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Sweet but psycho episode 31


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥💧 Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💧🔥

😋 Segment 31 😋

¶¶¶ Unknown ¶¶¶

I tapped my temple lost in thought, thoughts of how to get to Ame, what to do to kill him once and for all. I had been trying for years, since he took over his father. The insult, having a child control me, living in fear because of a child. Ame wasn’t easy at all, it was easy to have allies and kill his father but himself is a hard nut to crack. I thought Yolanda would do, convinced Rico to abduct her hoping that he would help me fish out his weakness but the kid is just like her father. That is what I have been doing, indirect attack.

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If Ame should find out I was the one encouraging all the idiots to attack him, I would be dead.

‘Sir, can I come in?’

‘You are already in,’ I snarled, puffing out smoke from my mouth.

‘I’m sorry sir, the ladies are here to entertain you for the night, should I let them in?’

‘Yes,’ he pushed his head back out before opening the door. Four women trooped in, all in their underwear, just the way I like it. ‘You are dismissed.’

‘One more thing sir,’

‘What,’ I snapped. ‘Go to the bedroom, I’ll be there in four minutes.’ I instructed the women, jerking my head towards the bedroom door. They smiled and walked off.

‘Your daughter is here, throwing a tantrum that we let her in.’ I rolled my eyes and waved him off dismissively.

‘Daddy!’ Her shrill voice called.

‘Not again,’ I muttered. My daughter, Dinah walked in, pushing Hezekiah out of the way. ‘Dinah,’ I forced a smile. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Is that a way to welcome your darling daughter after five years of seeing her?’ She asked with her nasty grin, just like her mother’s. She sat down beside me, hugging me instantly as she giggled.

‘You can leave us Hezekiah,’

‘Thank you sir,’ he walked out and shut the door.

‘Oh daddy, I’ve missed you all this time I have been away. I missed your touch and your lips and hearing your m0ans while you…’

‘Dinah please,’ I sighed. She ran her fingers down my bare chest seductively. ‘Stop it Dinah, we have discussed this before, no more of this.’

‘But didn’t you miss me? Didn’t you miss the girl you love? I missed you.’

‘What do you want Dinah?’ Don’t get s£xually involve with your psychopathic daughter, she can get obsess and too attach.

‘Daddy is sad, why is that?’

‘Go home Dinah, I have things to deal with…’

‘Things like Ame Allen?’ She asked grinningly. ‘I know daddy wants him dead so much, so Dinah have been busy working it out.’ She giggled.

‘What have you done?’

‘You know Dinah is a gorgeous lady, right?’ She asked with wide eyes, swaying as she hugged her knee. I nodded. ‘So beautiful you left mother to fvck her and just her, right?’


‘Then you love her, right?’

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‘Yes, I love her.’

‘Dinah got a job as a maid in Ame’s house because she’s beautiful. She seduced one of his important man, made him love her so much he brought her into the house as a maid, well, personal s£x girl but better than anything. I live in third house now, or at least from tomorrow evening I will. Once I get in, I will get you as much information as I can. Is daddy please with this information?’

‘Very please,’

‘Then make love to Dinah so she can do a great job for daddy, no?’

I nodded, she’s not completely useless after all. Getting someone on the inside would be great, they will never suspect it.

I can’t wait to see Ame dead.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I laid upsidedown my bed, sighing at interval as I stared at my ceiling. Ted never came home so I slept in Yolanda’s room. Then in the morning, I exercised, worked on my gymnastics, helped the maids clean up before Ursula came and we decided to taunt some boys by dressing s£xy and washing the cars. Ursula, Lola, Sherry and three other girls did it. I already formed my group of s£xy girls. You should have seen us in our ripped jean shorts and bikinis. I wore a halter neck crop top with strap back because I was afraid of my small [email protected]

It was fun watching the men drool, whistle, fall and try to help us just because we were s£xy. On a normal note, they would have come and snatch any girl they like but Yolanda was there with us, practising her ballet while I supervised her. And Ted literally yelled at all the men that if they disobeyed me, he would offer them as sacrifice to the gods. I’m so happy being in command, not that it mattered anyways, I already had all the men wrapped around my slender little fingers.

