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Sweet but psycho episode 20


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒🐊
😋 Segment 20 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I dried my hair as I stared at myself in the mirror, I had just washed my hair dye off and went for honey blonde. My natural hair made me look deadly, blonde made me look incredibly s£xy if I leave it down in small curls. I smiled at my reflection, I was ready for the day. Ted was going off to a farm, his farm or something and he asked me to tag along. We hadn’t done or seen each other much since the hospital thing, that was five days ago.

‘Miss?’ My new bodyguard called, poking her head in. Ted changed Bruce, sent him back to where he came from. I hated the idea but it was for Bruce’s safety. One way or the other, Ted would flare up again and kill him one day, I didn’t want that. The only problem now was that the guards he got for me were lesbians, he intentionally got me two of them. The way they kept staring at me was annoying, very very. ‘Mr. Allen is waiting for you downstairs.’

‘I’m almost done,’ I said, looking at her through the mirror. She nodded, glanced at my ass before shutting the door. I sighed and walked to the bed to get my cowgirl hat. I wore a navy blue jean shorts with red pocket lines, a red and white tartan half sleeve button shirt, – which I knotted over my stomach to show off my flat and smooth stomach area – and brown cowgirl hat and boots as well, and a red belt with a bright white star buckle.

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I walked out of my room, weaving my hair into pigtails, the ladies followed behind me. We took the lift to make things easier for me. I cat-walked out of the mansion with a perfect doll smile. Ted was on the phone, talking coolly as I approached him. His eyes averted to me, I loved the way his lips hung open dazedly.

‘Teddy,’ I called with a sweet voice, swaying my hips intentionally. ‘Good morning,’ I shut his chin for him. ‘Don’t stare too much, I know I’m hot.’

‘W…w…’ I opened the door and pushed him aside, before slipping in. He looked around before joining me in the car. He shut the door and stared at me like he hadn’t seen a woman once in his life. ‘Why are you dressed like this?’

‘We are going to a farm, what else should I have worn? Joggers and sport bra?’ I asked derisively.

‘You are exposing your body, you look like a whore in that outfit,’ he spat angrily. That hurt, like badly but I don’t care. I crossed my legs and leaned on him seductively, a little pout on my face.

‘Well, I guess people will just have to keep fantasying about this pretty whore of yours,’ I ran my hand down his chest with a twinkle of my eyes. ‘They will never get to see what I carry deep inside.’

‘Cookie, are you okay? Drunk perhaps?’ He asked puzzledly and worriedly.

‘I’m fine,’ I leaned back on the seat, pushing my chest out – I wish I had more b00bs – and throwing my hands back. ‘I’m accepting my new job, Mr. Ame Allen’s personal whore,’ I glanced at him to see the quick flash of guilt in his eyes, perfect. ‘I’m sure you are glad I’ve accepted what you have made me become, who knows, maybe you can share me amongst your men…’

‘Don’t fvcking say that!’ He snapped. ‘You are not a whore,’

‘I’m pretty sure I am,’ I said with a hysteric laugh. The original plan was to seduce him, like use my body completely but then I thought it through and shook it off. Ted is a man with strong will, seduction might irritate him instead. I couldn’t be sure but the risk were high so I decided to start off with the first thing to soften his heart; eat into his conscience.

The first stage was simple:

1. Go slayer Vee but reduce the seductive act.

2. Bring out his conscience so he will start feeling something.

3. Turn my coquetry towards other men to elicit his possessive jealousy.

4. Try my best to never react to his touch.

5. Quit the tough girl act, you are a weak gorgeous sissy.

After those five rules are set, I’ll think of the next step. I shifted to the other window, rest on it sill and put on my best sad puppy face. I remained like that until we got to the location, he kept glancing at me and I knew that. I didn’t wait for him, I opened the door and stepped out of the car. The massive land almost looked like a countryside field with sheep eating grasses here and there. I could see three sheepdogs, horses running around, some eating while some just sat down on the grass. I didn’t see any goats or pigs, they are dirty creatures I guess.

