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Sweet but psycho episode 17


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒🐊
😋 Segment 17 😋

💚 Ted 💚

I tapped on my computer meticulously, at least trying to be meticulous about it. How do you tolerate someone just sleeping across your working table singing “I’m bored Teddy, I’m so fvcking bored” repeatedly. Even when she dozed off, her lips were still chanting the same thing over and over again. Bruce carried her to my office because he claimed she won’t stop screaming, demanding and crying that she was brought here; I don’t blame him, I’m the only one I know – so far – that can snub her adorableness. The worse is she always whining about hunger every one hour, her future husband – if I let her have one – will suffer if she ever gets pregnant.

‘Oh! I’m so fvcking bored!
Now I’m starting to get hungry again!…’

‘You just ate an hour ago!’

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‘Why are you shouting?’ She whispered softly. ‘Don’t you know I am a growing child?’ Mind I add that she was laying upsidedown on the couch with her legs tapping the wall. Even though she was wincing from the pain, she still continued.

‘I’m trying to concentrate here,’

‘The body needs nourishment to grow, I need to grow.’

‘I’ma gonna shove that nourishment down your throat if you don’t shut up!’

‘Can you shove down some black and whites too? I’m starving.’

‘Black and what?’

‘Black and whites, you know, as in a kind of donuts? Just give me food already!’

‘You know what else I’ll love to force down that throat of yours?…’

‘Yeah yeah yeah, your d!ck, I get the memo. Save that for when I get heal and is completely your slave, for now, let me enjoy my liberty while it last.’

‘I was going to say acid, are you that desperate to get nourishment from me,’ I said smirkingly.

‘Acid with cherry on top!’ She squealed. I sighed and rolled my eyes. ‘Can I eat now? I’m still hungry.’

I pressed the intercom muttering, ‘Get me a box of black and white donuts….anything else?’

‘Strawberry juice,’

‘Orange juice,’

‘Hey! I said strawberry!’

‘Five minutes, hand it over to Bruce when you get here.’

‘Okay sir,’ I disconnected it and glared at her.

‘Can I go back to work now?’

‘Work away,’ she said grinningly. I looked at her face, the way she winced slightly.

‘Lay down properly, you are hurting.’

‘I love the pain,’


‘The sharp pain putting my legs up here gives, I’m enjoying it. Its like a bittersweet feeling, totally pleasurable.’ I looked at the young girl and shook my head, complete psychopath. Her colour blinding rainbow hair flowed down the chair to the floor like a rainbow waterfall and piled up at the bottom. The bounce of her leg which made her body shake slightly, made her hair looked like waves. I rolled my eyes up to her lips, a creepy smile made it way to my lips. She had this habit of muttering to herself unknowingly when in silence or in thought, and her fingers always play with the hem or edge of anything rollable or not; she will still roll it into a ball.

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For example, she was rolling my shirt on the chair unconsciously; my poor shirt will never be the same. I stared at her lips, the slight bite she gave them that always made her look irresistible….. Ted! Stop noticing every single thing she do!

I shook my head and went back to work, at least tried to but I was distracted and you know why. She started popping and clicking her lips loudly; it is annoying!

‘Can you stop that,’ I snapped. She averted her eyes from the ceiling to me, her head lowered slightly making her hair bounced slowly. Oh shit!

‘Doing what? This…?’ She started allover again.

‘Yes, that, very annoying.’ I said with a frustrated sigh.

‘Humph,’ she rolled her eyes back to the ceiling and continued.

‘Cookie,’ her eyes rolled back to me. ‘Please,’ can’t believe I just begged her!

‘Can I sing instead?’

‘No! Don’t sing!’

‘My voice isn’t bad,’ she whined. ‘Here, I’ll show you…’

Ding dong!

I sighed with relief and used the remote to open the door. Bruce walked in with a cold stare. ‘Sir, you asked for donuts?’

‘Her,’ I jerked my head towards her squealing self. I averted my eyes back to my computer and punched in some random rubbish – what am I doing again? – before I heard her giggle. My ears twitched as I heard their hushed conversation.

