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Sweet but psycho episode 33


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

💦 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💦

😋 Segment 33 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I wiggled my nose, something ticklish was rubbing itself against my nose, it was very ticklish. I pushed the thing away with a giggle and murmured that it leave me alone. I giggled more as the thing trailed all the way to my ear, it was so ticklish.

‘Cut it out Tickle,’ I giggled. The thing moved down to my lips, I rolled over and laughed.

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‘Wake up sweetie,’ I opened my eyes and glared playfully at Ted. He was tickling me with a feather. ‘Morning my… Sanity.’

‘Your sanity?’

‘You owe the key to me yelling one minute and pulling my hair or having me behave like a love struck teenage boy.’ He said with a beautiful smile, I smiled back at him, his face hovering mine. I raised my hands and cupped his cheeks.

‘Good morning love, I hope you slept well?’

‘Thanks to you doing all my work, I could rest.’

‘Did you check it out? If I got it right?’ I asked, playing with his cheeks. He reached down and kissed my nose, my forehead, my cheeks and kissed down to my neck. He took my hands and kissed the tips of my fingers as we stare at each other and of course, I giggled. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I don’t know,’ he said chucklingly. ‘I just find myself doing it. Cookie what are you doing to me?’

‘Coco, what are YOU doing to me?’ I asked back gigglingly. He laughed and knelt up, my legs between his. I sighed and sat up. ‘Did I do it right?’

‘Yes babe, you did it perfectly, even more than I could do in a day. Thank you.’ He smiled, I smiled back. I’m useful! I’m useful!

‘Coco, can I ask you something?’ I asked shyly, I knew his answer would be a plain no but I still had to try.

‘Anything for you,’

‘Can I get a job?’

‘No.’ He said plainly, so fast I am hundred percent sure that he said it before his brain registered it.

‘I’m jobless here,’

‘No, N-O, NO.’ He got off me and climbed out of the bed.

‘Ted please, okay let me focus on my gymnast career, please?’

‘It remains no.’

‘Then what am I suppose to do! Remain in the house like a fvcking housewife!’

‘We are not married, you don’t have to work either, I have enough to provide for us.’ He remained stubborn. He walked to the bathroom, I stood up and followed him.

‘You are not going to do that to me, you won’t imprison me just like that! Ted, if we are going to do this shit, you won’t fully control my life.’ I tried to keep my voice down as I walked into the bathroom.

‘I’m a mafia, you can get killed!’ Trust him to yell at me all the time.

‘I don’t care! I can’t live my whole life being trapped indoors, what would I be doing? I hate being in one place, I don’t like it. I am reckless, I love being independent. How do you think I would feel knowing you are paying my bills for me.’ I ended softly.

‘You have that pub, saloon thingy and your bookshop. You might not work there but you still receive payment every week.’ He said upsettingly, turning on the faucet of the bathtub.

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‘First of all, it’s a café, not a saloon or pub. Second of all, I can’t do this if I’m going to just sit down in this house all day.’

‘You can start by making breakfast for me, I’m hungry.’

‘Ted, please don’t make me stay in here. I know we can’t break up…’

‘We are never breaking up,’ he cut in sharply.

‘So please, let me do something with my life, I don’t…’

‘You are not leaving this house, ever!!!’ He thundered, making me flinch back and hit the door. I whimpered, my lips trembling. What was I thinking coming to a signory area; a signoria. What was I thinking falling in love with a mafia! I can’t live this life if I can’t do anything. He ran his fingers through his hair, cursing under his breath in Italian. ‘Look, I’m sorry for yelling, you are pissing me off. I don’t want to lose you like I lost Annalise, I don’t want you to get killed like Josie did.’

‘Now who the hell is Josie and Annalise?!’

‘Annalise is my sister, Josie was a friend.’ The way he looked away when mentioning Josie’s name made me get the clear picture of who Josie was to him. I scoffed and walked out of the bathroom. I stomped out to my room and locked myself in, away from everyone else. I sat down on my bed, opened my dresser and brought out my drawing book.

I design when upset, hungry or sad, it helps me cool off and pass time. I flipped through the designs I had drawn since I was sixteen. I have another full book of designs, but most of the designs in that book is what children will wear because you know me, I’m a kid at heart.

