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Sweet but psycho episode 19


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍹🍷

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒

😋 Segment 19 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I sighed as I stared at the door sadly, Bruce was in there tied to the hospital bed. It had been two awfully long weeks, two weeks of frustration. Bruce woke up three days after but I didn’t have the courage to see him, he was there because of me. Ted, that Alpha asshole! He disappeared, never even bothered to check on me once and it really hurt. The one thing about me is that I never hold grudges on anyone, no matter what they do to me. I forgive easily and I think I got it from mother or maybe it’s just me. He went to Florida but was back, never came to see me or Bruce.

‘Hey,’ Ursula whispered, resting her head on my shoulder. ‘You should go in now,’ she came back from wherever she went to almost two days after I got shot and was terribly disappointed that Ted called her back but there was nothing she could do. She and Yolanda had been there for me, to just laugh and joke around and I am proud to say my ankles were almost better.

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‘What if he hates me?’ I whimpered.

‘What if, just try.’ She smiled. I sighed and stepped back. She rolled her eyes and knocked on the door gently, didn’t need a reply, she pushed it open and dragged me in.

‘Holy fvck!’ I exclaimed, shutting my eyes. Ursula gagged and looked away. I reopened my eyes and watched the nurse frantically arrange her gown. She quickly grabbed her tray of injections and scurried out. ‘Seriously Bruce, what happened to locking doors? Is this why you picked to be moved to a soundproof door? fvcking a nurse!’

‘Shhh, she wanted it,’ he said with a innocent shrug. ‘All of them keeps wanting my d!ck so I give em,’

I folded my arms with a motherly glare. ‘How many?’


‘The two weeks you have spent here, how many?’

‘I spent four days in pain but the rest were awesome, really. I think I’ve fvcked about sixteen of them, or nineteen, something like that.’

‘Seriously!’ I squawked. ‘That is sick man!’ I laughed, he laughed too.

‘There, that’s what I miss, your humour and that mosquito voice,’ he said between his laugh. I stopped mine abruptly and sneered.

‘You had to ruin it,’ he shrugged and sat on the bed. ‘How have you been?’

‘If I knew being friends with a woman would kill me, then I would have come out to this world gay.’ He said drily.

‘I’m very sorry, about Ted,’ he waved it off dismissively. ‘How is your head?’

‘Wouldn’t be existing if you didn’t take a bullet for me, I owe you nine Psycho,’ he said with a flirtatious wink.

‘Make it ten or I’ll pluck your eye out,’ I threatened playfully, making myself comfortable on the bed. ‘But do you really want to be gay?’

‘And miss sweet pussies, hell no!’ He shouted with a dramatic gesture that got us laughing. After laughing, he looked at fidgeting Ursula and sneered. ‘Is she going to keep standing there and fidgeting or sit down?’

‘Ur…I’m Ursula,’ she said shyly.

‘I know pretty, Bruce.’

‘You are gorgeous…’ She gasped and cupped her mouth. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.’

‘Stop blushing for him, if you want his d!ck just say so and I will give you both privacy,’ I sniggered. She eyed me sheepishly.

‘Stop that Vee,’ she murmured.

‘So, how’s the boss?’

‘Don’t know, he went to Florida and returned, haven’t come to see me yet.’ I said nonchalantly with a shrug.

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‘That boyfriend of yours is sick,’

‘He is not my boyfriend.’ I deadpanned.

‘Whatever you say,’ he smirked. His eyes averted to Ursula. ‘Stop fidgeting, I’m not going to woo anyone that belongs to boss, I think I still want to keep my head in place.’ We laughed at his joke.

‘So what else?’ I asked, looking from him and her.

‘Let’s make some noise!’ He shrieked.

💚 Ted 💚

I sighed as I sped down the road to the hospital, being an asshole sucks. I never knew guilt was this strong, what happened to my extraordinary cold heart? What happened to Ame? I can’t believe I’m going to apologize to my man in order to please a girl, that’s sick!

I drove into the hospital parking lot, got out of my specially made car and strolled into the hospital. I took my time to rehearse what I would say to her, how I would ask for forgiveness and if she would forgive me. Her forgiveness mattered because if she didn’t forgive me, Yolanda would remain mute towards me for the rest of my life and that’s not something I can’t manage. I tried indulging in random s£x outside the house and burying myself in work but that rainbow haired kept slipping into my head, distracting me. s£x now didn’t feel so right for some reason and masturbating with her image made so much sense. I’m going crazy.

