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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 10

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Episode 10

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

★Bianca and Tricia★

“Ma? we have been waiting here for a while now and you have not said anything to us” Bianca said to Megan who was busy taking her bath while they were looking at her.

“Why are you so hurried? especially you Bianca why are you just so hurried?”

“Okay in that case I think you should go, let me talk to Tricia” Megan said as Bianca smiled.

“Don’t worry ma, am not in a hurry, so I will wait too” Bianca responded to Megan.

And Megan reacted so badly “What the fuck are you waiting for?”

“I just said that you should go let me speak with her alone” Megan shouted at Bianca.

“Umm… so sorry ma, I just thought that you said that because ummmm…”

“You think that I run out of time, but there is no problem”

“I should go, Tricia” Bianca called on Tricia and Tricia stared at her and pretended like she doesn’t know what’s going on.

“Tricia I will be waiting for you outside and once you are done you should come and meet me there”

“And please be quick” Bianca said to Tricia but Megan interrupted.

“Please who told you that…?” Megan asked Bianca.

“I don’t understand… who told me what?” Bianca asked.

“Who told you that you would be able to wait for her, please…”

“I will advice you not to wait for her because she will take too long”

“I mean she will take more than 1hr, I have things that I want to discuss with her”

“So I think that you shouldn’t attempt to wait for her at all” Megan said.

And then Bianca stared at her and then her suspicious begins.

She started smelling something fishy but she anyways pretends like she did not notice anything.

“Okay ma, good bye Tricia” Bianca said and just for her to take two steps away.

“Honey!” a voice sounded very loud and that us exactly Don 1’s voice which they all recognized.

And immediately the sound sounded Megan was so frightened.

“Oh my God my husband is back” Megan said as she stares at Tricia and Bianca.

“Come on keep going, both of you should leave here now!”

“I don’t want my husband to see you guys here when he reaches out Megan shouted and Bianca run away immediately.

But Tricia didn’t, she was still expecting the expected action to happen.

“Ma? me too…” She was still asking but Megan yelled at her.

“Get out!!! now!” Megan shouted and then Tricia ran away too.

And just as she was running out of the passage, Don stepped into the passage.

“Hello, sweetheart are you there?” Don said with a low voice.

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“Yeah! am at the bathroom, just keep coming downwards”

“And you really met me at a good time” Meagan responded to Don.

And when Don get to the bathroom, he saw that Meagan was taking her bath.

“Hey baby, I must say that you met me at the right time”

“Come on pull off your clothes and join me here” Megan said as Don keeps walking closer with smiles.

“No no no… I just came to check up on you and also to emmm…”

“Let you know that am back before leaving again, we are going somewhere”

“I mean me and the other Dons are heading to somewhere”

“So, am so sorry, I don’t think that I have the time to join you here” Don 1 said as he had already reached closer to her.

And then he bent down and give her a kiss on her forehead.

“But… darling can’t you abandon that which you are going?”

“Can’t you abandon it so that we will have our time and enjoy ourselves”

“Or is it that important? please I need you badly now, I want to feel you go deep down in me Jackie please” Megan said to Don.

“An so sorry Megan but I promise you that once am back, we will have it as good as we want it” Jackie said as he tried to walk away.

“Please one minute!” Megan said as Jackie turned back and looked at her.

“What about… if we just take it quickly and you have your time to go where so ever it is that you are going” Megan said.

“Am so sorry sweetheart, but we can’t, don’t think that am rejecting you”

“No am not, and I can never ever think of rejecting you, but I have no time”

“And not even suppose to be here because we needed a quick movement”

“But don’t worry, I hope you can endure yourself till when am back”

“I will satisfy you to your last minute” Jackie promised as he then kissed her.

And both of them kissed each other so deeply “Are you going to come back today?” Megan asked.

“Yeah, of course, I will still be back this night” Jackie responded.

“Okay in that case I shouldn’t bother myself requesting for it now, I think I will wait for you” Megan said as they kissed again.

“Alright, see you soon” Don said as he walks away.

★House 4★

Sophia and Don was shown as they were stepping down from the stairs.

“So… Axel… where is Cara, I haven’t seen her since all this while that am here, why?” Sophia asked.

“And am I the one that supposed to take care of her? am her nanny?”

“She is here to look after me, she is not here for me to look after her”

“But anyway, I think that she must be sleeping by now” Don said to Sophia.

“Oh, please… don’t frighten me like that again, I was already thinking about something else” Meagan said to Don 4.

“Frighten you? how do you mean that I frightened you?”

“What exactly did I do to you and what is it that you are thinking?” Don 4 asked.

