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Sweet psycho episode 38


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

💦 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💦

😋 Segment 38 😋

💚 Ted 💚

Rubbing my thumbs on my temples, I inhaled and practiced my breathing exercise so I won’t get a heart attack or shoot River down for being too slow in tracking Cookie down. See the reason why I didn’t want to let her out? She was as good as dead if I couldn’t find her and also dead once I found her because with the way I threw a tantrum at the party like a kid who just lost his new hover board, I’m sure half the underworld already knew how I felt about her. I also knew many would want to get her first, many would be looking for her as we speak, so I had to find her first or I’m dead.

Cephas was a broken mess. From finding out the daughter he always dreamt of having but thought died was alive to losing her before he got the chance to actually hold her with full knowledge of having her back. He was one inches close to having her mother killed, one teensy bitty inch away from going down to her himself and breaking her skull open. That was the cherry on top wasn’t it? I was in love with the daughter of the only man I respect. It was a great thing for me when I found out. I could be with her without any problem because it would be like an arrangement but all of that have been flushed down the drain.

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‘Dad,’ Yolanda called softly. Squeezing my thigh with her small hand. I looked at her, she smiled assuredly, the only smile that have been comforting me since Cookie was taken four days ago. I was still wondering what went wrong with the trackers and bugs, what went wrong with the goddamn security I placed everywhere! ‘Dad, you are tensing up again, relax.’

‘That is not helping,’ I growled.

‘Getting angry and beating River up again won’t solve the issue. He is trying his best and if you kill him, who would track her down because even if you won’t admit it, we both know he knows his way around computers more than you or anyone here. So calm down and try to breathe and don’t think of what she might be going through there…’ I whimpered at that thought. ‘Think of how she makes you happy.’

‘I shouldn’t have left her…’

‘No, no, no, I will not have you drown in pitiful thoughts. Cookie would want you to be strong for her, very very strong for her. Now calm down and try to relax while I try to figure out who could have possibly taken her. Carlos is still useless as it seems,’ she paused and looked at Carlos who was staring into space, still freaked out about having a baby because he couldn’t abort the child or she dies and he doesn’t want to lose her. ‘And Bruce isn’t the smartest in the thinking department… Heck! I doubt he even has a brain to begin with…’

‘I will have you know I have a big brain, thank you very much.’ Bruce – who wasn’t too far from us – retorted like a small child.

‘There is difference between having a brain and actually having one. Everyone have a brain but not every brain is worth something Bruce, remember that.’ Yolanda replied calmly.

‘Don’t insult me kid, you can’t afford my brain.’

She tilted her head with amusement and sneered. ‘Now I understand why Vee said common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment…’

‘Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it,’ I completed with a smile. She managed to say that whenever we got into a worthless argument sometimes when she was playing the mature one. Damn! I miss her.

‘Bruce, suck it up, you don’t have sense.’ Lance laughed because he thinks laughing in my situation makes sense.

‘Talk again and I will punch your face senselessly,’ Bruce threatened.

‘Why exaggerate by your senselessness? We know you are senseless to begin with so shut up and let us listen to someone else with bigger sense,’ Sylvester added.

‘Kettles,’ Yolanda scoffed. Barrow and Maurice snorted out a laugh. ‘Don’t even dare.’ She warned.

‘Found her!’ River exclaimed triumphantly. I flew out of my seat and was pushing him out of the way before he could speak again.

‘What the fvck is she doing in Rome?!’

‘I don’t know, it seems like whoever has her have great access to resources.’

‘Someone who no one would question,’ I muttered. I closed my eyes and tried to remember if I had encountered anyone who spoke out with hate and of course, Tye came into my thought. I face palmed myself. ‘It was him along! Why didn’t I think of it! Why did I let his atrocities slide?!’

‘Who is it dad? Who has Cookie?’

‘Tye Travis,’

‘You are kidding, right?’ Carlos finally asked.

‘He speaks!’ Bruce exclaimed.

‘Knock it out.’ Sylvester whispered.

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‘I don’t get it yet but I feel we are walking into a trap,’ Yolanda voiced out the exact thing in my mind.

‘He must have known we had trackers on her, knew that there was someone like her in my life beforehand, knew she would be there at the anniversary and knew how to get her. He calculated my moves, knew what I would do…’ I said these as I looked at each and everyone one of them suspiciously. ‘He had someone feeding him information and that person is one of you…’ I brought out the gun from my boots and pointed it at Sylvester. He staggered back in shock.

‘Why…w…w…why are you pointing a gun at me?’ He asked stammeringly.

‘Why did you betray me?’ I spat angrily.

