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Sweet but psycho Episode 30


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB)

😋 Segment 30 😋

💚 Ted 💚

How the mighty fall…

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‘There is no way in this fvcking life that I going to step out of this building wearing this rubbish!’ I yelled at Cookie who had a grin on her face. So, eventually, I am to take Yolanda and her out to the amusement park and a long list of things we must do alone and with Yolanda. The worst thing about it all was that she would be the one choosing what I will wear. She turned my beautiful white shirt and pants to pink and now with all the combo of beads and chains and ribbons, I look like a giant walking lollipop!

‘It’s not that bad dad,’

‘Not that bad! I look like a giant lollipop!’

‘Actually, you look like a birthday wrapped giant lollipop,’ Cookie giggled.

‘Whatever, I am not going anywhere dressed like…like…’ I dragged the shirt. ‘This!’

‘Didn’t I tutor you about shouting all the time? Speak to me with a reasonable pitch and stop yelling like a mad man advertising his d!ck in a market square.’ She said with a dramatic wave of her hand. I glared dagger at her.

Keep it in Ted, don’t react.

‘Dad, you look really cute. Totally brings out the cute in Ted.’ Yolanda giggled and winked at me. I cursed under my breath and glared at the reason for my humiliation.

‘You made a promise that you will do whatever I say…’

‘I said, not promise…’

‘Coco di di ya ya,’ she sang smirkingly, her new threat. I whimpered, this is so unfair.

‘Remind me in my next life never to stay close to women,’

‘In your next life, you will probably be a bear.’

‘Why aren’t you wearing rainbow yourself?’ I asked pettishly, I miss her rainbow self. She changes hair and eye lens like she changes dresses. Now she was spotting neon coloured pink and sea green hair, only that this one was a wig. Her eye colour for the day was red, bright red. Who in their right mind uses red? Well, she don’t have any sense anyways.

‘So I will look like an idiot like you?’

I snorted. ‘You look like a sick witch in that neon colors, a very sick one.’

‘Jealous much,’ she smirked looking away.

‘Jealousy, of such sick colours, on pe-lease.’

‘Sat, since I’m your fashion designer for the coming days, what would you say I make you wear a teddy bear suit with a giant bow on your head!’ She squealed, clapping her hands.

‘Oh wow, you can force me into wearing it.’


‘Stop doing that!’

‘Stop what?’ She asked innocently.

‘The Coco thing, quit it.’

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‘Tsk, make me,’ I glanced at Yolanda who was looking at us like we were two empty headed children.

‘Let’s just go squish…’

‘Mitten!’ She interjected clapping her hands. I face palmed myself. She swayed to and fro, nodding her head as she grinned at me.

‘Can we go now?’ Yolanda asked with an eye roll.

‘Onward!’ Cookie squealed and skipped out. What she was wearing was another thing but what do you expect from someone wearing neon coloured wigs. I pulled my shocking pink baseball cap down, hiding my face from the men as they glanced at me. This is so humiliating.

‘What the fvck…’ Carlos who was yelling at a girl with frustration said after looking at me.

‘Not another word,’ I threatened, pointing my index finger at him. He swallowed and grinned, stifling his laugh. ‘Shut up!’

‘But I haven’t said anything y…’ He ended up snorting out a laugh. ‘Sorry, what happened to you Ted?’ I growled at his question and glared at the cause. She wiggled her brows at me. I hissed and started muttering curses to myself.

‘Er, Carlos…?’ Oh no, not Bruce!

‘I swear, if you d…’ Too late, he already started. I huffed and snatched the car key to my black BMW ×6 car from Carlos who was now laughing. ‘Get in!’ I growled at the two girls.

‘Shotgun!’ Cookie shrieked and ran to the passenger seat, Yolanda could care less. ‘Hey Lola, what’s up?’ She asked the girl Carlos was yelling at.

‘I’m fine,’ she said glaring at Carlos with hate. What did he do to her? I looked at her and smirked, his kind of girl.

‘Wipe that smirk off your lips and come drive this toy you call a car!’ Yolanda shouted. I turned and looked down at her tiny body. ‘Sorry daddy.’ I sighed and walked over to the driver’s seat, ignoring laughing Bruce and his comments. I opened the door and slipped into the car.

Life is hard for me now, Cookie is an uncontrollable nut case.

‘Bye people I love!’ She shouted, sticking her head out of the window as I drove away. Her ass were set out, pointing at my face. Now I’m seeing it, she does have some good stuff behind her and her small waist compliments her big behind.

‘You know,’ Yolanda started. ‘People tend to die in accidents because of distracted drivers like you.’ I rolled my eyes back to the road.

‘Yolanda, did you know that Bruce and Ursula are together now?’

‘Oh no, I wasn’t staying in the goddamn house all the time you have been away,’ Yolanda voiced out sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, brat. I glanced at Cookie’s wiggling ass, she was dancing to the music playing. ‘What the fvck dad!’ Yolanda yelled. I turned fast enough to sway the car out of the way of the truck. Cookie fell back inside, hitting the side of her head on the dashboard.

