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Sweet but psycho episode 34


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

πŸ’¦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) πŸ’¦

πŸ˜‹ Segment 34 πŸ˜‹

πŸ’š Ted πŸ’š

Ever walked with a candy angel? Like a real one on land? Well, you can try Cookie for a start. She wore different kind of pink, too much pink that made her look like a anime candy princess. Why? She wore one of those funny anime puffy gown with different kinds of pinks, another type of pink boots that almost reached her knees, gloves, jewelries, beads, hairpins, makeup and the very finishing top, her hair and eye lens for the day were pink. Each pink took either a paler, darker, brighter or neon shade. So yes, she looked like a anime candy princess.

Why I said she is an angel, everywhere she stepped in, a sudden bright light and energy flowed from her body and infected everyone else. They begin laughing and smiling like her, her aura was encouraging. The toy factory had different toy sections. Everywhere she branched, every single person she crossed, they all smiled at her and complimented either her voice, outfit, beauty or all of the above. Everything she asked for, she received double of it, even the ones she didn’t ask for, she received.

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So far, two cars loaded with all her gifts had already been delivered home with the order to set it in her room before our arrival. Right now, I was standing behind her with hands in my pockets as I stared at the president of the toy factory offering her a job as the face and ambassador of the company.

‘I swear Mr McLean, I would have loved to be the face and ambassador of this company but…’ She trailed off and looked over her shoulder at me. ‘This is my…’

‘Brother,’ I cut in. ‘And I don’t appreciate my sister working here.’ I said coldly.

Sorry sir, but this sister of yours is a star, one that will help this company rise. She has been going around encouraging people to buy for their kids and others just by smiling and talking. We have gotten a lot of gain, more than I expected we would get today. With her face and enthusiasm, we would be able to kick off good into business. I assure you that her pay will be satisfying, very very good for a start.’

‘I have my reason Mr McLean, I’m sorry. Sis, let’s go.’ I took her hand and pulled her along.

‘Don’t worry! I’ll talk to him and will get back to you within two days!’ She shouted. She’s confident.

‘I will be expecting your reply!’ He shouted back. I walked faster, not caring if she could keep up or if I was hurting her with how tight my grip was or how high the heels of her boot was either.

‘Coco, you are hurting my wrist,’ she whimpered. I ignored her as I opened the passenger door for her. I roughly shoved her into the car and slam the door shut. I walked over to the other side, muttering curses to that old man who has given us another reason to fight and have her snub me again. I got into the car too and started the engine. ‘Coco, can we talk about this?’

‘Can you be quiet!!!’ I thundered. She sneered.

‘You know you talking does not scare me, only encourages me to speak more. Since it’s quiet you want, then quiet you will get.’ She turned her head to the window, boiling with anger too.

Great, here we go again. What is wrong with me?

Simple, you are an idiot. You are driving her away Ted, get a hold of yourself.

She can get hurt.

And she can hate you if you keep behaving like this. Have you thought about that?

I don’t want to lose her, even if she hates me, she will still remain with me.

Have you forgotten she is Cookie? She might be stuck with you but she can also make you miserable until you kill her. Leave her be Ted.


Leave her!

My ears perked at the sound of sobbing. I looked at her as she tried to clean off her tears. I don’t like hurting her, seeing her cry…

Yet that is what you are doing, stop it Ted.

I clutched the steering wheel. I really need to stop being so possessive and over protective, too bossy and arrogant. I can have men watch her from a distance, protect her. I can make arrangement too. Stop hurting her Ted.

‘Cookie,’ I called softly.

‘Uhm?’ She replied with a sniff.

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‘I’m sorry,’

‘It’s okay, I will get use to it.’ I glanced at her, she wasn’t even looking at me.

‘Do you love fashion?’

‘Huh?’ She turned her face to look at me.

‘Do you love fashion?’ I repeated.

‘Haven’t you seen the colour blunder I wear? How I put the rain in bow?’ She asked lowly.

‘I saw what you drew, it was beautiful or rather is beautiful.’

