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Sweet but psycho episode 23


😻😻😻 Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒

😋 Segment 23 😋

💛 Ursula 💛

I stared at the plasma TV meticulously, eating from my bowl of chips as I watched the movie alone. It really hurt watching it alone, Vee was always there with me, making the movie more interesting. If she wasn’t laughing exaggeratedly, she would be hitting me and shouting like a forest girl. When it came to horror movies, she would hold my hands and not scream, be the shoulders I lean on and then after the movie, will tease me for being so jumpy and a wimp.

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Oh my God! He’s going to die!

Hey hey see!

This guy is very stupid! Can’t he see the gun right there!

Oh fvck! That punch was sweet!

And many more shouts that made seeing a movie indoor very interesting. I sighed and dropped the bowl, it wasn’t that interesting seeing it alone. I was still at the second house, far away from Yolanda and I can’t even stand that bratty kid, Vee is the only one that can tolerate her.

‘Look what we have here,’ I raised my head and looked over the chair I was leaning on. It was Carlos, Bruce, River and one other guy called Barrow. Two ladies, one of the top females were with them, one hanging loosely in River’s arms and the other in Bruce’s. I rolled my eyes back to the TV, ignoring the pricking feeling in my heart. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘What do you see her doing?’ Barrow asked coldly as he took a seat. ‘We want to use the movie room, get out.’

‘Barrow, don’t be rude to the bitch,’ one of the girl laughed mockingly. I chuckled and stood up with my bowl, I wasn’t enjoying the movie anyways.

‘Marilyn, you can sit, don’t mind them.’ Bruce said nicely, he’s really nice despite being strong. So far, Carlos and Bruce are the only one who treats me with respect. There’s also one called Lance and Sylvester, they are neither mean or nice to me, just regular.

‘It’s okay, it was really boring watching it without Vee anyways.’


‘Cookie,’ I smiled. ‘I wonder if she’s okay.’

‘Yeah, she’s fine,’ Carlos said, handling the remote. ‘She got lost but Ame found her, they will be back late though.’ I nodded and headed to the door.

‘Hey Lyn baby!’ Bruce shouted from behind, I turned and saw him behind me. ‘Come on, let’s see a movie together.’

‘Huh?’ I looked at the others. ‘But they are here…’

‘He hates crowd, always so belligerent and an introvert,’ the girl he was holding complained. I almost laughed, the Bruce I know is a kid at heart.

‘Really?’ I asked smirkingly, since his back was turned to them, he winked at me. ‘What movie do you want to see?’


‘No!’ I shouted.

‘Yes!’ He shouted too. ‘Come on, I need someone to scream and die of nightmares, the rest people don’t scream and if they do have nightmares, they don’t share.’

‘River screams at everything,’ Carlos laughed. River muttered to himself.

‘I don’t need a movie to do that, his is an everyday show.’ Bruce laughed too. I quickly snuck out while they teased River. I hurried off to my room, I don’t want to be alone with Bruce or he will certainly get me laid. I know his plans and I know I suck at self-control when it comes to someone I like. I opened the door to my room with a thumping heart.

‘Holy shit!’ I screamed when I got whisked back. I looked at who was dragging me, my heart sank into my stomach, it was Maurice. Maurice was one of the main man and he had been trying to sleep with me for weeks. ‘Maurice, let go of me!’

‘Shh, just follow me quietly…’

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‘Boss made it clear that no one should t…’ He covered my mouth and pulled me away. I screamed into his hands, hitting him the way I could but he was highly trained, a good one. He dragged me out of the house and carried me far into the third building where none of the other main men would be able to save me. He pushed me into a bedroom and locked the door. ‘Maurice, let go!’

‘You hold still!’ He shouted back and flung me in the bed. ‘You are going to be quiet or I will fvck you until you bleed to death, not one word.’ He threatened as he unbuckled his belt. I covered my mouth and sobbed into it. He yanked me forward and pushed my skirt up.

He tore my pantie off, one arm curled around my waist. He trusted his fingers hard and deep into my pvssy, the pressure and pain almost immediately unbearable. I grasped onto his arms, digging my nails into his skin and pushed back, needing to create space between us. I needed to breathe but he wasn’t stopping; no matter how much distance I tried to put between us, he followed me, curling his arm tighter around my waist and thrusting up into my core harder until I was plastered against the headboard as I cried in pain.

He yanked me down and forced my legs apart, digging his fingers deeper and intentionally thrusting roughly. His thrust became harsher as I winced and cried, unable to do anything. ‘Maurice please, stop…’ He only put on a sick satisfied smile.

‘I asked you to give in nicely but you wouldn’t, manage what I am doing…’

‘And manage this…’ Before I knew what was happening, Maurice was yanked away and flung far against the wall. I scrambled to my feet and curled myself up. Carlos was the one who hurled him off me but Bruce was finishing the work.

‘Are you seriously kidding me Maurice! The boss said no s£xual molesting a woman!’ He yelled, his foot buried into Maurice’s face. I was busy crying. Carlos looked at me with pity, great pity and I hate that.

‘Bruce, leave Maurice to me and take Marilyn with you, I will explain to Ted.’ Bruce removed his foot but kicked him right in the face before stepping back.

