November 29, 2021

Sweet sex episode 9 – 10


SWEET s£x!
(Psycho love) 🔞🔞18 plus+!!!

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 9.

I undid his belt, pulled down his trouser and threw it away.

Now, just imagine the condition of his d*ck inside his boxers, what a pity, it needs some kiss and caress.

“I’m coming, baby. You will love it when mama pets you” I hummed softly, I will make sure he gets exactly the same pleasure he gave me in his room a night ago.

“What are you doing to me, Jen. My whole body yearns for you, come on” he cried.

“I told…ya to be a good…boy, remember? Let me handle your pr*ck and take my tuition fee” I saw his lips twitch in amusement when he recalled our last discussion.

“Please, handle with care and be nice to him, he will give you as many amounts as you wish to take” he mused.

“Which means… I will take my time” I stated flatly.

He threw his hands over his head and waited for me to do my worst, he sure doesn’t know what’s coming!

I took off his boxers and ran a finger through his arousal, his breath quickened and I heard my own blood pumping, an idea played on my mind.

Good-girl-gone-bad! I find it hard to believe that those naughty thoughts could run through my mind, I wasn’t like this before! What happened to Jennifer?

I wasn’t into romance, I mean, as I mentioned before, I was that Nigerian girl that believes in minus men in other to reach my beacon of success.

And as innocent as I was, I must have gone crazy to think that I’m the one who’s looking at a man’s d**k, not just any man, but my cousin! and thinking of what I did next!!


knelt down beside the bed between his legs and bent so my face becomes level with him.

I kissed him gently, and when I felt that’s not enough, I took him into my mouth, I sensed how uneasy he became because my action caught him by surprise.

I suckled, licked and savoured every bit of him until he cvm inside my mouth, his m0ans filled the whole house and I craved to give him more.

I stood up and tour my clothes off, I joined him on the bed and climbed on top of him, I bent over him and did wonders to his small n!poles.

I trailed kisses through his face down to his thighs, his hands reached for me but I told him to relax because I’m the one in charge, I’m the boss of the game now.


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I can’t take this anymore…..” He cried out but he got no shudder from me.

I faced his pr*ck again, stuck out my tongue and put it to good use, I kissed and caressed him until he reached his peak.

I got what I wanted! I wanted to bring out that animal in him, I want him inside me, bold, strong, fearless and wild!

He took control in a wink of an eye as he tore off the blind fold and lifted me off the bed, he jerked me against the wall instead and claimed me from behind.

That’s the spirit!

My palms were splayed on the wall and my left cheek as well for support, his hands were on my waist as he thrusted deeper and deeper inside me.

Our climax was quick and breathtaking.

He poured himself inside me and we collapsed onto the floor, millions of stars ran around my tightly closed eyes, that’s when the fear descended on me.

I shivered and opened my eyes slowly, “Chris?” I called when I saw his posture on the floor.

He opened an eye, grinned and shot it back as I snuggled closer to him “I adore you” he said holding me tight.

“Are you okay?” I asked worriedly though, he wasn’t gentle or careful and I had put him up to that, I love this side of him.

“I should ask you that” he returned looking at my flushed face now.

“Bad energy” We laughed heartily together, the fear came back again. “Chris” I called him, when his gaze met mine, I voiced out my fears.


we didn’t use protection, you were careful the first time but my fear comes from…..”

He placed a finger on my lips, “That’s not gonna happen, you don’t have to be afraid of anything ’cause I gat you” he promised.

I shook my head and gave up to the weakness that overwhelmed me, my eyes were already closed when he carried me to the bed and lay down beside me.

My eyes were heavy with sleep and I am weak to the bones, but my mind was filled with too many what ifs.

Who really is this Jennifer? The one who’s lying [email protected] next to her cousin? The crazy one who has no principles so much that she’s no different from a slut?

This stupid Jennifer that is making a terrible mistake and still enjoy every bit of it? Who is she?

What if I…! no!! hell no!!!. All that thought can’t even help me, my heart still feels the same way towards Chris, my body still wants more of him.

I can’t get enough of him…

I still don’t regret this, I still cherish this moment and I guess that this little memories we are creating together is going to be the best moments of my life.

I drifted slowly to sleep with the thought of him refreshing my sanity and his face smiling in my dreams.


Someone was touching my cheeks, the hand moved over to my ears and all across my face, then I felt soft lips giving each of my cheeks a peck.

