drunk. I had followed you to th£ club”

“I don’t seem to understand. You hate me and blamed me for th£ death of your sister so…?”

“We need to talk..I want you to follow me somewh£re..”

“Wh£re?” h£ was confused.

“Let’s go…” $h£ said and h£aded ©vt.


Tessy Cried h£r eyes ©vt after Ken and oth£rs left
$h£ thought ab©vt everyth!ng Ken told h£r and cried all th£ m©r£..
Th£ door opened and Tony came !n and knelt d©wΠ.

“I know you don’t want to see me…but baby I’m sorry. I swear on th£ grave of my late parents..I love you!! I never knew I loved you th¡s much until you Left me. I realized I had lost a rare Gem. I’m ready to change all my bad ways for you.. please”

Tessy only cont!nued cry!ng.

“Baby please..” h£ m©v£d closer to h£r

“Tony get ©vt”$h£ said weakly.

h£ m©v£d closer to h£r and hugged h£r, still apologis!ng.
h£ klzzed h£r, $h£ didn’t resist. And wh£n h£ was rid!ng h£r non stop, $h£ only s¢r**med h¡s name urg!ng h¡m to cont!nue as $h£ had missed h¡m.


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