So, after taunting the men, we played a prank on River, Carlos and Barrow. It was epic! Someone’s hair fell off completely, the other turned blue and the last one became a balloon. I so much love myself. We had a good laugh about it, did a sing along, showed off who knew how to twerk most – Sherry won, I came second place – and then did catwalks in bikinis and heels.

I nailed it!

To conclude our fun day, we had a feast and slept off hugging each other in the third living room. When we woke up an hour earlier, Bruce came to take Ursula and the rest had to go back to work. Lola and Sherry now works here, not as s£x workers, but as normal workers. Lola being a cooking champion, joined Madam Alicia in the kitchen, she and our chief maid kicked off nicely. Sherry on the other hand went for gardening as that have been her passion all her life.

I gave Yolanda an assignment to make three artwork; sketch a little girl hugging a tree, paint the rainbow in the midst of beautiful clouds and birds flying around it and take five perfect shot of anything related to nature. For a girl who is learning, she is awfully good at it, too good. She wanted true inspiration, true connection, so she went out to get it from anywhere with heavy guards. Yolanda is taking her dreams seriously, with all meticulousness.

The point is that, I’m bored and alone. My room door opened, I knew who it was before looking. His scent goes before him and whenever my stomach starts fluttering, I know he’s close by.

‘Hello Mí Coco,’ I smiled.

‘Hey, you are alone?’

‘Mm hm, everyone is busy so I’m just here, counting the dots in the ceiling.’

‘Hmm,’ he stroke his chin. ‘Well, it’s just after four,’

‘I know!’ I exclaimed and puffed. ‘So much time to do stuffs and yet no friend to do the stuffs with.’

‘What would you say we head out? Just you and me?’ I turned and laid on my stomach, a excited grin already making itself known. He ran his hand through his hair nervously. ‘I thought about what I did to you again, what I made you go through, what I…’

‘Ted, we have discussed this before, as long as I have forgotten you, you can’t hate yourself.’

‘I know but yesterday, last night when I loosened your towel, I saw some scars that are yet to heal, some that might never heal. I didn’t think about it at first but the moment I got into my car…’ His voice was clouded with guilt, regret, patheticness. He looked at his feet, unable to look me in the eyes like a boy afraid of talking to his mother. ‘I saw the scars, it is my fault you got all that. Your beautiful skin is maimed because of me.’

‘Coco,’ I called softly, sitting up on my knees. ‘The one thing my mother made me understand is that everything happens for a reason, nothing in this life ever takes place for no just course. I know you feel very bad, but look at it from this angle, you are nicer to me now and actually care because of what happened. If what happened is the only way to bring out the boy in you, then I will gladly get hurt more…’

‘Don’t even say that,’ he said with a boyish smile. ‘You almost sounded like a sane human just now…’ I wanted to boast but he cut me off. ‘Almost.’

I rolled my eyes but still smiled. ‘Don’t feel bad, okay?’

‘I’ll try. Anyways, in my state of guiltiness, I prepared something fun for you.’

‘You? Fun?’ I snorted.

‘Oh come on! I’ve been working on it all morning. I made sure I got every detail right, according to what you like…did I?’ He scrunched his nose and shook his head. He started listing as he counted his fingers. He looked so cute, really adorable! I shook my head and got off the bed to get dressed. ‘Do you like chocolate rice?’

‘Yes, I love it.’

‘Oh, cream cheese, fried potatoes…’ I rolled my eyes and walked to my wardrobe to get dressed. He later left to get things ready while I picked out something. I went for violet high-rise jeans, green camisole and green bondage boots. I packed my hair into a ponytail and curled the tips up. My hair color for the day was violet with green eyes, the outfit just seemed so right. ‘Cookie! Are you ready?!’ He shouted from my room door.

‘Yeah, coming!’ I shouted back. I grabbed my makeup kit and ran out, tucking my phone into my pocket. I threw my jacket over my shoulder, a violet jacket.

‘Violet and green, really?’

‘Really,’ I giggled.

