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Sweet psycho Episode 37


Sweet but Psycho 😻😻😻

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

💦 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💦

😋 Segment 37 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

Cephas and I sat alone at a special table, I was now his date while Ted, don’t even know where Cephas chased him too. I was feeling very high and mighty with him so close to me. Something about him just screamed me, too much me. So far, we had been talking about his works, Ted embarrassing childhood he knew about and a little about me. Now, he would was driving to my own direction, personal Info’s and I didn’t mind.

‘So why did you say you are naming me Praxina again?’ I asked as I sipped from my glass of whatever this sweet liquid is.

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‘It’s a name I wanted to name my daughter if she was alive.’

‘You had a daughter?’

‘Almost had a daughter,’ he said sadly. ‘But she died before she was born. I was so excited, very excited knowing I was going to be a father, my own offspring. It was a miracle to me because I never thought I would be able to father a child, I had a terrible accident that claimed my right to fatherhood, that rendered me useless. I was very shocked when the love of my life told me she was carrying my child, I was stunned. I did series of test on the pregnancy to confirm it and it was mine, my baby girl. Everything was going well before she suddenly lost the baby, I still don’t understand why but I guess my sperm wasn’t strong enough to keep the baby alive.’ He said bitterly, his grip around his champagne glass had tightened.

‘She must have felt bad…’

‘She left me,’ he spat. ‘Broke up with me and left without a word. I believe she intentionally aborted my child after finding out I was a mafia but I let her go, she deserves a better life.’

‘That woman is evil. Did she even love you?’ I asked angrily.

‘Maybe she was lost in the moment but she didn’t. I thought she did but she didn’t, she only saw me as a replacement for her husband since they were fighting.’

‘So, you were sleeping with a married woman?’ I sneered.

‘I saw a woman, fell in love with her without checking but later found out she was married. Was I suppose to leave what I want for another man? If she had accepted me, I would have killed him right away.’

‘So, she went back to her husband. Did you check on her after that?’

‘If I do and see her happy after making me miserable, I will definitely kill both of them and her entire family.’ He said coldly. He shook his head and smiled.

‘You must have really loved her.’

‘I would have loved my daughter more. If only she bore the baby before she left, I wouldn’t be so miserable and worthless. All my wealth, everything I own is to be pass down to Ted after I die.’

‘Why Ted?’ I asked confusedly.

‘With no family member to continue, it is part of the rules.’

‘Wow,’ I mouthed. ‘No wonder he is rich.’

‘Indeed,’ he smirked. I sipped my drink again and stared at him the way he tapped his left foot when drinking, just like I do all the time. He also taps his glass and nods his head when speaking about something emotional. Just like me. Again, those dimples and those eyes…

‘Dad, what is the meaning of Praxina?’

‘Bright light, action and something, I’ve forgotten.’ He said dismissively.

‘Why do you like that name?’

‘I dunno,’ he shrugged. ‘I just wanted to name my daughter Praxina Aileen Newton. Then her pet name would be Cookie…’ The glass slipped from my hand and fell on my dress, staining it completely. ‘Shit! Are you alright?’ He asked with concern as he held my chair. I stared at him with wide eyes and parched throat. ‘Why are you looking at me like that?’

‘The name, it’s so beautiful. Did she know about the name?’ He nodded. I stood up carefully, controlling my tears. ‘You should have named her after her mother…’

‘Monica isn’t a name I admire for my Angel.’ That was all it took to send my vision into a vertigo state. I staggered back, tumbling over the chair and collapsing on the ground.

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‘Rainbow!’ Ted called rushing over to where I was. Cephas helped me up. I already had tears pricking my eyes. ‘What the fvck did you do to her?!’ Dad raised his hands up innocently.

‘We were just talking…’

‘Can I use the restroom?’


‘Now Ted,’ I snarled. He looked at me and then around, the way everyone was looking at me. I inhaled and stomped away from them, I needed to breathe.

I found my way to the restroom and immediately dialed mom’s number. I needed to know the truth. ‘My Cookie, I am so relief you called me. Have you met Carolyn? I haven’t been able to reach her again since your boyfriend let me talk to her. You know, that guy is very sweet…’ Is he? ‘Cookie?’

‘Who is Cephas Newton to you?’ I asked coldly. She gasped, a sharp cough following immediately. I scoffed and started laughing hysterically. ‘I can’t believe you could lie to that extent! You told him I was dead and left me to be raised by a man who only wanted to use me for his own selfish gain! You never loved my father the whole time and was just using him!’

‘Cookie, it isn’t like that…’

‘Then what is it like!!! What?!!! Just tell me!!! Why did you cheat on your husband in the first place!!!’

‘Bad advice from friends, I wanted him to be jealous. I didn’t mean to make you suffer like that, I didn’t mean to break his heart but your father is a dangerous man, a very dangerous one that would have made your life a kill or be killed. I didn’t want that kind of life for you…’

‘Well too bad! I am already living that life because the man I love is the king of them all!!!’

‘What! Cookie, you must leave that man this instant!’

