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Sweet but psycho episode 29


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

⭐ Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ⭐

😋 Segment 29 😋

💛 Ursula 💛

I sighed as I washed the dishes, a woebegone expression on my face. I was having the worst weeks of my life. First, life was so hard getting use to without Viona, no one except Bruce was there to make me laugh. I was okay at least, it wasn’t that bad but when Bruce returned with Ame almost two months ago and I saw what that monster have made her gone through, I knew life was going to get hard. Thanks to Madam Alicia, most of the scars on her body had completely disappeared and thank God her skin was one of those delicate ones that don’t keep scars. If it was mine, many of it would still remain.

Vee changed, like in the bad way. For all the years we had been together, Vee had always been the fuel that ignite my fire, she made me the confident woman I am today. I really was a shy low self-esteem person back then, until I met her. I always knew she was a strong woman but after hearing and seeing for myself the evidence of what she went through, my mindset about her completely changed, she was now like a goddess to me. Anyways, that was by the way, when I said change, I meant change. Viona no longer talks, she had not spoken a single word to anyone since she woke up, didn’t smile, didn’t laugh, she was the exact opposite of Viona.

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I had spent nights in Bruce’s arms crying myself to sleep, every time I would look at her and try to talk but she would only look at me with distant eyes, ones filled with pain and agony. Yes, she didn’t let the bastard see her weakness, she remained strong until she killed him, but at the end, he still succeeded in winning even in death. Vee was broken, very very much broken and repairing her was difficult because she never listens or even pay attention. When she wasn’t looking at space, she was reading, playing a videogame, painting and eating. At least her eating was still intact and her painting skills had tremendously improved.

The one person that suffered it most, – that is if he cares – was Ame. Unlike everyone else who Vee would stare at absent mindedly, with pain or a small assuring glint in her eyes, she stared at Ame like he was the devil – which he is – that must stay away from her. The cloud of coldness and hatred in her eyes whenever he came to check on her was so thick, all her veins and teeth would bare out to exaggerate how much she wished he died along with the one who caused her so much pain. I had never seen her like that, Ame led her to the trouble she faced and for that, I hated him too.

‘Hey,’ Bruce whispered, wrapping his hands around my waist as he rest his chin on my shoulder. ‘You okay?’

‘Have I ever been? How’s Vee? Is she getting better?’

‘We both saw her three hours ago and the answer is no,’ I whimpered. ‘Come on Ursula, don’t be like this again, not another tears.’

‘Why won’t I cry! She is no longer…’

‘Vee would be fine, I assure you that.’

‘That is what you always say but now, it has been almost two months and nothing is yet to happen!’

‘It isn’t easy Ursula, you of all people should know how it feels to suffer s£xual harassment from a algolagniac, Lucius was one.’

‘I know, but I didn’t expect it to break her, Vee is stronger than th…’

‘If it was you, would you have survived it?’ He asked wryly, I wouldn’t. What I faced with Lucius is no way close to what Vee faced, and she was still alive. ‘Look,’ he turned me around and cupped my face. ‘Psycho is stronger than this, she will overcome this at her own time, I promise you.’


‘As long as she is alive, there is hope.’

I pouted and smiled. ‘How did I get bless with a darling like you?’ I asked smilingly.

‘You went on your knees and crawled after me,’ I frowned, he had to ruin it. ‘What? I spoke the truth.’ He said with an innocent shrug.

‘Mtcheeew,,’ I turned around to continue the dishes. ‘Go away, I need to concentrate.’

‘Or…?’ He drawled suggestively. I elbowed his stomach with a laugh.

‘Don’t you ever get tired? What happened to thirty minutes aga or rather what have we been doing for the last three hours? Bruce leave me alone.’

‘You know when it comes to you, I can never get enough, pl…’ His phone rang from the living room. ‘Not now! I’m in the middle of begging here!’

‘That ringtone is for Ame, better go pick up before he kills you for me.’ Honestly, Ame is affected by Vee’s condition, especially when she looked at him. I hadn’t seen him express that much but he took out his anger and frustration on everyone that crossed his path, including Yolanda. I don’t even know what to say about Ame and Vee, I just hope this doesn’t end bad.

