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Sweet but psycho episode 25


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍹🍷

🔥🍒 By: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 🍒🔥

😋 Segment 25 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I can’t believe he is really sending me away! How did it come to this! I stared at him still pouting and giving him my combo look but it wasn’t working on him, nothing was working on him. I had tried begging, promising to keep away, to even fast but nothing worked. Alas! There I was holding the door of the black Prado car as I stared at him. I sighed, seeing that it wasn’t going to work anymore, I’m a goner.

‘I guess this is goodbye,’ I said sadly, he didn’t say a thing or changed his stony expression. ‘Yolanda?’

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‘Bye Viona, I’ll come see you sometimes, okay?’ She asked calmly, not showing any expression like her father; they both wanted me gone. I sighed and nodded understandingly and looked at Bruce and Ursula who was crying. ‘b00by!’ I squealed, rushing to her. I gave her a bear hug, lifting and spinning her around. She laughed despite herself.

‘Put me down Vee!’ She laughed, I dropped her and smiled. ‘Be safe?’

‘I will,’

‘You are leaving Italy, right?’ She asked sadly, in a very low tone.

‘If I don’t, I will definitely come back.’

‘I’m going to miss you,’ she said and burst into tears again. ‘And for God’s sake! Don’t break anybody’s head!’

‘Since when have I ever broken any…it was just that one time, and that other time… Oh and that…wow, I guess I do break heads.’ I smirked. She rolled her eyes and pulled me into a hug again.

‘Will you be okay? Emotionally?’

‘I will find a way to, I love you Ursula.’

‘Love you too,’ we pulled away from each other. I jumped on Bruce instantly, laughing as he caught me by my waist.


‘Brucie!’ I shrieked back. We did the secret hand shake I forced him to learn and then high fived.

‘I’m so gonna miss you girlfriend,’ he said girlishly, flicking his hair and battering his lashes as he made sassy gesture.

‘Back at ya gurl,’ we laughed and hip bumped each other. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Ted clenching his fist.

‘Time to go,’ Carlos said grumpily, he didn’t agree with my leaving. I ran over to him and hugged his large body. He patted my head to annoy me but I’m me. ‘Be careful baby Vee,’

‘I am not a baby,’ I whined. He laughed, carried me up and shoved me into the car. Lance was dropping me off. He closed the door. I didn’t bother waving at Yolanda or Ted, I looked away and tried to conceal my feeling. The car started, Lance drove off like a mad man, causing me to laugh.

‘Drive carefully you idiot!!!’ Yolanda shouted. My laugh slowly turned into wails and I cried like a baby.

💚 Ted 💚

I watched the car drive off, it felt like all my happiness and emotions was running away from me. Immediately the car was out of sight, the feeling of emptiness attacked me, rushing in like a massive flood. I rubbed my forehead and walked back inside, ignoring the tightness in my chest. I am doing the right thing, I am protecting her.

‘I still don’t agree with this Ted, bring her back,’ Carlos said from behind me.

‘Leave him alone Carlos and go focus on what you should be focusing on.’ Yolanda snapped.

‘Whatever,’ he grumbled. ‘You are going to end up going back for her and then drag unnecessary attention to yourself.’ He stomped out, hate it when he talks like he knows me. I scoffed and walked to my room but somehow, I found myself in her room; Cookie.

Her scent still lingered in the air, her enthusiastic energy radiating through my veins. I took a huge wheeze and m0aned, smiling as her scent made my tongue salivate. I walked to her bed and sat down, gathering the bedcover into my hands and sniffing them as I rolled on her bed.

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Ted! What is wrong with you!

I flinched and adjusted myself, not even up to an hour and I was already missing her. Get it together Ted! I growled and walked out, I wouldn’t subject myself to such useless emotions, never!

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪


I fumbled with my house key as I struggled to keep the groceries in my hand and head. It felt like years since I last saw him, heard his laugh and annoyed roar. I miss Ursula, Yolanda, everyone! It was just too frustrating, I spent most of my nights crying and morning overworking myself. After Lance dropped me home, I packed up my things and left Italy to New Zealand, that was my other choice. It was hard for me, very hard. I spent my first week getting my apartment arranged, then the second going site seeing and checking my café’s and bookshop’s progress online.