‘I would never do that…’

‘I have been dreaming of shooting your damn skull for months now and now I have a very good reason. Why the fvcking hell did you rat my relationship out to that bastard?! Why Sylvester?! Why fvcking why?!’ I roared.

‘I didn’t spill anything! I swear!’

‘My instinct is never wrong! You have been spilling things to someone and I can feel it in my guts because literally, you are shivering right now. I won’t repeat myself, who have you been…’

‘His girlfriend,’ Barrow interjected.

‘The creepy girl he loves?’ Carlos asked.

‘What creepy girl?’ Yolanda asked frowningly.

‘Sylvester brought a woman in, we didn’t bother saying anything but…’

‘You brought a stranger into my house without my knowledge?!’

‘It’s not her! Dinah is a very good woman and she loves me!’

‘fvck you and your love!’ I shouted and pulled the trigger, firing several bullets into his groins. I finished the bullets on him and pulled out the other gun from my belt and shot in multiple times in his head.

‘Dad! Stop!’ Yolanda screamed. I smashed the gun on the ground and held my head. ‘Breathe dad, breathe.’

‘Get the jet ready, we are leaving for Rome and get me that bitch that lives with me, now!’ Barrow flinched and ran out. ‘Carlos, you are staying back to guard the house, can’t take any chances. Lance, get me Georgia and Yolanda, change, you are coming with me.’

‘If anything should happen, I can handle myself.’ Yolanda said, offended by my words.

‘I’m not bringing you along to protect you, I am bringing you along to end Tye.’

‘Me?’ She asked quizzically. ‘Why me?!’

‘While I get Cookie, you find him so he won’t get away and for the fact that you are small and very good at stealth, you will get pass easily. He will never suspect that I would send you and do me a favor, don’t kill him. I want to make his death very slow and painful.’

‘Yes, dad.’

‘Now all of you get your ass ready! Someone get rid of this body! And where is that bitch?!’

‘She’s gone,’ someone said as she walked in. ‘She took off and she…’ She panted. ‘Killed Miss Happy’s friend, Sherry and shot Lola in her abdomen…’

‘What!’ Carlos shouted. Great, just what I needed. I will have to find her later.




I stayed hidden at the deck as I watched the ship float on the sea through my binocular. I was wondering why he would keep her in a ship, what sort of trap he had made so far. Something wasn’t right with the arrangement, something was off and I knew it. I didn’t let Cephas know, he would storm here and do something utterly stupid that will cost me her life. She was my girlfriend before she knew him so it is my priority to protect her.

‘Dad, am I the only one detecting a trap here?’ Yolanda said through the communication bugs in our ears. ‘It would be dumb to walk in there.’

‘Agreed.’ Bruce said. We were far apart, each in their own station.

‘How do we even get in there without been spotted?’ Georgia asked.

‘Barrow, scan the ships for any explosives,’

‘On it.’

‘River, can you hear me?’ I asked.

‘Loud and clear sir.’

‘Can you hack into any computer inside? The cameras to be precise?’

‘Yes, I’m already working on it. I need five more minutes.’

‘Lance, I’m going to need you to silently shoot those heads I’m seeing, especially the one at the search light.’


‘Hold on.’ I looked back into my binoculars and counted the men walking about.

‘Done,’ River said. ‘I’m linking the cameras to your phones, please open your phones.’ I brought out my phone and turned it on.

‘Scan complete, we have a nuclear one at the engine core,’

‘Why would Tye put a bomb in a boat he is in?’ River asked. ‘He is inside.’

‘Except he is crazy and plans to blow up the place if he gets caught. We all die inside.’ Yolanda scoffed. I swiped through the cameras, no sign of Cookie.

‘I can’t see her.’

‘The signal says she is right above the room of the nuclear bomb, I’m getting the picture now. We are so dead.’ River panicked. I closed my eyes and thought deeply.

Think Ted, think. Cookie’s life depends on you. All of their lives.

‘Yolanda, can you get Barrow in there? Into the ship?’

‘On my own, yes. But with someone with no experience, no. Georgia can come with me, it won’t be too hard for her to blend in. Can she?’



‘Lance, be ready to shoot anyone that will notice them. Barrow, go with them and don’t get caught. Bruce, follow and keep him safe, he needs to shut down the bomb.’

‘Got it.’

‘Yolanda?’ All I could hear was water ruffling. She was swimming there with Georgia. ‘Report?’

‘I’m in,’ Yolanda giggled.

‘Wait a minute, you snuck in since, didn’t you?’

‘I’m not a witch for nothing. Watch what happens to unsuspecting idiots,’ I looked through my binoculars. The men started dropping dead.

‘Lance!’ Lance immediately shot at the men that was still standing until they were all dead. ‘River, create a glitch in the cameras.’


