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Sweet but psycho episode 26


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 🍒

😋 Segment 26 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

‘Don’t let me
Don’t let me
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me down down down…’ I sang along as I made the coffees for the workers, that was my job, coffee girl. Not exactly just coffee girl, I delivered drinks to everyone, and snacks too and if they wish, food. It was the best I could get, I couldn’t specifically use my original certificate with my real name to get any job. I could have gotten a secretary with my fake one but some bitch had to use her puss to steal it away from me, so here I am.

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I was busy making coffees for the senior women who sent me, that was the order. I sang along to Don’t let me down by Chainsmokers to keep myself busy. So far, I had been able to think less of Ted and more of me, I was moving on to my relief.

You call stalking him on social media while sobbing and stuffing your face with pizza or cookies moving on?

Shut up, it’s a starter.

Yeah, sureeeee.

Oh be quiet! What do you know about me, I’m moving on.

Wow, I’m not your subconscious again, I know nothing about you at all. She said sarcastically.

Well, I’m moving, I already have a new crush to prove that. I said with nose high, remembering the cute guy that I was crushing on. He was super nice to me. He’s just too s£xy, so gorgeous…

Oh pe-lease, you call that dork s£xy? She snorted. He has nothing on our Coco. He is flat at every area and that hideous red hair of his. Have you seen his green eyes? So lame. Ted’s more dreamier. Remember how thick his muscles were? How it kept you safe when you slept in his arms? The comfort…

I clicked my tongue… Are you trying to help me remember him or forget? Weren’t you the one who said to move on!

I said move on to someone that can be still be compared to Ted and have enough points, that guy is zero in everything. What do you see in him?

What do you see in a serial killer like Ted! I snapped.

Idiot, I’m your subconscious. That useless question is meant for you, not me or rather for that softie in your chest.

Why am I even talking to you! Get lost!

Oops, your coffee overflowed… She sniggered. I snapped out of it and whimpered at the mess I created.

Stupid mind.

I quickly cleared the mess, made another set and hurried to meet the women at the marketing department. ‘Sorry I’m late!’ I shouted, rushing in.

‘Finally, what kept you?’

‘I was arguing with my subconscious,’ I said sheepishly. They laughed.

‘You will never stop amusing us,’ one woman laughed.

‘What was the argument about?’

‘Comparison of my ex and my present crush, that stupid subconscious won’t agree to see the new one as good enough! I mean what does she expect me to do?! Keep dying because of a ex that doesn’t care about me again! She’s so annoying!’ I yelled, pacing around. ‘She said “Co…Nicole, move on and forget about that prick!” Now I’m moving on and she’s denying me the right to admire someone…’

‘Nicole, you do realise that your subconscious isn’t a totally different person from you, right?’ One man laughed.

‘Of course she is! She’s Aileen and I’m Nicole, see?’ I asked them as I made my point. They broke into a peal of laughter. I pouted, my eyes watering.

‘Uh oh, she’s switching to cry baby mode,’ a woman laughed.

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‘I am not!’ I whined, stomping my foot childishly.

‘Yup, cry baby,’ they laughed again. I stomped my foot and folded my arms, sulking over it.

‘Look Nicole, you still love the guy so you are unconsciously listing out the new person’s flaws to convince yourself that he is not better.’

‘But I never liked my ex,’

‘Really?’ A man smirked.

‘This is unacceptable!’ I shouted. ‘How dare he leave me over some unreasonable reason! Am I not beautiful? I am…’

‘Boast mode,’ I glared at the guy and scoffed. ‘Saucy…’

‘Seriously!’ I exclaimed and stomped out. The anger died down and was replaced with whimpering and bitterness. I sighed and sat at the staircase, hands rested on my cheeks as I remembered all our good moments – which was mostly him shouting – his beautiful smile and the night… I touched my lips, remembering our kiss.

‘Nicole,’ I flinched and looked up at the person. It was one of the worker hitting on me, from managemen department. His name was Lino Rayon; tall, handsome and muscular with brown hair and matching brown eyes. I hate him, why will he be so pretty and remind me of Ted with his Italian accent.