‘Are you okay?’

Woman,’ she groaned in pain. ‘Are you trying to get us killed!’

‘Woman?’ I chuckled. ‘I don’t blame you.’

‘That what happens when you shake your big ass in a man’s face!’ Yolanda shouted. Cookie turned around.

‘Talk to me like that again and I will slap the fvcking shit out of your misshapen face. Don’t insult me because you can’t give birth to me, is that clear?’ Cookie asked coldly, the glare in her eyes made me smile. Yolanda kept her mouth shut, looking out of the window. Cookie looked at me and pouted.

‘Ignore her,’ I mouthed. ‘You did the right thing.’ She nodded blushingly and faced the compartment.

‘I suppose you have a gun here?’ She asked, opening the compartment door. ‘Wow! Two guns, seriously? I was expecting three thousand…’

‘Inside a compartment, really?’

‘What kind of gun is this?’ She asked, staring at the gun in fascination. I looked at it and back at the road.


‘And this one?’

‘Combat pistol,’ I said uninterestedly.

‘This is a second generational block, idiot.’

‘And how would you know, I’m the expect here.’

‘I’m not a gun novice, I had my chance to learn because I befriended all the…almost all the bad boys in Naples and Verona.’

‘Then why ask…’

‘Oooh! Emerson CQC-13 knife!’ I looked at her amusedly. ‘What? I love to know my stuff.’

‘Yeah, you do.’ I smiled and looked ahead. She shut the compartment and stylishly pocket my knife, I just ignored her.

‘Ted, tell me about your childhood.’


‘Must you always go for the no all the time? Should I tell you about mine first?’

‘Don’t care.’

‘I’m going to talk anyways,’ she curled my legs up and smiled goofily. ‘Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess…’

‘Back up, what are we talking about here? What happened to childhood story?’

‘I thought you didn’t care,’ she smirked. ‘Look Ted, my pestering nerve isn’t that high today’s, don’t stress me.’

‘Can you keep quiet?’

‘You want me to make some noise? Sure, no problem…’

‘Please don’t do whatever is running in your mind right now, I beg you.’

‘Back story, now.’ She commanded. I sighed and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel.

‘Just ask me what you want to know,’

‘I have a lot, promise to answer all?’

‘Relevant questions only.’

‘Why did you send me away? Just curious.’ I glanced at her, she was looking at me intensely.

‘I sent you away because I was getting too fond of you,’ I admitted. I exhaled and closed my eyes. ‘I feared and still fear that if I get too close to you, I will end up caring a lot about you and that will only get you killed. I didn’t want the situation where I would be forced to kill you like my father did my mother.’

‘So let me get this straight, you didn’t want to fall in love with me because if you did, you would end up killing me?’

‘I didn’t say love, I said care, care Cookie, CARE!’

‘Can you argue with me with your eyes open? I didn’t survive death only to have you kill me again.’ I opened my eyes and glanced at her.

‘I don’t love you, I just care about you like…like…my sister, the one I lost.’ I lied sharply.

‘Sister?’ She asked with a frown in her voice. I looked at her and sighed, she can’t know. ‘Then why did you save me again? Kicked me out of my apartment and got me fired?’ Honestly, I did that with the hope that she would com looking for me and I would condition her to go with me.

‘Because I was upset, you had a man in your apartment…’

‘And how did you know I had a man in my house?’ She sneered.

‘Er…I was watching…don’t ask me stupid question.’ Smooth Ted, real smooth.

‘You haven’t answered the other question, why you saved me.’

‘When Bruce informed me, I couldn’t help the sense of déjà vu, when my sister got abducted too.’

‘God of Elijah,’ Yolanda muttered. ‘Some people can lie.’ I looked over my shoulder and glared at her.

‘You won’t need to tell me, I know he loves me even if he wouldn’t admit it,’ Cookie giggled. I laughed humorlessly and stopped at a red light.

‘I don’t love you,’

‘Nokay,’ she smirked and pushed her head out of the window. ‘Hey boys,’ she called out to the car with four guys.

‘You have got to be kidding me,’ I muttered.

‘Hey beautiful!’


‘Wow! I love your voice!’

‘Waou,’ I said unenthusiastically.

‘Where are hot men like you driving to dressed up in your big boy suits,’ she’s mocking them.

‘Why? Wanna join?’

‘Maybe,’ she purred. I wind her window up from my angle. ‘Hey!’

‘Sit down and look straight ahead. Don’t flirt with those men.’

‘You said I’m your sister, you can’t marry your sister, or can you?’

‘You are not getting married!’

‘I’m almost twenty four,’

‘And so?’

‘Why can’t I?’

‘Because you are two young for marriage.’

‘I am not,’ she whined. ‘I want to marry Sylvester, he’s my spec.’

‘You are not marrying anyone!’ I yelled, feeling my anger rise up. ‘I am better than Sylvester and you are not marrying anyone else because you are mine!’

