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Sweet but psycho episode 15


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

💊 His perfect antidote 💊

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒🔥

😋 Segment 15 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I sighed as I rubbed my eyes, it pricked with an uncertain pa….ah! Tears! I cried myself to sleep last night because I feel like shit, complete worthless piece of shit. I would have slept good a little but along the way, I had a nightmare of Ted killing mom and Carolyn and selling off Ursula. Then the dream changed and his d!ck was chasing me until I feel into a pool of his sperm.

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That is the worse way to dream!

‘I hate my life,’ I sighed, sitting up to get off bed. I threw the blanket away and stood on my feet; my morning stretches is very important. I did some few stretches before deciding to take a run or meditate, so I dressed up. I wore a gray jodhpurs pants, a matching gray bralette top and white running shoes. I tightened the lace of my shoes, pulled my hair up into a loose bun and walked out.

‘You’re up early,’ Bruce said smilingly, he looked at what I was wearing and rolled his eyes. ‘I don’t wanna know.’

‘Good, because I’m not telling you anyways,’ I said coldly and ran out of his present. He ran after me and blocked my way, running backward in front of me.

‘You are usually happy every morning, what’s up?’

‘Had a bad night,’

‘Does it have anything to do with why you ran out of Boss’s office like you saw his d!ck fall off?’ I shuddered at the mention of “his d!ck” a image of my dream replaying in my head.

‘I definitely saw something fall off,’ I said with a slight shiver of fear. He let out a gossipy gasp.

‘OMG sister!’ He said with a girlish gossip tone. ‘Do tell!’

‘Go away Bruce, I want a men free morning.’ I sighed.

‘Sounds impossible since you live in a house loaded with hefty men,’ I glared at him. ‘What? I’m saying the truth. What did you see?’

‘Not now Bruce,’


‘Maybe,’ I sighed. I stopped running and held my waist. ‘Remind me why we took the stairs again?’

‘Because you have been crushing on the stairs and finding means to confess your feelings,’

‘Idiot,’ I said and pushed him away by palming his face. He hit the wall and laughed. I jumped into the banister and slid down to the bottom of the stairs but that didn’t give me joy. I didn’t say anything, just kept running until I was out of the house and running around with eyes closed. I sighed with relief, I was feeling a lot more better, at least not until I bumped into a wall and fell on the floor. ‘Ouch!’ I cried, my bum. I raised my head and looked up at the wall, my joy washed off immediately.

‘Morning sunshine, sleep well.’ That wasn’t a question, it was a mocking sentence. I huffed and rubbed my butt as I stood up, anger radiating from my chest to my brain.

‘I was hoping you would die in your sleep,’ I spat angrily. He arched a brow at me and smirked. Damn his s£xiness! Why does he have to look so s£xy and drool worthy in the morning and n….. Keep it together Cookie!

‘I’m not that easy to kill Sunshine,’ he said with a teasing wink, one that made my cheeks turn red. Hmmm, that’s odd. ‘Hope you are looking forward to working for me again, today to be precise.’

‘I rather be one of your s£x maid here and satisfy a random man than be with you,’ I so didn’t mean that. He grinned, a sort of grin that made me hug myself with a slight shiver. ‘What are you grinning about?’

‘Your wish is my command Sunshine,’ he dragged my hair loose. ‘You will look more s£xier with your hair down, try it.’ He winked at me again and bounced off. My cheeks was heating again, guess what I was seeing; a tall d!ck walking away. I covered my face sheepishly, I was blushing seriously. I dropped my hands and glared at his back.

‘I don’t need your advice! I love my hair up and you can’t make me put it up!!!’ I shouted, feeling my face burning again. He gave me his middle finger, I actually giggled at the thought of being fvcked. ‘Damn it Cookie!’ I sighed at my stupidity and ran out. I went back to my room and threw myself on the bed with a puff.

‘Cookie!’ I jerked up at the shriek of Yolanda’s voice. She ran into my room holding her tablet with a big grin. She bounced on the bed and waved her tablet. ‘Check this out!’

‘What?’ I asked, taking her tablet from her.

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‘You said to work on my dreams, colourful ones and I finally found one!’


‘Photographer, reporter and dancer!’ She squealed. ‘I’ve always loved dancing, it’s so nice and makes me feel like Barbie. Artist; painting have always fascinated me, made me wonder about the colours of the world, think about life in a different way. Photography; it’s a passion of mine to take a perfect shot of things, to capture the nice moment of things and you know, it’s just there. Reporter, I love finding out hidden secrets because I always have the right intuit and I’m smart.’

‘Hmm, nice. So, what is this picture for?’

‘It’s a competition for kids, for painting and I want you to teach me how to paint better.’