I am very exhausted as I woke dreamily pouting my lips so he would kiss my lips instead, “oh baby”

“I’m not a baby! My mother said that I’m now a big aunty like you!!”

My eyes stuttered open to see Nancy’s face bent over mine, what?!

I almost threw the sheets up but I caught myself when I realized that I am still [email protected]

When did he leave? Our clothes aren’t scattered around the floor as it was before I dozed off to sleep.

And to think that this brat was ….. thank goodness I didn’t call his name, this little parrot can talk for Africa.

“Mom said dinner is ready!” Nancy announced jumping off the bed.

“Thank you! Bye bye!!” I said when she continued climbing up and jumping down the bed playfully.

Dinner? Seriously? That explains that it’s night already and I spent the rest of the day in bed, and my Aunt came back and cooked.

I waited for Nancy to go out of my room before I threw the sheets off and ran into the bathroom for a quick shower.

When I came out for dinner, everyone else has already started eating and the little scene in my room was the point of discussion.

“Is it true that you called my sweetheart a baby?” My Aunt asked just as I sat down to eat.

“Isn’t…..she?” I rolled my eyes and flushed when I caught him looking amusingly at me.

“Sister Jennifer also sleeps [email protected] and she kisses the air while sleeping”

Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!

I’m doomed!

SWEET s£x!
(Psycho love 🔞🔞)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 10.

Chris choked and reached for water, my mouth dropped, I never felt so shy and nervous in my whole life, what a bombshell?!

“Hey! Nancy, don’t talk about your aunt like that! Now say sorry!!” Aunty shunned her daughter, no one found it funny.

Nancy looked down on her plate of food and twisted the fork she’s using to eat, like every other normal child when they realized they have crossed their limits, she mumbled an apology.

“Mmm. This is a nice food, thanks for a nice dinner family, Jenifer, when you are done eating, come and see me” My uncle said in his usual manner and left us.


The end has come, my heart thudded and I lost my appetite at once, honestly, I’m famished, who wouldn’t after running a race as fierce as the one I ran earlier with Chris.

“Jenny, sorry about that, this News Naija talks almost about everything she sees, who knows where that habit of hers is coming from” my Aunt apologized and scolded Nancy.

“I guess… I should learn how to stop sleeping nude and dreaming….ya” I tried waving it off.

Of course! I should, Chris will and must take the blame for this as far as am concerned, if he had waken me up, this discussion won’t have happened in the first place.

I glanced up at him, I think he’s feeling guilty because he only turned his food over and over again without eating anything.

I managed to eat a little food, I might need strength to talk to my uncle, who knows if he has noticed anything from our behavior? God abeg o.

A lot of thoughts ran through my mind all through dinner and even as I cleaned the table and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen, I kept wondering why my uncle of all people wants to see me after hearing his daughter…….

A click on the kitchen door made me turn sharply, there he comes! He came in and locked the kitchen door.

“Suspicious?” He grimaced.

I ignored him completely and made to walk away but, he caught my arm before I got to the door.

“What do you want now?” I couldn’t fight back my anger, why did he have to be so selfish.

Was he really selfish? I’m just afraid, I had to admit.

“Hey common, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t want to disturb you so I took your clothes to the bathroom and made sure I covered you properly.”

“You didn’t think for a second that your mother might come in to know why I’m still in bed” I said lowly.

“If it’s my mother, she would understand, I mean, some people do like sleeping nude” he replied in a low tone.

“Are you saying I’m the one to be blamed for my misfortune” I batted my lashes defiantly.

“Jen….gosh, okay, I take the blame and…am sorry” he drawled holding his hands up.

“Better! Only I don’t know why uncle wants to see me” I said.

“Why don’t you go find out yourself, if you think much about it, you might chicken out and if he wasn’t suspecting anything, he will….” He said thoughtfully.

“Right? Then” I took deep breaths and walked towards the door.

“Not too quick, babe” he drew me back so we stood close enough his breaths grazed my cheek.

“What, shouldn’t I face one problem at a time, huh?” I covered my lips when he bent to kiss me.

“I just want to tell you that… I’m expecting you.. tonight, in my Chambers” he said kissing my forehead.

“Mr Chamber owner, you had better let me go before it’s too late” I moved away from him and rushed out.

He sure knows how to tempt a babe.

I first knocked at my uncle’s door before I opened it slowly and went inside.