‘Brucie, you thief,’ she whispered giggling. ‘You ate half of it so fast?’

‘What’s mine is yours psycho,’

‘Let’s share my pain, break your legs so we can wallow together.’

‘You are crazy, break my legs for what, you? I rather go donate all my organs to a mad man than you.’

‘Blah blah, you are a psycho too, let’s psycho together.’

‘I’ll pass,’

‘Break your leg or I’ll tell him you ate my donuts,’

‘Eh! Are you mad? Don’t try me, I warn you.’

‘T…..’ He clamped his hand on her mouth, they both looked at me. I pretended to not notice them, even though I could see everything well from the corner of my eyes.

‘Psycho, calm down first, let’s reason together. My stomach is still black and blue from the punch you gave it hours ago, take that as compensation.’

‘You ate my food, now I’m going to emaciate all thanks to you.’ She whispered back with a death glare, a cute one.

‘Just because I took three donuts out of a whole box?!’ He whispered yelled. ‘That’s wickedness!’

‘It’s either you break your legs or he breaks your head,’ he said with a sly smile.

‘You are evil,’ he said with a shiver. ‘I wish you will get a flannel-mouthed inability to utter any sentence, you don’t need a voice.’ He huffed.

‘I’m silver tongued, flannelmouthed, and I like it.’

‘One day, you will fall into a trap that you can never sugarcoat your way out of,’

‘Yeah, until that day comes, break a leg.’

I yawned and stretched ostentatiously, to remind them that I was still there. ‘You are still here Bruce?’

‘He was helping me sit up,’ she smiled, she was sitting up properly with Bruce squatting in front of her. My eyes darted to his hand on her thigh, something she will never let me do without me threatening her.

‘Get out of my office Bruce,’

‘Yes, sir,’ he stood up but I didn’t fail to catch the wink he sent her. She giggled and closed her legs together, her cheeks heating up. What the fvck!

‘I will see you later Bruce, remember, break a leg.’ She said gigglingly. He stuck his tongue out at her childishly, before waddling away intentionally to get her to laugh. Success. I scoffed and looked at my computer.

How dare he make her laugh!

He touched her and she didn’t mind, that is an insult.

She was smiling and playing like a normal person with him, not me.

Jealous much. And there goes my stupid mind.

‘You two seem quite chummy,’ I said through gritted teeth. She looked at me from underneath her long lashes and back at her disgusting looking donuts.

‘He’s cute, nice and a celibatist,’ I rolled my eyes.

‘I will have you know that he is dating a girl from my working women,’

‘Dated, he got dumped.’

‘So you want to share your body which belongs to me with him? If you dare that, I’ll have him blended and have you drink it.’ I threatened her seriously.

‘I don’t have national whore written on my head,’ she said calmly, biting into her donut. ‘I said he’s a bachelor because I don’t want any jealous girlfriend at my neck.’

‘He touched you when you wouldn’t let me touch you, how do you explain that!’ I snapped. She chewed her food slowly with raised brow. ‘Answer me!’ She gulped down her food and shrugged.

‘He’s nice, you are not. Plus, i know he has no evil intentions for me, unlike you do.’ I don’t know why, but those words stung me in the heart, very painfully.

‘I am not that bad,’

‘My recollection of you showing kindness is fuzzy, how come?’ She said ironically.

‘I can be kind when I want to be,’ I argued.

‘Don’t distort the truth, you know the kind of person you are, I won’t judge you for being who or what you are because everyone live the way they are brought up. It’s either from the mother or father training; their characters, love, personalities, and the child surrounding, determines how they would grow. Like me, I became a rebel seeing how father always hurt mom emotionally, how he imposed his decisions and choices on everyone and anything; I hated that.’ She said softly, her eyes on the box, she was talking but not here.

‘Cookie, snap out of it.’

‘Uhm…what?’ She looked at me flustered. ‘What was I saying?’

‘Something about you being in love with me,’ I said grinningly. She snorted and rolled her eyes back to her food – okay quiet her sucks – that was rude.