💚 Ted 💚

I furiously punched Leone in the face, channeling all my frustration into one punch. Leone staggered back, crashing on the floor with a heavy thud. That was what I took to doing, finding all my enemies and pouring all my frustration and anger on them, including the people around me. I thought I was going nuts in her absent, but now I had gone completely insane.

Where was I? In a Mafia meeting, for them to criticise me about my recent erratic behavior.

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‘Ame, can you please calm down! He was only speaking his mind!’ Dominic shouted.

I laughed humorlessly and glared at him. ‘No one has the right to speak when I speak…’

‘You fvcking ran my brother over with a car! He did nothing wrong!’ Leone shouted back. ‘You ended his life grues…’

‘Just the way he has end many.’ I cut in.

‘Ame, what is wrong with you? First you killed Xeroc, Lucius, turned Rico into a refugee, destroyed all his properties, ran Hank over with a car continuously until he was completely scattered on the ground, locked his son up and many more, including turning Maximum to your personal punching bag. What is that all about?’ Cephas Newton, the only man I respect ask with concern. ‘Tell me Ame, have you been taking too much drugs?’

‘That is not a question to be asked,’ I snapped.

‘When were you going to tell us that you have been acting this way because of a woman?’ My heart skipped, that was one of the men that wanted me out because to him, I was too young.

‘What are you talking about?’ I asked coldly, trying to keep my composure.

‘Tye here informed us that you attacked Xeroc because he took your girlfriend, killed him and now you have been acting this way because Xeroc have completely broken her. Is that true?’ How did he know?

‘The lady in question is the woman I have chosen to be my wife, bear my heir. I told Xeroc, showed him my wife because she wanted to live in New Zealand for a while. What did Xeroc do to me in return? He stabbed me in the back, abducted my fiancée and turned his madness on her! What did you expect me to do! Tolerate his betrayal! You should see what he did to my woman! He have ruined her completely…’

‘You are killing everyone…’

‘I do not care about the woman! I don’t care about what happened to her but what pains me is his betrayal, the audacity he had to humiliate my name by sleeping with my woman! Worse! She killed him herself before I could, I never could kill him myself and that is very frustrating!’

‘She killed him herself? Carlos, can you explain while this maniac try to relax?’ Cephas asked calmly.

‘Her name is Viona Reed, twenty three years old lady. She is no weakling but suffered nine days of starvation under brutal rape, stabbing, whips, beating and…’ Carlos shivered dramatically to add effect. ‘If any of you should see her, you will understand that Ame’s anger is justified. Viona killed him before we came by plunging a pin knife into his neck.’

‘Is she still alive?’

‘Have you seen a walking corpse? Her emotions are shattered. I am very sure Mr Tye Travis can relate to this incident since his first wife suffered the same thing.’

‘I have reasons for killing them, all the ones I have killed. You all know the rules; the woman I choose must not be defiled by anyone else but he dared me. I don’t give a fvck what any of you have to say, whoever questions me will meet devil sooner than they plan!’

‘Ame, that is unacceptable…’ I pulled out my gun and shot him in the head, one of the Philippine mafias. They all stood up, except Cephas of course.

‘Anyone else have any objections?’ I sneered. They kept shut. ‘Good, glad we could come to an understanding.’ I stood up and stomped out of the room, huffing and puffing. I miss her, her witty remarks and annoyance. My life have never felt so empty before.


‘Not now Cephas!’

‘Would you stop walking and let us talk?’ He asked calmly, always so calm. I puffed and stopped walking, turning around to face him. He was a tall man with claret eyes, ivory skin and natural white hair, too handsome for his old age. ‘Why don’t we have a drink?’

‘Why don’t you let me kill you?’ I asked frowningly. He chuckled and patted my shoulder.

‘Come with me young man.’




I slammed the empty cup of beer on the table and sighed, I had lamented all my troubles to him like always. Cephas might not be my father, but I had always seen him as a better one; calm, too polite, nice buy yet dangerous when he wants to be. I could tell him everything and yet not fear, because he would never rat me out. I trust him more than Carlos and all my men.

‘You really are in a tight situation,’ he chuckled and sipped from his beer. He understands me because he have always openly talked to me about his first love, how it all ended badly. ‘What do you intend to do?’

‘What am I suppose to do? I don’t know how to pacify her. I know she is not insane, just redrawing because of her hate for me and…’

‘You want to know your problem? Your major problem?’


