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Sweet but psycho episode 24


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒

😋 Segment 24 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I yawned as I sat up from the bed, gently removing myself from Ted’s body, it was war getting his hands off me. As much as I would have loved to admire his cute face, play with his beard while trailing my hands on his chest, I would rather take my time putting my “make him fall in love with me” plans to action.

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‘Oh!’ I exclaimed when he suddenly pulled me back, rolled us over and pinned me back in the bed. His legs carefully entwined with mine as his hand held my waist down in a way I couldn’t make any single movement. What was I doing thinking I could escape from a highly trained mafia, I’m so dumb.

‘Mmm,’ he m0aned, putting his face at the junction between my neck and shoulder. ‘Where are you going to?’

‘To get something to eat.’

‘At this time of the morning? Cookie, it’s too early, go back to bed.’

‘I’m hungry,’

‘For the first time in years, I am sleeping peacefully with no single ounce of worry, just in peace and mind. I don’t want to lose that so please go back to bed and eat at dawn.’ His hoarse voice whispered behind my ear.

‘Why, enjoying the company of the lovely lady beside you,’ I teased.

‘Guilty as charged,’ I wasn’t expecting him to say that so easily so that got me blushing. My heart skipped as I thought about the fact that he might… Don’t jump into conclusion Cookie. I wiggled my butt, trying to get out of his hold. ‘Cookie, I want to sleep, please don’t turn me on.’

‘Can I at least make myself comfortable? This isn’t comfortable at all,’

‘Hold on,’ he sighed. He easily turned me around, using his hand as a pillow for me as his other one stayed on my waist. ‘Comfortable?’ I didn’t reply, I took my time to admire his morning face. His silver hair fell across his forehead, shadowing his shut eyes. His lips were formed into an adorable pout, adding to his adorableness. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he is the most innocent kid in the world, one that can never hurt a fly when he was secretly the devil’s sword. ‘Cookie?’

‘Uhm,’ I hummed, trailing my fingers on his chiselled jawline which went so well with his amazing beard cut. He sighed heavily, I removed my hand thinking he hated it.

‘No, please don’t stop, I like it.’ I smiled, feeling my cheeks go AWOL. I rolled his hair into my fingers, playing with it as I teased his chin. He whimpered like a baby, holding me closer but obviously not satisfied.

‘Coco, hold on first, release me a little.’

‘Don’t leave,’ he whined.

‘I won’t,’ he let go of me. I scooched up, almost sitting. I carried his heavy head up and shifted under it so he would lie on my tummy. He m0aned and snuggled himself closer, wrapping his hands around my waist like I would disappear if he didn’t hold tight enough. ‘Better?’

‘Perfect.’ He whispered. I smiled and continued playing with his hair and beard, crooning softly until he fell asleep, deep asleep. I waited until I was sure before slipping away after replacing me with a pillow. I stretched and cracked my knuckles, I need to surprise him with more love.

💚 Ted 💚

I squeezed the soft thing with a frown, why doesn’t it feel warm again? I opened my eyes and stared at the pillow. Where’d she go? I sat up and scoffed, she left me after she promised me not to. I folded my arms and threw the pillow and duvet away, how dare she leave me alone when I told her not to!

‘Oh Teddy Berry,’ Yolanda called in a singsong. I looked at the door and smirked innocently at her, she was doing her usual lean on the doorframe while sucking from a juice box thing via straw. ‘What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you are sleeping with my friend knowing I can’t hurt her.’

‘Do you see me [email protected]?’

‘Dad, be sincere with me here, are you in love with Viona or beginning to fall in love with her?’

‘And what sort of question is that,’ I said with a disapproving frown. She shrugged.

‘You know what the question is dad, don’t play cute.’

‘You know I ought not to fall in love with anyone,’

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‘Ought not to doesn’t mean you can’t, you already are the way I see it. I might be seven but I know enough to know how fvcking chemistry between two people feels like, even a kid can feel the fire between you two and I’m a kid. She has changed you dad, not in a bad way, neither is it a good way, just different.’

‘Yolanda, I admit I am fond of her, she is fun to be with even if she drives me crazy; insane all the time. I guess that madness is what is amusing me, it’s different and add flavor to my boring life. Once the temporary amusement is over, I will rid of her.’ She chuckled as she placed the ball of her left foot on the doorframe, stirring her juice with the pattern straw and not sparing me a glance, a lazy smirk on her face.