‘I’m so sorry Lyn, I didn’t notice he had taken you until River pointed out that you left,’ Bruce apologize angrily. ‘Come,’ he carried me bridal style and stomped out of the room. ‘Psycho is going to kill me, I promised her that I would take care of you.’

‘It’s okay,’ I sniffed. ‘You did stop him on time,’ which was true. ‘Where are we going?’

‘My house.’ Bruce was the only man who preferred staying on his own, away from the mansion which was dangerous but that is just how I was told he is.

‘What about Boss? He will be mad.’

‘Trust me, if Psycho haven’t driven him crazy already, nothing else will anger him.’

True, Viona is very much out of her mind.




I shivered as I clung to Bruce’s bicep, his house was a sky deile house, a quiet lonely one. He had six bedroom in it, all large and beautiful. He painted his house black, it was creepy and scary. Remember when I said I have a problem controlling myself around men I really really like? That was what was burning me that moment as he laughed, pointing at the television. How is a man having his head sawed by a ghost funny? That is terrifying!

‘Look at him, see the way his head bounce on the floor after being detached from his neck?’

‘That is terrifying,’ I cried, burying my face in his arm.

‘Chicken,’ he snorted, looking back at the television. ‘Hey! Did you see that?!’ He shouted.

‘Please, turn off the…’ I screamed loudly and flew out of the chair when a woman screamed in the television. I saw her, some ghouls were eating a man’s heart and inner system. I gagged, covering my mouth. I stood up and ran to the room he showed me as mine. I ran into the bathroom and doubled over to throw up. I retched and retched but nothing came out.

He’s as sick as Viona!

I sat on the floor and burst into tears, images of what I saw reverberating in my head. ‘Softie!’ He hailed jestingly and laughed. ‘Oya sorry, don’t mind me, I’m a mad man.’ He apologized laughingly. I wailed, hitting the floor as I saw the images.

‘God will punish you,’ I cried. ‘Punish your ancestors as well…’

‘Baby, it’s okay,’ he chuckled. ‘Time for bed,’ he said with a devious smirk. He pulled me up and dragged me out while I still cried. He forced my butt down on the bed, put me under the duvet and tucked it in. ‘Hey, big girls don’t cry, silent it,’ I sniffed and forced myself to shut up. ‘Good girl and goodnight.’ He kissed my forehead and walked to the door.

‘Don’t…’ He turned off the lights and shut the door. My heart started beating, what if those things are real and they come to eat me?

Just a movie, calm down.

That is what they all said. The next thing they knew, some weird creature is jumping out of nowhere and eating their organs! I shouted at my subconscious.

That’s why it’s a scary movie, gain some courage.

Tell that to Madison who had a demon finger her and then he ate her [email protected]! What if my [email protected] get eaten too!

Marilyn, remember what Vee said? Think of something else that you want most or you have once experienced and everything will be okay.

You’re right, what do I want most right now?

Bruce… A voice whispered in my head.

‘Well, I guess it won’t hurt to imagine him touching me, since he’s at a far and safe distance.’ I said out loud and rolled on my back. I pictured him over me, kissing me as his hands explored my body. I squeezed my legs together as I imagined him actually finger fvcking me like Maurice did but more softer and pleasurable.

My hands went to my poon as I m0aned, masturbation bad never been a thing for me but I was starting to. I sat up and hit my head, getting terrified is way more better. I fell back on the bed, laying on my stomach and thinking of something else; school. Was anyone even looking for us? Is Len worried about me? Why do I give a fvck! I just want to go back to school and live the normal life I planned for myself. I remembered Dominic, how disappointed he was when Carlos came to take me…hold on, who do I really like by the way?

I sat up again and crossed my arms, who? Dominic is a man I can never be with, why? He is far away and he has a wife, in case I forgot to mention that. Carlos, I like the guy but he is never around and too tall for my liking. If I should date him, he would be too serious and mostly want s£x and won’t give me time. River, that kid is a brat, lacks manner of approach and speech. That is the main reason Yolanda beats him up almost everyday and also, he is a weakling, just smart but weak. Bruce, we haven’t known for long but he is a very caring person, one who doesn’t like hurting a woman even though he is ruthless. Here’s the advantages:

1. He will care for me very much.

2. He won’t ever lay his hands on me or use violence.

3. He’s very funny and we match. He won’t spark up when my own madness starts, he will play along and that is fun.

4. He will protect me from the others because he is the second most important man.

Disadvantages goes like this:

1. He can kill me if given the orders.

2. I might get killed because I will be dating a mobster.

3. I don’t want to get involve with a mafia, I want a normal life.

4. What if Lucius comes for me? I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

I screamed when I heard a loud pan sound, I kept screaming, they are here to eat me! Bruce ran into the room, turned on the lights and hurried to the bed. I kept screaming, holding his arm and yanking it. ‘They are here for me! I’m going to die!’


‘The ghosts! Ghouls!’

‘Shut up,’ he laughed, curling me up in his arms. ‘Calm down, I’m here.’ He whispered. I breathe as I hugged him tighter… Hmm, such hard chest. We remained silent, our breathing getting intense at each passing minutes.