‘You don’t know when to swallow your goddamn pride and say sorry, you don’t know when to apologize. That lady went through hell because of you, that lady suffered because of you. The least you can do is swallow your pride, admit your wrong and apologize.’


‘Do you want her to forgive you or not? You and your father share the same problem, not being able to apologize when necessary.’

‘You can’t blame me,’

‘I blame you.’

Yes Ted, I blame you.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

Oh my God! Acting is so hard! It has been hell for me keeping quiet and playing agonized with so much people around me. I wanted to talk so much, laugh and yell and pester every living soul but I couldn’t. Bruce first initiated the idea, said that it would be bad if I forgave Ted just like that. So, with the help of Madam Alicia, Bruce, Carlos and their doctor, I had managed to play the mentally derange young lady. Every time, my mouth would itch me to speak but one of them was always there to pinch me or give me a look to shut up until I was use to it. It was easy with Ted, all I had to do was picture him as Xeroc and it was done.

If he doesn’t apologize soon, I’m going to break.

‘Cookie,’ someone whispered softly, making me flinch. I knew who it was so I prepared my mental image of Xeroc. ‘Cookie, how are you?’ I looked at him with hate, trying hard not to picture Ted instead. He ran his fingers into his hair and huffed, battling with himself. ‘Look, I know…God…’ I rolled my eyes away. He came to the bed and sat down, cursing under his breath as he stared at his feet. He smelt so nice, weeks of torture was frustrating. ‘Come on Ted, swallow it…’ He muttered.

Just apologize already! What is so hard in that!

‘Look Cookie…’ He trailed off. I heard him swallow before he stood up. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes and saw him going on his knees. ‘I’m fvcking kneeling now, pay me attention, please?’ I kept looking ahead. ‘Look, I’m sorry about what happened to you, all I have done. Technically, everything so far is my fault, along with your sharp mouth and annoying… Er…I mean, I am so sorry – God this is so hard – I would have gladly taken it all back if I could, make him pay for what he did to you and everything I…I don’t what to say…. Cookie, please forgive me, I don’t know what to say, I am sorry, I really am – fvck this! I hate apologizing – you see I…what am I saying?…’ He continued to twaddle as he made humorous gestures with his hands.

I was finding it so hard to not laugh, stifling my laugh was hell. He pouted and face palmed himself, dragging it down with frustration. He continued twaddling as his eyes water. I was breathless now, the way his lips moved, the glow in his eyes, the glint of sincerity. Everything about what he said made me realise that he was deeply sorry, with full honesty.

‘…so you see, I am sincerely sorry, very sorry and in need of your forgiveness,’ he said shakily. ‘I want you back Cookie, I don’t care if you will drive me insane again, I just want my Cookie back…’ He clasped his hands together. ‘I know my apology won’t change what you went through but please, have mercy and forgive me. I promise to do anything you want…’ And there was the words I was waiting for. I smirked and looked at him fully, blinking my eyes nonchalantly.

‘Go away,’ I said softly. He sighed sadly.

‘Please, think about it, for my sake.’ He stood up, looked away fast – so I won’t see the tears in his eyes – and walked out. Time to be Cookie again!


‘What the fvck! Who the hell locked me out of my own room!!!’ The shout made me fly out of bed. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, where am I? I looked around and remembered that when Ted went out for mafia business, I walked into his room, locked the door and blocked the door with everything my hands could reach. Let the torment begin! ‘Who’s in there!’

‘Go away Coco, you are disturbing me! Go away!’ I shouted.


‘Yes, your queen, get lost, I’m rearranging your room…’

‘What the fvck Cookie! Get out of my room!!!’

‘Get lost!’ I sat up and threw the duvet away, time to taunt him. ‘Oooh! Is this a baby picture I see?!’ I called out with a giggle.

‘Open this door!!! Don’t touch anything in there!!!’

‘I’m really exhausted, Coco. Say! Let’s put a pin on this topic and come back to do a raincheck in twenty thousand years!’ I shouted gigglingly.

‘Open this goddamn door Cookie!’ He roared as he slammed himself against the door. I inspected my nails with a smirk.

‘We live with people Coco, don’t wake em all up with that shout of yours!’ I sang out teasingly.

‘Dad, is everything okay?’ I heard Yolanda ask.

‘Mind your fvcking business kid!’