‘Cookie,’ he said, taking my hand. ‘You look beautiful.’ He kissed the back of my palm, his eyes locked with mine. I blushed sheepishly, smiling at him like a fool.

‘Thank you,’

‘Let’s go, we don’t have time on our side.’

‘Yes!’ I redrew my hand and ran ahead to the elevator, it’s just so great! I pressed the elevator button and jumped in. He walked in too and pressed the down button. I sat on the attached chair in the elevator and started working on my makeup. It didn’t take long before the door dinged open. I stood up and walked out still handling my makeup. When we got outside, I saw Carlos grumbling with a face cap.

‘You!’ He snorted contemptuously.

‘Me!’ I squealed and laughed. Lance sneaked up behind him and removed his cap.

‘fvcking hell!’ Ted shouted. Everyone around burst into laughter. Carlos snatched his cap and wore it back, glaring at me. ‘Wow! Baby bum,’ he laughed. He bent over on his knees, laughing as he pointed at Carlos. ‘Cookie, you are fabulous.’

‘I know right,’ I smirked.

‘You should see River, he’s blue and Barrow is now an air balloon.’ Lance laughed.

‘Oh, I have got to see that…’ Ted ran off to check while I still laughed.

‘I’ll kill you!’ Carlos yelled and charged at me. I squealed, running around as he chased me. I laughed, my stomach was starting to hurt. Carlos caught me and dragged my wig, wanting to rip it off. I removed his cap and knocked his head. ‘Ow!’


‘Carlos, get your fvcking hands off my g… Vee!’

‘She shaved me,’ Carlos whined.

‘Off!’ He let me go. I ran back to Ted, clapping my hands. ‘You are a menace.’ Ted chuckled.

‘I know!’




I sang as I beat the dashboard, nodding my head to the song playing as Ted drove us to wherever he was taking us to. He glanced at me sometimes and sneered, assuring me that I was irritating him. Delightful!

‘Ted, I love singing, sing along.’




‘No, no
Oh, no…’ I sang, he sighed.
‘See you walking ’round
Like it’s a funeral
Not so serious
Girl why those feet cold?
We just getting started
Don’t you tiptoe
Tiptoe, ah

Waste time with a masterpiece
Don’t waste time with a masterpiece
You should be rolling with me
You should be rolling with me, ah
You’re a real-life fantasy
You’re a real-life fantasy
But you’re moving so carefully
Let’s start living dangerously

Talk to me, baby
I’m going blind from
This sweet-sweet craving
Let’s lose our minds
And go fvcking crazy
Ah ya ya ya ya
I keep on hoping
We’ll eat cake by the ocean
Walk for me, baby
I’ll be Diddy
You’ll be Naomi, whoa-oh
Let’s lose our minds
And go fvcking crazy
Ah ya ya ya ya
I keep on hoping
We’ll eat…’

‘Stop singing.’

‘Sing along boo.’

‘Stop or I will drive back home.’ I cupped my mouth but still tapped my foot and danced to the song.

‘… you licking frosting
From your own hands
Want another taste
I’m begging, yes ma’am
I’m tired of all this candy on the dry land
Dry land, oh

Waste time with a masterpiece
Don’t waste time with a masterpiece
You should be rolling…’ He parked the car at a field, a man was there holding two horses.

‘What are we doing here?’

‘Horse riding,’

‘Eek!’ I squealed. I took off my seatbelt and got out of the car. I ran to the horses and clapped my hands.

‘Good evening m…’ I nodded and went to removing the rein and everything holding the horse.

‘What are you doing?’ Ted asked.

‘I challenge you to a born free race,’

‘That is not a thing,’

‘You in chicken?’

‘Challenge accepted,’ he walked to his own horse, a strong black horse with strawberry blond mane. Mine was snow white, so white her coat glowed under the sunlight. I jumped on the horse and waited for him to get on too. ‘On my three…’

‘Three!’ I laughed and kicked my horse, making him or her run off.


‘Slowpoke!’ I shouted back. Where were we running to? Nowhere, just went with the flow.

