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Sweet sex episode 33

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SWEET s£x!
(Psycho love ❤️💖🤸)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 33.

His fingers moved.
I looked at it closely and thought that maybe my eyes are seeing abnormally or I finally started hallucinating as a result of the accident.


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I believed my eyes when his lips parted slightly and he said my name, I squeezed his hand passionately. “Am here, baby”

The door opened immediately and the doctor plus five nurses came inside, one of the nurse’s took me out while the others stayed back as treatment were commenced on him.

That evening, I was discharged from the hospital and the doctor prescribed drugs for me, my aunt and uncle took me home.

I spent three days indoor before my aunt even thought of allowing me to open my own door, she’s always like; “you are not strong enough to lift a needle or move an inch”

When she finally accepted that I can walk around without anyone’s help, I followed her to the hospital again to see Chris.

She already told me that he’s fully awake now but can’t stand as he’s still weak, I was very happy and I couldn’t wait to see him.

When we got to the hospital, she went into the doctor’s office and told me to go see him and feed him with the food we came with, I didn’t need to be told she’s doing that deliberately so we would have some time together.

I rushed into the room and though he isn’t awake when I got in, I threw myself at him and he winced all the way to reality.

“Oh my God! Are you planning on finishing me?!” He grinned when he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Am sorry! I am so very happy!! Why did it take you eternity to wake up, don’t you know someone is hurting here?” I played and tapped his chest.

“Ouch! It hurts!!” He laughed covering my hand with his.

“Thank you” I said as tears filled my eyes.

“For what?” He asked and pulled me close to him, I sat beside him on the bed and laid my head on his chest.

“For waking up, I was really afraid, my Romeo”

“Do I have hair now?” He feigned a surprise look as he pulled me up so I would look at his face.

“Yep! You even have beared” I whined.

“Then shave it for me because I prefer hairless Romeo to just Romeo!” He teased.

“Now I know your problem” I laughed “I will feed you now, my hairless Romeo” I lifted the food flask so he would see.

“I hope you garnished it with love portion and sprinkled strong medicine because it’s good for hot s£x!”

“Jesus Christ!” I covered his mouth with my palms. “Thank goodness no one is here, Chris”

“Don’t think I’m stupid, I can see clearly” he said and dropped kisses on my palms and caressed the length of it.

I moved his hand to my stomach, “I’m pregnant” I told him sadly, I became afraid immediately because I felt he might not want a baby now.

“I know” he smiled provocatively.

“You know? How? When? Who told you?” I wondered how he knew, he has only been awake for two days.

“I told you the white stone grants wishes made on it” he replied bluntly.

“What are you saying?” I bluffed angling my head to have a better look at his face.

“I met my father yesterday, he gave me blood, he explained everything to me before he left and he promised to come back again” he said and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully.

“He left?” I questioned and he nodded. “Why?” I asked him again.

“Because my son doesn’t need him now” my aunt jumped in, her hand on the door knob and the other on her waist.

She walked briskly into the room and smiled at us. “Oh…” I managed.

“Thanks, Mom” Chris said and held my aunt’s hand.

“You are always welcome, baby, just get well soon because you now have a family to shoulder” she said batting her lashes and I rolled my eyes.

*Two months gone*

I guess I am very fortunate, my uncle went home a week ago and explained things to my parents.


felt and behaved the same way every normal African parents behave when their child or children disappoint them but they accepted it.

My mother called me and asked me when her in-laws are coming to pay homage to them and since then, I have been very happy.

Chris has recovered and we now share a room and we don’t have to do hide and seek like before, smiles.

His father came back just yesterday and we all had a family meeting before he left this morning again.

As he said, he is not a Nigerian and I understand where Chris’s accent originates from.

He explained that he came from Accra, Ghana to Nigeria for a music show, he met a beautiful woman who danced to the moves of his song in the way that it touched his heart.

They became attracted to each other and had a relationship which didn’t last because as a singer, he lives for the stage and moving from country to country for shows, they couldn’t be together.

His mistake was leaving his heart behind and walking away. He came back to look for her after two years and she was nowhere to be found.

My aunt told us what happened last, she is her step sister from different mother’s but of same father.

She said her sister was heartbroken especially when she found out she was pregnant for a man that chose his music career over her.

My aunt further explained that she(my aunt) was at her first year in the university when all these were happening and her stepsister is five years older than her.

Her sister was in school and that was at her final year, they had to hide everything from their parents and though friends advised her to abort the baby, she was afraid and so didn’t.


thanked God for that, what if she had aborted my hairless Romeo? Ah! Glory to God, honour to Mary…..

To cut the story short, she died in the labour room after giving birth to Chris because she couldn’t bear the pain.

My aunt said it was my uncle whom was her boyfriend then that helped her raise the child without her parents noticing until she was ready to tell them.

I guess I should have known the whole thing from the very beginning because I knew when my uncle and aunty did their wedding, so they mustn’t have given birth and hidden him purposely for no reason.

Lisa found a place and she is moving in today, I also found out her boyfriend has been the one calling her and chatting her up asking to see her which she is yet to do.

I understand, she’s still contemplating because of her last experience but in my opinion, since the guy has realised his mistake and is ready to make up, I know with time, she will reciprocate.

I can still remember her saying that she still loves the idiot…or did she say fool? .lol.

I guess I will even go to her wedding ceremony first and I will actually catch the magic for my own day.

“What are you thinking about?”

I looked up from the book I held to my face and faced Chris, he just finished bathing and he has made a habit of coming into the room [email protected] ever since we started sharing his room.

“I’m thinking about your moving around [email protected], one-day Nancy might come in here and freak out!” I teased.

He took the book away from me and kissed my forehead, “Then I will know you called her in to pay me for making you blush like this” he tapped my cheeks.

“Aunty Jenifer! Mum said you can help me do my assignment!!”

Speaking of the devil! I laughed loudly as he ran back into the bathroom and Nancy came almost at the same time.

“Count yourself lucky!” I threw myself on the bed and laughed until tears came out from the corners of my eyes.

“What are you saying?” Nancy asked and struggled to climb up the bed.

“Don’t worry, darling…. you will not understand!”

“Uhm…Babe! Help me get a towel, please?” He called from the bathroom.

“You will remain there until our baby kicks” I mocked him, which normal human being goes to the bathroom without towel….. I’m sure going to catch evening cruise.


/> Let’s enjoy the happy moments 😂. Cus d story will end soon…..

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