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Sweet but psycho episode 32


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

💦 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💦

😋 Segment 32 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪


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That was how I felt watching Ted dress up as he walked around the room, answering phonecalls and going through a file at the same time. I wasn’t helping him with anything, all I did was to wake up, exercise, work on my gymnastics and do whatever else comes my mind. I need to do something, need to help him, show him that I can be useful to him in other ways.

‘…I said I will be there in thirty minutes, stop panicking!’ He yelled into the phone. ‘No, I am not on my way yet so stop questioning me!’ He inhaled and continued walking around. I sighed and drummed my fingers, what do I do to assist him? His mafia work was already a huge work load, yet alone his normal work. He needed assistant. ‘Okay, bye.’ He hung up and picked up his second ringing phone.

‘Won’t you take a break?’

‘No, I need to g… Ciao… Dove si trova D’Amato?… Ah! Sì,..’ He changed to Italian language which I was yet to start speaking but I can understand it better. I smiled as an idea came into my head.

‘Coco,’ I whispered.

‘Just a sec,’ he mouthed. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, to wash my hands again while I wait for him to finish the phonecall. I came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed, curled my legs up and smiled at him. He picked up his briefcase.

‘I have to go now, see you when I see you, okay?’

‘Nokay. You can’t just walk out of here like that without compensating me, what if I die before you get back?’

‘And what – if I may ask – is going to kill you? Just tell me who or what?’

‘Boredom, loneliness, sadness, rejection…’ I said dramatically. He rolled his eyes.


‘Yes, I got rejected by joy community, don’t you think I deserve better in life?’

‘Dio, questa ragazza è guai,’ he muttered. He said I was trouble, how rude. ‘Sì signora, what may I do for you?’

‘Can I go out? Check on my café?’

‘Urgh, really?’

‘I will only be gone for an hour, nothing more.’

‘Fine, but Carlos is driving you.’

‘That will be suspicious, I don’t want attention. Trust me Ted, I won’t get hurt, I promise.’


‘Arch! My stomach!’ I yelled.

‘Cosa successe?’

‘Oh my stomach have been poisoned by rejection,’ he rolled his eyes. ‘Come on Coco, please?’

‘I don’t know,’ he sighed. ‘You can go but remember to take fifty guards…’

‘Coco,’ I laughed. ‘I’ll be fine.’

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‘Dress up, I will leave with you,’ I nodded and walked to the wardrobe to get dress.

Twenty minutes later, I was trying to convince Ted that I don’t need bodyguards, he is too stubborn. We were outside, his face emotionless as he insisted I go heavily guarded because he doesn’t want to take any chances.

‘Ted, I want you to trust me in this, I will be fine.’

‘What if someone jumps out of nowhere and kidnaps you, what am I suppose to do then?’

‘I know every bad boy in Naples, Verona and Florence, no one will kidnap me.’

‘Cookie,’ he whined. I twinkled my lashes at him and gave him my kitten eyes. ‘I’m not going to win this, right?’

‘Right,’ I grinned. He sighed heavily, running his fingers through his hair and messing it up. ‘Please Coco?’ I whispered.

‘Okay, but promise to answer all my phonecalls every ten minutes and if you see anything suspicious, return home immediately or call me and I will be there t… Maybe this is a bad idea, you can get hurt or kidn…’ It made my heart flip with joy, seeing him worrying over me as he pace around.

‘Big man, I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself.’

‘You sure? I can come with you if you want…’

‘And your work? Don’t make me call you the C name,’ I said threateningly. He sighed and nodded.

‘Chiamare un taxi, in questo momento,’ (call me a taxi, right now)

‘Sí,’ one guy bowed.

‘So, while I am out, I want to buy three candy baskets, two boxes of cupcakes, one gingerbread house, two big chocolate beverages and a new fluffy pillow, a big one.’

‘And do you have the money to pay for all the junks you just listed?’

‘No, but you do.’

‘I am not paying for…’

‘What is the point of having a rich boyfriend if I can’t spend his money? W…or am I dating myself here?’

‘Mio Dio, questa ragazza è un’altra cosa,’ (My God, this girl is something else)

‘Are we dating or not? Tell me so I will know my stand here,’

‘Sí Cookie, sí,’ he grumbled, stretching his credit card to me. ‘Just don’t use too much on junks that will kill you.’