‘Grazie, I do that sometimes, when I’m upset, hungry or sad and few times, angry. That doesn’t make me a designer.’ She said almost inaudibly.

‘You love designing but you don’t want to talk about it with me because you hate me,’

‘I don’t hate you, I just don’t like being controlled.’

‘Then why do you let me?’

‘Why are you keeping me?’ She asked back. I hate it when she gets in one of her serious or cold mode.

‘Haven’t you dreamt of becoming a seamstress or is it designer?’

‘I don’t want to talk to you about this, I don’t have strength to speak Ted.’ Great she’s calling me Ted now.

‘Please? I already said I’m sorry,’

‘Well, sometimes or maybe most times, I dream of designing and sewing a lot of dresses and have them shown off in a fashion parade or small fashion show. I love designing for kids mostly. Most of the designs I have drawn are mostly for children, there are adult ones too but you know me.’

‘Can you sew?’ She nodded.

‘Took an apprenticeship for a year back then, I used to sew all my mother’s clothes.’

‘So, if I should open a fashion house for you, what will you name it? How will you run it? Because I know your method is always different.’ I said as a matter-of-fact.

‘I’ll become Candy Cane! Madame Candy Cane!’ She squealed. ‘I’ve always wanted to be this mysterious mask fashion queen, the prodigy designer. Everything will be about me and rainbow, the fashion house would be Happy Rainbow!’ Yup, Cookie is back. She closed her eyes as she imagined how it would look like.

‘Do you have a drawing of how you want your fashion house to look like? How you picture it to be? Also, do you think that Happy Rainbow is a good thing? Like a good name?’

She opened her eyes and stroke her chin. ‘Well, now you say it, it doesn’t fully make sense. It would make people see it like a child’s play, I will change it…’ She tapped her chin in thought, I let her think in peace. I drove in silent for over seven minutes before she snapped her fingers joyfully. ‘New idea!’

‘Okay, can I hear it?’

‘I can open the fashion house with two branches, two separate sections. One which will be for children clothing will be labelled Candy’s Secret – Happy Rainbow. The other which will be for adults will be named Angel’s Wings… No, I will make it three, the Angel’s wings will be like a house for costumes, bikinis, and maybe fancy outfits for cops… I don’t know. The adult side would be named er…’ She tapped her chin again. ‘Oh Coco, help me out here,’ she whined. ‘How does Candy Queens sounds?’

‘Candy Queens? What is the Candy doing there?’

‘The fashion house put together will be Candy’s Secret because I will be wearing a mask and would be mysterious. Doesn’t that make sense?’

I chuckled. ‘It does. As for the Candy Queens, don’t you think it will delete men fashion?’

‘There will also be Candy Kings,’

‘Why not try Secret Queens or Kings?’

‘Hmm, that makes sense but I still like Candy, my name will be Candy… Oh goody!’ She clapped her hands. ‘It would be so nice then, but I am sure it will never happen.’

‘Your head lives too much in the clouds,’

‘Is that a bad thing?’ She asked, itching her head.

‘Back to my previous question, have any visual drawing?’

‘Yes! Drawings! I even had a model,’


‘Dad burnt it,’ she said sadly. Okay, who is this man again? ‘But no worries,’ she giggled. ‘I took enough photos of it before he did… Why you ask?’

‘Are the photos still with you?’

‘Yup,’ she popped. ‘Got it back from Google when you gave me a new phone… Is everything alright? Are you going to destroy my dreams too?’

‘Dannazione! No, I will never do that to you Cookie.’ (Damn!)

‘You are already doing it,’ she muttered. ‘Coco?’

‘You want me to accept the job offer, right?’

‘It is my second dream, please don’t take it away from me.’

‘When did it become your dream?’

‘Since I got the offer,’ she said sheepishly. ‘I promise to be a good girl if you do it for me.’

‘I can’t.’ I sighed.