‘If I had left him you wouldn’t be alive right now and I probably would be dead! When I asked you who my father was you told me he was a friend of yours who raped you countless of times after threatening you never to tell anyone or he would kill your entire family you told me he was dead told me so many cruel things about him for me to hate him and I did for the longest time only for me to meet him now and see the total opposite of who you made me picture in my head! How could you lie about the poor man so much when all he did was love you even when he wasn’t suppose to!’ I yelled in one breath. I breathe in deeply.

‘I never asked him to love me,’ I heard her muttered. I scoffed and sniffed.

‘Well, I guess you never wanted me to be born either and you are happy with the fact that I am away. That is why you never questioned your husband when he was imposing decisions on me, forcing me to live the miserable way he wanted me to live. Goodbye mom, see you when you die.’

‘Cookie w…’ I hung up. I frantically removed my sim card and broke it, chewed it and then flushed it down the toilet. After that, I sat on the bathroom floor and cried bitterly. This isn’t fun at all, this isn’t the fun party I expected. Someone knocked.

‘Cookie, can I come in and talk?’

‘Go away Coco, I need some time alone.’

‘You know I love you, right?’ He whispered behind the door. I crawled over to the door and touched it, I could feel his hand there. ‘Can you tell me what is wrong?’

‘No, I can’t.’

‘Even if I already have a guess?’

‘Please don’t tell him,’ I said with a small voice. ‘I can’t believe Cephas is my dad,’ he remained quiet. I gasped. ‘You knew!’


‘Why didn’t you tell me!’

‘You never told me you were adopted so I shut it. I suspected it the day I saw you in the shower with your original hair and then the day I saw your eyes. You might look like your mother but most features are from your dad. Those eyes and dimples, the laughs started making sense and I couldn’t help but carry out a DNA test on both of you.’

‘You should have told me!’

‘I’m sorry…’

‘Just get lost!’ I yelled and punched the door. ‘Go away!’

‘I’m sorry…’

‘Please go,’ I sobbed. He sighed. I heard him leave after instructing his bodyguards to stay at the door. I stayed there and cried for what felt like days. I was getting woozy as I threw up every ten minutes until I was exhausted and actually vomiting blood. The door opened, I wanted to snap at the person but a gas rolled into the restroom.

I gasped and tried to stand but I couldn’t, I couldn’t move one bit. I struggled to move but I was paralyzed. If I didn’t break my sim card, I would have called Ted but I was hopeless. I inhaled enough of the gas to have me wheezing and coughing until I passed out cold on the floor.

💚 Ted 💚

Cephas stared at me with disbelief and then back at the DNA result in his hands. We were alone in a room, I had to show him what was making Cookie so upset. He shook his head and dropped the test result. ‘This is impossible, she died.’

‘Like you were told. Cookie is alive.’

‘Her name is Cookie?’

‘Cookie Aileen Carlisle,’ I said calmly. He laughed dryly.

‘Ted, this isn’t a joke. You can’t joke with such things, you know how it makes me feel.’ He said shakily.

‘Can you give me one good reason why I would lie to you? Can you kill me? Am I afraid of you? Why did I leave her alone with you all this time?’

‘Oh my God,’ he breathe, holding his forehead. ‘Praxina is alive, my daughter is alive. Monica lied to me!’ He yelled angrily.

‘Don’t hurt her mother who she will never forgive you,’

‘No! All my life… God Teddison! My daughter is alive! She has always been alive the whole time! Why didn’t I check!’


‘I need to see her…’ He ran out of the room. I sighed and followed him. He pushed people out of his way, yelling at them which was unlike him but I understand. I followed behind him lazily until Dominic ran towards us.

‘There have been a break in, someone was taken from the north restroom…’

‘The what!’ I exclaimed. I pushed him out of my way and ran straight to where I left Cookie. I started coughing as I got closer, gas.

‘Ted, get down!’ Cephas pushed me down as a bullets start flying. The whole place was covered with smoke and gas. I coughed and put my hanky on my nose as I pulled out a gun. I peered into the fog. ‘You okay?’

‘I’m fine,’

‘I got a shoulder wound,’ he groaned. ‘Dominic!’

‘Busy shooting so I don’t die!’ He yelled out of somewhere. I crawled over to the wall, the only place that could act as a covering. Cephas and Dominic followed behind. I inhaled.

‘Dominic, stop shooting,’ I whispered.

‘What,’ he whispered yelled.

‘Shut up and trust me,’ I snapped. He listened and stopped shooting. The bullets hit the wall, I cringed and listened to the sounds of bullet firing, calculated how many guns owned it and how many people were doing the shooting. ‘They are eight, Dominic aim to the right, the very end and then also fire three paces away from your next target. Cephas, you think you can shoot?’

‘I’m not paralyzed, I know where to target, you just shoot those idiots before they get away with my daughter.’ I cocked my gun and shoot straight at their heads, Cephas and Dominic shot too. I stood up and ran into the fog, searching for my way to the backdoor where they probably took her through.

