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Sweet but psycho episode 35


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

💦 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💦

😋 Segment 35 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

Turns out handling a new job and a new training schedule wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My first day of work was amazing, made new friends secretly, but my first day of training wasn’t that great. Except for Bruce, none of my trainers were nice to me, all were so strict and treachery, especially Georgia and Carlos. Three weeks and five days gone; twenty six days of taking photos for magazine, twenty six days of shooting videos, twenty six days of attending events and business meetings, twenty six days of getting my ass kicked, twenty six days of overworking my body.

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The good thing was that I was nailing computer, explosive and gun practice. Anytime I tried a new gun, the force always had me reeling back but I eventually nailed it. I already knew so much about guns and knives, that is why it was easy getting use to it. Right now, Ted was taking my class for the day and my mission was to shoot down a fast running cars while balancing on a thin rail. It would have been easy for me since I was a gymnast, I already had balance worshipping and kissing the floor I walk on, I could shoot it down if I focus but the wickedness involve was that I was blindfolded.

‘I still don’t see why I am blindfolded,’

‘To lighten your senses, reply on your instinct and hearing to get it right for you.’

‘Ears, it’s been a while I used that,’ I said gigglingly. He was hastening my learning process, trying to make me a pro too early, forgetting I was a lady in the process.

‘Focus bebe, I don’t want to whip you again.’ When Ted said he was harsh in training, I didn’t fully understand until now. Any mistake I made, I took three hot lashes on my back or a very hard kick to my stomach. He was indeed treating me like one of his trainee and not his girlfriend.

‘Bene,’ another thing Ted took upon himself, teach me how to speak Italian and added two new languages to my bank, Chinese and Russian. It wasn’t easy but I had to learn to know how to at least hear as much language as possible if I am going to be with him. Ted can speak so many languages I lost counts while the ones he couldn’t speak, he sorted it out by understanding it.

I focused at the task at hand, perking my ears up to hear the sound of the speeding car, where it was going. I exhaled and followed my instinct, fired seven bullets as instructed, one for each car. I removed my blindfold and dropped my other leg which was in the air the whole time. Ted stood there looking at me with pride, I blushed shyly.

‘Are you sure this is the first time you have tried blindfolded gunfire?’

‘Yes,’ I nodded. ‘I shot down three.’

‘Five,’ he corrected. ‘Which is more than perfect for your first time. You even shot the cars right at their core, you are a natural Cookie.’

I sheepishly rolled a curl of blue hair around my index finger, shifting from one foot to another. He walked over to me and carried me down from the rail even though I didn’t need it. His hands stayed wrapped around my waist, our eyes locked again. Over the weeks, our s£xual tension had increased tremendously, dangerously. So dangerous it turned me into a desperate horny freak, thrice I had begged him to put me out of my misery and make love to me without any restrain, but he refused. Anytime we were actually letting our s£xual urges control us, immediately Ted saw the scars on my body, he would back away from me like I was a disease.

It broke my heart knowing he didn’t want anyone’s rape leftover, but I never let it show.

‘We should go now, you need to rest.’ He finally broke the silence.


‘If it is what I think you want to talk about, don’t.’

‘Why? Why don’t you want to touch me?’ I said shyly.

‘Look, we will discuss this later.’

‘We have been discussing it spiritually for weeks now,’ I huffed and slapped his hands off. I walked out of the room and stomped to the elevator, ignoring the greetings. It isn’t my fault I got raped, why is he treating me like this?

‘Cookie,’ he called softly, running behind me. I scoffed and pressed the button repeatedly, hoping it would open before he got to me. The door dinged open, I jumped in and quickly pressed the button but he slipped in before the door shut. ‘Would you like to go shopping with me?’


‘Look Cookie…’

‘I get it Ted, you don’t want anyone’s leftover, I get it.’

‘No Cookie, that isn’t how it is, I…’

‘Then what is it! It wasn’t my fvcking fault that I got raped! You promised me you would close that chapter of my life, never reopen it but you never stop reminding me that I am filth!’

