Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 11

💜Sxy House Maids💜


🎩The Dons🎩

Episode 11

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

“Am so sorry Don, I…” Bianca said as she kneels down but Don interrupted her.

“Fine… there is no need of pleading, I have been looking for this opportunity for a long now” Don said as Bianca stares at him.

“I… I don’t understand what you are trying to say?” Bianca said being afraid.

“Yeah I know that you wouldn’t understand what am trying to say but…”

“Why do you love seducing me every time?” Don 1 asked.

“How do you mean? I still don’t understand what you are trying to say” Bianca responded to him.

“Yeah I know that you… you know what, just wait a minute”

“Don’t go anywhere, don’t dare move an inch till I return” Don 1 warned her and she nods looking so worried.

“I will be back within a secs, let me speak for a seconds with my guys” Don said as he run back to their gatherings.

“Hey Jackie, why did it took you a lot of time to pay the bills?” Don 5 asked.

“Sorry… pardon me guys, I was speaking with a hot babe”

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“I came here to let you guys know that I have paid the bills”

“So you all can get ready and wait for your refreshments to arrive”

“But I will be over there with this girl, you know how it looks guys”

“I need to refresh up” Don said as they all chuckled.

“Yeah I know… but you are really a bad nigga! but, we will be waiting for you”

“Just make sure that you do whatever you are doing so fast”

“And come back here quick because we might not even remain a dime for you” Don 4 said.

“Oh yes I know, I will be back soon, chop knuckles guys” Don said as they all chopped knuckle.

And then he moves back to where he met Bianca and of course.

Bianca was still sitting there while waiting for him to arrive.

“Hey… here I am, am back… so… back to business”

“So Bianca I recently asked you a question, why do you like seducing me always?” Don asked.

“I think I answered that question, by telling you that I don’t know what you are talking about”

“Please make me to understand, what have I done to seduce you?”

“Is it because we came to the party? trust me your wife”

“Is aware of this, she is the one that gave us this chance to come out here”

“And enjoy ourselves a little, so I don’t understand what you are trying to say” Bianca replied.

“You mean Megan gave you guys this chance…? besides I heard you say we”

“Who is we? I saw you here alone, you did not come here with me”

“So why are you using the word we?” Don asked.

“When I mean we, am not talking about you and me” Bianca replied.

“Then who are you talking to then?” Don asked.

“Am talking about me and Tricia, we came here together” Bianca said.

“You mean that Tricia also came here with you…? so… where is she now?” Don asked.

“I don’t know, she followed that corner and she will surely be back within few minutes from now” Bianca said.

“Well, can we forget about that, let’s talk about what I want from you” Don said to her.

“What do you want from me, and most especially?” Bianca asked.

“What is it that I do that made you to say that am always trying to seduce you” Bianca asked.

“Yeah, the first question I need to ask is why are you always not wearing your pant?” Don asked.

“What…? you have been spying on my…. what the hell!”

“How did you know about that?” Bianca asked.

“How do I know…?” Don said while smiling.

“I know because that’s what you do always, and whenever I saw your private body”

“I will never ever be okay, I feel like oh my God I must try to do something”

“I feel like I need to do something” Don said while Bianca was only staring at him.

“And so… what was that supposed to mean?” Bianca asked.

“I wanna have se* with you, listen to me just let me enjoy a little”

“And I promise that I will doo whatever you want me to do”

“Just tell me what you want me to do for you, I will do it”

“Do you want money? you want car? what do you want, mention it” Don said to her.

“Are you being serious now?” Bianca asked out of amazement.

“Well, I don’t want anything like money from you, all I just want from you”

“Is that you will promise to value me more than you value anyone else”

“You will have to stop your wife from oppressing us, you know…”

“That she doesn’t even like us to stay at your side when she is around”

“All that has to stop” Bianca said.

“Wow is that all you want? you don’t want money, cars..? a better place?” Don asked.

“There is no place better than staying with the Dons, so…”

“What am I saying? I don’t need all those things, the things that I need”

“I have already told you” Bianca replied.

“Wow, it is so simple, so… consider it done” Don promised.

“Promised?” Bianca asked.

“Yeah, promised” Don responded.

“Okay in that case how do you want it, here..?? or when we are at home”

“I mean when it is only both of us left at home?” Bianca asked.

“No I can’t wait till when it is only both of us that will be left at home”

“Besides there is no problem if we can still have at home, anytime we are alone”

“But can we just go to the corner and have a quick doing?” Don requested.

“Okay, if you say so” Bianca said as she stands up.

And then Don take her out of the club to a particular building.