‘… can’t sing Bruce,’ I heard that voice I had missed for weeks, the sweet melody that accompanied each words. I hit my chest to control my heart, the beating was changing again.

‘I can sing!’

‘I don’t think you can,’ another female voice said.

‘I’ll prove it, sing along somebody!’ I rolled my eyes and opened the door a little bit wider. Cookie sat on the bed, her legs slightly entwined with the same reason we weren’t in good term. Carlos said they are just good friends, I won’t get jealous no matter what. Yes, I admit I’m jealous but that’s just it.

‘Hope you are not singing a love song? I don’t want to feel the urge to murder love because of you.’ Cookie said seriously. The other girl laughed at Bruce’s face.

‘I’ll prove you all wrong, kiss me.’

‘Eh?’ Cookie asked confusedly.

‘Olly Murs, kiss me song? One of the nurses have been singing it so much that it’s stuck in my brain. Know it?’

‘Sure, I’ll start it!’ Cookie squealed.
‘I want to love you
Give you that loving, baby
Take it high with you
Do what you like, baby
I got to find out
How you can be my lady
I got to do things
Do things to drive you crazy…’ She sang, her voice was surprisingly good.

‘We got one chance and I want it badly
Do you feel like it’s going the right way?
Do you know what you’re doing inside me?
If you want that then bring that fire, baby
Yeah you got me, I’m dreaming about it
If you like that then we can go round it
If you need that then tell me right now, baby
‘Cause I wanna know…’ Bruce sang, they clapped and cheered for him and I was wondering what I was doing watching them instead of shooting his head for real this time. ‘If this is the last night
Baby, let’s do this right
Kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night
Baby, let’s do this right
Kiss me like you mean it

‘I want to show you
Show you that good life, baby
You got my heartbeat
Beating inside me lately
I’m watching your lips move
Can’t hear a word you’re saying
‘Cause I want to do things
Do things that drive you crazy…’

‘Awwwn, she wants to do things to drive me crazy,’ Bruce cut off the black girl’s singing.

‘Bruce, I thought you said you love your head?’

‘Of course, but I love black girls better.’ He grinned.

‘Can we not discuss about me in front of me?’ Lucius’s sister, what’s that her name again – Marilyn – said with arms akimbo.

‘We got one chance and I want it badly…’ Cookie sang loudly, jumping to her feet. Wait, I thought she couldn’t walk?
‘Do you feel like it’s going the right way?
Do you know what you’re doing inside me?
If you want that then bring that fire, baby
Yeah you got me, I’m dreaming about it
If you like that then we can go round it
If you need that then tell me right now, baby
‘Cause I wanna know

If this is the last night
Baby, let’s do this right
Kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night
Baby, let’s do this right
Kiss me like you mean it…’ Her eyes averted to the door, she momentarily froze as she stared back at me while the others kept singing. ‘What are you doing here?’ She mouthed.

‘I came to see your boyfriend,’ I sneered, throwing a glare his way.

‘Don’t even think about it, go.’

‘And you are not the boss of me snail – hmm, I think I’ll call you that from now on – don’t control me.’

‘Get lost Ted!’ She shouted out. All eyes averted to her before turning to me. There came the tension and fear I love feeling in people, the air was filled with it. I sniffed the air with satisfaction and walked in.

‘So, am I missing the party?’ I smirked.

‘You are not invited,’ she huffed. ‘Go away…’

‘Bruce, I don’t regret smashing your head into a television but the only thing I regret is letting the bullet touch that nut case over there, it should have been your balloon head.’ Ted! What are you saying!

‘I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again,’

‘Are you kidding me!’ Cookie shouted. ‘You came all the way here to insult him! He’s your best man, even better than Carlos though not your right hand man. What if you had killed him?! Who would replace him!’ The same questions Yolanda and Carlos yelled. I ought to be apologizing, mouth!

‘I would get someone else,’ I said stubbornly.

‘Psycho leave it before you put me in more trouble,’ Bruce muttered loud enough for her to hear. Yes, tell her.

‘I’m going, suit yourself!’ She stomped to me, pushed me aside and stomped out. The other girl stylishly walked pass me.

