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Sweet but psycho episode 27


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

⭐ Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ⭐

😋 Segment 27 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I stared at myself in the mirror, encouraging myself that what I was doing was right, it wasn’t wrong anyways, Ted and I never dated. Okay, the main problem was that Ted could find out I was going on a date and kill Lino, he has jealousy disorder. I wore black tights, tights artistically designed to be splattered with paint, so it eventually look like black with long sprays and drips of red, mango, lemon, emerald, sapphire, fuchsia and lilac paint across it. I pulled on black wedges, some black and coral anklets, few chunky brackets, decorated my fingers with colourful rings and made my hair up into a tight controlled bun at the side of my hair with some few curls falling down to frame my face. To top my colourful outfit, I wore a white shirt with dubs and tied a rainbow scarf around my neck.


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I made my makeup light but pink and emerald, beautiful if I do say so myself. My phone vibrated from where I dropped it on the bed, I hurried to it and unlocked my phone. It was a text from Lino.

Sorry, something came up, can’t pick you up. Meet me at the location, I’ll be there 😝.”

‘Hmm, that’s odd,’ I mused, Lino’s texting style is usually always accompanied with hearts, not silly face emoji. I shrugged it off and picked up my rainbow bag, I don’t know why I feel like I look ridiculous but whatever. I locked my apartment and made my way to the elevator as I sang loudly, I still didn’t feel any excitement at all. I got into the elevator which already had three other guys in it. They kept muttering about my dressing, voice and beauty, like I was too deaf to hear them. ‘Oh hips don’t lie…’ I sang as I walked out of the elevator, tapping my side.

‘Hey, rainbow girl,’ I kept walking, that isn’t my name as long as I am not wearing my rainbow hair dye. I really miss that hair, it made so much sense. I tried cutting my hair when I dyed it strawberry blonde but it grew back again so eventually, I gave up.

‘Hey,’ the other one said, touching my shoulder. I stopped and look over at him with questioning brow. He removed his hand and smiled warmly. ‘Hi, I’m Caleb and these are my brothers Ray and Nicholas, we just wanted to talk to you.’

‘What about?’

‘Awwwwn,’ they awed because of my voice.

‘You have a really sweet talking voice,’

‘More pleasant than your singing voice.’

‘So my singing voice is bad,’ I said feigning hurt.

‘What, no no, that’s not what I said,’ Nicholas who said that gushed. I laughed and shook my head.

‘Was kidding, thank you.’

‘We have seen you here a lot, we are actually lucky to cross your path today, you live here right?’ Caleb asked as we walked out.

‘Yes, obviously.’

‘Our floor is just two numbers higher,’ I think Nicholas is the dumb one.

‘What use is this information?’ I sighed.

‘Look, it’s just that I would really like to get to know you,’ Ray said sheepishly, itching the scruff of his neck. I look up at him and analyzed the guy, not bad at all, better than Lino. His hair wasn’t just your usual light or dark brown hair, he had a mixture of both, strawberry blonde and chestnut to add to it. His eyes which was hazel with a bit of brown matched his hair so well. His skin was peach, clean peach and he had the one thing I adore in men; muscles. I smiled at him, feeling my mind purr as I took in the handsome dude beside me. ‘I know it’s weird and all but I have been meaning to ask you since you moved in here, I know…’

‘Gabbling, hate it,’ I said, widening my smile. ‘The name’s Nicole Jackson, I don’t mind making new friends, thank you.’

‘Hey! We are name buddies!’ Nicolas exclaimed.

‘So it seems,’ I smirked. ‘I’m running late for my date, can I go now? We can continue this another time.’

‘Date?’ Ray asked with a frown.

‘Yes, date,’ I waved down a cab. ‘Once again, it was nice meeting you boys, hope to see you…what’s your apartment number?’

Room 66,’

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‘Mine is room 49, bye guys!’ I jumped into the cab and gave him my location so he would move. I smiled, fuck Lino, Ray looks better.

I agree… My subconscious agreed. I giggled, even if this doesn’t end up well like I suspect it won’t, I would still have Ray to worship me.

Three fucking hours I sat at the restaurant waiting for Lino, he was nowhere and he wasn’t returning my calls or text, did he ditch me? ‘Finally y…’ I froze on my words when I saw that the person who slipped into my seat was not Lino. I took in a sharp breath, snubbing the butterflies in my stomach. ‘I’m sorry, may I help you?’ I asked churlishly.