‘I love toys, I really really love toys. They bring happiness…’

‘Too much happiness,’

‘Please Coco, don’t be the monster you are…’

‘E tu sono andando a caduta innamorato con questo mostro,’ I smirked at her. She rolled her eyes and hit my hand. (And you are going to fall in love with this monster)

‘Coco, be serious here.’

‘Give me ten reasons why I should let you go,’ wrong thing to ever say, she started gabbling. I don’t blame her, she was a kid at heart sometimes, an abnormal one. My head was starting to hurt with how much she was talking. ‘Please, take the job and shut up, please.’ I said tiredly.

‘Why? Just like that?’

‘PerchΓ© non mi piace vederti nel dolore,’ (Because I don’t like seeing you in pain)

‘You or me,’ she scoffed. I grinned.

‘Me, stop talking, you talk too much.’

‘I would have celebrated but knowing you, I rather hear the conditions first.’ Okay, is it possible to sew her mouth?

‘There is no conditions,’

‘Coco,’ she said in a singsong.

‘Don’t stand too close to any guy, don’t talk much with them, don’t let them touch you, don’t go out with them, don’t ever make any of them your friend or I will kill them all.’

‘Any other jealous conditions?’

‘Don’t be alone in a room with any man including Mr McLean, don’t let women in as friends too, they are Devils. Some are lesbians, I don’t want them to initiate you and take you away from me.’

‘Seriously Ted, lesbianism? Are you trying to insult me? With the way you are behaving, I will end up leaving you.’

‘Lei non potrΓ  mai lasciarmi,’ (You will never leave me)

‘I know,’ she sighed. ‘But you need to stop bossing me around, I’m not a kid.’

‘Don’t go out with women too…’


‘Che cosa?!’ I snapped. (What?!). ‘I Also need to get you a trackable bracket and ring and bug all your dresses and shoes. The most important thing now is that you need to start training, you need to start learning how to defend and protect yourself properly.’

‘But I can protect myself…’

‘I said properly, not minorly. Starting from tomorrow, Bruce, Carlos, Barrow, Lance and Sylvester… No, you like Sylvester so Georgia will take his place.’

‘I don’t like Sylvester, I have said it over and over again. Why can’t you get that into your head!’ Okay, she’s getting upset.

‘I’m not convince,’ I frowned. She sighed and face palmed herself. ‘Georgia will teach you.’

‘Who’s Georgia?’

‘Best female in our league,’

‘I don’t mind the training but why must so many people train me? Can’t you teach me yourself?’

‘Everyone of them have their own special way of fighting and their own speciality. I am always busy, that’s one. Two, I will teach you after they are done, I am not very good with training and that is why Yolanda is brutal.’

‘Everyone has their own skills?’

‘Bruce’s fighting technique is great, very great, better than any of my men. He is also a good teacher, a funny one. Carlos is more specialize with senses, he can fight in the dark much more stronger than with light. It is a weird style but that is his style. Barrow is good with explosives, bombs of different kinds. His fighting skills is lacking but you will still learn it. Along with the explosives.

I’ll have River teach you more about technology too, just in case. Lance is very good with guns, his middle names are Gun Hitman. He is more specialize at long range shooting, even if it’s from the sky, he is still good at it. Sylvester and Georgia are the same skills, weaponry, blades to be precise. Georgia is better because she expanded her zone, learnt how to use different kinds of blade related weapons…’

‘Like Chinese?’

‘She is Chinese. Her real name is Fa Yuerui.’

‘So, how are you special?’

‘I was hoping you would ask that,’ I smirked. ‘I know how to do all.’

‘You are kidding, right?’ I winked at her with a goofy smirk.

‘Everything? What is your main specialty?’

‘Lance is better at long range shooting, I’m better at short range shooting. I can get rid of Georgia and Sylvester without any weapons. Barrow is better at explosive but I know enough…’

‘Coco, I asked a question, not said you should boast.’

‘I’m sΒ£xy, good in bed…’ She rolled her eyes. ‘Authoritative, sharper agility, speed and most especially, I have this.’ I tapped my temple.