‘Finally,’ I breathe as I stepped into my apartment. I shut the door with my leg and walked to the kitchen, throwing my key and bag on the sofa along the way. I walked into the kitchen, arranged the groceries and then did some stretches. I walked back to the small living room and removed my phone from my bag. I headed out to my room dialing a number and then ordered for pizza.

That was my life now and it was odd. I was usually the happy person, very positive in everything I do but my life felt empty, lonely and I just couldn’t do anything to brighten it up. I was letting the pain of being tossed away affect me so much. I mean, I shouldn’t care, I just wanted him to fall for me so I would escape but I was freed so easily. Three things were my problems right now:

1. I didn’t get to complete my challenge, he dumped me.

2. I couldn’t take Ursula with me and I had to leave my life behind.

3. Staying alone was giving me too much time to think about how much I miss him, how much I like him.

Oh, there’s a four added to it; I didn’t have anyone else to annoy, just myself.

What is life when I can’t trouble someone! My life is messed up!

I walked to the door drying my hair with my towel, I wore a fever colored sweatpants and loose crop top, one that showed my stomach. I opened the door and looked at the pizza guy. ‘Good evening, are you Nicole?’ He asked calmly. I changed my name to Nicole Jackson.


‘Here’s your butternut and rosemary pizza,’ I took the boxes and slapped the money in his palm. He was a new guy, the old one was always trying to flirt. ‘Thank you ma’am.’

‘Uhm,’ I shut the door and walked back inside to do my evening job; stalk Ted online while eating pizza. I sat on the chair, folding one leg. I picked up my phone and searched for the latest news on Ame Greg Allen.





That last one got my attention, pregnant? I tapped on the link and waited impatiently as it loaded, stuffing my mouth up with more pizza as anxiety kicked in, or was it panic? The site opened, I scrolled up and read the article like a jealous girlfriend.

“According to Ravenna who was asked about her relationship life on Milan’s morning coffee broadcast, she said: ” I have never really dated publicly because I don’t like the crowd and double dating. I have honestly been in a relationship for four years now, my boyfriend and I would be expecting our first baby.” She had rubbed her stomach with so much excitement. Veronica, the hostess took up the opportunity to ask who her boyfriend was and Ravenna had proudly said “Ame Greg Allen” isn’t that a shocker?!”

‘It’s not! It’s not!’ I shouted. ‘It is,’ I whimpered. Was Ame really dating? If he was, Yolanda and Bruce would have said something, right? I rubbed my forehead, suddenly feeling a headache. ‘Cookie, this isn’t healthy for you, stop it.’ I sighed. I researched more on the news.

All night I kept checking, looking for the latest update about it, something to deny her accusation. I later slept off and woke up with a terrible headache. I washed up, ate and took some aspirin before going back to search for news. I almost squealed when I saw a live video of Ted, I caught up on time.

‘…this is not the first time a lady is having such claims, I am not surprise. I don’t have much to reply to this boring news, I have my own life to worry about. However, I would strictly like to warn Ravenna to redraw her false claim before I’m forced to involve the law, I won’t repeat myself again.’ I spent my time watching every single movement he made, how he spoke. He was wearing shades like usual but something was different… Why is he so lean? Not to anyone’s notice but I was observing all.

I switched off my phone and burst into tears again, I miss him so much. Three weeks and a day and it felt like three years and a month.

You can’t keep doing this to yourself Cookie, you are a fighter, not a crier!

I am human. He sent me off before I had the chance to make him love me.

Forget about him, put him behind you, as your past.

My past isn’t that easy, I left people there. What if Ursula is sick? What if…

No ifs, you are going to pick up your life and mend it instead of letting it break. You have managed to acquire a certificate that will help you here, get a job and move on.

‘Life goes on,’ I muttered and smiled. Enough sulking and wallowing, this bird has got to fly.

💜 Yolanda 💜

I stared at dad sadly as he paced around, his hair messed up just like his face. Just like I predicted, he almost ran mad a week after Viona left and went back for her, but she was gone. He didn’t want to accept it, didn’t want to admit it so he caved, acted cold and nonchalant but inside he was dying. He was slowly falling into depression; talking to himself unconsciously, yelling at anyone and everyone, sneaking into her room to drown in her scent which was fading away, constantly pacing around when alone and playing with his foods. Do I even call this depression? Let me change that to madness. In front of everyone, he was compose, but I knew better.

