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Sweet but psycho episode 21


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒

😋 Segment 21 😋

💚 Ted 💚

‘…only found the horse, we couldn’t locate Miss Reed.’

‘And you fvcking returned with your fvcking self! What did I send you out there to do! Find the fvcking horse!’ I yelled angrily, it was almost sunset and Cookie was yet to be found.

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‘We did find the horse at the waterfall, maybe Miss Reed fell…’ He pinned his lips with the glare I gave him.

‘Get out,’ I spat furiously. He hurried out of my sight, I turned to Edward. ‘You know every corner of this landmark, beyond and within the gates, where could she be?’

‘I’ve checked, she’s not anywhere and I know she didn’t fall off the horse, she has to be within the gates.’ He said tiredly.

‘What about the poultries…’

‘Everywhere have been accounted for,’ if it wasn’t for the sake of the old man and his wife who have been working for my father to me with sincere loyalty and the fact that they suffered before they managed to have him, I would have shot him from the beginning.

‘I’ll go find her myself,’ I said picking up my phones. I threw one at Sylvester, one of my top men. ‘Keep it, just in case any business calls come in, you know what to say.’

‘Yes sir,’

I looked at the other one, Lance. ‘If I don’t return in an hour, call Carlos and inform him of the situation. Also, make sure he alert Yolanda, tell them I’ll be coming home late and no, I didn’t murder her precious bestie,’ I rolled my eyes and threw the second one at Rubert. ‘Keep it for me, if any of my flings or date calls, cancel on them or just tell them I died in a car crash this morning…’ They chuckled, I shook my head, since when did I start being free with them?

‘Yes sir,’ I shoved the last one into my front pocket and walked out of the house. I have eight main men; Carlos, – my right hand man – Bruce, River, Sylvester, Lance, Rubert, Maurice and Barrow, excluding the two who betrayed me.

I walked to the black dirt bike I had prepared for me, I got on the bike and drove off. I need to put a tracker on her, where could she have gone to? I was in the midst of different emotions; I was scared that she might get hurt, worried that I had to bring her along, angry that I can’t kill who put her on the horse, guilty because what she said in the car still haunted my mind, tired because I’m thinking too much and that’s unlike me. Where was I even driving to? I stopped the bike and got off, where do I begin?

‘Okay Ted, let’s examine the facts and think this true,’ I said out loud, cocking my hips and putting my finger under my chin. I straightened myself, Yolanda and Cookie are starting to infect me with their girlishness. ‘Cookie was sitting on a horse, a highly obedient one who according to the owner never behaves erratically. He suddenly neighs and run off with her, with a speed that ought to throw off a person learning for the first time – hmm – she keeps screaming as he ran into the clean forest area and not the open field where he ought to run to – interesting – and then they disappear. The horse is later found at a waterfall but she wasn’t. This whole place is surrounded by a high fence, one no animal can run out from so she must be inside except if she goes beyond the waterfall area in search of the way back to me.

Also, the open forest isn’t that deep, she could have been found easily and if she really wanted to come back, she would have moved with the horse or waited for it knowing horses always return to their owners. She don’t want to escape either, she knows I can kill her mother and friend so no, that’s not it. Wait, who exactly is missing again? Cookie Aileen Carlisle; a mysterious girl with unpredictable personalities and a malfunctioning brain, who loves tormenting me and is very mischievous…’ I hit my forehead. ‘Idiot! She’s a psycho! What was I thinking looking for her when she probably hid herself.’

You should leave her, she’ll return when she’s ready.

That’s it, she should play hide and seek with herself. I climbed back into the bike, ignite it and drove back to the house.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I’m lost!

I’m lost!

I’m freaking lost!

I cried as I stared at the setting sun, I thought it was wise to go find the horse and then I saw a pretty rainbow bird shaking it tail feather, it was so pretty and feet made me follow as I squealed and giggled. Now I can’t find my way back and I’m scared. What if any wide animal come out to eat me because I’ve been eating them all my life? What if there’s a ghost? What if I die of hunger? I’m hungry! I’m very very hungry and this barren forest don’t have any good thing to throw into my mouth.

I’m hungry!

I whimpered and hugged my rumbling stomach, I can’t die of starvation here, why isn’t Ted finding me? I looked at the rabbit that jumped out of a bush, I was sitting at some kind of cliff with my death certificate on it. The rabbit looked like stake, really nice stake. I licked my lips and slowly went on all four. I began crawling quietly to the stake eating a leaf, such fat cook meat, even if it’s not cooked, I’ll try raw.

‘Gotcha!’ I exclaimed as I caught the stake in my hands, it kept wiggling. ‘Hold still stake, I need to eat you,’ the stupid stake farted. ‘Ew!’ I threw it away and that was when I realised I had thrown away my dinner. ‘No! Come back here!’ I chased the stake around, the stake is stubborn. I chased it down some rocky area but then I missed my footing and tumbled down. I hit the bottom with a grunt but still tried to get up, a pang of pain shot from my ribcage. ‘Ow!’ I whimpered as the stake hopped away.

I tried to sit up, my waist, left elbow and right ribcage suffered the effect of the fall. Now I’m injured, hungry and alone, just great. I needed to move, I needed energy and encouragement so I encouraged myself with a song.

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‘I really hope I can do it
‘Cause Yolanda’s depending on me
I know that I literally cannot move
Got paining ribs and aching elbow
I’m so hungry I can eat an ant’s bone
Ted, this is all your fault!

Looking up at the setting sun
I’m dirty and tired
No strength to run
I’m still hungry
Ted just find me now
I’m just sitting here like a big fat cow
I’m going to die
Ted why can’t you find me?
Why can’t you find me
My stake ran away
I’m too tired to play, hey!