He smiled innocently and pulled up his sleeves, snapping his fingers for a waiter to attend to him. ‘Hello Psycho.’

‘Ted, what are you doing here? And why are you wearing a wig?’

‘Identity, remember? How did you even recognize me so easily?’

‘Your ugly face can never be hidden,’

‘Or you have been dreaming about me,’ I opened my mouth to reply him but then I remembered I was suppose to act like I don’t know him. I picked up my bag and threw it over my shoulder. ‘Where are you going?’

‘I don’t appreciate sitting with strangers, especially ones that ain’t my spec,’ I eyed him with distaste and smirked. ‘Now I know why he didn’t show up, I’m not stupid sir, tell Yolanda to come up with something smarter. Also, if one idiot doesn’t work out, I have other idiots to fill in for him, wanna know why? Because I’m beautiful and single,’ I stood up, loving the look on his face. ‘See ya later Coco.’ I walked away, making sure I winked at a man who already has a date but that didn’t stop him from grinning and winking back. Even with a colourful outfit, I’m still able to pull off sexiness.




I knocked on the guys’ apartment gently, it wasn’t such a good idea to walk into an apartment with three hefty guys wearing loose shorts and halter neck crop top but, I wanted the man spying on me to have something to explode about. I was minding my own business in my house when I felt like I was being monitored, look like in my absent, he installed cameras in my apartment.

The door opened, Caleb opened it. His eyes widened when he saw me. ‘Hi,’ I smiled.

‘Er…hi, hi! Nicole, what are you doing here?’

‘I came to…’ Wait, if I’m here away from the cameras, how would I make Ted jealous? ‘I came to see Ray, my new friend.’

‘Awwwn, what about me? Aren’t I your friend?’

‘You didn’t ask me, did you? Just get Ray, please.’ He nodded and went inside for a minute, Ray came instead of him.

‘Nicole, you are here so late, is everything alright?’

‘No,’ I said sadly, rubbing the side of my arm. ‘My date disappointed me and my friend cancelled on me after making me prepare for a sleepover, I feel so down. I know we just met but I was just hoping you could fill in for her, not a sleepover but just see a movie with me so my day won’t end up in complete disappointment.’

‘I don’t know Nicole, I was kinda busy inside, very busy. If you like, you can join us, my brothers would keep you company until you are ready to sleep, is that okay?’ Idiot, you just missed an opportunity.

‘Hey Nicolas!’ I shouted, brushing him aside. ‘Wanna see a movie with me?!!!’

‘Yes!!!’ He shouted.

‘Okay, see you at my apartment in ten!’ I didn’t spare him a glance, I left Ray standing there. I took the stairs back to my floor and went into my apartment, I squealed like a girl who just got her crush’s phone number, for effect.

I did what a crazy crusher would do when expecting her crush, I sprayed my house frantically, rearranged the already clean living room and changed into a bralette top and black bum short. I slipped on a light robe, a see through night robe to be precise. I squealed when I heard the doorbell rang, arranged my hair like I cared about who was at the door and walked to it.

💚 Ted 💚

Ted, don’t leave your room.

Ted, don’t go to her.

Ted, ignore her.

She’s messing with you, don’t fall for it.

Ted, ignore her.

I recited in my head as I paced about my hotel room, my eyes fixed on the massive television displaying her apartment. She was dressing up for a man, obviously, I wouldn’t mind. I made a fool out of myself for listening to Yolanda, I shouldn’t care about her for Pete’s sake!

‘Ray? What are you doing here? I thought you were busy?’ She asked the guy at the door with a surprise tone.

‘I am, but I think I have an hour to spare,’

‘Oh,’ she smirked. ‘Then come in,’ she opened the door wider for him.

She’s not messing with me, she has no idea I placed small cameras in her apartment during her absent.

‘Nice home,’ the guy commented.

‘Thank you,’ she said casually, shutting her door and then walked to join in. ‘What do you do for a living again?’ She asked, crouching down in front of the electronic sets to pick out a movie, knowing fully well that he would stare at her ass.

‘Business,’ she flicked her hair over her shoulder and stared at him underneath her long lashes. This is not happening! I can’t watch this!

‘Don’t your business have a name?’

‘Oh…y…y…er…prod…e…’ He stammered hopelessly, she knows the kind of effect she has on men and she was using it well. That innocent looking whore!