‘Sister,’ she whistled. ‘Little sister.’

‘You are not my sister!’

‘You said that,’ she sang.

Easy Ted, you are falling for her tricks again.

I exhaled and glared at her. ‘Fine, get married, I don’t care.’ I spat angrily.

‘So I can date Sylvester now?’ She asked with excitement.

‘No!!!’ I thundered.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

God, Ted is too easy to mess with. It doesn’t take much for me to push his button and I love that. Well, I am good at pushing peoples button and Ted is my favorite. He kept grumbling and huffing and puffing and cursing throughout our stay in the amusement park. Yolanda and I made him miserable, forced him to play games, ride everything available and drank lemon juice; he hates lemon juice. We won a lot of toys, got souvenirs and made him carry everything. By the time we were done, it was 4pm, enough time to frustrate him once more and that was what led is to the present situation; him carrying mumbling and shuffling four paces behind us as we heaped all the clothes we bought on him.

It was epic!

‘Give me that red satin dress over there,’ I said calmly. The lady climbed up to get it, she took it and gave it to me. I pressed the dress against my body. ‘Do you think this dress will pull attention?’

‘Yes,’ she smiled.


‘This shoes would go great with it,’ Yolanda said, smiling dreamily at the pair of gold shoes. ‘Oh my God! This would go so well with that blue one.’

‘Yolanda, red dress here?’ I called out.

‘Oh, sorry,’ she looked up at me and scrutinize the dress. ‘Beautiful, will do great for any dinner party.’

‘Eggactly!’ I exclaimed and threw it on the heap in Ted’s hands.

‘One more dress and I will collapse,’

‘Be a man dude,’ I smirked.

‘Can someone give me a bag or something?’ He cried. The three ladies helping us giggled.

‘Moving on,’ I said walking off.

‘Aren’t you done yet?’

‘Still have skirts and jackets to check on…’

‘Oh come on!’

‘Carry TC, carry,’ I sighed. We laughed at him. 7pm Yolanda and I were walking to the car laughing and chattering like teenagers while Ted struggled with all of our bags. We branched other places in the mall, to his dismay. He stuffed the bags in the car while we kept talking.

‘fvck! What are you talking about with a kid!’

‘Polite insult,’ Yolanda pouted. ‘I will have you know that I am smarter than a seven years old…’

‘Well la di dah, get in the car. Tomorrow is another miserable day.’

‘Are you going to cry?’ I smirked.

‘fvck off.’ Okay, he’s stressed out. When he started driving, I turned on the music and took d for a song be would like. As funny as it may sound, Ted is a jazz lover, at least one of the music branch he loves. I smiled as he smiled, singing softly to the stupid jazz song playing.

‘Spare my ears the pain and kill me now,’ Yolanda cried. You have said it all Yolanda, you have said it all.




I yawned exhaustedly, stressing as I walked into my room. I sniffed and threw my bag on the bed. My shopping bags had already been arranged by the maids, he bought me a phone and laptop. I bathe and walked out of the bathroom in my towel. What I didn’t expect was to see Ted standing in front of my bathroom door. Ted didn’t give me the chance to speak, he immediately picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and slammed his honey coated lips against mine. I gasped at the sudden proximity, that was unexpected. He grind his hardening length against my core and m0aned in my mouth. I pushed my head back.

‘Ted, what are you doing?’

‘Kissing you, what else?’

‘I’m your sister,’ I said frowningly, that word still hurt.

‘fvck that useless term, you are not my sister and will never be.’

‘And what am I to you? Some fvck buddy.’ I scoffed, feigning annoyance.

‘You know you are more than that to me,’ he bit down on the soft skin on my sensitive spot, making me gasp again. He roughly grabbed my [email protected] through the towel and squeezed it.

Flat [email protected] alert!

Shut up me! Don’t make me feel bad about my chest!

Hold up, don’t let him have s£x with you Cookie, snap out of it!

‘Ted’ I snapped, he was busy leaving marks from my neck to cleavage. ‘Ted, you are doing it again! Remember our agreement?’ He didn’t stop, he loosened my towel instead to get access to my chest. I suddenly felt insecure but he didn’t mind. He pushed me up and nipped my tit with his teeth. I threw my head back and m0aned, starting to enjoy the feeling.

Ted’s ringing phone saved me, he groaned and dropped me. ‘Excuse me…?’ He brought out his phone and answered the call. ‘Miner…? Yes, why? Hmm, I see,’ he looked at me for a second. ‘Alright I will be there in thirty…no, not yet…hmm, see you.’

‘Duty calls,’ I said, tying my towel back on.

‘To be continued.’

‘Not in your life,’

‘We’ll see, goodnight.’ He turned to leave but turned back and stole a kiss before running out so I won’t nag. I bit my lip and touched it with a smile, my cheeks heating up.

One thing I succeeded in finding out that day; Teddison Mí Coco Allen was starting to fall in love with me.

To be continued.

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