‘I want to buy a giant gummy bear!’

‘Cookie, cautious, you might get a stomachache… Hammer, qui ora!’ He shouted. (Hammer, come over!) And I was wondering what he wanted to do with a hammer, does he want to kill anyone again?

‘Yay! Cab is here!’ I squealed, clapping my hands.

‘Waou,’ he said unenthusiastically. I ignored him and rushed to the parking cab but ran back again to give him a kiss. I threw myself on him, slow enough for him to catch me with his free hand. I lowered my lips on his, kissing him passionately, he reluctantly returned it. He was afraid of the public display of affection but I wasn’t. I pulled back, my legs still bent backwards in the air as his hand kept me in place. ‘Don’t die, please?’

‘Just getting coffee, chill.’

‘I hate this panicking feeling,’ he muttered.

‘Because you love me,’ I whispered.

‘Not that, love is a very strong word.’ He said frowningly. I laughed and jumped down from his hands.

‘I will pick Yolanda up from graphic class,’

‘You can only stay out for an hour, she has three more hours to go. Don’t push your luck.’

‘Sir yes sir!’ I saluted. He chuckled.

💟 Dinah 💟

All my life, all I ever wanted was my father, my own father to love and care for me like a father should. I was just a child when I started seeing my mother bringing men into the house and having s£x with them, not caring if I was around. I watched her killed my biological father that night when he returned from a meeting and saw her fvcking his best friend. They had fought and mom accidentally killed him but it doesn’t matter. I watched my own father die.

Five months later she was married to my stepfather, that cruel man who wasn’t satisfy with his wives. He raped me whenever mother wasn’t around and after he was done, he would inject me so I would forget. At first it was working, not until I grew immune to the substance, not until it started affecting my brain otherwise. Many nights I cried, many nights I suffered as he would take advantage of me but then again, I got use to it and decided to use it to my own gain. I am a psychopath, a lunatic by their making; a complete nutcase but, this psycho who is bound to die won’t leave without destroying her enemies.

When I went to college, I found love, someone who loved me for me. Everything was perfect, but then I messed it up by going clubbing and getting drunk. The next morning, I found myself on Ame’s bed, don’t know or remember how. I admit I loved it, I was glad someone did it but then he tossed me away like trash, like a common slut. I was going to move on, I was going to grow over it, but then I got pregnant for him.

It wasn’t that bad, my boyfriend thought he was responsible, he was super happy and ready to marry me. That morning, he gave me a ring, sang for me and in the evening, we went celebrating in a bar. That was when Ame’s men had a gunfire with their rival, my boyfriend died in the random shootout, shielding me from the bullet. My life was over, I aborted the baby and lost my womb. Death refused to take me so I vowed to use my bitterness as a means to kill two birds with one stone.

Ame will pay for my baby’s life, my boyfriend’s life and treating me like nothing.

My stepfather will die a miserable death. After I make him kill this pretty girlfriend of Ame’s, the one he is adoring like he should have done me, then Ame will release his wrath on him. Before then, I would already be killing him slowly, he would die as well.

Look out world, Ame Greg Allen is going to fall by my hands.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

Stuck in a bus with three arguing women, a grumpy man, two shrieking teenagers and a nursing mother whose baby won’t stop crying, I looked out of the window at everything I had missed, all I used to love seeing. The women were making my moment bad but I was ignoring them.

‘Donne,’ the grumpy man cursed under his breath. (Women)

‘Finally,’ I breathe as the bus came to a halt. I stood up, carried my bag and ran out. I already paid the guy. I ran straight to my café, praying that it was still in shape. I pushed the door open, the bell jingled. The sweet smell of coffee hit my nose hard, so nice and pleasant. I walked to the counter, looking around for any slight change and I wasn’t please at all.

The manager changed the colours, what sort of sick colour is this? Why is everywhere a mess?

‘Buon giorno signorina, and welcome to Cafe D’élite, cosa posso ottenere?’ The cute hazel eyed and head girl with glasses asked politely, adjusting the frame of her mediated glasses over her nose.