Where someone will not hear their moan or notice that they are there.

Although it wasn’t up to a minute when Tricia stepped back.

And she couldn’t find Bianca, she wonders where she have went to.

“So… where is this Bianca, oh…” Tricia said as she sits on her sit.

“I know that I really spent a lot of time out there, I know that she will no longer be here when am back”

“She might have gone out with a man, but always pretending to be so good” Tricia said in her mind as she brings out her phone and start operating it.


Meanwhile the Dons was still waiting for the arrival of Don 1.

“Can someone tell me what Jackie is still doing over there” Don 2 said.

“Who knows, maybe he wants to fuck the lady”

“So I think we should let him be, men” Don 4 said.

“Let me go look for him at that place, and if I don’t see him”

“That means he is already making it out with the girl” Don 2 said as he gets up from his seat.

And then walks out of them, heading straight to Tricia’s position.

Which was actually Don 1’s formal position, and Tricia supposed to have relocate.

But she is not aware that the Dons are here in this club just like Bianca was not aware till she get caught by one of them.

And that same thing is trying to happen to Tricia as she was busy operating her phone.

★The Don’s Home★

Sophia was inside her house as she was sitting at the parlor.

While she was busy with her phone and not in a few minutes time.

Cara stepped down from inside the house “Sister your food is ready,” the voice sounded in Sophia’s ear.

And then she looked back and saw that it is Cara.

“Oh it is you Cara, I thought that you were sleeping”

“My husband said that you were sleeping, so were you not?” Sophia asked.

“Am not sleeping of course, I was busy inside the kitchen”

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“Because I know that you will be back very soon, so I will have to prepare something very delicious for you” Cara said.

“Oooho, that’s so thoughtful of you, I must say that you did very well”

“You have arranged the food in the dining right?” Sophia asked.

“Oh yes I have” Cara replied.

“Okay, come over here, I have some words to discuss with you” Sophia said.

And then Cara steps closer to her as she sits besides her.

“So Cara tell me, did you have any moment to speak with my fiancee”

“How was your moment with him” Sophia asked.

“Oh he is such a good man, very good to he with me truth to be told”

“God have really blessed you with a nice guy, serious I enjoyed my moment with him”

“The way he speaks… the way he acts… it is all cool”

“I can’t believe that he tasted my food and love it so much”

“And promised me that if I keep it this way he will get me a hotel” Cara said.

“Oh wow, I know what my man can do, and that is why I love him so much”

“I know that he will be so good to you, he is a generous man”

“But anyway I have heard why you said so you can go now”

“And the time is already late, just go to the bed direct”

“Go and have your sleep now, don’t worry about the food you prepared for me”

“Once I finish here I will go and eat the meal” Sophia said as Cara stares at her somehow.

“I think that I like this place, I don’t want to go to sleep yet”

“Since you have not yet sleep, pet me keep you company” Cara said to Sophia.

“No, I don’t need a company, the time is already late, I think that you will have to go to bed now”

“Just go now that am still speaking!” Sophia shouted and then.

Cara angrily walks to her room and after a few minutes later that she has left.

Sophia heard a knock on the door, she wonders who it might be.

“Who could that be that is looking for me at this time of the day” Sophia whispered to herself.

“Yes who is there?” Sophia asked as she stands up and went to open the door.

“Hey! it is you Megan, I have missed you so much did you traveled?” Sophia asked.

“Yes but I came back yesterday” Megan replied.

“Okay come in please” Sophia requested and then Megan walks into the house.

“Have a sit” Sophia offered her a sit and she sat down gently.

“So you mean that you came back yesterday and you did not even bother to look for me?” Sophia asked.

“Am so sorry, I was so busy inside” Megan said.

“Okay, why the sudden visit, why do you have to come by this time of the day?” Sophia asked.

And then she started noticing some sudden moves on Megan.

She was stylishly scratching her private part, which means that she needs a hot f***k.

“Ummm are you okay?” Sophia asked.

“No not really, it is Jackie, since I have returned, he haven’t torched me”

“I have begged him, even if it is small before he leaves”

“But he still insists that I should wait till he comes back again” Megan said.

“Ummm, don’t worry, since he have already promised just wait for him” Sophia replied.

“No… come on I can’t wait, please you know you can help me out”

“Let’s just take it quick, just quick” Megan said as she started kissing Sophia.

While Sophia was struggling to push her away but she still grabbed her so tight.

And then Sophia thought that it was too late and without remembering that she has Cara in the house.

She feel relaxed as she started kissing Megan so deep as they lie down on top of the chair.

…To Be Continued…

So Sophia fall under Cara again?