‘I’m a sketcher, drawer but not painter. I don’t know how to explain it but I suck at painting, that’s Ursula’s niche.’

‘Idea!’ She shrieked. ‘You can both teach me what you know, what do you think?’ It was an opportunity to bring Ursula in. ‘Cookie?’

‘If Ursula can come here,’

‘I will handle that.’ She said enthusiastically. She squealed and ran out of my room screaming “Teddy Berry!” Wow, I’m a dance instruction now.

Hours later, I was staring at the dress delivered to me by the chief maid. The dress was red, tight and short with a long sleeve Queen Anne neckline and black corset heels. My hair was to be packed into a side ponytail, I wonder why. I sighed and took off my towel, I was also sent a matching pair of G-string pantie and bra. I picked up the dress and turned it to view the back, X straps. I exhaled from my nose and wore the dress, still wondering what was up.

‘Great,’ I said sarcastically, looking at the length of the dress, at least it was longer than my work uniform. I sat on the bed and wore my shoes, tightened the straps and stood up. I cat walked with the heels to my vanity, spray on the perfume Yolanda ordered for me and sat down to fix my makeup. After that, I walked out of my room, Bruce was dressed up waiting for me. ‘Awwwwn, look at you, all dressed up in your Sunday best.’ I said teasingly.

‘Hmm,’ he said eyeing me. ‘You look s£xy,’ he smiled. The dress was straight and brought out my curves and somewhat made it seem like I had b00bs.

‘Any idea why I look like this?’ I asked with eyebrow raised.

‘Can’t tell, come on.’ He smiled and walked ahead, I walked behind him. As I walked pass, I saw some girls dressed up too but I looked better. They all wore sky blue, green or violet strapless mini gown with white high-heeled gladiator shoes. Few had strap hands, but most were strapless.

I was led to the large kitchen where every girl was waiting, Ursula too. She was dressed like me, only that her dress was golden yellow with white ankle wedge boots. ‘Viona!’ She squealed and ran to me, almost fell because of her shoes but I was fast enough to catch her.

‘Easy there kitty,’ I chuckled.

‘I’ve missed you,’ she whined, throwing her arms around my neck. The other girls looked like us like we were lesbians.

‘I’ve missed you too sis, very much.’ I added so they would hear

‘So, any idea why we are here sis?’ She asked picking up on my act.

‘Dunno,’ I said with a shrug. She smiled and averted her eyes to River who was resting on the kitchen island, staring at her intensely.

‘He-goat,’ she murmured. ‘How have you been? You know, with boss?’ She whispered nervously.

‘I’m his s£x slave now,’ I whispered back. Her eyes flashed with guilt. ‘No, don’t feel bad, we are still in blowjob stage.’

‘This is all my fault,’

‘Don’t even start,’ I said, chuckling to lighten her mood.

‘Girls!’ The chief maid shouted, clapping her hands to get our attention. Everyone paid attention to her, she smiled and adjusted her dress; sari that is. ‘You all know why you are here, am I right?’


‘Objection my Lord!’ I shouted, raising my hand. She looked at me and smiled.

‘Objection sustain, you want to know why you are here? Boss is having some important guests, we would be serving them. The rules are simple; if anyone looks at you, don’t flinch, don’t look back. If they smile at you, bow in respect. If anyone touch you, don’t disregard them, give them access….’

‘Why?’ Ursula whimpered.

‘Because your bodies belongs to the boss and he wants you to entertain his guests with these bodies, no objection.’ She replied.

‘All of us?’ Ursula asked again.

‘The ones chosen will be taken to their rooms to entertain the guests, anything else?’

‘Why are we dressed differently?’ I asked frowningly.

‘The boss’s order,’ I cursed under my breath remembering what we talked about this morning. ‘All to the hallway and wait for the guests.’ She instructed. I sighed, interlock my arm with Ursula and walked out with the other girls. We lined up at the door, like fvcking bodyguards and waited for them. Soon we heard cars, then voices laughing and soon the door open and Carlos walked in first.

‘Wow,’ Ursula breathe, he looked hot. She squirmed a little, looking at her feet immediately. I chuckled and looked at Ted who walked in with another man. It was my turn to squirm and drool, all the girls were drooling but mine wasn’t that visible. He wore a cool silver leather jacket, silver leather bike pants and a sleek white shirt. Heavy gold chains hung down his neck, surrounded his waist to his pockets and went down to his ankles. He wore white men Chelsea boots.

His hair; he tousled his hair to look like a teenager and I was wondering what the fvck was wrong with him! He wore gold earrings and had a piercing on his glossy lip too. His brow had been slashed with a edgy sharp curve at the end of his brows. What happened to him? He didn’t look this s£xy all the time I’d seen him. I bowed my head when his eyes met mine, I couldn’t dare look him in those piercing cat green eyes of his.