This is the exact thing I was talking about!

I made my way outside. I instinctively ducked and a bullet flew pass my head. I ran fast, bullets hitting the ground behind me. I dived behind a car and grunted. I could hear the car driving away.

They took her.

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I woke up in a dirty old cell, one that smelt like rotten skunk and decay body. The toilet was green and filled with disease and the bed was well, thatch. I sat on the floor, looking at the cell like I had been looking at it since I woke up three hours earlier. I didn’t really care, I was too tired to feel sorry for myself. The big metal door opened and a man I was introduced at the party walked in with another younger man.

‘Lo and behold! It is Tye!’ I exclaimed and laughed maniacally. ‘Old man, I really didn’t like you.’

‘Too bad. Getting you was way easier than I thought.’ He said as he approached the bars.

‘How long have I been out and where am I?’

‘On a ship, sailing far away from Italy to a place Ame will never find you.’

‘Hmm, I see. You know, I have some serious issues with this country and kidnapping,’ I stated. ‘And also the cell that needs to be resolve.’


‘One, are you so dirty you can’t see how hideous that toilet is? Looking at your face is one nightmare but looking at the toilet and getting a reminder of how ugly you are. Two, what happened to colors? Did you murder it too? I demand you bring me some paints to beautify this cell of depression and rodents. And then the smell, it’s as stinky as your breath…’

‘Stop talking,’ the young guy snapped.

‘Only if you give this place a makeover, it sucks in here.’

‘Why you…’ Old man Tye growled, hitting the bars angrily. ‘Why aren’t you trembling before me?! Why aren’t you afraid like a normal person would be in this situation?! Why aren’t you begging?!’

I yawned boringly. ‘Oh I’m sorry, are you done? Can I get the paints now?’

‘What the fvck! Why are you making demands when you should be scared! Others would be!’ The young guy who – I will call Cricket because of his thin body – thundered.

‘Well you won’t blame them. In a cell that is worse than Azkaban, they ought to be scared. The smell here can murder any innocent soul faster than your bullet. And you can’t argue with me, this place need serious makeover and my amygdala isn’t functioning well, you can come back tomorrow for a better result.’

‘I am going to make you regret knowing a man like me or ever falling in love with Ame Allen.’

I shrugged. ‘Why you are at it, can you add my suggestion to your schedule? This place does not befit a queen…’ I scowled and looked around the place. ‘How long am I staying here?’

‘You are not leaving until you submit to me completely, acknowledge me as your new boss and husband.’

‘Okay, since you put it that way…’ I walked over to the bed and kicked it. ‘Can I get a new mattress, two pillows, lot of foods, water and clothes?’

‘What the hell will that be for!’ Cricket yelled.

‘Because I’m going to be here for eternity,’ I said with a duh tone. Old man Tye growled like an animal and glared at me.

‘Relax boss, remember Dinah’s plan.’

‘Yes,’ old man Tye smirked evilly and cackled. ‘Do you know what I’m going to do to that pretty mind of yours? How I am going to end Ame?’

‘You will jump off a mountain?’

‘I am going to wipe off your memories and by reengineering it, I will install a whole new memory in your head. One where he killed your family and you married me to help you avenge their deaths. Imagine Ame rushing in to save you, seeing you tied up and unlocking the chains only to be killed by the woman he loves. The look in his eyes, the disbelief, the betrayal…’ He trailed off and laughed. ‘This is going to be a very interesting death for the powerful king.’

‘You can’t do that,’ I said shakily. ‘You can’t.’

‘Can’t I?’ He smirked. ‘I know he bugged your earrings and heels, I will let the location out once my new toy is ready. Hezekiah, call Dinah and let her fill us in on the happening back at His Imperial Majesty’s.’

‘Yes sir,’ Cricket smiled and walked to the metal door. Old man Tye sneered at my horrific face and laughed.

‘Take your time, in four hours, you will be all reborn.’ He continued laughing as he walked away. I sat on the floor with trembling lips and hands, what to do?

Cookie, this is a time in your life you must not let anyone hurt the one you love. Use your big brain, come on.

I stood up and paced around, tearing my beautiful dress which was already dirty. I ran back and ran towards a wall, running up and giving myself enough speed to jump on the bar of the roof and hung down. I think better when upsidedown.

Come on Cookie, think.

I started humming a song as I swayed on the roof.

‘Oh, tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal
Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan
Sólo con pensarlo se acelera el pulso
Oh, yeah Ya
Ya me está gustando más de lo normal
Todos mis sentidos van pidiendo más
Esto hay que tomarlo sin ningún apuro

Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito
Deja que te diga cosas al oído
Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo
Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito
Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto
Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito
(Sube, sube, sube, sube, sube)

Quiero ver bailar tu pelo
Quiero ser tu ritmo
Que le enseñes a mi boca…’

To be continued.

Okay, okay, time out! Ted is in serious trouble!

What would Cookie do?

What if she can’t do anything?

Well, let’s find out in the next chapter of Sweet but Psycho.

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