‘Georgia?’ I called. I heard her pant.

‘In,’ she exhaled. ‘Geez! How did she swim in unnoticed? I had to slit two throats to get aboard.’


‘Still trying to get here.’

‘Lameo,’ Yolanda giggled. ‘I’m going in.’

‘Yolanda, wait!’

‘I won’t get hurt, Bruce can you hear me?’

‘We are aboard the ship now,’ Barrow gushed.

‘Get rid of the bomb, now.’

‘The cameras will be showing them something else but we can see what is really going on in there…’ I zoned in on Tye talking to his right hand man.

‘Can you give it volume?’

‘Hold on a sec,’ he was nagging about something.

“I can’t even get a hold of her!” His voice boomed into my ear. “Her numbers are switched off. I need to know if Ame is already in Rome or not.”

“Calm down sir,” Hezekiah said. “Even if he comes, the plan is still active.”

“Barely, what if it doesn’t work? What if…’

“We don’t have a choice.”

“I feel like Dinah is playing with me, she is up to something.”

“Dinah is too stupid to.”

“If that brat was okay, I swear I would have loved to kill her myself when all of this was over.” He growled. Who is he talking about?

“I wonder how Ame copes with such an annoying brat,” Hezekiah said angrily. Yup! That’s Cookie alright.

I love her, that’s it.

“She is a psycho, cutting herself and using her own blood to add colours to her cell…’ My heart squeezed. She cut herself? Anger shot through my system. “Ruining everything with her stubborn head!”

I need to get her out! She might be bleeding to death!

‘Barrow, report.’

‘I’m still trying to get there.’

‘River, run a search on if anyone like Dinah is related to Tye.’

‘Already done. Dinah is his stepdaughter. Tye married her mother years ago before the woman died mysteriously. Dinah has been in and out of rehab, age twenty nine…’


‘Coming up…’ Her picture appeared on my screen. A feeling of familiarity hit me the moment I saw her face. I never forget a face… Where?

‘Have she been to London before?’

‘Schooled there.’ It clicked, I have seen her before. During one of my trip to kill someone in London. Carlos dragged me to a club to calm down when the guy escaped but I left early. Then he came to my hotel room with a drunk girl, tossed her at me to spend the night with. I remember yelling at him to leave me alone, to fvck her himself. I sat down and drank while he gladly slept with the gurl on my bed, to annoy me.

All I know is that I left the room and returned at dawn when she woke up. She thought I was the one who slept with her because Carlos left her early. I hold no one any explanation, I simply kicked her out like the cheap whore she is.

That was the period women started irritating me.

What is her connection with this?


‘Sir,’ Barrow called.


‘The bomb is remote controlled and quite far from here. I don’t think even Tye knows there is a bomb waiting to explode on him.’

‘Have you disabled it?’

‘I don’t think we have enough time but I was able to shift it to timer mode. We have less that an hour to get the hell out of here.’

‘We can’t leave the ship out in the open, keep trying to disable it while I get her. Maurice?!’

‘I’m here.’

‘Ready the copper. Bruce, get ready to drive the ship far into the ocean, just in case it should explode. Drive at my command.’

‘In case you have forgotten, I don’t know how to drive a ship. That is yours and Carlos’s thing.’

‘Urgh! Can anyone manage to drive the damn ship!’

‘Bruce, see why I say you don’t have sense?’ Yolanda asked. ‘You have a gun, make use of it and force the captain to drive!’

‘Oh, totally forgot about that.’ There were taking it as a joke.

‘River, send the rest of the boys in.’ I said as I walked to the edge of the deck. I dived into the water, the cold pure liquid hit my skin immediately. Ignored every single cold and swam to the ship which wasn’t that far from the deck.

Reaching the ship in exactly four minutes, I climbed on through the ladder Georgia threw out. I brought out the shoots gold and tactical pistol in had strapped to my belt. ‘Let’s go.’ I said to Georgia and walked in with her behind. I didn’t have time for stalling or stealth. I was going to walk in there shooting any goddamn bastard that dares stand in my way.

‘Hey, how did you get in…’ I shot the talkative in the head. I always go for headshot. That way, they never escape. The gunshot alarmed the other men. I kept walking as I fired at the idiots before they even crossed over to the foyer. I’ve missed this; watching men fall at my feet, die by my bullets.

‘Bruce, drive!’ I shouted, jumping behind a metal wall. The bullets hit the wall, causing sparks at each collision. Georgia hid at the wall opposite mine. The loud shots would certainly be heard from a miles. Bullets flew pass, most hitting the wall. I cocked my gun again and crouched down. Immediately the men poked their heads out, I shot them. I threw my empty guns away and pulled out the M16 A4 belted to my back. I removed the waterproof and threw it at Georgia since she was out of bullets too.