‘You are always funny,’ a deeper voice laughed. I could hear ten different laughter vibrating through the hallway.

‘Wow, ladies as usual.’ Someone said.

‘Beautiful…’ One stopped in front of me, I didn’t raise my head. ‘Look up,’ he commanded. I fought the urge to snap at him and looked up with a straight face. ‘What’s your name bitch?’ I rolled my eyes to Ted and gave him a “he’s daring me” look.

‘Perry, let’s go.’ He said calmly.

‘Hmmm,’ he looked at me one more time, I couldn’t help the scoff that escaped my lips. I looked over at Ursula who was busy having this “moment stare” with one of the men. He was tall, gold hair dye that matched his golden brown eyes and was quite muscular. He was the perfect Ursula kind of guy. I knew him, I bent my face to avoid him.

‘This way please,’ Carlos called out. I sighed with relief after they all left, I eyed her.

‘What?’ She asked innocently.

‘You were giving him a look,’

‘Whaaaaat, you know I’m a sucker for guys like him,’ she said sheepishly as she made her way to the kitchen.

‘His name is Dominic Renaldo, most powerful young man in Spain.’ I said lowly.

‘How did you know?’ She asked curiously. I itched the back of my head nervously, remembering how I went to Spain one time to check a college and got into trouble. Some dude dumped coffee on me and refused to apologize so I thought, “hey! Why not smash his car!” The only thing was that, I ended up smashing the wrong car. I can vividly remember the look on his face when he came to see his car destroyed; I ran away without looking back.

‘I kinda smashed his car once,’ I said grinningly.

‘Of course, typical Viona Psycho.’ She said skeptically.

‘Don’t judge me, you don’t know the whole story yet.’

‘Uh oh,’ she rolled her eyes. Ten minutes later, we were called in to serve the men. I carried my tray of glasses and walked to the living room; plugged in my earphone to show disrespect. I dropped the tray, turned and walked to the door but I suddenly tripped and collided with the floor which sent my earphone flying off. The pain surged through my body from my jawline where I hit, ow! I looked over my shoulder to the devil that tripped me sipping his wine innocently.

‘Prick,’ I muttered, pushing myself up. I adjusted my dress, stupid dress pulled up and my underwear was exposed. ‘I’m sorry,’ I apologized to him and then the men who commented on my voice.

‘You should be more careful klutz, anyone can get hurt because of your clumsiness.’ Ted said with a stern look, even though I could see the mischief in his eyes.

I smirked, unnerving him a little. ‘Yes, ANYONE can get hurt because of my clumsiness,’ I don’t know if anyone else was getting our indirect whatchamacallit… Wangling or disdainful remarks.

‘Go,’ he commanded.

‘Yes, sir,’ I smiled sweetly. I turned and walked away with a plan to punish him. If it wasn’t for his game of quid-pro-quo, I would have killed him already. I walked straight to the freezer and got out a bucket of freezing cold water with ice cubes and dropped it down. I put in a bottle of wine and carried it back out. I dropped the bucket in front of an old man, pop the bottle open with hips cocked and served him. ‘Anything else sir?’ I asked the old man politely.

‘No, you can go.’ I nodded and carried the bucket back, leaving him with the wine. As I walked towards Ted, I smirked evilly and wiggled my brows at him.

He gave me a “don’t you dare!” Look, I bit my lower lip seductively and intentionally tripped on my shoes. Real life pain! My ankles! The idiot was fast enough to flip himself over the chair so he didn’t get seriously w€t or w€t at all. Me on the other hand, my legs! ‘Ow!’ I cried.

‘What kind of clumsy human being is this! Can someone get her out of my sight!’ He yelled with feign anger, I could see his eyes glinting with excitement.

‘Princess, let’s get you up,’ Carlos said, pulling me up. I let out a scream when my foot touched the floor. ‘Okay,’ he bent down, balancing me on his shoulders. He took off my broken shoes and hoist me over his shoulder. ‘I’ll leave now.’ He bowed to the men. I looked at my poor shoes and let out a tear. I know we might not have known each other for long, but we had a strong connection. She really understood me you know. I shouldn’t be thinking about her so a moment of silence for my lost.

Carlos dropped me in my room to tend to myself, maybe I shouldn’t have given Ted a hint on what I was going to do to him before actually doing it. I sighed and sat on my bed, massaging my now swollen ankles. The door flung open to reveal the most annoying yet breathtaking grin I had ever seen. I rolled my eyes and cursed under my breath. He walked in and chuckled, stiffening his laugh.