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‘Please stop shouting Cookie, let me explain…’

‘Oh now you want to explain,’ I scoffed. ‘Well, I don’t care, get lost.’

‘Why do we always fight Cookie, we never stay a day without fighting…’

‘That is because you are inconsiderable and selfish! You do things without letting me decide, decide for me like I am a tiny kid! I live by your rules, eat at your command like a slave yet I don’t complain, ever! You keep secrets from me, kiss and touch me only when you want to but never when I want to. I am a prisoner in this relationship… No, this isn’t a relationship, not at all.’ The elevator door dinged open. I wiped my tears and walked out.

I never knew relationship could change someone, over the months, I had changed from Cookie to someone else entirely. Whenever I was outside, away from Ted, I was me again, did whatever I liked in a more cautious way. But when I was back in the house, my thinking changes, I become mature, strict and straightforward. His bossy mafia aura was rubbing off on me, he was creating the version of Cookie he wanted and the version of Cookie I must be. I don’t want to be imprisoned, I want to be free to go around, free to make decisions for myself.

I flung myself on my bed and burst unto tears, I want my mom, I need her to hug and assure me that everything will be okay. I wasn’t the Cookie I used to know, the Cookie I ought to be. Ted was making me depress, very very depress. I pulled a teddy bear into my hands and cried into it, I didn’t ask to be raped, why was he treating me like this.

Cookie, don’t cry, Ted loves you…

Don’t tell me that! Don’t tell me he loves me because he don’t. He pity me, that is it, pity.

‘I love him so much,’ I sobbed out, looking at the purple teddy. ‘Why is he treating me like this? What did I ever do to him Sea life?’ I asked the purple teddy bear with bright blue eyes. ‘I thought he didn’t care…’

Voice one: I have an idea!

Voice two: what is it?

Voice one: hurt yourself Cookie, threaten your life and show him what he is doing to you, he is making you depress.

Voice two: how is that a reasonable suggestion!

Will it make him love me?… I asked desperately.

Voice two: you are not considering it, are you?

Will it make him stop treating me badly?

Voice one: it can work.

Then I’ll do it.

I threw the bear away and crawled on my bed over to my dresser.

Don’t be stupid Cookie! Don’t risk your life!

I stopped and contemplated it for almost half an hour, remembering how he had been treating me, I decided I had to do it.

Cookie please…

I didn’t listen, I was tired. If I continued that way, I would die of depression anyways. I picked up the bottle of pills, I bought one because of frustration but I had never taken it. I opened the lid and hastily turned a lot into my palm, as much as my palm could carry.

‘What are you doing!’ Yolanda yelled. I looked to my side and saw Yolanda and Ursula.

‘Cookie, pills? Really!’

‘Dad! Dad!’ Yolanda shouted, running out to get Ted. Ursula quickly jumped into the bed and slapped the pills out of my hand. She seized the bottle.

Voice one: act insane.

‘Give it back Ursula, I want to die.’

‘Cookie, what have come over you?’

‘I said give it back!’ I jumped and tried to pin her down but someone have been taking lessons.

💖 Carlos 💖

‘For the three hundred and twenty ninth time! Stop pushing her away!’ I yelled at Ted. Bruce angrily ran his fingers through his hair as he glared at him. ‘How long will you keep acting on guilt and regret! We get it, you feel guilty for her rape, you feel bad for all she is going through but you need to forgive yourself before you lose her!’

‘You have broken her!’ Bruce finally yelled. ‘Psycho is not the same because of you! Psycho now puts on her plastic smile whenever she is around us. You have changed her!’


‘No! I am tired of watching you destroy her life! If you can’t get over your guilt, then why don’t you just let her go!’

‘Because she’s mine! Lei è mia! Non lascerò che la porti da me!’ Ted yelled back maniacally. (She’s mine! I won’t let you take her away from me!)

