Sweet Sex

Sweet sex episode 4 – 5


SWEET s£x!
(Psycho love)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 4.

After breakfast that morning, everyone went to work and I stayed home alone, Nancy was dropped off to school by her dad and it’s said he would be the one to bring her home.

The rest of the day was boring, I watched TV, played games alone and even made a play of cleaning the house and dancing around before I got tired and went into my room and locked myself in.

I dozed off to sleep after many minutes of wallowing in fantasy.

I was awakened by a knock on the door, I stood up lazily and went to open my door. There was no one there, I looked around surprisingly only to find out that it’s a bang on the front door.

Oh my God!

It’s late already, I saw the wall clock when I ran downstairs to the parlour. I rushed and opened the door to see Chris standing there.

“I was right after all” he said walking past me.

“I…. I’m sorry, I fell asleep” I apologized for keeping him waiting but he waved it off.

“It’s nothing, you must have been so bored in this big house!” He exclaimed smiling instead.

“I guess I was, but it isn’t too bad. How’s work today?” I asked sitting down. He sat next to me and tapped my chin, he seems not to help touching me.

“It was as beautiful as you, I made alot of sales and I’m happy” he said unbuttoning his shirt.

“I don’t even know what you do” I stated flatly.

“It must have slipped my mind, I actually import phones and it’s accessories from across many countries and sell here” he said bluntly.

“Wow! That’s nice….it’s a wonderful business but isn’t it kinda expensive to start and run smoothly?” I asked curiously wondering how he got so high at such a young age.

Well, my uncle is kinda rich as I can see and he must have started the business for his son, seems that’s what he wants to do instead of going to university.

“I worked and saved up a little money and my father helped me out, and…..here I am” he shrugged slapping his hands together.

“Nice….so, where’s your head office located?” I asked holding his gaze.

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plaza, it’s a new plaza here in PH” he said

“Oh! I think I remember, I passed it on my way here, it’s located at that Y junction!” I exclaimed recalling the ash building I admired on the drive here.

Why didn’t my uncle tell me even when I told him that I liked the building. My uncle is a man of few words and he’s too secretive, I don’t really like that.

“Yes! Exactly!!” He confirmed.

“Okay, I’ll be in the kitchen, I have to put something together before Aunt comes back, I don’t want her to stress herself after the days work” I told him and made to stand up.


drew me back to sit on his lap, I was caught by surprise, what’s he doing? He was even looking at me as if he didn’t expect himself to be drawing me close.

He caught himself almost immediately and made to push me off his lap but my own lips descended on his without notice and his tight hold loosened.

His arms pulled me closer to him and my hands fell loosely over his shoulders, we forgot about who we are for moments as our tongues mingled.

His mouth was too possessive when it moved away from my lips to tease my earlobes and hungry when it moved down to my neck.

“Jen….” He whispered my name like a lost man, I shivered, his voice holds so much power over me and I can’t figure out what I mumbled as an answer to him.

I lifted my left hand off his shoulder and plastered my palm on his chest, I felt the rapid thuds of his heartbeats.

He lifted his face a few inches away from mine and studied me intently “we… we can’t… really do this” he muttered but he didn’t make any move to shove me off his lap as I expected.

Fine! He doesn’t want me, which other form of rejection am I expecting, he’s just being a gentle guy by keeping his cool.

This is exactly the second time and to the best of my knowledge, he’s probably reminding me that we are cousins and there’s no way we are going to…..

I leaped up to my feets “this shouldn’t have happened, I…. I..it’s all my fault. Am sorry” I took the blame and turned to go into the kitchen.

“No! Jen wait!!” He grabbed my hand before I could escape, I really wanted to because I didn’t want him to see the tears that formed in my eyes.


ready to drop anytime so I looked away from his face “I have to go and cook, everyone will be home soon” I beseeched indirectly, he should better get it.

“Gosh..!” He cursed and ran his hand through his hair, he spun around as if he wants to hit something and he ended up hitting his palm since there’s nothing close to him.

Why is he now reacting? He had ended the kiss and made it clear that we aren’t supposed to be doing that, what is his problem?

I took the opportunity and dashed into the kitchen, he should suit himself!

SWEET s£x!
(Psycho love)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 5.

How’s it that he is able to comport himself and behave in his usual manner as if nothing has ever happened between us?!

While I find it hard to place the plates on the table when am serving dinner, he was even the hero that caught the plate when it slid off my hand.

“Thanks” I mumbled and went back into the kitchen to bring water.

What is wrong with me? He is my cousin for crying out loud and this feelings….this strange feeling is driving me nuts!

“Jenny! We are eating already, where’s the water?!” My aunt’s voice snapped me out of my mystery.

“I’m coming!” I replied and quickly opened the freezer to bring out two bottles of water.

“Aunty Jen! Can you please feed me, am sick and my hands are shaking, see…it can’t even hold a spoon properly!” Lucy whined when I entered the dining room.

“Hey! When did you become so sick that you can’t hold a spoon, common eat or get out if you aren’t hungry!” Chris didn’t know how to sooth a child at all.