‘Hello bebe, how ya doing?’ He asked jestingly. I rolled my eyes. He burst into laughter, leaning on the doorframe for support, sure it’s funny.

‘Lemme alone,’ I whined. He pointed at me and sank down the doorframe, laughing as he simultaneously held his stomach. ‘You were just lucky!’

‘You fell like a legless fowl,’ he laughed. ‘Oh my God,’ he breathe and continued laughing again. I rolled my eyes, feeling my cheeks heat up like a microwave as my neck flushed too.

‘So you just came here to mock me,’ I said tearily. ‘That is harsh,’

‘And pouring ice on me wasn’t?’

‘You started it!’ He silently mimicked me, forming his mouth into a fish’s and rolling his eyes side to side. It was my turn to laugh, I laughed hard. He smiled and shut the door, a genuine concern smile forming it way across his lips.

‘On a serious note, are you okay?’

‘I’m not, my ankles hurt,’ I said between my laugh. He parted my legs and squat between my legs. He examined my ankles and then intentionally squeezed it, causing me to scream out in pain. For a moment there, I thought he was going to console me.

‘It feels nice to see you scream out in pain,’ he said squeezing both ankles viciously. I fell on the bed and scream into it as I tried to free myself. The pain was so intense I wept bitterly. He twisted my ankles, almost like he was going to wring it and then something broke. The scream that left my mouth was louder, my chest tightened as my eyes rolled into the back of my head and all I saw was spotted darkness.

💛 Ursula 💛

I fiddled with my dress as the men selected their girls for the night, Carlos came and announced that something came up so boss was busy. The men were asked to select their ladies and I was panicking.

‘The black girl with blonde and jade hair,’ I felt dizzy, very dizzy. I raised my head to who selected me, my heart leapt with joy when I saw that it was Dominic. He winked at me which I returned with a polite smile. ‘Come on,’ he grabbed his coat and stood up. I followed him out with a bright smile, following him out to his car. His men opened the door for him, immediately they shut the door after us, I jumped on him with a squeal. He laughed and patted my back. ‘How have you been Marilyn?’

‘I’m stuck here, I’m not fine.’

‘How did you fall victim to Ame’s madness?’ He asked with concern.

‘Lucius,’ I sighed, running my hand down his neck. He used to be my brother’s best friend and was never in approval of what he did to me. We always had this connection but he dared not try me because of their relationship.

‘Should I plead with Ame on your behalf?’

‘No, if I leave, what about the innocent gurl I got into this mess.’

‘The rainbow girl? She looks familiar,’

‘Everyone says that,’ I lied to cover up for her. ‘Yes, that’s her. I’ll be fine, just need a night to rest from the stress.’ He nodded, his eyes fixed on me.

‘You are bolder, more beautiful and confident. What happened to you?’

‘Viona,’ I smiled. He chuckled, didn’t understand but still nodded.

‘Guess you will manage with me tonight and I give you my words, I won’t touch you.’ I rest my head on his chest with a smile; I wish you do.

💚 Ted 💚

I ran my hand through my hair in frustration, I didn’t mean to hurt her more but my demon possessed me. I watched her as she winced in her unconscious state while the doctor checked her ankle with the X-ray. Yolanda was quietly staring at me, I’ve never seen her look at me with such fear, disappointment and hurt. I really didn’t know what made me hurt her like that.

‘Well, it’s bad but completely treatable,’ the doctor announced. ‘The only problem now is that the possibility of her using this legs of hers to wear heels or dance is below 50. It depends on how fast she recovers.’

‘Dancing and gymnastic is her life, she will never be happy again.’ Yolanda said sadly, staring at me accusingly.

‘I’m sorry,’ the words left my mouth.

‘I’ll advice no one tells her that until we are sure she can’t use these ankles for her activities again. She will need extra care, make sure she takes her drugs and eat enough iron diet and fruits, she’ll need it.’

‘I will sir,’ I said guiltily. ‘I will escort you outside….’

‘I’ll do that,’ Carlos smiled and helped the doctor with his box. ‘Watch her.’ He walked out after patting my shoulder. Since when do I feel so bad.

💙 Carlos 💙

I threw in the opened gum into my mouth as the wind hit my skin, I couldn’t stop smiling. ‘I still don’t get why you should lie to Ame, he would kill me if he finds out I lied about her condition. Her legs aren’t that bad at all…..’

‘Calm down Dr. Mick, I’m doing this so he would go gentle on her.’


‘I don’t know,’ I said honestly. ‘Just feel like protecting her from him and saving him from himself.’

‘Just hope this won’t backfire,’ he sighed. Me too.

To be continued.

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