‘Don’t take what I did personally, I don’t like seeing you with her.’ I sighed.

‘I understand sir, I’m a dude too. She has nothing to do with me, she’s just being Cookie, a psychopath.’

I nodded in agreement. ‘Yes, I believe that,’ I ran my fingers through my hair. ‘Sorry I bashed your head like that, I would…’

‘You just said the word “sorry,” I am going to go to sleep tonight hugging my pillow and squealing. I am one of the special few to hear that and I feel like a teenager again!’ He squealed girlishly. I rolled my eyes, that’s why she likes him, he’s jovial.

‘Get well soon,’ I turned and walked out of the ward. I walked to the elevator, pressed the button and waited until it opened. I walked inside and pressed the floor of her ward. I waited impatiently, the door opened and I walked out. I went to her ward number, I could hear her nagging voice from the beginning of the hall. I got into her ward without knocking and snapped my fingers at the black…Marilyn. She quickly ran out in fright.

‘Privacy to get enough room to finish the kill you couldn’t do?’ She sneered. I clicked my tongue and shut the door. I walked closer to her while she stood unmoving. Do something nice Ted. ‘Don’t come too close, you SMELL!’ She screamed at the end as I lifted her into the bed. ‘Hey! What are you d…’

‘Shhh,’ I shushed her, going on my knees. ‘Your ankles, are they feeling better?’

‘I walked with them, are you blind?’ She asked harshly.

‘Does it still hurt?’ Taking her left foot. I removed her flats why she watched me.

‘Are you going to twist it again?’

‘Does it hurt?’ I asked again, rubbing her foot gently, she winced.

‘Only a little,’ she murmured softly. That spirit came again, to bend her leg until it breaks. My grip around her leg tightened. ‘Ted, you are hurting me,’ she whimpered. I released her leg and sighed.

‘I’m sorry, for hurting you all the time.’ Yes! I apologized!

‘You say sorry but still do it over and over again,’ she said unequivocally. Do you think it’s easy?! ‘Sit on the bed please,’ she pleaded, climbing into the bed. She picked up a bottle of olive oil and grinned. ‘Catch,’ I caught the bottle and sat on the bed. She laid on her back and dropped her legs on my laps. ‘Now, massage Her Majesty’s feet.’

Does she have to ruin everything?

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I smiled and I giggled, he was really massaging my ankles like a pro and it was nice. The only problem was that his hands weren’t staying where they should stay, stylishly moving up to my thighs. It felt good, I must admit.

‘If this is the last night
Baby, let’s do this right
Kiss me like you mean it…’ He began singing softly. ‘If this is the last night
Baby, let’s do this right
Kiss me like you mean it

Do you feel like it’s going the right way?
Do you know what mm mm mm mm mm
If you want that mm mm mm mm, baby
Yeah you got me, I’m dreaming about it
If you like that mm mm mm go round it
Du du du du du du du mm mm, baby
‘Cause I wanna know

If this is the last night….oh God, this song is ringing in my head…’

‘It’s catchy,’ I said, sitting up. He raised his head and frowned.

‘I need to get the song out of my head,’

‘Use a vacuum cleaner,’

‘Or I can…can…can…shit! I can’t think of a good comeback.’

‘I’m great at it,’ I laughed, wiggling my eyebrows. ‘Why didn’t you come see me?’

‘I thought you wouldn’t want me,’

‘You literally shot me Ted, beat up my only friend and you expect me to be happy? I’m not suppose to be letting you touch me right, but I’m just too lazy to hate anyone.’ I sighed, falling back on the bed.

‘So, you find my touch irresistible, don’t you now bebe?’ I rolled my eyes at his smug tone. ‘Did you miss me cocoa,’

‘It’s Cookie,’ I said mirthlessly. I jerked as I felt something cold on my toes. I looked down at him and frowned. ‘What are you doing? We are in a hospital.’

‘You are feeling better now, which means it’s time to keep your own side of the bargain.’

‘Are you kidding me! I’m still in a hospital from a bullet wound! Your bullet installed wound!’ I shouted.

‘The deal was when you start walking, you can walk now,’ he said with his annoying smirk. I gulped, that was the deal. ‘So, are you gonna hold still and let me work?’ I bit down on my lip with a whimper.

‘This is not the way to ask for forgiveness,’ I whined.