‘Mr. Allen,’ a elderly man called with a warm smile. A ash blonde haired woman was behind him, her hands interlocked with a very cute guy. Oh la la! ‘Welcome sir,’

‘Uhm, the animals are looking good.’

‘Yes, it’s their free day.’

‘Won’t the animals escape? Like those horses are straying away.’ I said, pointing to some horses running off.

‘Horses have a high sense of loyalty. No matter how far they wander, they will always return to their master, especially when they are treated well.’ He replied smilingly.

‘And, there are fences around, didn’t you pass a gate?’ The woman chipped in with a nasty tone, eyeing my outfit with distain.

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‘Oh, I didn’t think that through, my apologies.’

‘Cookie, this is Mr. Lex Paterson and his family, his wife Belinda and their son, Edward.’ Ted introduced lazily.

‘Good morning everyone,’ I greeted with a sweet smile, waving at them. ‘I’m Viona, but you can call me Vee.’

‘Welcome to…’

‘Please, show me the record books, I have somewhere else to be.’ Ted cut in sharply, his glare on my stomach.

‘Can I pet the sheep? Please?’ I asked excitedly. ‘I’ve always wanted to pet one.’

‘You are in luck, we have some set of new lambs…’

‘Where! Show me!’ I shrieked. I ran to the guy and tugged at his sleeve demandingly.

‘Go,’ Ted grunted before he headed off with the man and his wife.

‘Come on,’ the guy finally said with relief. I followed him to wherever he led me to. ‘This is the nursery section, this whole part is dedicated to the young of the farm animals. Mr. Allen built them separate places.’ I looked at the building, so beautiful, even for a farm house.

‘What kind of animals is rare here?’ I asked calmly, waving at some workers.

‘This area is for the horses, sheep, rams and ponies. There’s the poultry at the southern east part, quite far from here and the area for pigs, cows, donkeys and goats. Those animals were separated because you know them, dirty. We also have bulls, oxes and a large fish pond towards the north side.’

‘Wow, why won’t he be rich,’ I said withonewilderment. ‘Does he have a crop farm?’

‘Yes, but not in this side of the country, somewhere else. It is taken care by someone else. I also heard he has a Derby house, for horse and dog racing.’

‘That’s wonderful,’ I smiled as I carefully walked on hail.

‘Here we are!’ He announced. I gasped and cupped my cheeks, babies! I hurried to a little lamb and snuggle it closer to my face.

‘She’s so cute, it’s a she, right?’

‘He,’ he corrected. ‘I call him Nibbles,’

‘Nibbles?’ I laughed. ‘Why?’

‘He always nibble on everything, you should meet Skip and Lily.’


‘He’s a skipper,’

‘You name all of them? How do you identify them?’

‘I grew up in a farm, I’m use to it.’ I smiled at him and returned to petting the lamb.

‘Do you name the fowls too?’

‘Yes!’ He said with a glint of true excitement in his eyes. ‘There’s Becky, Barbara, Amaya, Mumoo, Amara – she’s very stubborn – Lisa, Riri, – she takes forever to lay an egg – Maya, Cake, Coco, Pamela – who is in love with me – Betty…’ Wow, make a wish dude, you’ll do good as old MacDonald.

An hour later, we were grooming some horses as he laughed while I explained one of my epic animal prank back in high school. Edward is a really nice guy, very nice one. His life was simple, too good to be true. He was ash blonde like his mother with his father’s deep hazel eyes and board chest. His height was freaking over, like a tree. ‘…he had no idea I had secretly trained the horse to kick at the word “giddyap!” So he got on the horse after snapping at the poor girl and then said the word. The next thing he knew, he was flying across the field and landing in a pile of horse poop…’

‘Gracious Lord!’ He laughed.

‘His mouth was open…’ We laughed as he slapped his knee.

‘That was funny, you did a whole lot didn’t you snake?’