‘Sir, do you need anything?’

‘Yes, you still haven’t given me reply to my request.’

‘Must I?’

‘Yes, I really want you to…’

‘Later, please,’ I waved him off dismissively. I sighed and rubbed my forehead as he walked up the stairs. I went back to my small sitting room, to get some sleep. I heard commotion outside my office, my boss’s panicking voice… If only I had paid attention.

💚 Ted 💚

I shoved my hands into my pockets as I stared at Bruce and the other men shooed people out of my way, I was leaning on my car waiting for the debtor to come out, we need to do this fast. I looked around the impressive building, it would a nice add to my collection.

‘Ame,’ I rolled my eyes to the man, he was older now, fatter. I smirked slyly, letting fear slip into his veins because he knew what that smirk was. He gulped and looked at my shoes instead of my eyes. ‘Can we talk in my office? Please?’

‘Where’s my money?’

‘Please,’ I rolled my eyes and pushed myself off the car. ‘Thank you.’ He quickly turned and led the way, I followed. Bruce walked behind me, along with three other men. I ignored the workers looking at me, probably thinking I was here for business. The man was shaking as we entered the elevator, by the time we got to his office, he was already drenched in sweat.

Does anyone realise I haven’t said anything frightening yet?

‘Please, sit…’

‘No,’ I pulled out one of the guest chair and jerked my head towards it. He sat on it tremblingly, I looked at Bruce. Bruce rolled the swivel chair towards me, I sat down opposite the man and held the arms of his chair with my sly smirk still on. ‘Now, why am I here?’


‘You did not forget my money, you chose to ignore the fact that you owed me,’ I smirked, bringing out his tie. ‘Weren’t you being a bad boy now…’ I said playing with his tie.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t…’

‘Shhh,’ I shushed, pressing my finger on his lips. ‘We should continue this date in a more quiet place, right?’

‘No, please…’

‘How’s your wife and kid? Heard she’s finally pregnant again, congratulations…’

‘Please, don’t hurt my family Ame, I will pay you back immediately, every single dime…’

‘But you see, that is where the problem is, no one who owes me after the duration date lives to tell the story…’ I left my word hanging as I tightened the knot, choking him with the tightness. He coughed and gasped.

‘Ame please, I will pay you, please…’ I tightened it again, his eyes popped out as they turned red.

‘I’m feeling generous,’ I dropped his tie. He coughed and quickly loosen it. ‘Let’s make a deal,’ I leaned back on the chair and crossed my legs. ‘This place,’ I used my eyes to roam the office. ‘Sign it over to me.’

‘You mean, sell my company to you?’ He coughed.

‘You are not selling, I am taking because you fvcking owe me. Every month after the duration date, for every delay, double of what you borrowed is added, remember that part?’ He gulped. ‘Now, add the original amount you borrowed to the interest and multiply by twelve, then multiply that answer by four. What is the amount you are owing me? Can you pay that?’ He shook his head negatively. ‘I don’t show mercy, I am doing this because of your baby, the unborn one. Call your lawyers now and make the call.’

‘Yes, immediately,’ he stared at me asking for permission to standup. I rolled my eyes to Bruce who was nodding his head to the music in his head. Cookie have infected him completely. I averted my eyes to the man struggling with his phone, the tips of my fingers at the surface of my lips.

‘While you are frantically trying to pick up your phone, can I get a cup of coffee? Americano?’ Bruce asked. I looked at him and arched a brow. ‘What? I’m tasty.’ He said with a shrug, a weird smirk on his lips.

‘What are you up to Bruce?’

‘I just want coffee, or can’t I drink again?’ He asked poutingly. I looked at the man who was already shakily making a call for the coffee. ‘Americano for me and cold ice tea for the boss, you guys need anything?’ He asked the other guys, they rejected of course. ‘Your loss.’

