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Sweet but psycho episode 28


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

⭐ Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ⭐

😋 Segment 28 😋

Note: this chapter contains violence, brutal one that will get you angry, bear with me.

💚 Ted 💚

I had always been a ruthless killer, one who didn’t think twice before firing a bullet, one who had no heart and felt no soul. Everyone who opposed me all died by my bullet or hands, some kept their fvcks to themselves, caving like the cowards they were. There was no soul that dared be rivals with him that lasted long; all died sooner than usual. I would always smile in victory after a successful kill, reliving the memories of my enemies all dropping dead or their agonizing cries when I torture them to death. It was a turn on for me, almost sadomasochistic but it wasn’t exactly that way at all. Though I never admitted it, I was starting to grow tire of that lifestyle; wake up, train, run, eat, regular work, mafia business, kill, demand respect and the over all of them, women in my bed after a stressful boring day. I was starting to hate my life, hate the way all my rivals were easy to take down. If I really wanted then, it would have been easy to end Lucius but I loved the challenge.

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I started throwing all my frustration on the women I slept with, made sure they begged for mercy whenever I fvcked them. Most passed out, many bled profusely and most left with scars and injuries…. Geez! I was turning into a real Sadomasochist! And I didn’t know! It all surprisingly changed after Cookie came into my life. From the very day I saw her singing like a psycho in a café, I was drawn to her. Yes, I met her much earlier than the day I kidnapped her.

I had gone there for business, use the small café to get my parcel when she climbed on the counter to entertain the customers for reasons best known to her. Her voice, hips, face, cray hair, everything called out to me. It was alluring but I kicked it off. For a week, my desire to have and curiosity to know more about her made me kept going back to her. I became a crazy stalker, followed her everywhere she went, kept tabs on her every movement. I became obsess with her yet I couldn’t approach her for reasons I don’t know; something held me back.

Finally, I let go of her and moved on, that same week was when I found out she was the friend of who I wanted and I used that as an opportunity to take her without anyone questioning my actions. My obsession turned into bigger feelings and that is what landed me in my present predicament.

Bruce stared at me as I signed the docvment with a straight face, there was nothing worth smiling for in this miserable life of mine. Bruce wanted to talk to me about Cookie for days but I had been ignoring him, shot his arm one of the time I lost my cool. I wanted to prove to everyone, especially myself that she meant nothing to me, that I was still the despicable Ame Allen. I intentionally kicked her out of the building and got her fired to show her that I didn’t care.

‘There, everything I have spent years working on is now yours,’ Craig said bitterly. I took the docvments and smirked at him. ‘Am I free to go now? With my family?’

‘But Craig,’ I pouted tauntingly. ‘Don’t you want a job again? I can offer you a job so you won’t live in the streets…oh yeah, you still have your house and wife’s business. Nevermind, it was nice doing business with you.’ I stood up and walked out, throwing the docvments at Bruce.

‘I forgot to thank you for shooting my favorite hand,’ he groaned as he struggled with the docvment. I chuckled.

‘Favorite hand, really Bruce?’

‘Don’t look at me, I lived with a psycho for weeks.’

He had to ruin everything. ‘Get the jet ready, we are leaving first thing tomorrow morning.’


‘Bruce please, I don’t want to hear about her, about my past.’

‘If you don’t hear me out, you will regret when you hear about it later.’

‘Enough Bruce!’ I snapped. ‘You are talking to Ame Allen, not Cookie Carol!’

‘It’s Cookie Carlisle actually,’ he murmured. I reached for my belt, he ran off immediately.


Later in the evening, I packed my belongings into my bag, eyes fixed on the television displaying Cookie’s apartment. I still monitored her, waiting to see if she would return after storming out five days ago. I killed myself by watching her change, lustfully watching as she slipped every single piece of clothing off so she could wear something s£xy. I watched her fix her bra on, ogled her norks before she imprisoned them…fvck my life, I watched her shower thrice. It ended me with severe blueballs, one not even self pleasuring nor another woman could stop. I tried three to get my mind off but all my body wanted was the girl I was hurting, the one who hasn’t return for days.

Bruce walked into the room with his head down, sulking over something. ‘Don’t judge me Bruce,’ I sighed. ‘I just hope to see her one last time, maybe to…nevermind.’

‘Ame, if you trust me as one of your men, if I have served you faithfully for years, please hear me out. I don’t want to convince you about her, I have bad news instead, reasons why she is yet to return.’

‘She left New Zealand, didn’t she?’ I asked sadly.

‘Worse, Xeroc has her.’

‘You are kidding, right?’

‘I’m fvcking serious, Xeroc has Cookie.’

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‘How?! I thought I instructed one of the bastards to watch over her!’