“Don’t shout at my baby like that, come honey, let mummy feed you… your aunt needs to eat too” My aunt said carrying her onto her laps.

“Jenny, are you okay?” My uncle asked noticing my actual silent. Off course they know how playful I am always where Lucy is concerned but today……

“Am okay, I just don’t feel like eating… I…” I trailed off and forced a smile to my lips so they won’t query me further.

“If you don’t like this food, you can go make another one, this is your home too. Don’t feel …..”

“No! No!! Uncle, I’m really okay. Yeah! I just don’t feel hungry and that’s probably because I ate earlier this evening” I said quickly rolling my eyes.

Everyone else was busy eating comfortably, Lucy on her mother’s laps eating with giggles and kisses while her mother played along with her.

Chris, well…his spoon is dancing harmoniously on his plate and he is munching on the food in his mouth, whatever is going through his mind now….

“Okay, if you say so, just feel free to tell me if you have any…. problem, you know” he shrugged and used the napkin to clean his mouth.

He pulled away from the table and stood up “the meal is awesome Jenny, thanks” He exclaimed and went inside.

“I…Aunt, I will be… inside, call me when you and your darling are done eating so I will come clear the table” I said playfully and my Aunt relieved me.

“Don’t worry Jenny, me and my honey pie will do that, go get some rest. Thanks for a wonderful dinner”

She said exactly what I wanted to hear and I didn’t waste time to get myself inside.

I locked myself inside my room and turned off the light, maybe I will force some sleep into my eyes and forget everything that happened earlier.

Oh how stupid I am! It’s 12:39 and I am busy counting the seconds and waiting for a tap on my door instead of going to a goddamn sleep!!.

I turned over and over on my bed and the sleep was nowhere to be found, how will sleep come while everything in me yawns for the guy next door.

I see him when I close my eyes, I perceive him when I breath and I feel his hands on me when I remember us on his bed and in the parlour.

I think I will need a mug of tea to clear my head and try going to sleep all over again, yes! That’s a great idea.

I should remember that he is still my cousin and he said that to me, I should better get off it and be a good girl.

But how will I do that? How will Jennifer be a good girl while he’s like poison, he slowly moves into my system and breaks all my walls.

I jumped out of bed and slipped into the kitchen, careful not to awake people who are busy enjoying the night.

I made my milk safely and peacefully, I took a sip and turned to walk back to my bedroom in the same way I came only to pour my hard made tea on a bare chest.

“Eeeew! Why didn’t you turn the lights on?” He winced in pain and went to turn the light on.

“Why do you have to choose the wrong time to make entry, you are going to make another tea for me” I snorted frowning.

Why am I even angry? I am the one who was making tea in the dark as if am the only person that lives in the house.

And I just poured hot tea on him, who needs to be blamed? No! It isn’t me, he shouldn’t have come here, who invited him?

“Really now?! You are being serious? No problem, I will make you another tea and you will also have to say sorry for the hot tea” he emphasized.

“I’m not apologizing because this isn’t my fault! You are the one who barged into this kitchen, I don’t remember inviting you here!!” I scoffed.

“Hello young lady!” He waved a hand to my face as if to wake me up from my slumber “the last time I checked, no one needs an invitation to enter this kitchen!”

“A kitchen belongs to women! How many times have you seen your dad come in here, that…..”

“Calm down Jen, you are shouting and you wouldn’t want to wake everyone up” he covered my mouth with his hand making me swallow my words.

“No one intends to do that, just make my tea for me and there will be peace except you don’t want to sleep this night” I managed slapping his hand off my mouth.

“Are you still angry with me?” He asked making to touch me again but I turned quickly and went to wash the mug I had used to make tea.

Tea that I didn’t drink because of his sudden entrance and he is here pretending to care, does he take me for granted?

“Jenny?” He came closer to me and when I felt his hand on my shoulder, I turned sharply and pushed him away.

“Please! Don’t touch me”

I know he would be thinking I didn’t want him to touch me because I’m angry with him. Oh yes! I am very angry with him and myself too for not being able to control myself.

But, I don’t want his touch because I don’t trust myself when he’s being so close, does his heart also race the same way mine does?

“Jennifer, am sorry if I hurt you earlier. The truth is….. this whole thing feels so strange to me, I don’t… I don’t understand what am feeling inside… it’s…God! How do I put it?”

He walked around the kitchen restlessly and I could see his sad face as I stood with my back against the wall, I wound my hands around me to avoid reaching out to soothe him.

“It’s…. really strange” I sighed gazing at his back now, he was busy making another tea as I had requested.

“You see, it would have been better if we aren’t related, I mean, we … could have easily….” He threw a glance at me “I don’t think I will fight this anymore”

“Fight what?” I asked dumbly knowing exactly what he’s talking about.

He came to me and I didn’t move away this time, he closed the space between us as my was still against the wall, his hand cupped my face and he planted a kiss on my lips.

“This… whatever it is between us” he whispered and deepened the kiss………


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