‘Nevermind,’ she stood up and walked to him with dainty steps, if I already hadn’t known her for long, her steps would have seemed seductive. She sat down at the edge of the chair and teetered on it, before shifting in and crossing her legs. ‘We can pick a random movie from any channel, no?’

‘Er…yes, very much yes.’ Is that even a reply form? Very much yes!

‘Okay,’ she chuckled. ‘Can you please breathe and chill, I don’t want it to seem like I am going to tweep you here, what would I gain?’

‘You can’t,’ he said lowly, gaining his voice a little. ‘I’m indestructible.’

She snorted and waved her hands. ‘You are an easy fly.’

‘Wait, what are we even talking about?’ She shrugged.

‘Nonsense,’ I rolled my eyes as they laughed. An hour into their wonderful night, I was sitting and chewing ice cubes as I watched them laugh, hold hands, she cuddle him and them talking like they are in love. I already promised myself not to make a fool out of myself, not to go close to her ever again because she don’t need me.

‘…and honestly, the guy was so annoying, always syncopated his words and drawling his vowels so much I felt like listening to nail on a chalkboard would have been better..’ He laughed as he explained a dumb story. She laughed drowsily, she was dozing off already in his arms. Memories of her in mine flashed in my head. No one else should touch her that much, she deserves to be in just mine. ‘Nicole, are you dozing off?’

‘No,’ she said sleepily. ‘I’m exercising,’

‘Exercising what? You are sleeping.’

‘Sleeping? I’m flying to Coco island,’

‘Definitely sleeping…’

‘You don’t smell like Coco, his arms are way better. When I slept in his, I saw Cinderella and Snow White,’ she said yawningly. ‘He sent me away just like that, didn’t even care if it would hurt me. I don’t blame him, he is selfish and mean, too mean. No male I love ever stays; dad, my brothers, Roy, Bruce and now, him.’ I sighed, I’m not selfish, I was doing it to protect you.

‘Let’s take you to your room,’ he suggested, trying to carry her. She pushed him away and hugged the small pillow, she was sleep-talking again.

‘No, I want you to apologize for sending me away. I was happy living my normal life with Ursula, I had friends, people who loved me even with my craziness and above all, I had worshipper at school. You stole all of that away from me, took Ursula away and ended my life as Viona. Just when I was getting use to being Cookie again, you threw me away, sent me off to start from the scraps. You abducted me, threatened my mother’s and sister’s life, enslaved me, broke my ankles, shot me, starved me, sexually harassed me but I never hated you, I still wanted to be a friend. Now, you made me lose everything, no friends, no enthusiasm but I still hoped you would come back but viola! You don’t even want me back, Coco, you are so evil.’

‘Nicole, you are dreaming…’ I stood up and turned off the television.

She’s right, you have been doing a lot of horrible things to her but she still stayed.

Hey! Whose side are you on! I shouted at my subconscious.

You don’t need a woman, you are going soft. Imagine, you are feeling remorse for what you did, you never feel remorse.

Two minds? Is this a good VS bad mind exchange thing?

Ted, ignore her. Remember what happened to your mother, remember the look in her eyes when your father tortured her emotionally, mentally and physically until she died? How he made you watch everything?

Just because be did it doesn’t mean you will, you are not your father Ted, remember that.

He his is father and if he should follow that stupid thing in his chest, he would get her killed.

But if he doesn’t, another man would eventually get her.

‘Enough!’ I yelled out. There is no need, I am not going to involve her in my shitty life, let her move on.

And show everyone else that you don’t care about her.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I yawned as I turned off the stopcock, I didn’t go to work because I didn’t feel like. Ray is the most boring guy in the universe, he talks too much as well. He kept making lame jokes, I had to pretend that it was funny until I slept off due to his lameness. Geez! The man is so lame! Don’t know if I said anything after I slept off but I was woken up to him sucking my breast like a mad man, I wonder if Ted saw that because even if he did, he certainly didn’t care. Anyways, I had screamed and pushed him, anger took over and I showed him what I have done to any guy that touched me without permission in the past; I punched his face until it became misshapen.

Damn that idiot!

Be quiet, it’s not like you even have any reasonable thing to suck there.

Reasonable or not reasonable, sucking remains sucking, he is nuts.

Mm hm.

I looked down at my chest and rolled my eyes, whatever. I stayed home to also see if Ted would come, if he would show up or if the death of Ray or Lino would fill the news, nothing happened. Lino dropped by at my place in the evening, I ignored his knocks and remained mute indoors. The next day, I dressed up to look sheener than usual, deciding to forget about that stupid Ted and just get a new man to admire me.