‘Lei è mia amica, but if you don’t start acting like her boyfriend, I will have to do something about your arrogance!’ Bruce was challenging Ted and I knew it wasn’t going to end well, for him that is. (She is my friend)

‘Ted, please can you calm…’

‘Dad! Dad!’ Yolanda shouted as she ran in.

‘Not now Yolanda…’

‘Vee is attempting suicide,’ she wailed.

‘Che cosa!’ We exclaimed. (What!) Ted ran out before us, followed by Bruce. I sighed and followed them, Ted won’t listen until she’s dead.

‘I knew this would happen,’ Yolanda sobbed. ‘I knew he would break her happy spirit if she was to be with him. That was why I didn’t want her to be with dad, no one who will stay with him can ever be normal. If he doesn’t quit being so secrecy, he will end up killing her himself without him knowing. I said it from the beginning, possessive and selfish. He knows letting her go will make her life better, but he is too selfish and possessive to let her go.’ I looked down at the tranty kid.

‘He needs time,’

‘But she don’t have that time,’ she whimpered. We entered Cookie’s room, Ted had her in his arms as she hit his chest while Bruce tried to calm his crying girlfriend. ‘Dad, che diavolo è successo a lei?! Lei non era cosi, era divertente e felice. Cosa le è successo? Il motivo per cui sta parlando in questo modo?’ Yolanda asked like she didn’t know anything. (What the hell happened to her?! She was not like this, she was funny and happy. What happened to her? Why is she talking like this?)

‘He caused it of course.’ Bruce spat venomously. He pulled his girlfriend up from the bed and drag her away.

‘Ci lascia,’ Ted commanded coldly. (Leave us.) Yolanda and I walked out quietly. I headed straight to the elevator, I need a drink. I walked out of the elevator and walked straight to the kitchen, I knew she would there.

I smiled when I saw her back turned to me, nodding her head as she sang rubbish with her bad voice, she is just too amusing. I walked over to her and knocked her head, just to annoy her. ‘Hey! My coconut head!’

‘Hello beautiful,’

‘Hello dead man, what can I do you for?’

‘I know what I’m about to ask will sound odd and confusing and… And…’ She hugged me, she just threw herself on me and hugged me tight.

‘It’s okay big guy, don’t worry, a miracle can happen.’

‘Cosa intendi?’ I asked confusedly. (What do you mean?)

‘Aren’t you impotent again?’ I pushed her off me as she laughed. ‘You should have seen your face.’

‘You are so annoying!’

‘I know, isn’t that fantastic!’

‘You know what, nevermind,’ I made to stomp away but she jumped on my back and kicked my sides.



‘Yes babe?’

‘Get down from me before I claw your eyes out,’

‘If you claw my eyes out, I will die along with your baby.’ I rolled my eyes and roughly threw her down. She remained on the floor, quiet. I turned around puzzledly.

‘Did I break something?’

‘My heart,’


‘Carlos, can I ask you a question disturbing me?’ She asked softly.

‘Okay, shoot.’

‘What will happen if one of the sluts get pregnant for one of the main men?’

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I am just asking,’

‘It depends on the guy, if he wants the baby or not.’ I eyed her suspiciously. Is she pregnant?

‘And what happens to the lady after the baby?’

‘Lola, are you pregnant?’ I snarled.

‘What! No!’

‘If I ask you again, I will shoot you right here, right now…’

‘I am not…’ She screamed when I brought out my gun. ‘I am not pregnant,’ she sobbed. I cocked the gun and shot at the floor beside her foot.

‘Again, are you pregnant?!’ I yelled. She nodded as tears flowed down her cheeks. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked her up. She whimpered and cried more.

‘Didn’t I warn you not to open your legs for anyone? Didn’t I made it clear that you belong to me!’

‘You did…’

‘Then who have been sharing your body with me!!!’

‘No one, I swear, no one. You…you…you are responsible Carlos, you put this baby in me.’ I let go of her hair with shock.