‘Get Nicole to bring one hot Americano, one glass of ice tea and cold soda to my office, add donuts please.’ He said quaverly.

‘Alright sir,’ I averted my eyes to Bruce who was playing air guitar as he celebrated over something. He sang along too, does he remember where we are? I rolled my eyes but still kept watching him, smiling as I remembered the day I saw Cookie doing the same thing. I wanted to check on her, I opened the door slightly and saw she was really busy. Singing and playing a air guitar as she bounced on her bed like an insane guitarist, swaying her w€t hair around. She was just on a towel, a really short one.

I closed my eyes and exhaled, remembering how sparkly her skin was that day, how the water on her skin glinted under the light. She was so happy in her crazy world, at the end she tripped and fell off the bed with a weird shout that got me laughing my ass out. She crashed so hard it was just too funny. I had teased and mocked the life out of her until she beat me out with her w€t hair towel. I opened my eyes and stared at the man on the phone, his eyes on me. I regret sending her away, if only I can swallow my pride and go look for her, bring her back. My pride was one, my eagerness to keep her safe another. I wouldn’t want her dead like mother and my sister, I wouldn’t want that at all.

I’m doing this for her.

‘Hey Psycho!’ Bruce shouted, followed by a loud crash. I turned my head, a lady was frantically trying to gather what she fell.

‘You idiot! Clean that up!’ The man, Craig shouted. She nodded, bending her head so no one would see her face. ‘Get out!’ Why is she hiding her face? Am I that beautiful?

‘Why are you hiding, stand up.’ Bruce commanded, smirking as he looked at me. The strawberry blonde lady growled. With the look on Bruce’s face, the way Yolanda wanted me… Cookie!

My heart leapt for joy. I didn’t know when I stood up and walked to her, nothing else in my mind than to pin her to the wall and kiss her until we both become breathless. I pulled her up roughly by her bicep and stared into her new eye lens, brownish gold. Different emotions flashed in her eyes; anger, hate, fear, annoyance. Anger and hate were more outstanding, I stepped back from her, my chest tightening. I returned to my chair, the others except Bruce would think I acted out of suspicion.

‘Go.’ I said lowly.

‘Huh?’ Bruce asked.

‘Leave!’ I snapped at her. She scoffed as her eyes pooled up. She stomped her feet childishly, ready to nag and whine, switching to childish pettish mode but one look at Craig and she turned around. She walked out angrily, no one would recognize her but I did, first Bruce and her walking… Childish stomping.

‘Are y…’

‘Just shut up Bruce!’ He kept shut immediately. Let her go Ted, let her go.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I walked to the boss’s office tiredly, I was still grumpy from being woken up from my lovely dream, that wonderful moment… What’s so wonderful about having s£x with a man in your dream? Cookie be reasonable.

It wasn’t just a man, it was THE man, miss him that much Cookie?

You are just my mind, I won’t let you taunt me.

I already am, too bad he still couldn’t ram you even in your dream, just like reality. Face it Cookie, you are both not meant to be.

That is so not true!

That is so true.

I walked into the office fuming, stupid subconscious. ‘Hey Psycho!’ Bruce voice shouted. I tripped and fell immediately, the gray falling in a loud bang. I quickly glanced at the heartbreaker sitting there with legs crossed and fingers brushing his lips.


I bowed my head and frantically tried to gather what she fell, in a way he wouldn’t be able to see my face. Is he here for me? My heart skipped with joy, he came back for me!

‘You idiot! Clean that up!’ Mr Craig Reign shouted. I nodded, bending my head more so no one would see my face. Will he even recognize me? Well, my voice will certainly expose me and man! His scent was everywhere. ‘Get out!’

‘Why are you hiding, stand up.’ That stupid Bruce, I growled.

My heart flip as he stood up and approached me, my skin tingling with anticipation and excitement. He yanked me up roughly by my bicep and stared into my eyes. Different emotions flashed in his eyes, but the one thing I caught on was surprise. He wasn’t expecting to me see me, hence he didn’t come here for me, he really have forgotten me. Anger and disgust crossed his face, as he stepped away from me like I had leprosy. My heart clenched at his action, as he returned to his chair, the others except Bruce would definitely think he acted out of suspicion.