‘Oooh,’ I faked a shudder and laughed. ‘Hiss hiss hiss,’ I hissed whining my body to him. He hissed back playfully and we started making animal sounds at each other, it was childish but fun. ‘Can you teach me how to ride a horse?’

‘Sure, ever sat on one before?’ I shook my head negatively even though I was good at horse riding. I could see Ted coming with his patents. ‘It’s easy, very.’

‘By easy you mean…?’

‘Hang on tight and don’t fall,’ he lifted me up by my waist. I intentionally laughed with a squeal like we were lovers. He placed me on the horse, I purposely slipped off so I would fall on his chest. He caught me just the way I wanted it, unknown to him who was murdering him mentally. His left hand stayed on my stomach area, almost touching my b00b while his other rested between my thighs where he caught me.

‘I don’t think I have that don’t fall off part establish,’ I chuckled.

‘It takes time,’ he removed his hands from where it was and moved it to my hips. ‘Do it like you are straddling a chair.’

‘A moving chair,’

‘Just try to stable yourself,’

‘Like on a bike?’ I asked as he lifted me into the horse again.

‘Yes, like that.’ He said with a nod. He climbed on the horse behind me and wrapped his hands around me before grabbing the rein and placing his feet on the bits.

‘How do you harness a horse?’

‘Using the rein,’ he used his hands to hold mine to the rein, I leaned back on his chest and mentally imagined Ted kissing me so I could blush. ‘One time when I was riding, the bridle broke and the rein snapped, I broke my butt that day.’

‘Ouch!’ I shouted playfully. He started the horse off with slow struts. ‘You don’t supposedly have a girlfriend, do you?’

‘I don’t,’

‘Why? No beautiful ladies to woo?’ I asked looking over my shoulder, from afar it might look like we are going to kiss.

‘Got tired of getting my heart broken,’

‘I had a feeling you were the receiver and not the receiveé,’ I said humorously. He laughed and whipped the rein so the horse would go faster.

‘Women are heartbreakers too, I’ve suffered ten already.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry about that.’

‘Are you dating Mr. Allen? Or just, you know…?’

‘We aren’t dating, don’t even know what we are.’

‘But you do the latter? I’ve heard stories on how he sleeps with different ladies. Most times, if their father or mother or someone else owes him, he let them pay off by sleeping with their daughters until he’s tired and few times, their wives.’ I furrowed my brows as I thought of the possibility of Ted doing such.

‘No, Mr. Allen is a good man, we have been together for months now and he have never made any amorous advances at me. My sister owe him millions, he keep me in his house as assurance but never let anyone molest me. I’m treated with more respect there than I ever have in my entire life.’ Half of it was true; everyone treats me with high respect like I’m his wife and no men dare molest me.

‘Hmm, that’s different from all I’ve heard,’

‘You don’t know him like I do,’ I smiled. As if I know him well.

‘That’s enough!’ Ted yelled. ‘Young man, can you please get away from fiancée!’ I turned the horse around to see his face, fiancée? ‘Edward,’

‘Sir!’ He jumped down from the horse. ‘I’m sorry, she asked me to teach her how to ride…’

‘Number one, don’t touch what belongs to me. Number two, how dare you teach her without permission!…’ New plan! I stylishly moved the horse back and brought out a pin from my boot. I held tight to the rein before pricking the horse hard enough to get him to neigh as he stood on two feet. I screamed and held tight like I was frightened. I pricked the horse again and it turned and sprinted with me on his back.

‘Tons! Come back here!’ Edward shouted. I kept screaming as the horse ran and disappeared into some trees, out of sight. I harnessed the horse further into the trees. I easily stood on the horse and jumped into a nearby tree. I climbed up the tree and stayed hidden there.

Let’s see how much Ted really cares.

He might hurt Edward!

Chill, I know he won’t.

To be continued.

Heh heh heh! Cookie want someone to die of heart attack. Let’s see.

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