‘And what makes you think it is temporary? Have you ever asked yourself if it ends up not being temporary? You don’t seem to see what others see but it’s alright. I just thought I should remind you that you are the Mafia king, Ame Greg Allen to everyone else, the heartless man who rules them much more brutally than his father. You don’t need love, any form of weakness via emotions because it will be your doom. You don’t need a weak link, a soft spot and she will be that edible spot. Viona might be a clever, fvcking dope smart, intelligent, drop dead gorgeous and above all, a psychopathic rebel with unpredictable personalities. One all men would love to keep for themselves, but she still remains what she won’t accept herself to be, a sweet and soft hearted lady. A vulnerable lass that is too good for the Mafia life…okay, maybe she can handle it but that is only complicating her life.

Falling in love with her is endangering her, making her the prime target of all your enemies all over the world and you have a basket of them. You will give your enemies a sign that you are soft, you will have a weakness and you know the rules; no king must feel emotions or stand to do two things, element the source or get eliminated. I am very much sure you don’t want to face what your father did. Dad, are you ready to complicate your life? Complicate hers? Are you ready to spend your entirely life trying to protect her?’

‘I am not in love with her Yolanda, I am Ame Greg Allen remember? The Mafia king…’

‘Who is actually Teddison Ame Allen. You might be brutal, heartless, rule them all with an iron lava fist, worse than your father but the one thing you can never change is that you are human. Dad, you have a beating organ in there, you are flesh and blood as well, just like every other human. Even the mechanical ones gain affection sometimes, learn to love and you are one. If you fall, can you keep it in? Can you conceal it?’ Most times I forget she’s seven.

‘I don’t love her! What is your problem Yolanda!’ I snapped. She stretched her lazy smirk and drank through the straw.

‘Permission to punish Maurice for s£xual harassment against Marilyn Barley.’

‘How did you know that…wait what!’

‘Last night at exactly 9:25pm, Bruce and Carlos apprehended Maurice in an attempt to rape Marilyn despite your order. Location, third house, room 12, fourth floor. Bruce took her home with him at 9:40pm and Maurice was locked up at cell 15, Torture Base Two at 10:15pm. What am I to do with him?’

‘Did Carlos report this to you?’

‘Would Carlos report to me? I’m not a witch for nothing.’

‘Don’t kill him, but treat him by your rules,’ she smirked and licked her lips with delight. ‘Anything else?’

‘Lord Cephas Newton called. He asked if you would be able to make it to his anniversary?’

‘What did you say?’

‘I mostly discussed about him making more cakes for me,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Call him back,’ she dropped her leg and pushed herself off the doorframe. ‘And dad, try not to let the whole men know you feel something for her, keep it hidden and I believe Cookie will need more training than expected. Think it.’ She turned and walked out. I sighed and dropped my legs on the floor, resting my elbows on my knees.

My father never loved my mother after they got married, he just married her for an heir. Unfortunately for him, he fell in love with her later but kept it to himself by treating her terrible and always beating her. I hated him then, why would he hit her so much! That was what I thought until the council of high Mafias found out he loved her and so he had to choose between her and himself; he chose the latter of course. The worse part was making me watch as he killed her, so I would learn to never open my heart for anyone and feel the pain he did. The bastard didn’t love her enough, he was a d!ck with no balls and I hated him for it. My hatred extended to his death, I knew the meeting he was going to was a trap but I let him go. His death was fun to watch.

‘And the queen is back!’ My heart sank to my stomach. I don’t want to fall in love with you Cookie, I don’t want you to get hurt because you don’t deserve it, please stop making my heart beat for you. ‘Here’s what I’ve got,’ she said, sitting on the bed in a crisscross. She pointed to the foods on the trays and rubbed her hands together with a playful greedy smile. ‘I made…’ She looked at me and furrowed a brow. ‘Are you alright?’

‘I’m good, what are these?’

‘Glad you asked!’ She scoot closer. ‘First, we have bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese with powered sugar toppings, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes and breakfast burritos. Then dessert offered us pop stickers and all to flushed with protein shakes and Irish coffee. What ya think?’