‘Buon giorno, vorrei un americano,’


‘You don’t have that?’

‘Sei, Americana?’

‘Sì, you do speak English, right?’

‘I am trying,’ she said with her cute Italian accent rubbing off on her English. ‘We ran out of Americano, anything else?’

‘Can I just get hot chocolate with ten black and whites,’ she tilted her head confusedly. ‘Donuts,’ I added. She mouthed a “O.”. ‘It’s been a while I came here, how is this place fairing?’

‘Pretty, except for the new painting.’

‘Yeah, what about that?’

‘The café was vandalized, the manager had to cover it up, but she is not so great at colours at all. She couldn’t get a hold of the real owner, so she bad to improvise.’

‘I see,’ she walked to the coffee machine to make my order. I brought out my phone and transferred some money into the manager’s account. I sent her a message, instructed her to use the money to maintain the cafe and turn it lavender, lime and white. I also instructed she changed the furniture to peach and white.

‘Here’s your chocolate and donuts,’ the girl smiled.

‘Grazie, what’s your name?’ (Thank you)


‘Nice meeting you Felicia, I’m Viona…’

💚 Ted 💚

I yawned tiredly, stretching on my toes as Carlos listed some work for me to handle. I was exhausted but rest wasn’t going to happen, I had a book of issues I must solve as soon as possible. Cookie already helped me with one but I still had like ten more to go. That is by the way, ten mafia issues and thirteen business problems.

‘You really need to start working on it, Fabio expect a reply soon.’

‘I will deal with it right now, Cookie is asleep, right?’

‘Yes, she called it a day very early.’

‘Odd isn’t it,’ I muttered. ‘Where’s Yolanda?’

‘Sleeping as well, she had a stressful day.’ He rolled his eyes.

‘She made you all eat vegetables again, didn’t she?’

‘If only that was the case, we were audience to her concert.’

‘Wow,’ I chuckled. ‘That’s the best way to spend your day, see ya Carlos.’

‘Cruelty,’ he whined. I laughed and stepped out of the lift and walked to my room. I didn’t branch Cookie’s room, I went straight to mine, took a bath, changed and went to my office to continue working.

‘Cookie?’ I asked puzzledly, she was sleeping in my office. Her face was over the keyboard, hands on the table and my books of issues opened. I walked closer to her and checked what she was working on. She created a docvment, listed out the issues, the date and gave the solutions to every single problem I had. I scrolled through it with mouth open, everything was the perfect solution. She must have spent so much energy and time doing this for me.

‘She wouldn’t eat you know,’ I flinched. I glared at Yolanda who startled me.

‘You know better than to startle me, I always shoot before looking… Wait, did you say she didn’t eat?’

‘Yeah, she only ate the donuts she came back with and didn’t even drink water again, the moment she started working.’

‘Are you sure you are talking about the same Cookie? She didn’t eat all day?’

‘I said she only ate some donuts. I guess she is trying to impress you, make you see that she is not just good at annoying the shit out of anyone and everyone.’

‘She solved everything Yolanda, she is too smart and stupid at the same time. Even I couldn’t have gotten everything done in a day.’

‘There is something about her dad, just something,’ we both looked at her as she started singing a ridiculous song. ‘You should take her to her room and dad,’


‘I have been feeling weird since yesterday, something is wrong somewhere. Viona came to me this morning, she said the same thing but wasn’t sure. Please, for my sake, for HER sake, be careful with what you eat and drink, what you wear, inhale, where you go and how to you get there. Cookie already ordered that every soul leave the first house and relocate to the second or the others. Herself, Ursula and Madam Alicia will handle the cooking for you now, no one else. I trust Madam Alicia more. She also banned anyone except Carlos from entering the house, River when summoned too. Tomorrow a new shipment of cleaning robots will arrive to take care of the cleaning.’

‘She gave all this orders?’

‘Since she returned, she had been acting more of a mafia queen than a sweet psycho. Her intuit must be bothering her.’

‘Hmm,’ I looked at Cookie and smiled, she’s not a complete child after all.


To be continued.

Wow! Now you know that Dinah is the real foe. She is underestimating Cookie and Yolanda.

Anyhow sha, let’s see.

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