‘Brains, the greatest of all. Yolanda has that too.’ She smiled.

‘Yolanda is more of a witch, she knows too much and learn things faster. She is very good with stealth, can sneak up on you without you knowing a thing.’ I trained that girl too well.

‘You trained her, right?’

‘Like I said earlier,’

‘And fighting in the dark?’

‘Who do you think took the class with Carlos and taught him?’

‘Is there any other thing about my boyfriend I don’t know?’

‘I’m a doctor and pilot,’

‘What! You are a what now?!’ She exclaimed with widen eyes. She squealed and clapped. ‘My boyfriend is so cool! Too cool! Are you dancer too?’

‘Over my dead body,’

‘It seems like your family have no talent and even if they do, they kill it.’

‘Grazie, we hate talent.’

‘Or you don’t have any,’ she muttered.

‘I heard that,’ I said in a singsong. She clapped her hands.

‘So, I can work now, right?’

‘Abide to my conditions and you are free.’

‘Yes! Now to celebrate!’ She shrieked. Uh oh. ‘You might want to close your ears because I’ma gonna scream yo!’

‘Please don’t s…’

‘I’m going to work again!!!!!!!’

What did I do to you fate!

πŸ™… πŸ™… πŸ™… Dinah πŸ™… πŸ™… πŸ™…

I fastidiously sipped my tea, my legs crossed and my foot tapping the air lightly. My stepfather, – the useless man – was staring at me with mouth slightly parted in shock. Hezekiah, his right hand man had an incredulous look on. I had just delivered my findings to them, he was dumbfounded, completely.

‘Am I suppose to really believe that Ame is in love? Like he is in love with a woman?’ Hezekiah asked scoffingly. ‘You are not sane Dinah.’

‘I am alright,’ I grinned. ‘She lives with him, haven’t caught her name yet because everyone including the main men calls her Vee or Miss Happy. Ame, Carlos, Bruce and Ame’s daughter are the only ones who know her real name.’

‘How is she like? Cold? Strict?’ Dad finally asked.

‘I haven’t seen her much, she is always locked indoors but according to what I was told, she is a bucket of sunshine and rainbow. She changes her hair and dress style, eyes, everything! A master of disguise because with every chance she makes, you will never be able to recognise her.’ I said sneeringly, I hate her.

‘Hmm, anything else?’

‘Yolanda, that kid is going to be a problem for Dinah, she is too smart for Dinah,’ I said bitterly, shaking my head. ‘She banned every soul except Carlos and Bruce’s from entering the main house, no one can cook there except a woman who is too strict and talks to no one. Other maids there says she always know what is happening anywhere in the house, that she is a witch and she was proved right.’


‘She appeared in third house this morning, just looked at every single female in the house before leaving, good thing I wasn’t there or she would have fished me out.’ I said with a slight fear, something about the kid gives me goosebumps.

‘Yolanda is smart, I know that now thanks to her kidnapping. Is there anyone else suspecting you?’

‘There is one, her name is Sherry, she stares too much. If she becomes a problem, Dinah will get rid of her.’ I said through gritted teeth.

‘Don’t kill anyone yet Dinah, to avoid suspicion.’ Hezekiah warned.

‘The good news is that we finally found a weak spot and if indeed Ame is in love with her, we can use that lady against him.’

‘Is daddy thinking about using the code on him? The code where he must kill her himself?’

‘Of course,’ he said proudly. Old fool.

‘I’m afraid daddy will only doom himself,’ I sipped my tea. ‘He is the king after all, can easily throw away the law and recreate it for his own gain. Two, he can come after you himself if he eventually kills her, all his hate and anger channelled into you and everyone else.’

‘That’s true,’ he said. ‘We will have to think of another…’

‘If daddy will permit me, I have a plan.’


‘I just need to study her movement more, then I will tell you the plan, just be patience.’ I smiled sweetly.

‘First tell us the plan,’

‘Bene,’ I giggled. (Okay)

Poor poor lady, will be the sacrificial lamb.

To be continued.

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