‘How are you not fat?’

‘Obesity is not my thing,’ she smirked. ‘We’ll take one of everything, okay?’

‘Not me, you.’ I stood up and picked up a bagel and Irish coffee.

‘Where are you going to?’

‘Fill the bucket in your stomach kid, I’m off to work.’

‘But I want to feed you and eat together,’

‘From now on Cookie, don’t act informal with me in front of everyone, in private either and keep your distance.’

Falling in love with her is endangering her, making her the prime target of all your enemies all over the world and you have a basket of them. You will give your enemies a sign that you are soft, you will have a weakness and you know the rules; no king must feel emotions or stand to do two things, element the source or get eliminated. I am very much sure you don’t want to face what your father did.

Yolanda’s words reverberated in my head.

‘What did I do, I only wanted to eat with you.’ She whined.

‘Cookie, no jokes, no smiles, stay away from me or I will make you stay away.’

‘If you want me to stay away, then let me go!’ She shouted. ‘You don’t expect me to stay in this house with you and not find your trouble, I’m me!’

‘If leaving is what you want, then leaving is what you’ll get. Pack your things Cookie, I’m sending you back home.’ I said seriously, even if I didn’t want to. Her mouth fell open.


‘Three hours,’


‘Three hours.’ I walked out of her room. It was better I let her go now before things get complicated.

💜 Yolanda 💜

I chewed the gum in my mouth nosily as I watched Maurice screaming in pain. I had his head ducked into the steam of a peppery water, hands stretched behind him. ‘Any more steam and he’ll die,’ Carlos whispered. I snapped my fingers. Barrow cut off the binds holding him and Lance dragged him up. ‘What else do you want to be done to him?’

‘Bathe him in pollen and throw him into the hive for three hours, if he survives that, pour him chilli powder for thirty minutes and then treat his wounds. Throw him in the cell for two days with only water to drink.’

‘What if he dies?’ Barrow asked.

‘Haven’t you heard of six feet under? Or do you want to be an example?’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t you think the punishment is too harsh?’ That stupid River asked defiantly.

‘Carlos, tie River up and replace him with Maurice.’

‘What! Hell no! I’m sorry!’

‘Carlos, handle the punishment,’

‘Please, don’t do it, I’m sorry.’ River cried.

‘Handle Maurice, get back to work River.’ He quickly sprinted off. Bruce walked in with a bounce.

‘What’s up people!’

‘Handle him, Lance, fill him in. Carlos, walk with me.’ I turned and walked out of the room to the elevator.

‘What do you want to talk about?’ Carlos asked calmly.

‘Am I the only one noticing his attraction to Viona? He’s falling in love Carlos, that’s dangerous!’ I said panickingly. ‘This is too risky, she will get killed.’

‘He just have to avoid her, that’s all.’ I looked up at him as the elevator door closed.

‘Between me and you, do you think he can avoid her? If it was you, can you avoid a girl like Viona?’

‘fvck, no,’ he laughed. ‘Ted is screwed girl, he’s stuck for life. Any ideas smart ass?’

‘Very funny.’

‘There’s only one way,’ he said lighting a fag. He put it on his lips and put the lighter in his pockets. ‘He can’t fall in love but he can get married to get an heir. If things goes out of hands, we will use that as a resort to cover up for him.’

‘That’s a good idea,’ I agreed. ‘Would she even accept?’ I asked as we walked out of the elevator.

‘Does she have a choice.’

‘He can send her away.’

‘You know your father is possessive, selfish, and unreasonable when it comes to getting what he wants. If he sends her away, he will go back for her faster than he ever imagine and will never let go again. If it would kill him, Ted would still fight, that’s his problem. You are alive because you are a fighter, Cookie is soft…’

‘Don’t be too sure,’ I chuckled. ‘Have you told him about Lucius’s escape and Rico’s attack?’

‘Not really, Barrow and the others are working on it. Ted will blow a fuse if he finds out I failed again, please don’t tell him.’

‘One week, fix it or I tell.’ I walked out on him.

‘I didn’t even tell you, how did you know?!’ He shouted. ‘Witch!’

‘Crone!’ I shouted and skipped back to my lessons. Honestly, Viona has to go.

To be continued.

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