‘These guns are so primitive,’ she groaned.

‘Try a blade in a gunfire smart ass,’ I scorned. I walked over to one of the dead bodies and picked up his AK-101 and 74. I put the 74 on my back belt and walked. I instinctively rolled over the body before a silent bullet hit me. Bent over and removed the kike shit from my boots and shot randomly as I continued rolling until I was behind the wall. ‘River, navigate me!’

‘The foyer to the left.’

‘Cut the lights,’

‘Okay…’ The boat started moving with a abrupt jerk. I used that as an opportunity to shoot down the men.

‘Georgia, wear your night googles, you’ll need them and Bruce, drive in a zigzagging manner.’

‘Zigzag, now!’ Bruce barked at the captain. I ran towards the left foyer, opened the door at the end and started running down the stairs. The electricity went off but I could still see.


‘Oh shit!’ I threw myself over the banister and landed on my feet before rolling out of range. ‘Curse it!’ I winced, wiggling my feet.

‘Are you alright dad?’

‘Yolanda, where are you?’

‘Handling,’ she went silent. I used the AK-101 to shoot up at the men running down like idiots. Exhaling, I continued finding my way to the cell stairs, shooting all the men in my way. I finally reached the cell room. I shot the doorknob off and kicked the door open. I continuously fired at the men inside before tossing the used up guns away.

‘Cookie!!! Where are you?!!!’ I searched from cell to cell until I found her tied down on the floor a stinky cell. ‘Cookie,’ I breathe but stopped when I saw what she did to the walls in the name of colours.

Wait, isn’t that Czech writing? And Ukrainian and… She wrote a message for me!

She fvcking cut herself and used as blood as ink!

“Coco, uma ufunda lokhu, ngithemba ukuthi uyakuqonda. Inkumbulo yami isuliwe futhi yahlelwa kabusha ukuba ngumunye umuntu. Othile ukukuzonda, umuntu ukuthi akubulale. Masinyane ungidedele ngihambe, ngizokubulala ngakho qaphela. Ngiyakuthanda.”

“Коко, якщо ти це читаєш, сподіваюся, ти зрозумієш. Мою пам’ять було витерто і перероблено, щоб бути кимось іншим. хтось ненавидить тебе, хтось тебе вбиває. Відразу ви мене відпустите, я вб’ю вас, тому будьте обережні. Я тебе люблю.”

“Coco, pokud to čtete, doufám, že tomu rozumíte. Moje paměť byla vymazána a přepracována na někoho jiného. Někdo, kdo tě nenávidí, někdo tě zabije. Okamžitě mě pustíš, zabidu tě, takže buďte opatrní.

Miluji tě.”

The first one was written in Zulu, the second Ukrainian and the last Czech. All with one meaning.

“Coco, if you are reading this, I hope you understand. My memory has been wiped and redesigned to be someone else. Someone to hate you, someone to kill you. Immediate you let me go, I will kill you so be careful.

I love you.”

I opened the cell and walked to her. That can’t be possible, it can’t be. I crouched down and lifted her up. She m0aned in pain before opening her eyes. Immediately she saw my face, hatred flashed in her eyes before it was replaced with fake emotions.

‘Ame, please get me out of here.’ She sobbed. That is something Tye don’t know. With or without the blood message I would know my Cookie the moment I saw her.

Cookie will never call me Ame.

She will never beg to be released. She will either joke about it or command me.

Cookie will never cry in the premises of an enemy, she is always strong.

I grabbed on to her jawline, she winced. ‘Won’t you let me go?’ Does he think I am stupid! This isn’t even her voice! This isn’t Cookie! I stood up and yanked the wig off her hair, ripping her hair along with it. Black hair. I removed the mask from her face. Not Cookie. The lady panicked.

‘Where is my girlfriend?!’

‘I…I…I…’ I lifted her up by her hair, grabbed her throat and slammed her back on the wall.

‘Where is Cookie?!’

‘I don’t know,’ she sobbed. ‘In the process of trying to remove her memories which she stubbornly refused to let go of. Her mental system crashed completely and she slipped into a coma, a permanent one.’ I staggered back from her, suddenly feeling nauseous.

‘You are kidding, right? Right?!’

‘No,’ she sobbed.

‘Where is she?!’

‘Some men took her away and dumped her body in the middle of the ocean,’

Oh fvck! fvck! fvck!

To be continued.

Okay, Cookie tried but I don’t know… Mental crash might be too strong for her to handle and in the ocean?

Nobody should kill me o

What will happen next?

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