‘I was only trying to…’

‘Cookie, before I count to ten, open this door!’ If there was one place he hated letting anyone enter, its his room. I was feeling on top of the world, glad I still had the ability to make his hair turn gray and of course I patted myself on the back for my great achievement.

‘Cookie, is that you?’ Yolanda asked quizzically. ‘Or is he hallucinating again?’

‘Yolanda baby!’ I called out in a singsong and giggled at her gasp. I fell on the bed as Ted stamped off. I made bed Angel, relaxing in my victory.

‘Cookie, guess who’s back?’ He had to return and ruin it. He sounded very suspicious, too calm. I sat up and peered at the door like looking into it would give me X-ray vision.

‘Coco di di ya ya, you are back, impressive. I won’t blame you though, you can’t resist me because I’m awesomely graceful and all you ask for.’

‘One more time I will command you, open this door or else?’

‘You would bow to me.’ I said loudly. I heard him let out a very maniacal laugh before he walked off. I couldn’t hear his steps again, I stared at the door with a little fear.

He won’t hurt me, right?

Tap, tap, tap!

He tapped the door, making my heart jump into my mouth. With a loud laugh, he kicked the door, crashing his feet or whatever he was using on it. I scrambled to the edge of the bed with fear that the door could hurl towards me and kill me. Another loud bang had me on my feet, shivering as I mentally cursed myself for the idea. With every kick, the house trembled, the sound roarer along the halls, echoed in my room and reflected in my heart. I walked to the end of the room, just in case.

Wait, why am I scared?

I hissed and walked over to the water dispenser, turned myself a glass and went to sit over at the armchair. I scooted the chair closer to the show, sat down and crossed my legs, smirking as I stirred my glass of water. I knew I was in deep shit when he gets in, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the show and annoy him more. So, I did what Cookie would always do, call out some helpful tips on how to break down his impossible door, reminding him to put his back into it and mocked his manliness.

‘Come on Coco, is that all you have got? My grandma can kick better than you.’

‘I’m really going to kill you!’

‘Temper, temper Coco, very bad thing. Are you done throwing a tantrum yet like a kid?’

‘Tantrum, I’ll show you tantrum!’ And that was how he kicked the door open, the hinges and bots flying off as the door stumbled over the furniture I used in blocking the door. He stood there breathing heavily, his eyes as cold as ice.

‘Whoo! Bravo!’ I cheered, clapping for him for finally breaking in. To say he was angry was an understatement, he was furious! His eyes were blazing red, fists clenched, teeth grinding together and breath as sharp as a knife. I bit the inside of my cheek, smiling sweetly as I twinkled my lashes. ‘Now, you would need a new door, a very good and stronger one. Hey! I know a g…’ I was cut shot when he leapt forward, yanking me by my arm off the chair so I could stand. ‘The way you flew just now, it almost made you look like a ballerina.’

‘Cookie,’ he growled. I grinned and flicked his nose.

‘Morning Mí Coco, how have you been?’

‘Don’t you dare play cute with me!” He roared. I wiggled my head and winked at him.

‘You know I’m cute, that is what makes you…’ His grip around my arm tightened. ‘Are you gonna…’

‘My poor room!’

‘Look good, right?’

‘For fvck sake!’

‘Are you gonna kill me?’

‘Kill…’ He said like he was being strangled. His eyes twitched, he left me and went to rest his head on the wall, his hands above his head. I walked to him and patted his back comfortingly.

‘There there big man, it always helps to count from one to ten, it works for me.’ I offered him kindly. He spun around sharply, I jumped back and waved at him. He stomped to me and did what I didn’t expect, he pulled me into a hug, a warm heart melting hug.

‘Thank you, for returning to me.’ I relaxed in his arms, holding his bicep which was up against my mouth.

‘Just promise me you won’t do anything to hurt me again, I won’t be able to survive another one.’

‘I promise,’ he whispered.

‘Attaboy!’ He chuckled, rubbing the small of my back. We stayed there for what seemed like forever before I remembered something. I pulled back and smirked at him. ‘Now, you said something about you doing anything to get my forgiveness?’

‘Oh fvck,’ he cursed. I grinned and wiggled my brows at him. ‘Me and my big mouth.’ He cried. Indeed!


To be continued.

She’s back! They are back!

Don’t worry, this time, he won’t be an asshole.

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