I leaned back on the chair with a heavy sigh, there was no way I was solving this contention between the Chinese, Japanese and Russian mob force. ‘What ya doing?’ She asked buoyantly, great, she’s back.

‘Nothing that concerns you,’

‘You look worried, can I help?’

‘No.’ I deadpanned.

‘Come on, two heads are better than one,’

‘I rather shoot the extra head,’ I said unenthusiastically.

‘Oh come on! Getting my help won’t kill you. Stop being a sponge brain and let me help you, I have a very commended IQ.’



‘I said no!’ I yelled. She flinched and looked at her food, chewing down at her bottom lip.

Yay, you’re so nice.

‘Jerk,’ she muttered.

‘Fine,’ I sighed with defeat. ‘The Chinese, Japanese and Russian mob force are at war, almost at the edge of war. It’s my duty to end it before they unleash because right now, a war between those people is bad for the underworld.’

‘Why are they fighting?’

‘Russian Mafia Lord believes the Chinese Lord kidnap his daughter and the Japan blames the Russian for the disappearance of his only son and the Chinese blame the Japan for the same thing, so complicated.’

‘How old are these missing children?’ I glared at her, she remained calm and compose like an investigator.

‘The girl is seventeen, the two boys are nineteen.’

‘Hmm, do they know each other?’

‘What kind of question is that!’

‘Did it ever occur to any of you that they might be adrenaline active kids? Like hormone teenagers?’ I opened my mouth and shut it back. ‘Did they disappear on the same day?’

‘Between three days, the Chinese boy disappeared the same day with the girl, the last boy left three days later.’ I realised the point she was giving and smirked.

‘Can I get a book and a pen?’ She asked politely. I stood up, grabbed my jotter and pocket pen, walked to her and gave her the items. She wrote down few things, smiled at me and returned the jotter. ‘Call them and ask them these questions,’

‘Okay,’ I walked back to my table and pressed another button in the intercom.

‘Sir,’ River said.

‘Connect me to the Japan, China and Russia Lords, now.’

‘Alright,’ I cut it off and watched her scoot over to the end of the couch so no one would see her. My plasmas turned on, revealing a loading symbol. I sat down behind my desk and exhaled, looked at the jotter and rolled my eyes back to the screen.

‘Good evening sir,’ Lord Roman greeted.

‘Good evening sir,’

‘Good evening sir,’

‘I have some questions to ask, answer me straight and plain.’

‘Okay sir, does he have to be here?’ Roman hissed at Jin Lee.

‘I will not tolerate any fight,’

‘I’m sorry sir,’ he apologized.

‘Roman, you and Jin Lee had never gotten along in the past, neither went physical but never got along, right?’

‘Right,’ Roman grumbled. I looked at the jotter, my photographic memory captured the questions.

‘Did you perhaps had any war with Jet?’

‘Jet and I never got into any fight, we never spoke either.’

‘Have any of your children ever asked any questions relating to how you would react if they date the opposite person’s child?’ I asked again, glancing at Cookie who was crawling to my refrigerator like I was blind.

‘Well…’ Roman looked away thoughtfully. ‘One time, Kerry did ask how I would react if she dates Jet’s son.’

‘And what was your reply?’

‘Don’t even think about it, the moment you date him, I will package you in a box and mail you to Antarctica…that’s what I said.’

‘And Zingaro did mention something about dating a Russian girl one, I got really mad.’ Jet admitted.

‘Xinjiang and Zingaro are friends, or were before we separated them.’ Lee added. I rolled my eyes and gave them a bored look.

‘What college do they attend?’

‘The same…’ Roman paused.

‘Check on all their records in school, lifestyles and who they dated, try that and you might discover that your children ran off, not got kidnapped. Plus, I know Zingaro, as experience as he is, do you think he can be easily kidnapped?’

‘Oh, I see…’

‘Go, find out where they ran off t….hey drop that bottle before I use it to break your head!’ I shouted at Cookie who was stealing my black and tan. She grinned innocently but still opened it. ‘I said drop it…find out and report back to…’

‘They are here in Italy,’ Cookie said as shook the drink.