‘Go.’ He seethed.

‘Huh?’ Bruce asked.

‘Leave!’ He snapped at me. I scoffed as my eyes welled up, he really hate me. Why! I demand an answer! I stomped my feet childishly, ready to nag and demand he gives me answers, but then I looked at sweating Mr. Craig and knew he was working. I turned around and walked out angrily, he wants to act like he don’t know me, then fvcking hell asshole fine! I’ll show him what it means like to be snubbed by Cookie Carlisle.

We never met!

I walked back to the sanitary department, sent two boys to the boss’s office and went to my room to get my bag, fvck him! I got my things and stomped out, I almost bulldozed Lino at the exit door. ‘Whoa, easy cheetah.’

‘Get out of my way!’

‘Why? What has got you boiling?’

‘Nothing,’ I spat. ‘Can I go now?’

‘Breathe Coco, breathe…’

‘Don’t call me that!’ I snapped. ‘My name is Nicole, Ni-cole!’

‘Geez! Calm down!’ He laughed, raising his hands up in surrender. ‘Chill sis, wanna go get a coffee with me? Lunch rather, at the cafe closeby?’

‘I will vent my anger on you.’

‘I don’t mind, I’m a ventilation machine,’ I smiled at his lame excuse of a wink. ‘Ha! You smiled!’ Lino is not a bad guy since I’m finally moving on then what the heck. ‘Have lunch with me?’

‘How about we make it a date? Later in the evening? Right now I want to breathe and relax. Cover up for me if anyone ask?’ He nodded and did what I wanted, pulled me into a hug. I exhaled loudly and relaxed in his arms, placing my hand on his strong bicep. He smelt so nice, really really nice. I raised my head after three minutes and planted a kiss on his cheek. ‘Thank you Lino, see you later tonight.’ He let me go and grinned, reminding me of Bruce. I laughed and nudged him before walking off and waving at him.

💚 Ted 💚

I drummed my fingers on my thigh, watching her hug another man in contentment. Wow, she already have a boyfriend, so soon. My anger rapidly crept up my skin to my brain, my hand inched to reached out for my gun and fire. I followed her, I really wanted to meet her privately and kiss her but she was taken.

She kissed him!

I inhaled and gritted my teeth, she whispered something to him before he pulled away. He grinned, Bruce’s grin. She laughed, nudged him. She waved at him and turned to leave. ‘Hey! Wear a s£xy dress tonight so I can rip it off you!’ He shouted after her. She smacked her ass at him and laughed. I turned and walked back to the elevator, time to crash a party.

💜 Yolanda 💜

I drummed my pencil on my book, trying to solve the equation given to me uninterestedly, I yawned. My phone rang, I quickly picked it up and answered. ‘Bruce?’

‘It worked, at first it didn’t but now anger is involved.’

‘Uh oh, what happened?’

‘She’s going on a date and he knows, this is not going to end well.’

‘When is the date?’


‘Get a quick research on him, the guy and if he’s a skirt person, prepare a lady to draw him away from her, to seduce him so her heart will be shattered. If it’s shattered, dad will know what to do.’

‘And if he’s not?’

‘Have him sedated so he’ll miss the date,’

‘Okay, got it.’ I hung up and scrolled through my contact list and called dad, he better listen.

‘Teddy Berry!’

‘Witch!’ He shouted angrily, with the huffs I knew he was pacing around.

‘I have a plan, if you would listen, you wouldn’t get to create a scene that will cause you more trouble than required.’

‘Will it get her back to me?’

‘Only if you listen,’

‘Then tell me the fvcking plan, I can’t stand the thought of another man with her.’ He said impatiently. I smiled and licked my lips, I’m a genius.

To be continued.

How could Cookie stay angry with Yolanda on board?

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