He looked up at me, his eyes mesmerizing me. He began leisurely rubbing my waist seductively, keeping his eyes on me. His hands moved up to my chest, I tensed up. ‘Bruce, er…you are…’

‘Shh…’ He hushed, his eyes darkening with lust. ‘Just go with the flow babe, go with the flow.’

‘There’s no flow, stop touching me…’

‘Imagine my hand sneaking up your dress, my fingers playing with your sensitive little pvssy, my lips nibbling your tits, your hands on my hardened cock, lips biting my skin as you scream in ecstasy. Do you like the sound of that?’ He asked softly, it was becoming too hard to breathe. ‘Loving it?’

I gulped as he slowly took of his shirt I was wearing. I was now bare because I was just wearing his shirt, he pushed me down on the bed and hovered over me. I stared at him helplessly, weak self-control is bad. He brought his lips down to my [email protected] which he had cupped, his eyes still locked with mine. I shut my eyes, the mesmerizing orbs were too much to handle.

He pleasured me to the point of tears, before I knew it, he was thrusting in and out of me in a T-square position. ‘Ahh Bruce… Ah, yes… Yes Bruce… Harder… Please…’ I m0aned, making his thrusts more urgent. He sucked my [email protected] and bit my n!poles until I was in tears.

I loved how every single revelation brought up new level of ecstasy. In that moment, I was needy for the high that the s£x brought for me. I raised my hips to meet every of his willing thrust while he sucked every ample of skin visible to him. He sucked my sweaty skin, pushed by the effect of the words running out of my throat. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than his persistent pounding.

‘What do want from me Lyn baby?’ He asked huskily.

‘Oh please, more Bruce, more…’ I begged.

‘More what?’ He whispered dirtily, capturing my ear between his teeth and nibbling on it as I ran my hands around his chest and back. It was getting too much to tolerate, I was getting too high. He quickly turned me to the side, moving behind me as he started fvcking me from sideways. He raised one leg up in the air, pushing himself deep inside me.

I could hardly hold my leg up, my chest heaving as I gasped for breath as he continued to pound me from behind, making the bed beneath us shake from our movement. He added his fingers, knocking me into another state of pleasure, tingles running down my spine as my core tightened. I grabbed his bicep, rocking my hips to meet the high pleasure pumping through my veins and body. I screamed from the verge of pure ecstasy, just before I reached my limit. Not too sooner, he released himself in me and fell unto the bed. We both breathe heavily, me covering my face because of shame.

‘Score! I knew you had fire in you!’ I turned to my side, Vee will kill me if she should ever find out I did this. ‘Are you alright?’ He asked softly. ‘Regretting perhaps?’

‘Why won’t I regret,’ I sobbed. ‘You just used me.’

‘Who said I used you? When you are done wallowing and getting blinded by self pity, you will still see me here. Now come here,’ he pulled me back into his chest and kissed my forehead. ‘Don’t worry Marilyn, I won’t hurt you.’ He assured me. I looked at his shut eyes and frowned.

Won’t he?

💚 Ted 💚

I grunted as I threw Cookie on her bed, she rolled over and made bed angels. Note, she was sleeping but acting like a freaking drunk girl. How did my life come to this? I straightened my waist and cracked my bones, today’s stress was too much and it was just my first day out with her.

‘I’m screwed,’ I sighed, palming my face down. She rolled off and fell on the floor. I sighed and chuckled, her butt was up in the air as she slept on her face. I carried her back into the bed, took off her shoes and shirt and tucked her into her blanket.

‘Coco di di ya ya,’ he murmured. I’m stuck with that name for the rest of my life. I sighed and turned to leave but got yanked back into the bed. She moved so fast, she had me pinned down with her leg, head and hand. ‘Gummy pillow.’

I smirked. ‘Just say you want me to stay with you and I’ll stay,’ she bit her lip. ‘Fine, move over,’ she rolled off me and opened her eyes. ‘Beg me.’

‘Please? I miss my mom.’ Is that all she’s got? I shook my head and got under the blanket with her. She cuddled herself into me immediately, too close and emotional.

‘Who’s Lulu?’

‘Best friend, how did you know?’

‘You cried over her once, it’s a her, right?’

‘Obviously, my dad killed her because I refused to learn music and be a musician, he’s mean.’

‘Is she your pet?’ She nodded.

‘Please, I don’t want to talk about her, her death turned me into a rebel and I’m proud of that achievement.’ She snuggled closer.


‘Mr Man, allow me to sleep, you are disturbing me.’. She snapped. I chuckled and moved her hair out of her face.

‘Won’t you bathe?’

‘I’ll bathe tomorrow,’ she whined.

‘Cookie, you need a bath, so do I.’

‘If you go, you won’t come back, you won’t.’ She said as a matter-of-fact which is true. She held me tighter, refusing to let go and I knew she wouldn’t no matter what I say. I didn’t feel like letting go either, my arms was the rightful place for her to be.

To be continued.

So, I’m nonchalantly creating the love scenes, haven’t started the main trouble yet. Na small small I go reach their side.

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