‘How come?!’

‘How come? You have been sleeping with me, haven’t you?’

‘I always use protection!’

‘When we are in bed! Have you ever use protection when we are in the shower or in your car?!’ I stepped far away from her.

I’m going to be a dad?

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I stayed quiet in Ted’s arms, he still firmly had his hands around me as one held my head to his chest. The beating of his heart was luring me to sleep but I was fighting it. It was awfully quiet in here, just our breathing and the rhythm of our heart.

‘I’m sorry,’ my ears perked. ‘I’m so sorry my love,’ my eyes widened, Ted was crying! ‘I keep hurting you when I should be making you happy. Just look at what I have done to you, looks how sad I have made you become. Cookie, I don’t mean to but I just can’t forgive myself. It is not like I feel repulsive whenever I touch you, I feel regret instead, guilt. You went through so much pain because of me, you got raped because of me. I am jinxed, I am bad luck. Bad things always happen to those I love dearly, Annalise died because of me too.

Cookie, I love you so much, I love everything about you, every craziness you used to bring. What have I done? Look at what I have done to my sweet psycho, my sanity. I am so sorry my love, please forgive me. Give me one more chance to prove that I can be the right man for you, one more chance to make you happy again. Cookie please, don’t hate me, don’t leave me alone in this world…’

Oh my God! He loves me!

Told you… My subconscious said smugly. Add a little spice to this, make him beg more.

I pushed myself away from him and kept a cold look. ‘I already hate you Ame, there is nothing you can do to change that.’

‘No, you can’t hate me, you can’t,’ he said shakily. My heart melted at the sea of tears flowing down his cheeks. Tu non mi odi, tu mi ami. Tu non mi odi, ti senti quelli che sento per te. Non ti lascerò mai andare. Tu mi ami!’ He started saying softly, like a psychopath before shouting at the end. (You don’t hate me, you love me. You don’t hate me, you feel what I feel for you. I will never let you go. You love me!)

Okay, don’t joke, he is crazy.

He pulled me back into his arms. ‘Coco, Rilassare, sono qui.’ I whispered, petting his chest. (Coco, relax, I’m here.)

Trust me girls, it is not easy to watch a man cry.

‘I am so sorry, please don’t leave me.’

‘Okay, I won’t.’

‘Do you still hate me?’

‘I never did, I never did Coco.’ He squeezed me into his chest tighter and continued crying.

‘You almost killed yourself because of me,’

‘I’m sorry,’

‘I love you Cookie, I love you so much.’

‘I love you too…’ He suddenly fell back on the bed and rolled us over so he was be over my body.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ he kept whispering as he showered kisses on my jawline and cheeks. ‘I love you so much…’ Finally, he crushed his lips on mine, putting my breathing on hold with his rough kiss.

He didn’t wait for me to adjust, he started moving his lips over mine, coaxing them apart before spearing his tongue into my mouth. I m0aned softly as my hands quickly worked on the button of his pants. He pulled me closer, squeezing my waist too hard but I didn’t mind. He broke the kiss for a moment but before I could stop him, he tore my tank top open. His eyes landed on the healing scar above my [email protected] and the permanent one on my stomach.

And here we go again.

He recoiled back, tears filling his eyes again. I sat up and cupped his cheeks. ‘Don’t feel bad Coco, don’t let it get to you…’

‘This is all my fault…’

‘Okay, let’s do it this way…’ I trailed off and climbed out of the bed while he watched me. I carefully pushed my teddies away and walked to the walk-in closet. I changed into one of his shirt I seized and came back to the bed. ‘For now, we will do this with clothes on, then little by little, we take it off.’


‘Until you forgive yourself. It wouldn’t be that much of a satisfied s£x for both of us, but it will help ease the tension until you are all better. Fair enough?’

He looked at me contemplatively. ‘I don’t know… I really want to explore your body.’

