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Sweet but psycho episode 16


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒🔥

😋 Segment 16 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I whimpered with eyes closed, I moved my legs and it hurt so bad. I huffed out a breath as memories of last night stormed my head; what a wonderful way to end my day. I sat up with a yawn, then smacked my lips and removed some strands of hair from my mouth as I opened my eyes. That’s odd, this room looks different. I looked around the room and furrowed my brows, really odd. I looked to my left at the tiny hand holding me, Yolanda was fast asleep.

‘Hey,’ I didn’t need to look at the owner of the voice for anger to eat into my veins. I clenched my fist and turned to glare at him, I however gave up that idea when I saw his face. ‘Hi, good morning, how are you feeling?’

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‘I don’t know, what do you expect?’ I hissed.

‘Look,’ he walked closer to the bed and parked himself at the edge. ‘I’m sorry okay, I don’t know what made me do such a awful thing to you.’

‘Because you are heartless, easy.’

‘I am not…look, it’s not easy apologizing, just accept my apology or stay there.’

I scoffed. ‘Whatever, where am I?’

‘I had your room moved,’

‘You moved my entire room,’ I said derisively.

‘Don’t push your luck pruttana, don’t.’ He said with a threatening tone.

‘Where am I?’

‘The second bedroom on the last floor, right opposite mine.’


‘So I can keep an eye on you, until you heal,’ he said bitterly, obviously not loving the idea.

‘How bad is the injury?’

‘No that bad, you might not be able to walk though, the bone shifted the wrong way.’ I looked at my casts and frowned.

‘Does this mean I’m free from you? Like the maid thing?’ I asked with a glimmer of hope in my eyes and voice.

He snorted. ‘You twisted your ankles, not become crippled; even cripples know how to satisfy a man.’

‘Even with my twisted ankle?’ I asked poutingly. ‘Be nice to a lady in pain.’

‘A kid in pain,’

‘I will have you know that I’m 23, thank you very much.’

‘And I’m five,’ he said sarcastically.

‘Right, so hard headed.’ I grumbled.

‘Get your ass to the bathroom, I will send for your food,’ I pouted and put on my baby face. I should be mad at him like I was earlier, but I just couldn’t stay mad.

‘I can’t walk,’

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‘Haven’t you heard of butt and knee crawling, make use of it.’

‘You are such a big time jerk,’ I whined. How could he avoid my baby face? THE baby face.

‘If you aren’t done by the time your food…’

‘If you don’t bring my food yourself, I won’t eat and get better,’ I said pettishly, folding my arms under my [email protected] childishly.

‘Every man for himself pruttana, remember that…’

‘Oh! Aah! Mm!’ I exclaimed feigning a hurt face. Yolanda woke up immediately.

‘Vee, are you alright? Feeling pains perhaps?’

‘Yes,’ I sobbed. ‘He hit my poor legs again…’

‘What the fvck!’

‘Dad, again, really?’ Yolanda asked with red face.

‘But I didn’t…’

‘It hurts so bad,’ I cut in with my sob. ‘And I’m so hungry but he also said I’m not allowed to eat because I insulted him.’

‘Dad,’ Yolanda whimpered. He sighed with defeat.

‘I’ll bring your food over,’ he said grouchily and stood up. I kept whimpering and holding Yolanda’s hands.

‘Oh, and Teddy,’ I called softly, he turned and glared at me when he reached the door.

‘What is it!’

‘Make sure the food isn’t salty and add chocolate beverage for me.’

‘And me too,’ Yolanda chipped in.

‘Humph,’ he grunted and walked out. I wiped my tears and sighed.

‘He’s just too mean,’ I whined.

‘Dad isn’t that bad, just creepy and cruel.’ Yolanda defended coolly.

‘Bad or cruel, which one is better?’

‘When you get to know him, you’ll love to spend more time with him.’ She said with a suggestive grin.

‘Yeah, ew.’ I said throwing my legs down from the bed, stupid casts.

‘Be careful,’

‘When am I taking this off?’

‘The doctor said in three days, he will change it.’