‘Still bebe,’

‘Stop calling me that,’ I huffed. He placed soft kisses on each of my toes, one after the other, making my toes curl up with excitement. He kissed up my leg to my knees and between my thighs. I was wearing a skirt, his lips kissed from my inner thighs to my ankle, leaving my poon aching for more as he made his way back to my thighs. I shivered when I felt his breath on my thighs and fingers at the waistband of my lingerie. ‘Can’t we discuss this Ted?’ I asked shakily. ‘Like over dinner and booze? Especially dinner? I haven’t eaten much today…you’re not listening.’ I whined as he slipped my pantie out.

I rest my head back on the bed. ‘Look at me, I want to feel your eyes on me,’ he commanded.

‘I want to bury a nail into your skull,’ I said unequivocally. He gripped my thighs tightly and parted my legs further, his head lowering down as hungry eyes feasted on my expose part. I shivered when I felt his cold lips press against my cunt, a big loud gulp echoed in the room. He m0aned against me, such sweet disrespect.

He slowly latched his tongue into me, I inhaled sharply and fell my head back, I wasn’t going to let him have the satisfaction that he made me m0an. I held my breath and fought the m0ans as his tongue swept inside me, branching every single visible corner it could branch with ecstasy. He guided two of his fingers inside me, only to make hither motion with them. He m0aned something but it came out as a muffle. I closed my eyes and clenched my fist as I felt an uneven potion in me, he was rubbing the right spot. I clamped my hand over my mouth and shook my head, refusing defeat. He knew what I was trying to prove because he evilly increased the pace of his finger thrusts and bit my cl!t tenderly. I moved my hips, fighting the high wave of pleasure slapping me in the face.

My throat began to hurt, I needed to let it out and he wasn’t giving up. He used his other hand to push into my shirt and cupped my [email protected] through my bra cup. I inhaled, he brought out one of my [email protected] and nipped it. I couldn’t take it anymore, he smirked on me as I let out all my pent up m0ans. He kept finger fvcking and eating me at the same time, I m0aned and begged for more until I felt my stomach clench and I felt my juice burst out.

Wow Cookie, you are so cheap. You just let the same man who shot you give you lip service just like that! What the fvck is wrong with you!

I don’t know, I whined. This isn’t me at all, I can’t control me around him.

He straightened himself up, his annoying signature smirk playing on his lips. I sat up and curled my legs into my butt embarrassedly. ‘Now, that wasn’t so hard or was it bebe?’


‘Speechless for me, I love that,’ I chewed my inner cheek and sneered.

‘You are damn arrogant,’

‘But you can’t resist this arrogant bastard, I’m proud to know you find me irresistible…’

‘You are yet to do anything that fully warrant my hate Ted, be careful not to make me hate you…’

‘Or what?’ He asked challengingly, raising his brow at me. ‘What would you do to me Cookie? What can you do? I am the boss and you are the puppet. I am the king and you the slave, so tell me, what can you do to me that other people bigger and stronger haven’t been able to do.’ His voice got deeper, deadlier as each words left his lips. I pinned my lips in a tight smile, what could I do? He was right.

No, he’s wrong! You are Cookie Aileen Carlisle, you can do much more.

But I’m just a girl, what do I have on a big person like him? He can kill me if he wants to, kill mom.

Remember when you first went to Constance High, how the school doctor who had his hands wrapped around the principal’s throat was raping girls? How no one could report him? Even though no one could, you got solid evidences and had him locked up behind bars for everything he had done. Sure, you didn’t let anyone know you were the angel who saved them, but you did. You also placed Caleb in his place when he was too much of a bully, despite his connection and authorities. No one might have known that but if you could do that, you can do much more.

And I have worked for a street Lord once, he taught me my true power as a woman and I know it!

With an innocent twinkle of my eyes, I smiled and said; ‘nothing, absolutely nothing.’

‘Good girl,’ he patted my head and got off the bed. ‘To be continued.’ He sent a sly wink my way before bouncing out victoriously. Ursula walked back in and leaned on the doorframe with a knowing smirk.

‘That smile, those eyes, you are going to go Slayer Vee on him, aren’t you?’

‘He asked for it babe, he asked for it.’

To be continued.

Chin tapping, slayer Vee?

Anyways, sorry the story is taking so long. I’m trying to figure out each chapter day by day; not so easy.

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