I laughed as the horse sped through the field into a forest, running as fast as I let him go. The wind gushed against my skin, cooling me off and singing to my heart. His horse dashed pass mine, he winked at me and ran ahead. ‘Come on Snowy, run!’ I cheered my horse who I now call snowy. It ran after Ted, it almost felt like he was taking me somewhere. We kept chasing each other, me overtaking at some point and him later taking over. I saw his horse’s butt, the space and I couldn’t help but go crazy Cookie again. I stood on my horse, making sure I didn’t fall.

‘Cookie! What are you doing!’ I jumped over the distance, flipping myself in the air to control the gravity. I landed at the back of his horse with my hands. I swept my feet circularly and sat down. ‘You are insane!’

‘From birth!” I shouted back with a laugh. I wrapped my hands around his waist and rest my head on his back. ‘Better.’ He shook his head and laughed.

After running for sometimes he stopped at a lake. The sun was setting already. He jumped down hurriedly and carried me down. His horse went over to mine who followed us. ‘Come on,’ he pulled my hand and dragged me up to a cliff. He made me stand facing the lake and then blindfolded me.

‘What is this?’

‘Don’t spy, okay?’

‘I’m curious,’

‘You’ll ruin the surprise.’

‘Eek!’ I clapped my hands. ‘I love surprises!’

‘Then be a good girl and wait,’ I tapped my foot and waited for what seemed like forever before I finally felt his hands on my shoulders. ‘Do you know why I chose a black horse and you white?’

‘Pretty sure I chose it myself,’

‘Her,’ he corrected. ‘I knew you would go for the bright one because that is what you are, a bright light. Black is dark, like the night. The rubbish I’m trying to explain is that you are the light in my dark world, the crazy colour…God, I’m saying rubbish again.’

‘It’s okay,’ I giggled. ‘Messages received. Can I see my surprise now?’

‘Of course,’ he removed the blindfold.

‘Wow,’ I breathe. The sun was setting on the lake so beautifully, giving it a shimmering glow. The lake looked like a thousand stars were dwelling on top of it, like the moon goddess – if in existence – favoured it. The sky, now that is another exceptional thing. The golden skyline was filled with vivid blues and pinks, and softer hues of violet and rose and lavender. The clouds took the pinks and roses and the rest the sky itself.

It was breathtaking!

‘Like it?’

‘It’s…it’s… So beautiful Coco, I love it.’ I gushed.

‘Just as this sight leaves me breathless, that is the same way you leave me whenever I look at you…’ I turned around to face him. ‘Yes Cookie, you leave me breathless, absolutely breathless. You are as beautiful as this…this… Whatchamacallit… Sky-blue pink. You have somehow found a way to become the sunrise and sunset of my life. I don’t know how to put it all in words but I just want to assure you that you are very important to me…’ He cupped my cheeks while tears ran down. ‘I might not show it, say it at all, but you are very important to me and I will stop at nothing until you are happy, until you are safe. I haven’t sort out my feelings yet or find out where you are in my heart. Nevertheless, please give me time to figure it out, to accept it. I assure you that I will try my best to be a good man for you, the man you want me to be. Please don’t leave me, don’t hate me, even if I end up doing something bad in the future. Can you do that?’ I nodded. ‘Give me time, okay?’

‘Just shut up and kiss me,’ I sobbed. He chuckled but as he was about to kiss me, I saw the surprise behind him. A picnic under a beautiful glowing tree! ‘Coco!’ I squealed and jumped on him. He laughed.

‘I’m thinking you love your surprise,’


‘One more thing, I give you permission to call your mom, check on her.’

‘Thank you,’ I sobbed.

It was the best thing he had ever done for me. So even as I talked to mom, I couldn’t stop smiling and feeling my love for him grow to another level. That evening, I ate as much as I wanted, so much I couldn’t walk again. He had to carry me back to the horse and then to the car.

Memories came back as I slept off in his arms, on his bed. The feeling was warm, it was perfect; we were perfect.

Hold up first, before you start thinking rubbish. I didn’t sleep with him, just kissed until my lips swelled.

Calm down.

To be continued.

😊 and the trouble begins. 😁

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