I angrily sketched a new design, biker flaming design to exaggerate how upset I was. Halfway through the drawing, he knocked at my door gently. I didn’t answer him. ‘Cookie, can you please open the door?’ I ignored him completely. ‘Cookie?’ I picked up my headphone from the nightstand, picked my phone that was at the top of my headboard and did what any sane Cookie would do when avoiding someone. I increased the volume so I wouldn’t hear a word he would say.

Now to focus on killing this growing anger. Minds, let’s get to work.

Okay, the first and most important question is why are you angry? The first voice asked calmly.

Is it because he doesn’t want you to move, or because of the Josie part? Asked the second.

Both! Both! Both! Both!!!

Voice two: Calm down and let’s talk quietly, so you won’t get a headache.

Voice one: why are you upset about the Josie part?

Because he never told me, okay maybe it isn’t necessary but if he had felt something for someone before, if it wasn’t hard for him to accept it, why is he being a jerk with me!

Voice one: how are you sure he even knew he was in love with her before she died?

Voice three: the question should be did he even love her? Maybe it was just fondness or likeness… The third who barely converse with me said.

Voice two: that’s true, maybe. You can never be sure except you ask him.

Voice three: and she shouldn’t bother you, she’s dead and is his past, you are the future.

I don’t see myself in any future with him, not with the way things are going, my minds.

Voice one: give him time Cookie, you know he is not use to all this and the fact that he have already lost two people will make it harder.

Voice two: I assure you that Coco will come around, you just need to be patient with him; tolerate.

Voice three: yeah, be the fool in your relationship. Two hot heads can’t work out you know. Like mom would always say, for a relationship to last, one must play the fool; be at the receiving end of most things.

Voice two: we are not saying you should be a complete fool or an idiot to be exact.

Voice three: we are saying you should learn to let things slide, know exactly when to dismiss issues that will cause you both problems. Do you understand this, Cookie?

Yes, I understand.

Voice one: good. Now stand up and go talk to him, assure him that you don’t hate and won’t me leave him before he turns his frustration on innocent souls like Yolanda.

Thanks guys, for always giving me advice.

Voice: two: but of course. What are we you for if we can’t advice ourself rightly.

You are better than my subconscious, we are always fighting; bickering.

Voice one: I’m pretty much sure that we are the same thing. Subconscious, voices in your head, all the same.

No, it’s not. Subconscious is the queen of the mind, at least that is what she acts like. One of this days, I’ll kill her.

Voice three: can you stop thinking and go talk to the frustrated man behind your door!

Voice one: I just realised something.


Voice one: he haven’t made any s£xual advances at you again, you guys haven’t even bad s£x yet.

Voice two: and what is the use of this information?… Voice two asked blankly.

Voice one: just stating out fact here.

Voice three: well keep your unequivocal thinking to yourself, she needs to go.

I shook my head to snap out of it. I sighed and looked at what I drew, beautiful. ‘Cookie please, let me in, don’t give me the silent treatment again, I can’t take it.’

Is he still there?

No, he is in Canada dabbing to your dumbness.

Ah, my old nemesis, subconscious, we meet again.

Just focus on what is at hand, your boyfriend at the door.

I giggled. It’s so exciting knowing I finally have someone to call that.

She laughed… I know right. It is strange, exciting and yet gives us anxiety; curiosity. Now we are on edge on what will happen next in our life.


But seriously Cookie, focus.

‘Right,’ I muttered. I slid out of the bed and stood up, didn’t bother wearing my slippers. I removed the headphone from my ears and pushed it down to my neck. I took in a deep breath and walked to the door, remembering all the voices advised. I unlocked the door and walked back to my bed. He didn’t waste time in opening the door and letting himself in.

‘Cookie,’ he called softly, his tone filled with hurt. I sat on the bed and went on to colouring the drawing. ‘Look…’

‘You forgot to shut the door,’ I said coldly. He didn’t say anything, quietly went back and closed to before making his way back to me. He sat on the bed too, very close to me. We remained in silence for minutes, if possible, hours!

He sighed and started playing with my hair. I let him play with it for three minutes before he spoke. ‘You are upset about the Josie part, right?’ I ignored him. ‘Look, Josie was just a friend, Bruce’s younger sister and Annalise’s best friend. She had no idea her brother or his somewhat friend was a Mafia’s son, she had no idea that she was the only one in the dark. She was like a sister to me, my innocent younger sister. She’s a little bit like you, very enthusiastic and genial, but easily intimidated.