‘He did, he kept his eyes on her but when Xeroc attacked the club she went to, he couldn’t do anything because he was just one person. Plus, you instructed him not to go close to her no matter what happened or you would grind his head.’

I sat down on the bed, suddenly feeling a powerful hammer on my head. My chest tightened as I thought of everything she would be going through, all because of me. Karma has come haunting me by using the woman I lo… ‘How? Why did he attack?’

‘His rival was there, Cookie happened to have been having troubles with him when the attack came…’

‘Bruce,’ I cried. ‘I can’t get her back, she’s… My God!’ I face palmed myself, this is all my fault!

Xeroc Logan, head mafia in New Zealand and one of the men who hates me but prefer to remain silent. That was my first problem. Two; he was a profession sadomasochist, a graduate. Cookie would go through hell in his hands. I could easily go to him and demand he gives her to me but that would rise suspicion and endanger her life. I couldn’t just stomp into his house without having a reasonable reason for attacking him. I’m so screwed!

‘Bruce, dig in on Xeroc, call River and whatever you have to do, find out a stain in Xeroc that will warrant me to raid in there and attack. If I attack, I can take her back…’

‘It has been five days, he would have already broken her beyond redeem by now.’ I winced.

‘Cookie is a strong girl, she has to be okay for me, she will fight and survive.’ I convinced myself, she has to be okay. Karma please, leave her out of this.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I sank my teeth into my lip as the whip latched on my back mercilessly, I was tied down on the bed as Xeroc flogged my [email protected] back. He had subjected me to belt whipping, punching and strangling, starvation but I was not submitting to him. He wanted me to beg, to wail and plead for mercy while he fvcked the life out of me. I wasn’t giving in, I wasn’t accepting defeat or showing the crazy algolagniac that I was one who would satisfy his sick s£xual pleasure with my agony. Without me crying and begging, he wasn’t enjoying raping me one bit.

‘You stupid bitch! Just cry!’ He roared angrily. The good thing was that he wasn’t going to kill me until he breaks me and I rather die than let him do that. He huffed out, pulling out his cock from me and laughing like a psycho. ‘You are impossible!’

‘Or you are not fit for this job,’ I couldn’t help my witty remark. He roared like the animal he was and pounced on me, throwing blows wherever his hands could reach. I was more than glad that most time he punched me, my face was down, I only suffered from slaps and few punches. He yanked my head up and squeezed my skull together. I cried out from how painful it felt, causing a m0an to escape his mouth.

‘Now, that is the sound I like, let it out sweet Nicole, I wanna hear you weep…’


‘You will break or eventually die,’ he spat, crushing my jaw roughly. He threw me down and stomped out of the room. I remained tied there, finally letting my tears flow. My life was a mess, all I wanted was to die. I still had a wound on my stomach where I was stabbed earlier that day, how I was still alive was a miracle. The chief maid here just patched the wound up, I would probably die of infection.

My ribcages were broken, most of them. My spine hurt, I was hungry, I had scars allover my body and bruises on my face. Without doubt, I knew I would never remain the same if I should ever survive this. Do you want to know the most funny thing about it all? I was still hoping Ted would come, still hoping he would save me because he was my only hope. If he didn’t save me, I was screwed. Why wasn’t he here yet? Why haven’t he come bursting in scintillating in all his glory? Have he left without checking up on me? Does he know but left me to my fate?

At first I hated him, but the more I hoped on him, the more I forgot about my hate. I don’t know why, I couldn’t hate him no matter what I tried. Whenever I went to sleep, there was this voice whispering to me that everything would be alright, that I was not alone and I should never hate Ted for what he was, how he was. I listened to those words, listen to the whispers and hoped. Coco was my Knight in shinning armour, he would definitely come or later wage war against Xeroc after I die.

I thought of mom, Carolyn, Yolanda, Ursula and Bruce, my friends. I thought of my life, where was it leading to anyways? Where was I heading to? Six days now, still no Ted.




‘Nicole, Nicole,’ the chief maid called softly as she lifted my head, I was slowly losing myself, seeing darkness calling on to me sometimes but avoiding it. The good thing was that the chief maid was a herbalist, once that is. Since Xeroc left after that night, he hadn’t sent for me for the past two days, so she used that opportunity to treat me well. She had given me herbs, covered my body with them to heal the scars. According to her, the herbs would burn the upper layer of my skin off, peel off the scars and reduce the swell. Speaking about swell, my face was terribly swollen with my stomach.

‘She’s getting worse,’ Lola, one of the victim of Xeroc’s madness sobbed. ‘Poor Nicole.’

I chuckled and winked at her. ‘Are you kidding me Nicole! Stop being cute when you are about to die!’