“Axel that girl is the only child of her parents I mainly brought her here”

“So that I can take a proper care of her, but that doesn’t mean that…”

” She will not be doing her duty anyways, but you must mind how you treat her” Sophia said to Don.

“You can’t be serious, you mean Cara is the only child of her parents?” Axel asked out of surprise.

“Yes of course, I know that you must be so alarmed about why I bring her here”

“You see, she is my cousin, I have to help her mother”

“So that I can give her a better life” Sophia said to Don.

While Don was only looking at her as he don’t know what to say.

“Oh wow that is so incredible of you, bringing peoples only child into our house”

“But there is no problem about that, I will like to discuss with you when am back”

“I will like to discuss something very important to you about her when am back” Don said to Sophia.

“Oh yes I know that you must have enjoyed her, because she loves to play a lot” Sophia said while smiling as Don stares at her.

But then they are already closed to the door of exit.

“Alright am going out now, you stay here till when I will be back to meet up with you”

“So that we can enjoy ourselves as well” Don said to Sophia.

“I thought that I was supposed to go with you” Sophia responded.

“No, just as none of our wives is coming with us, it is only we”

“So you won’t be coming, just stay here okay, ,if you are bored, you can call on the maids”

“So that you can gist with them and stay awake till when am back” Don said.

And then he opened the exit door and stepped out of the house as he closes it.

And when he stepped out of his house, he saw that all the Dons are already inside their car.

And they have all started their car while waiting for him.

“Come on Axel, stop wasting our time men you piece of shit”

“Jump into the car let’s go” Don 2 shouted and then Axel quickly located his car and popped into the car.

And then he started it as the first person drives out which is Don 3.

And then they all started driving out of the compound one after the other.

And as soon as they are entering the highway, they increases their speed and speeds very fast.

★At The Club★

So Tricia and Bianca was seen at the club, they were still making use of one table.

As they are still discussing with themselves, and they seriously wants to escape each other.

They want to escape each other so that they can get to work.

And look for a handsome man to spend the night with.

So as they were discussing they saw one guy which both of them really liked.

“Oh my God, Bianca look at that guy, he is just too hot” Tricia said out of excitement.

“Yeah I can see that but why are you just too happy about that?” Bianca asked Tricia.

And then Tricia stopped being so excited as she pretends.

“Umm, sorry for that, just that he is cute, but do you agree with me that he is cute?” Tricia asked.

“Yeah I agree on that but you are too excited about that”

“As if there are anything special about him that you wanna…” Bianca was still saying but Tricia interrupted.

“Hey hey hey, hold it there please, just hold it there”

“What are you even talking about? please just stop it” Tricia said as Bianca stopped.

“So forget about that… Tricia what are your plans on this club”

“What are we going to do to make this hours that was given to us enjoyable?” Bianca asked.

“What else apart from what we are doing? we drink we eat”

“And then we go back home” Tricia responded as Bianca stared at her.

“What?” Tricia asked.

“Nothing actually…” Bianca replied as he takes a little sip of her drink.

And it wasn’t up to a minute when Tricia requested for an excuse.

“Umm… please give me one minute, I will be back” Tricia said as Bianca stares at her.

And she stand up and walks away “Hmm I know that you are planning”

“On a way to take that handsome man, but it will not work”

“He is for me and me alone” Bianca said as she stares around.

But she couldn’t find that guy again “Oh my gosh I knew it”

“She took him, but there is no problem, I should just wait behind”

“And look for another lad to take” Bianca says as she was still sitting.

And then some cars drives into the club, but she didn’t notice.

And the cars are the Dons car, so when the car drives in.

They all stepped down as they went to take on a chair.

And then Don 1 wanted to go and pay for the things they will eat and drink.

And that was when she noticed that it was Don 1.

“Don 1?” Bianca said as she stares around and then she located all the Dons not too far away from them.

“Oh my gosh the Dons are here, I just hope that they wouldn’t catch me” Bianca said.

As she was stylishly covering her eyes and when Don 1 finished paying up his bills.

He was already leaving when he saw Bianca but he didn’t know that it was her.

So he just decided to reach her out “hey beautiful damsel, how are you?” Don asked.

“Am fine” She replied with a low voice but that did not stop Don 1 from recognizing that it was her.

“Bianca?” Don 1 called on her name.

“Sire?” she answered with a low voice why she was so scared.

“What…? what are you supposed to be doing in a party?”

“When you get your self drunk now you will come back home and start destroying things” Don 1 said to her.

“Am so sorry Don, I…” Bianca said as she kneels down but Don interrupted her.

“Fine… there is no need of pleading, I have been looking for this opportunity for a long now” Don said as Bianca stares at him.

…..To Be Continued….

What opportunity exactly?

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