He was sitted on a couch opposite his bed, his legs crossed and a Daily newspapers at hand, he had a pair of spectacles and a radio station was airing on the radio beside him.

His wife and Nancy were on the bed, she is on the phone and little broadcaster was busy trying to snatch the phone as if it belongs to her.

“Okay, I will call you back” My aunt said and disconnected the line, she shot Nancy a dreadful look before stepping down from the bed.

“Mom, I want to talk to Grandma as well!” Nancy said running after her mother who’s already exiting the room.

“Every single person I call is Grandma to you, if that’s the case, go and buy your own phone” I heard as the door closed behind them.

I moved nervously towards the bed and sat down like a saint. That’s when he looked up at me as if he just noticed me for the first time.

“Oh! You are here, so…. I hope you are doing good, right?” He said dropping the newspaper on his laps and folded his hands over it.

“Yes sir” I replied with a nod.

“That’s good, actually I… talked to your mother over the phone and I decided to buy you this….” He stood up and went to open his sideboard drawer.

You need to imagine how my heart was racing as I looked at him from the corner of an eye to know exactly what he’s up to, people can’t be predicted.

He might bring out cane and give me one lash, I released a deep breath when I saw that he brought out a nylon bag.

“Here” he handed the bag to me with a radiant smile, what a relief!

“Oh my…! Uncle, thank you very much!!” I went on my knees to thank him for the thing he gave me, guess what?!

It’s a smart phone.

“I got you that so you can call and talk with your mother, everything you might need to use it is all inside, and you don’t need to thank me, you are my niece” he said touching my head as if I’m a little baby.

“Okay Uncle, I really appreciate this” I said happily unwrapping the package, I can’t wait to start using it.

“Just make sure you call your mother first, she might be missing you and worried sick about you, okay?” He said as he crossed his legs again, his attention went to his papers.

“I will.. thank you, God bless you!” I sang all the way to the parlour.

My aunt and Nancy are watching cartoon network, that’s the only thing that seems catchy to that little girl because her eyes didn’t even blink as I talked to my aunt about what uncle got for me.

“Wow, it’s beautiful, I didn’t know he was serious when he talked with Chris about buying you a phone” She said smiling as she inspected the phone with keen interest.

Oh! So Chris is part of this and that’s why he seemed not bothered, am sure this even came from his shop, he should get ready to explain himself.

“Thank you Aunt, I really appreciate this, I mean.. I never thought about this and I wasn’t expecting it” I kept saying happily.

“It’s nothing dear, you are now a big girl and you deserve it” she said.

“Mom, am a big girl too and no one bought me a phone” Nancy complained looking away from the television for the first time since I got into the parlour.

Look at her, she was listening all the while and I had thought she wasn’t. Not only big girl, big mouth, radio without battery. I laughed inwardly recalling the heart ache she gave me a few minutes ago.

“Mummy, buy me phone….” She kept pestering her mother as I went upstairs to meet Chris.

“Doctor, is there no other way you can….” He was saying to someone over the phone and when he saw me come in, he said “I will call you later..”

I sat down on his bed and held up the phone to his face when he came to join me.

“I know you would love it” he said smiling at me but I saw beyond that smile to the sadness in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked him instead of complaining as I heard rehearsed before coming into his room.

He nodded and made to kiss me but I turned my face away, something is wrong somewhere, he is not telling me the truth.

“Chris, what is wrong? Who were you speaking to on the phone?” I asked worriedly.

Could it be about his business? No, if I remember correctly, I heard him say doctor, what could be wrong?

“Babe, common, it’s nothing” he said rubbing his thumb over my lips.

“The only thing that makes me really upset is when someone thinks I’m stupid, not like I don’t trust you but, I know when you aren’t saying the truth” I specified standing up from the bed.

“See… Jen, I don’t want to lie to you and….”

“You’re already lying to me, it’s fine if you don’t want to share any of your problems with me, what was I expecting anyways, I’m only good for your bed!” I boiled up.

“You are shouting”

“I don’t care, I shouldn’t have come here in the first place” I moved towards the door.

“Jenny” I was halted by his voice, it was so calm and I couldn’t go away even though I wanted to. “Don’t go, please”

My hand left the door knob as I turned to look at him, he looked so gloomy and distressed, I felt sad and I took his hand when he extended it.

He drew me close for a hug “you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Jen, please, stay with me, tonight”

I saw the truth in his eyes when I looked into them, I heard the honest truth in his voice and I wished….. I just wished….


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