‘Why three days? How am I suppose to bathe in these? I can’t be bedridden!’ I yelled distraughtly; telling me to stay put is literally telling me to cut my legs off. ‘I can’t manage, I’ll die!’

‘Just calm down,’ she chuckled. ‘The maids will handle the bathing part, don’t bother.’

Something crossed my mind, I gasped. ‘Hope this won’t affect my gymnastic and dancing?’

‘Not at all,’ she said nonchalantly, a suspicious nonchalance but whatever. I’m going to have to make Ted suffer for putting me here.

If I can that is.

💚 Ted 💚

I hissed and muttered in anger as I carried the stupid tray to her stupid room where her stupid self and my stupid daughter sat. I could hear their giggling from the hallway and it was very very annoying. I kicked open the door and stomped in, their eyes fixed on me.

‘Here’s your stupid food two stupid people,’ I huffed, slamming the tray on the bed.

‘It is stupidly rude to speak to a woman that way,’ Yolanda scolded playfully.

‘It is a show of stupid stupidity and childish stupidness,’ Witch added.

‘And I believe simple gentleness is the best way to do away with such stupidest stupidities,’ I rolled my eyes as they laughed. ‘Oh come on dad, take a joke.’

‘Just eat so I can move on with my life,’

‘You will have to stay with her daddy,’ Yolanda smiled, reaching forward for a donut.

‘Why would I do that? I can get a maid…’

‘I’m going to the museum today, with Carlos of course. If I’m gone, who will look after her? Remember your promise.’

‘No one told this…this…’ I pointed my finger accusingly at her. ‘Witch, to trip and twist her ankle…’

‘But you were the one who tripped me over and then crushed my beautiful ankles with your awfully manly hands,’ Witch fake sobbed.

‘Look dad,’ Yolanda sighed. ‘Please be nice while I get ready.’ She grabbed an extra donut, jumped off the bed and glared at me.

‘Whatever you say mom,’

‘Good,’ she smiled. ‘Now you be a good boy for mommy,’ she said gigglingly and hugged my legs. I looked down at her and smirked. ‘Promise you’ll be nice to Vee?’

‘Cross my heart kiddo,’ I grinned, ruffling her hair. She giggled and looked at Witch.

‘Bye Vee,’

‘Bye,’ Witch smiled sadly. ‘Kisses?’

‘But of course!’ I watched her kiss Witch on the cheek before she ran out to get ready for her exciting day.

‘Let me guess, you promised to be nice to Vee, not Cookie.’


‘Feed me,’

‘Your hands aren’t broken,’

‘How old are you?’

‘You don’t need to know,’

‘I’ll say twenty eight, right?’

‘Wrong,’ okay, right.

‘Do you know I’m very good at talking? I can talk until someone loses all their hair. Should I start talking?’ She asked as she chewed on a donut piggishly.

‘What do I need to do for your to shut up?’

‘Stay with me and do what I want.’

‘Or I can just use the door,’

‘I don’t think you understand what you have done to me,’ she said with a metallic smile. ‘I hate being in one place and yet I am stuck, do you fvcking know how that feels? It’s like forcing me to sit on needles without any other option than to manage the pain and uncomfortableness.’

‘You tried to humiliate me, Cookie,’

‘You tripped me over and did that first,’ she said throwing her hands up. ‘For God’s sake Ted, do whatever you want with me in private but don’t humiliate me in public. I am stubborn, hard headed and can be annoying when I want to…’

‘Like now,’ I snorted.

‘Just keep our shit in private,’

‘You can’t tell me what to do, I am your boss and I still have the playing card or should I remind you of that!’ I snapped.

She scoffed and bit her lower lip. ‘Maybe if someone do the same to your own mother, then you will know how helplessness feels like.’ She spat through gritted teeth.

‘I watched my father kill my mother with my own two eyes, nothing else can bother me if that doesn’t,’ she held her breath and looked at me with an unexplainable expression before a very creepy grin crawled up her lips. I stepped back, a little bit startled. Her teeth was covered with chewed up donuts. ‘Ew, that’s gross.’

