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Sweet sex episode 31

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SWEET s£x!
(Psycho love 💔)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 31.

I had drifted slowly to sleep while waiting for my Aunt to finish her call, when I woke up again, there was tension in the room and they didn’t notice I am awake.

“What are we going to do, I don’t want my son to die, please help me, Mark. You promised to help me give him a good life and you have always been more than a father to him, don’t let him die now” My aunt is really crying.

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My uncle looked sad and worried, he held her tight. I can’t say I understand what they are actually saying or talking about so I just listened and watched them because their back were turned on me.

“Nothing is going to happen to me, where’s your faith, Josephine. I have already paid the doctor so he would get blood donor from another source, we just have to pray he finds one quick”

I got my uncle’s name and his wife’s, Mark and Josephine, I have always known them as Uncle and Aunty, my mother calls her brother….Nna m, Ezinwanne or my brother….so I never knew his real name till today.

They talked quiet strange and in a low voice, my heart tightened because I felt afraid that they are really talking about Chris and his life is at stake but I wondered why they are not giving him donor, what’s happening?

“What are we going to do about, Jenny? Your sister will…..” My aunt started in a cool voice wiping her tears but my uncle cutted her off.

“When she fully recovers, then we will bring it up, for now, let’s face one problem at a time and Chris’s situation must be number one priority for us” he said to her and hugged her.

I wanted to keep quiet and pretend I didn’t hear anything but I guess my mouth couldn’t just snap shut, “What about me?” I asked quickly.

They turned sharply to look at me in awe, of course they didn’t know I have been awake and I heard half if not all of their conversation which they had thought it’s between them.

“Ummm….how are you feeling now, Jennifer?” My aunt cleared her throat and came to sit down beside me on the small bed.

“Aunt, please tell me what’s wrong with me and what is Chris’s situation, don’t hide it from me, I am alright now” I begged informing her that I can withstand anything she tells me no matter how hard it is.

“You see, we were talking about your health actually, the doctor said you will be discharged tomorrow morning and…..”

“Aunt! You and I know that’s not what you two were talking about, Uncle, please talk to me, I want to know what’s wrong with me and Chris, please?” I looked at my uncle then.

“I don’t think there’s a point in keeping this from you because you will still find out anyway, Jenny, you are pregnant and the doctor said it’s two weeks” my uncle said looking at me intently.

My mouth dropped open and snapped close, my eyes widened and I shivered, I saw this coming but I didn’t expect them to find out like this, I felt ashamed and I could only mope at him.

“If the pregnancy is two weeks old, that simply means you got it here, don’t lie to me, Jennifer, I won’t be hard on you, who is responsible?” My aunt said quietly holding my hand.

I diverted my eyes to look at her dumpfounded because I didn’t expect her to still speak to me in such manner, now, what answer am I going to give her?

She has been so good to me and I never wanted or imagined that I will disappoint my parents or my uncle and aunt like this, what have I gotten myself into?

The last stroke that will break the kernels back is when she knows who is responsible, will she ever forgive me? Oh God! How did I get myself into this mess?

What was wrong with me to mindlessly permit my cousin to commit incest with me and how will I be able to live with the shame? What would people think of me?


How disappointed my parents will be?!

“Jen? Am talking to you, tell me the truth and I promise, I won’t be harsh, okay? You are old enough to have a boyfriend though I didn’t expect this from you but I understand” she said again.

“Don’t pressure her too much, she’s yet to recover fully from her bad experience, let her talk when she is ready” my uncle advised and held his wife.

She shrugged and stood up, they gave me one last look before they left me alone to wallow in self pity. This is it, Jen! What else were you expecting?

A nurse came in to check on me, I can’t tell what exactly she was doing because my mind had left my body, I thought about my poor parents.

My education and how my life changed in just three weeks and four days, I haven’t spent a full month here and I have gotten myself into trillion troubles.

I can’t even cry, the only thing I’m more worried about is Chris, nothing should happen to him because I can’t stand to loose him especially now that I need him the most.

I can’t make any decision on my own most especially since his parents already know about it, when my mind snapped back to reality, the nurse was already leaving so I called her back immediately.

“Please, tell me how my cousin is doing? I hope nothing serious is wrong with him?” I cried.

“Don’t worry dear, he is in safe hands, you can’t be like this on your condition, okay?” She advised and left.

I touched my stomach slightly and a chill ran through me, something is growing inside me, another human being from the man I love, why then am I not happy?


love is forbidden, does it also mean that my baby is a forbidden fruit? God forbid! There must be hope for me and Chris, he will wake up and we will find a solution to this…..

For now, what should I tell my aunt and uncle about who’s responsible for my pregnancy? Caleb is not even a choice because the last chaos we caused is still fresh in his memory.

I stood up slowly, my head did a merry-go-round and it felt too heavy for my neck to carry but I kept looking straight until my eyes focused.

A hand plastered on the wall, the other on the bed, I pushed myself up and removed the wires from my hands and found my way out, I really want to see Chris, God please keep him save for me.

I can’t live without him and he’s the father of the seed growing inside me, I don’t want to loose him; all these thoughts ran through my mind and I said silent prayers as I looked around the big hallway.

“Jesus Christ! What are you doing outside? How did you manage to stand up? Can’t you see you are not yet fit to walk around?!!” A nurse yelped and ran towards me when she got a glimpse of me.

She held me close and wanted to lead me back inside but I shook my head and refused to move, “I …. I want to…see Chris, please” I begged her.

“He’s still unconscious, you can’t see him now and…..”

“No! I must see him, it’s all my fault and I am the one that put him in that condition, let me just see him even if for a minute, please” I held the nurse tight on her arm.

“Oh doc! Thank God you are here” the nurse exhaled when the doctor appeared from one of the wards, surprise was written all over his face.

“What’s going on here, nurse?” He asked and looked from the nurse to me.

My legs became weak and buckled, my head started spinning like a rollercoaster and my eyes slid close, I went against the nurse and kept mumbling that they should take me to Chris…..

Voices woke me up, I am on the bed again and wires fixed on my two arms, my aunt right beside me and Lisa too.

“Sister Jennifer?!” Nancy called me and struggled to climb up the bed but Lisa reached from behind and lifted her to her laps so she would be able to touch me.


are you doing, Jenny?” Lisa asked and wiped off prickly heats from my forehead, I looked at her and lifted my cheeks in attempt to smile.

The door opened and the doctor came in followed by my uncle and one other man that I know nothing about, my aunt jumped to her feet immediately.

“What are you doing here?!” She barked at the man and almost hitted him if not for my uncle’s intervention.

“Calm down, Josephine” my uncle held his wife.

“How could you do this to me, Mark! This man killed my sister!! I told you that I don’t want to ever see his ugly face!!!” My aunt howled and lunged towards the man again but my uncle is stronger than her…….


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