‘There is nothing in my chest to explore, all the better goodies are below but like I said, without clothes and then in the dark. Okay?’

‘Until I get better,’ he muttered. ‘I’m not sick, until I forgive myself or… Would you consider a plastic surgery?’

‘No, the scars will heal with more time Ted, stop worrying yourself.’ I laid back on the bed and rolled on my stomach.


‘Come on Coco, just to ease the tension for the mean time. I know you are dying to ram that big cock of yours into my w€t w€t poon,’ I tried going dirty with him. ‘Don’t you want to know how it feels to have my core clench around your anatomy, to know how it feels to hear me m0an all because of you?’ He growled and slid his hand along my thigh. ‘Come on my big man, don’t you want to know how it feels like to fvck Cookie Aileen Carlisle? How it would feel to finally dominate her? Claim her? Beg you for more?’

With a very loud lustful grunt, he hurriedly separated my legs and settled between them. He unbuttoned his pants and slipped it down, took it off entirely. I was looking at him over my shoulder. ‘You can go on pills, right?’

‘Yes. Hope you don’t mind me staying like this? I’m somewhat tired.’ He nodded and focused on tearing my pants off. I looked straight, grabbing a bear and squeezing her tight as I waited for him.

My eyes rolled into my head when he finally maneuvered into me, swearing in Italian about how tight I was and how good it was to finally be inside of me. The pleasure, the sensation was blasting my mind, destroying all my sense of control. Before I could swim deep into that feeling, he started moving, going with slow thrusts first. I accommodated his length and girth, right before his slow and smooth thrusts turned fast and rough. He used his fingers to accompany the sensation. I was lost in a storm of canal pleasure, I never wanted to get out of it. I wanted the storm to destroy me completely.

Oh my God! Yolanda might find out I am… Her dad is fvcking me! What if she…

She wouldn’t dare.

Yes, she wouldn’t.

He leaned down and bit my earlobe, muttering dirty words to me and slipping in “I love you’s’ at each sentence. He was in love with those words, now he had finally said it, he was greatly addicted to it.

I could feel the high wave of something great, I wanted to meet up to it. He pulled out just as I was going to reach that wave, touch it. ‘Coco!’ I shrieked.

‘I want to hear you beg me,’

‘Please Coco, don’t leave me hanging like this, continue.’

‘You say what?’ He smirked.

‘Ted!’ I yelled in annoyance. ‘Please,’

‘Who owns your body?’ I hissed as he teased my entrance with his cock. I tried to move but he won’t let me. ‘Tell me Cookie, who owns this body of yours?’

‘You, you!’ I shouted desperately. ‘Just you, only you.’

‘No one can do this to you, right?’

‘Right, just you.’

‘Whose woman are you?’

‘Yours, yours Coco… Just fvck me already!’ I cried.

‘Tell me how much you love me.’

‘Very very much, enough to tolerate your shitty attitude and to frustrate you for the rest of your life. I am Cookie, I will make sure I drive you insane and fill your life with sunshine and rainbow and teddy bears and candies – men I love candies – and… Oh shit!’ I m0aned at the end as he finally ended my misery.

He started allover again, his pace incredibly fast and impatient. I m0aned louder, regretting laying on my stomach. I felt peace when I finally reached my orgasm, sinking into the pillow with delight. He retracted himself from me, dragged my shirt down to cover me and laid on the bed. I turned around and smiled at him. He was smiling back so brightly, like he just claimed the world as his. I wanted him to remain like this, happy because of me. The smile brought joy to my heart, the desire to kill to make sure the smile stay on his face.

He laid his head at the junction between my neck and shoulder, smiling on my skin. ‘Are you that happy because you made love to me?’

‘No bebe, because you love me too.’ I chuckled and stroke his hair.

Someone barged into the room. We flinched and separated from each other. ‘Carlos! What is wrong with you! Are you insane!’

‘I’m going to be a father!’ Carlos shouted in panic.


To be continued.

Daddy Carlos 😹

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