‘Do you need a hug? If I hug you, would that make you nice to me?’

‘Touch me and I’ll chop off your hands,’

‘Please can I get ice cream?’ She asked cutely, shifting to her over adorable tone. I looked away before she added those eyes, saying no to her is like cutting my own tongue. ‘Please please please please? I’ll be a good girl the next time you’ll tell me to do something…’ I zoned out, that offer was tempting; instead of me to always scare her – which she is already overcoming – I can make a deal with her

‘I like the sound of that,’ I smirked. ‘If you really want, we can make a deal.’

‘What kind of deal?’ She asked with a suspicious peer. I leaned on the bed, very close to her face. This will hurt my pride.

‘For now, until you get better, I will take care of you with little complains. Then when you get better, you do exactly what I want.’

‘Is this a trap?’

‘I get to have you do what I want either way, just making things easier for me.’ I said with a slight jerk of my head. She forced herself to go down to the floor and knelt, whimpering from whatever pain she was feeling.

‘Please,’ she clasped her hands against the hem of my shirt. ‘Make the deal like this, leave my mother and Carolyn out of this and I swear on my life that I won’t fight any of your orders, please. Whatever you want me to do; even if I’m going to make witty remarks, grumble and huff, I will still do it because I’m making you a promise. Please, just remove whatever you installed in them and let them be,’ she sobbed, resting her head on my stomach as her grip stayed firmly at the hem of my shirt.

‘Is that a pledge to total obedience I hear?’ I asked with a sly smirk.

‘Yes, I can even sing an anthem if you want.’

‘I don’t n…’

‘Ahem,’ she cleared her throat.

‘Please don’t sing,’ I pleaded.

‘Will you let them be now? I promise.’

‘And if you disobey?’ I asked sternly.

‘I will surely make remarks, talk back at you because you know, I’m me. However, that won’t stop me from doing your command as long as you don’t use that frightening tone on me.’

‘Sounds like a a plan! I’m in.’

‘Really?!’ She shrieked.

‘If you dare disobey me after this; I will fetch them back, bring them to your very eyes and blow their heads.’ I promised her.

‘Oh?’ She gulped and released her hands, shutting her eyes with a wince. ‘Lord please don’t let my big mouth put me into trouble, please don’t let my big mouth get people I love killed.’

‘Hey,’ I said softly, nudging her with my left knee. ‘Get up before your ankles start hurting.’

‘You comply, right?’

‘Right, get up.’ I said, pulling her up into the bed.

‘You’re gonna take care of me, right?’

‘You know I can’t,’ I sighed. ‘But I will try,’

‘Good, because my beverage is warm now, I like mine freezing cold.’

I growled. ‘You are annoying,’

‘I also need a bath and a massage, pronto.’


💛 Ursula 💛

I rolled on the bed excitedly, I had a good night sleep. You wanna know why it feels so much better? He had me in his arms all-night, not that anything odd happened – to my disappointment – but it felt good. I’d always liked Dominic, maybe more than that. I thought maybe after all these years, he would get out of my heart but nope, seeing him again brought back all the feelings.

‘What are you doing?’ He asked chucklingly. Bursted! I sat up with a sheepish grin, he was shirtless and in a towel. ‘What were you doing?’

‘Rolling on the bed in excitement, why?’ I asked gigglingly.

‘Why, I should ask you that.’

‘I’m happy, I slept well.’

‘Oh did you now,’ he smirked. ‘Then you would be more glad to know that I’ll be speaking to Ame on your behalf…’

‘I can’t…’

‘Let me finish,’ he cut in calmly. ‘I’ll be here for a while, I will ask him to lend you to me for my stay.’

‘And after that?’

‘We’ll cross that bridge when that time comes,’ I looked at the sheet blushingly, when.

To be continued.

Okay, they made a deal. Can Cookie keep to her own side of the bargain knowing how stubborn she is?

Two, Ursula will stay with Dominic, though that doesn’t matter much but do you even think Ame will let her go with the information she has?

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