‘Should I be ugly then?’ I giggled, despite the pain.

‘Nicole please,’ she sobbed. ‘You have to be strong…’

‘If I wasn’t strong, you wouldn’t be talking to me right now.’

‘You are joking with your life,’

I managed to raise my hand and made funny gestures. ‘Better laugh than cry.’


‘Madam Alicia!’ Another girl, Sherry shouted. He had a lot of women in the house, nasty and cruel ones. She ran in breathing heavily. ‘Xeroc is back! He is very furious and asking for Nicole…’

‘No!’ Alicia shouted. ‘Tell him Nicole died this morning…’

‘Mom, you can’t risk your life for me, I’ll be fine.’

‘If I tell him that, he will dismiss me.’

‘And if he finds out later?’ Lola asked. She rolled her eyes and stood up. ‘Mom, don’t do anything stupid, not when your life is in the line.’

‘Can I get a knife?’ I asked in a whisper.

‘Don’t even think about it Nicole, they will kill you after you finish killing their boss.’ Madam Alicia said as a matter-of-fact.

‘At least I will save you all from s£xual harassment, don’t stop me mom, I beg you.’ I pleaded. After three minutes of pleading, she gave me a small hairpin knife.

I was carried to the bastard and dropped on his bed, I already had everything figured out. The idiot kicked the door open and stride in with a menacing smirk. ‘Wow! Your skin is starting to heal, I’ll fix that.’

‘Good evening to you too boss,’ I said sarcastically.



‘I have a special gift for you,’ he said with a singsong, waving out a long chain. ‘Ready for another round of torture?’ The chain had spikes allover.

‘Please, don’t whip me with that, I can’t take anymore,’ I faked a sob. I thought of everything he has done and cried, convincing him that I was submitting. He came to me with satisfaction, his stupid bulge visible through his pants.

‘I want more!’ He yelled sadomasochistically. He whipped the chain on my body, the chain wrapped around my forehead, piercing into my head. A genuine scream left my mouth, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I collapsed on the bed. He didn’t stop there, he whipped me seven more times with the chain before mounting on me for another section of his brutal rape. I slowly closed my eyes, letting go as tears ran down my cheeks to his delight.

Don’t give in Cookie! Stand up!

With an energy I didn’t know I still had, I removed the pin from my hair and sank the knife into his throat. A loud gasp left his mouth as blood gushed out of it. I twisted the pin to make sure he died completely. I pushed him off me, he was still jerking. I weakly reached for his half drawn down pants, took his gun and carried a pillow. ‘See you in hell.’ I closed my eyes and shot him repeatedly until the bullet finished. The pillow silence the bullet sound.

Now, to wait for someone to arrive and kill me.

💚 Ted 💚

None of the men stopped me as I stomped into Xeroc’s house, my own men stationed in New Zealand had their guns pointed at each of Xeroc’s men. fvck reasoning! fvck any single damn evidence! I came to collect her, to hell with what they would say. I angrily shot every soul that I crossed, men, women, all of them!

‘Xeroc!!!’ I roared, pushing the door to the room I was told he was in open. I stopped abruptly, seeing the scene before me. Xeroc laid dead on his bed, blood sinking down the white bedcover. I averted my eyes to a dark corner where I noticed a slight movement. ‘You, come out!’

The person crawled out weakly, my heart sank to my stomach as my blood went cold. She fell on the floor, clothes ripped and blood flowing out of too many part of her body. ‘Hi Coco.’ She chuckled. I rushed to her, kneeling down and carrying her into my hands.

‘What have he done to you,’ am I crying? I touched her face, almost unrecognizable. I looked at her entire body, he had badly ruined my Cookie. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know on time, I couldn’t come for you on time. I’m so sorry Cookie, for everything I have caused you, for all the pain…’

‘Can you save your cheesy apology for later? I’m dying slowly, I can barely keep myself alive here.’ She whispered.

‘Right,’ I carried her up carefully and rushed out. ‘Did you kill him?’

‘What do think? Please don’t kill Madam Alicia, Lola and Sherry, please let them live.’

‘Stop talking and keep your eyes open, don’t give in to the darkness, okay?’

‘I’m trying.’ I stopped as Bruce came in front of me.

‘Oh my God,’ he breathe.

‘Pick out a certain Madam Alicia, Lola and Sherry, get them out of the house before setting the bomb, all must die.’

‘With pleasure,’ I ran off with her. I still couldn’t stop blaming myself, blaming my useless self. Don’t worry Cookie, you will never be out of my sight again. I will protect you with my life this time, even against karma.


To be continued.

Sorry about the atrocious brutality, it has to be this way.

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