‘What?’ I asked, the men strained their necks to see her but she carefully his herself.

‘Think about it, Italy is the one place they will never carry their madness war to because it is where you base. Just like Ursula, if they aren’t here in Italy, they will be at a country all three of them hate or will never suspect.’ She muffled as she gulped down the wine.

‘Why would they leave?’

‘They are probably dating people you don’t like, another girl must be amongst them, check and report back to me. I check from my own…ok that’s enough alcohol you dumb ass!’

‘Dumb ass! I just figured out…mmm, taste so good…’ I snatched the drink and emptied it on her hair.

‘Better, huh?’ I sniggered. She whimpered, the screen turned off.

‘That was harsh, you w€t my cast.’ She whined, shaking her left leg.

‘Only a droplet, get up, time for d…’

‘No!!! No!!! Not drugs!!!’ I yanked her up and threw her over my shoulder. ‘No! Please, not drugs!’

‘Bruce,’ I called, walking out of my office.


‘Door,’ he rushed to her room and opened the door. I carried her into her room, tossed her on the bed and glared at her. ‘Stay,’

‘Can I commit suicide?’


‘Here sir,’ Bruce gave me her basket of drugs with a mischievous smirk. He walked to the water dispenser and filled up a cup. She was busy vocalizing her funeral song. I shook my head with amusement as I opened her drugs. Bruce dropped the glass and walked out. I dropped all the drugs in her hand and frowned at her.

‘Can you take it for me? It will work when…’ She whimpered because of the stare I gave her. ‘I can walk well,’ she whined.

‘Cookie,’ I called warningly. She inhaled and dropped all drugs on her laps.

An hour later, she was still picking at the drugs and swallowing them one by one. I was really getting tired but no choice, yelling only made her cry more. She finally swallowed the last one and shuddered with disgust. ‘Can I eat now? I’m hungry.’

‘What do you want to have?’

‘Soup, hot meat soup.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Spicy soup with a lot of meats, different kind and I also want something sweet to top it down, say one bottle of whip cream.’


‘I took drugs,’ she sobbed. ‘Do you know how hard that is? You think drugs are scary, try taking a shot! One time when I was nine…’

‘Fine! Just shut up! Geez!’ I stood up and walked out, stressing my life. Where’s Yolanda!

The maids were all gone for the day, I had to get River to check online for what she asked for. We found it on sale at a local restaurant in Naples, the only available at that time.

‘Go get it,’

‘Sir, you said to hack into…’

‘Where’s Carlos?’

‘Escorted some of the guests to the airport,’

‘Fine, am I suppose to drive all the way there? Get my helicopter.’

‘Just for food?’ River asked astoundingly. I’m shocked myself. I walked back to the lift, went to my room and grabbed my coat since it was cold outside.

Hours later

I threw my coat on the chair in her room and sighed, she was fast asleep already. Can’t believe I wasted my time for nothing, great. I already dropped the food in the kitchen to be heated at dawn.

Cookie whimpered and tossed on her sleep. ‘Lulu, don’t go, don’t leave me…’ I knelt down at the edge of the bed and took her dainty fingers in mine.

‘Shh, it’s okay,’ I whispered, strolling her hair backwards. It was still w€t and sticky because of the wine I poured on her head. ‘It’s okay…’

‘Lulu, please stay, don’t go…’ She sobbed. Who’s Lulu? ‘Lulu…’ A tear rolled down her eye to her other eye and into the pillow. I sighed, i did it before I could stop myself. Before I knew what I was doing, I was under the sheet with her wrapped up in my arms. If she finds out about this, I will never hear the end of it.

She sighed cutely and snuggled into my arms more comfortably, rubbing her head against my chest. I found myself smiling; it was oddly satisfying and warm.

Odd I say, very odd.

To be continued.

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And they don’t have a clue (where?)
They’ll fall in love
And here’s the bottom line
One person will die at last (who?)

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