If you are thinking I liked her, no. You are the first person I am having feelings for, the first girl I just can’t bear to lose. When I lost Annalise and Josie, it didn’t hurt that much, not as much as when Xeroc kidnapped you. You didn’t even die, yet I almost lost my mind. What will be of me if you do? I am trying to keep you safe, Cookie.’

‘How did she die?’

‘She attended a party with Annalise, got shot. The shooter mistook her for Annalise.’


‘Just okay?’

‘What do you want me to say? I have nothing else to add to this conversation.’

He whimpered like a puppy. ‘You always have something to say, don’t treat me like this.’

‘Do you read Greek mythology?’

‘Huh?’ I stared at him with big eyes. He smiled, getting the message. ‘So, what does my goddess want as peace offering?’

‘Eek!’ I squeaked in excitement. I picked up my phone and unlocked it, went straight to my gallery and tapped the picture I screenshot. ‘Here, see this?’ I asked, showing him the picture. He took the phone and checked the picture.

‘Toyshop?’ He asked with a snort.

‘Yes,’ I nodded. ‘They are launching their new toyshop, I want to be the one of the first people to get their free offers.’

‘What offers? Cookie, we are talking about toys here,’

‘What? I want to fill this room up with lots and lots of toys. Train station there, doll houses over there, teddy bears allover my bed and this room need more colors, so I will feel like I am…’

‘Yolanda is seven and she doesn’t ask for toys. What will a twenty three years old girl want with one?’

‘Ones,’ I corrected. ‘Want with ones. Also, I am Cookie, not Yolanda. I am a growing girl, don’t disturb my growtation.’

‘That is not a word,’

‘It is in the book of Cookies clever words, chapter ten page 292.’ I said with nose in the air.

‘Right…’ He drawled.

‘Will you buy it? Since I can’t go, will you go for me?’ I asked poutingly, with puppy eyes.

‘Sei scuro?’ He asked. (You sure?)

‘Sí!’ I squealed.

‘Bene, I will send someone to…’

‘The event is today,’ I whined.

‘Fine, you can get dress and go your…’ I squealed before he finished his sentence. I threw my pencil away and ran to my bathroom, still squealing. I so much love him!

💝 Carlos 💝

When Viona was frustrating Ted, I thought it was fun to watch him nag, whine, yell and be miserable but it is not fun. I repeat, it is not fun! The girl he brought back, her friend, Lola was making my life miserable! She wasn’t exactly what I liked in a woman, I love my women black but she was just exceptional. With her tan skin, tawny port brown waist-length hair and hazel brown eyes, she left me mesmerized. She didn’t have huge behinds like my usual brand of ladies, but she made up for that with her perky b00bs and sweet curves.

The problem now is that she is mini Cookie, no, another Cookie! She wasn’t as smart or physically strong as Cookie, but her mouth is worse. Easily scared out of her wit, but even as she cries in fear, her lips still moves. I had yelled, broke things, almost strangle her, but she won’t bloody shut up! She’s too annoying and I feel like dying.

‘Hey, dead man,’ she chirped, that is what she calls me.

‘Che cosa?’ I snapped. (What?) She ticked her tongue with pity and just walked pass without a word. She came back, I was wrong.

‘For the record, you look like my dead grandmother’s favorite butt cushion,’

‘Thank you, you can leave now.’

‘You are missing me, aren’t you?’ She smirked.

‘Miss you?! Are you nuts! You are a pain in the ass, a needle in my throat! I will never miss you! Ever!’

‘I can see right through your eyes, you love me so much you can’t live without me, oh,’ she placed her hand on her chest dramatically. ‘Touchy, I’m indeed touched. Don’t worry, when I learn to love ugly bulbheads, I’ll consider you. Maybe when I lose my mind.’

‘You don’t have a mind to lose because it is already lost!’

‘Io so,’ she giggled. (I know). ‘You see that? I spoke Italian!’ She squealed, clapping her hands. ‘Clap for me Dead man!’

Lei é carina… My stupid mind chirped. (She is cute)

Dio, I hate her.

‘I spoke Italian!’ She continued screaming as she ran off. I sighed and massaged my temples. Ted chose to come that moment.

‘Good morning,’ I greeted.

‘Is the offer to buy Bibiana’s Styles still open?’ He asked sharply.

‘Sí…? Why?’

‘I’m opening a fashion house for Cookie.’


To be continued.

Cough cough. Hey guys! I have nothing to say but yay for me!

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