‘Yolanda,’ Carlos called, walking into dad’s room. He stopped at the door when he saw him pacing about and muttering to himself. ‘Er…’

‘Ignore him,’

‘I found it,’ he announced happily.

‘Found what?’ Dad asked.

‘Cookie, I found her!’

‘Who gave you the right to find her?! Did I permit you!’ Dad barked.

‘I did, I wanted to make sure she is fine. Don’t you wanna know where she lives now? How she’s doing?’

‘I don’t care! Don’t tell me or else I’ll kill you! Get out!’ He yelled at Carlos. Dad might be cold but when he learns to care and love for something or someone, he tends to love that treasure with his every all. That is why he hates associating, to avoid it. Take me and his special silver electric bullet gun and his three beloved bikes. He will explode if anything should happen to either of us, Vee just got added.

He was feeling like he let his possession go, she was out there for the taking and the thoughts of having another man’s hands allover her was slowly eating at his sanity. He was jealous of men his head already confirmed exist. Vee is gorgeous, any man would claim her without thinking twice and that was killing him. His denial wasn’t making things easy. Carlos was right, we shouldn’t gave sent her away.

‘Don’t you want to know if she is with another man?’ Carlos asked smirkingly. Dad’s eye twitched, he laughed out like a maniac.

‘I don’t care, I shouldn’t. Why should I care if there is another man kissing her, holding her body every night, having her feed him…ha!’ He laughed and grinned, nodding to himself. ‘I don’t care, she don’t belong to me anymore.’

‘See what I said? You are losing your sanity Ted. You are like that scrawny hobbit from Lord of the rings, you’re will lose your mind if you don’t get your precious back.’

‘She is not my precious!!!’ Carlos and I cringed. I quickly stood up and ran out of his room in fear, Carlos followed. We stayed outside his room door, listening to him roaring and smashing things like a psycho.

‘Carlos, what do we do,’ I sobbed. ‘Daddy is hurting.’

‘I don’t know,’ he huffed, running his fingers through his hair. ‘The last time I saw him like this was when your mother got kidnapped, his fury will soon shift to murderous instinct. He will kill anyone that annoys him without blinking, we need to calm him down.’

‘How?’ I cried. ‘I don’t know what to do, she has been gone for a month now!’

‘A month and a week,’ he stretched a big brown envelope to me. ‘I will let your big brain figure something out.’ I took it and wiped my tears, queens don’t cry. I am going to work hard and make dad happy again, I must bring Vee back.

I ran to the stairs and ran down to my foyer, I walked into my room and shut the door. One hour gone, I was looking at all the information spread out on my bed. Her name was Nicole Jackson and she lives in New Zealand now. Records shows she recently got a job at a company, her job wasn’t specific.

‘Juice box for the road,’ Bruce said, handling me a juice box, my thinking magician.

‘Thank you,’ I took the box and sucked on the straw immediately. He sat on the bed and examined the info. ‘Isn’t this Craig Rein’s company?’ He asked, looking at a picture.

‘Craig Rein?’ I asked, taking the photograph. ‘Doesn’t he owe dad millions of euros?’

‘Yes, he still haven’t paid his debts, six years now.’ I took one more slurp and smirked, an idea coming into my head.

‘Pack this up, I will be back,’ I instructed and rushed out to dad’s room. He wasn’t there so I went to his office, he was leaning on the rail at the balcony. ‘Dad…’

‘I know my room needs cleaning, already sent for Barrow and River.’

‘I have been going through some old agreements, Mr Craig Rein still owes you a lot of money.’

‘I am not in the mood Yolanda,’

‘Work is work dad. Won’t you pay him a visit? You only lend money out for two years, his has exceeded the time.’

‘I will send Sylvester to handle it, you are excused.’ I licked my lips, racking my head for something that would interest him.

‘You haven’t had much fun, just playing hide and seek with Lucius. Don’t you want to show them who’s boss? Or have you gone soft?’

He chuckled. ‘I don’t know what you are up to Yolanda, but I will play your game. I guess we are going to New Zealand.’

‘We?’ I asked smilingly.

‘Bruce and I.’ I nodded, work made easier. Don’t worry dad, Vee will be back with you soon.


To be continued.

New Zealand, here he comes!

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