Hey! I’m suppose to be getting up
But I’m hungry so I’m giving up
My stake knock knock me over
I can’t get back up again
Ted this is all your fault
If I die here I will eat your face
Because you caused this disaster
Oh, I’m so hungry I can’t wait…’

‘Seriously?’ I squealed in true enthusiasm as I heard his voice.

‘My Teddy!’

‘You are insufferable,’ he sighed. He jumped down the cliff, so easily I got jealous. He crouched down and examined the cuts on my legs.

‘You know, since we met, I’ve been hurting myself a lot.’

‘You intentionally got lost,’

‘No I didn’t,’ I argued. ‘I intentionally let the horse run away because I’m good at riding horses and I want you to find me.’ I replied grinningly.

‘And then you really got lost,’ he said as a matter-of-factly.

‘Yes,’ I replied blushingly. ‘Are you mad at me? I just wanted to play,’ I said poutingly and with a babyish tone.

‘Baby mode on,’ he chuckled.

‘I don’t have modes!’ I whined pettishly, stomping my foot…wrong idea. The stomp made my rib hurt and my chest. ‘Please, carry me, I’m cold, w€t, tired and hungry.’

‘Hold still,’ he said softly, brushing his fingers on my stomach which had a few cuts. He loosened the knot of my shirt and plucked out each buttons gently. He opened the shirt and looked at my rib area. My face heat up, he could see my lace bra. He touched it lightly. ‘Does it hurt?’


‘Okay, and now?’ He asked, digging his fingers in. He used his thumbs to press the rib, to check if it hurts. I winced at the pain, really painful. ‘Nothing is broken, just throbbing. You’ll be fine with pain killer and a long rest.’

‘And my elbow?’ I showed him my elbow, he took it and scrutinized it.

‘Just a slight cut, cleaning it off won’t be hard,’ he removed the jacket around his waist and helped me take off my w€t shirt before wearing the jacket on for me. He turned his back to me. ‘Get on, can you?’

‘Uhm,’ I struggled up and put my hands over his neck, he held my hands and gently tugged me into position before rising up. I curled my legs around his waist and cringed, my rib hurts. ‘Can you find your way back?’

‘If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be here,’ he said harshly. He climbed up the rocky cliff and started walking off. He dipped his hand into his front pocket, brought something out and handed it to me. ‘I packed up two energy bars, so you won’t die.’

‘You are a dorling!’ I squealed humorously, taking the bars.

‘Hold on,’ he took it back and opened the wrappers for me. ‘Here ya go,’

‘Thanking you,’ I said with a tiny voice. He let out a short laugh before shaking his head. I chewed on the first one, chocolate flavor. ‘How did you find me?’ I muffled out.

‘I followed the smell of your psychopathic stupidity,’

‘What does it smell like? Jasmine or lily of the valley?’ I asked gigglingly.

‘Garbage juice,’ he said with a hint of playfulness in his tone. I giggled and continued eating. ‘I know that won’t satisfy you, I will buy you a better dinner once we are out of here…’

‘Yay for getting lost!’

‘Heh heh, don’t ever get lost or leave me Cookie, you got me very worried and scared.’

‘I did? Does that mean you care about me?’ I asked, blinking my eyes with expectation.

‘If I say yes, would that make you stop hurting yourself and wanting to be away from me?’

‘I promise to be a good girl,’

‘I care about your existence Cookie, no jokes. Please, don’t hurt yourself because you want to prove anything to me, I can’t stand your crying and hurtful words. I am an ass, guilty as charge. I don’t know how to express myself, I know an “F” will be my result if I should take a test, but I want you to take my apology in advance, forgive me. Look, I don’t know how to care, fvck! I don’t know how to express anything, I just…’

‘It’s okay,’ I smiled, throwing the wrappers away. ‘That’s all I wanted to hear, you are sorry but you have to mean it.’

‘I, Ame Allen promise to try his best to not be an ass,’

‘Say your real name,’ I smirked. He gulped.

‘Must I?’

‘If you want me to believe you, take you up on your words, then say it.’ I said grinningly.

‘I, Teddie mm mm Allen…’

‘Say your full name,’ I said in a singsong.

‘No,’ he whined childishly. ‘I hate my middle names.’


‘It’s worse than my real names, my mom was a psycho too.’

‘But your name is Ame,’

‘My better reasonable father named me that,’

‘Say it Ted,’

‘Or what!’ He snapped. ‘If I say it, I will never hear the end of it.’

‘I promise you, I won’t speak about it to anyone,’

‘Teddison Coco Ame Allen,’ he muttered. I blinked. ‘My mother was on cocoa crave when I was born, shut up.’

‘Coco?’ I asked stifling a laugh.

‘I said shut up,’ I burst into laughter, throwing my head back as I laughed. ‘You said you won’t laugh!’

‘I said I won’t speak about it to anyone, not laugh and call you that. From now on, you’re Coco to me.’ I said between my laugh. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head, laughing even though my stomach hurt.

‘Witch! You tricked me!’

‘Ha!’ I laughed. ‘Coco darling,’ I called.

‘Please don’t call me that,’ he cried.

‘Coco Allen
Coco Coco
Coco Allen
Coco Coco…’ I sang, drumming on his head.

‘I fvcking hate you.’

‘I fvcking love your name Coco,’ I laughed, he whimpered. I continued singing as I drummed on his head and bounced on his back.

And I thought my mom is nuts.

‘Call me that again and I won’t buy you dinner,’ he threatened. I sealed my lips, after dinner, I’ll continue.

To be continued.

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