I walked into the company only to see few people crying as they left with their properties, including Lino. ‘Lino, what is happening? Did you get fired?’

‘Mr. Reign sold his company to Ame Allen without giving us any warning, this morning we saw the notice on the screen and that some of us were dropped. Eventually, I was the top choice…’ I rolled my eyes, is Ted kidding me. ‘You were also dropped…’

‘Me? What did I do? I am just a coffee girl, why drop me?’

‘That is the way it is,’ Lara, one of the dropped employees said. I bit my bottom lip and scoffed.

‘Whatever,’ I turned and walked out of the stupid company. I went back home and stayed locked up all day until someone knocked at my door. I opened the door, it was Nicolas. ‘Yes? How may I help you?’ I asked coldly.

‘First of all, I came to apologize on my brother’s behalf…’

‘Second of all?’ I cut in abruptly.

‘The landlord is calling for a general meeting, you are needed at the lobby.’ I slammed the door in his face and went in to change. I threw a overcoat on and walked outside, this better be good.


I tried not to cry as I angrily wore my dress, I was going clubbing. Ted was trying to frustrate me; he bought the building, ordered some of us to leave – me and Ray the top list – and also got Ray fired from wherever he was working at. Now, I had seven days to get the hell out of his building. No problem, I will leave New Zealand for him and just go back home, I miss mom anyways. As for dad, I will have to deal with him, I’m done running.

I wore a tight short leather gown, leather gloves and thigh high leather boots, all black. I packed my hair Into a ponytail and let one side covered my right cheek. I made my makeup smoky with black lipstick. I was ready to just get a one-nightstand while completely wasted. I took my purse and stomped out of the building, thinking about nothing else.

At the club, I drank enough to make me tipsy, didn’t dance with anyone, just drank while thinking about my life. I sniffed and ended up crying, my life is ruined because of that bastard! I jerked when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked up at the man in black.

‘What!’ I snapped. ‘Can’t you see I’m busy!’

‘My boss needs you,’

‘Tell him and every other man to go to hell!’

‘That is rude, stand up and attend to my boss.’

‘Or else what?’ I sneered, staggering to my feet. ‘Leave me the fvck alone.’ I hissed, pushing him away. He held my hand, the anger that was raging inside of me let loose.


That was the sound I heard when I punched his face, I’m sure something broke. I [email protected] my fingers around the bottle of magic moment I was drinking and smashed it on his baldhead. ‘Get lost!’ I yelled and stomped out. Almost out of the club, two hands seized me. I flipped one over and kneed the other. ‘Stay away from me!’

‘Our boss just wants to talk,’ the one I kneed groaned out in pain.

‘Fine,’ I pushed them aside and led myself to the VIP room. The VIP section was brightly coloured, I rolled my eyes around and back to the men. They pointed to their boss, wow, he’s old. I walked to him and sat down, crossing my legs with a scowl on my face. ‘I’m here.’

‘You are feisty, I love such girls.’

‘Again, what do you want?’

‘I’m Largo Maroon, I’m sure you have heard of me.’ I stared at him mirthlessly. He cleared his throat.

‘So, what do you want me to do? Dance because your name is ridiculous or because you are old?’

‘I am not old, just in my late thirties,’

‘And I am a teenager,’ I lied. ‘Can I go now? I’m bored.’ He looked at me and frowned.

‘Such insolence, do you know who I am!’

‘Look, I don’t care, leave me be.’ He stood up, towering over me with his cocoyam height.

‘Why you I…’ I screamed as his head burst, followed by a loud “pow!” An explosion. I screamed and ran to hide behind the bar as bullet flew in the air. I covered my mouth and stayed calmed until the gunfire stopped.

‘Get the briefcase!’ I heard someone shout. I stayed still in fear, hoping they would go away. I screamed in fright as I was suddenly yanked up and over the counter, like a piece of cloth.

‘Look what we have here,’ the man who had me taunted. He sneered and cocked his gun to shoot me.

‘Wait,’ another guy said. He walked to me, grabbed my chin and scrutinized my face. I have to admit, he was quite sheen, not sheener than Ted but definitely something. He was blonde, I hate him. ‘Bring her along, she’ll do well with my collection of whores.’ He pushed my head and stomped off.

When Ted kidnapped me, I thought I was in trouble, now I know what trouble really look like.

To be continued.

Poor Cookie, from one to one.

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