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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 12

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Episode 12

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

★Dons At The Club★

Tricia was still operating her phone when Don 2 showed up.

Although he sighted her at a very far place and wondered why the girl looked so much like Tricia.

“Hmm, who is that beautiful damsel over there, she looks so gorgeous”

“Just like one of our house maid Tricia, like a photocopy of her”

“I could have said that this is Tricia… but what’s Tricia supposed to be doing at the club”

“By this time of the day?, I bet that she is sleeping at home”

“And well, I can see that Don 1 is not here, I shouldn’t loose this girl”

“I should meet up with her” Don 2 said to himself as he started walking closer to Tricia.

And as he was going closer, he can now see it so clearly that this is Tricia.

“This is not someone that looks like Tricia, this is Tricia herself”

“Wait, wait, wait a minute!? wat? Tricia at the club by this time of the day?”

“No no no, I still doubt that this is Tricia, but there is no problem”

“To find out if this is really her is not hard, I should go there”

“When am closed to her, the way she reacts tells me that this is her or not” Don 2 concluded in his mind as he started walking close to her.

And Tricia have not yet still noticed him till he get closer.

“Hi damsel!” The voice sounded like a bell I’m her ear as she quickly raised up her head.

“What the… ooh… Don, you are here” Tricia said as she was acting funny.

“Oh yes am here, so…” Don 2 said as he sits down on a sit.

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“What are you doing here by this time of the day, I knew it that this is you?” Don 2 asked.

“Trust me, it is not what you are thinking, it is not what you think”

“I…” Tricia was still trying to explain but Don interrupted her.

“So what am I thinking? come on speak up, what am I thinking?” Don asked.

“Ummn, I know that you are thinking that we came here for something else”

“Trust me, that’s not why we are here” Tricia said to Don.

“What then did you came here for and why are you using the word we?”

“Did you came here with anyone?” Don 2 asked.

“Yeah it was the both of us that came here, I mean me and Bianca”

“We came here together” Tricia replied as she looks so restless.

“Okay then you and Bianca will have to serve the punishment together” Don said as he tries to stand up and work away.

“Please sir have mercy on me, am very very sorry, I promise that this will not happen again” Tricia pleads.

“If you want me to forgive you then you have to do something for me” Don 2 said to her.

“Okay, what is it that you want me to do for you, I will do anything” Tricia said to Don.

“Where is that Bianca first of all” Don asked.

“I don’t know where she is” Tricia replied.

“What do you mean by you don’t know where she is?”

“I thought that you said that both of you came here together” Don asked.

“Yeah I know that I said that, but I went to use the loo”

“And when am back I couldn’t find her, I think that she will be back within a few minutes from now on” Tricia said.

“Okay, what you guys is supposed to do for me is that”

“You guys will follow me to the corner and let me bounce the hell out of your ass” Don said as Tricia stares at him.

“Yes, but since Bianca is not here for the both of you to service me together”

“There is no problem, you should come let’s go and have ours while I wait for Bianca’s arrival” Don 2 said.

“Oh I think that is not possible, I can’t have s*x with you please” Tricia said to Don 2.

“Okay in that case, you will have to face your punishment” Don 2 said as he tries to walk away angrily.

“Sorry but I don’t think that I have any punishment that awaits me”

“I don’t think so… because Jackie’s wife was the one that gave us this chance”

“She gave us this chance so that we can use it and enjoy ourselves” Tricia said to Don.

And then Don realized that his opportunity to sleep with Tricia have failed.

Because since they have already taken an excuse from Jackie’s wife.

And she truly give them the chance, that means that they are not guilty of anything.

“Oh, and then why did you allow me to be joking around”

“You could have told me that you guys took an excuse before coming to this place”

“Well, please don’t mind what I have been saying, am really sorry”

“I was only joking, trying to prank you” Don 2 said as Tricia gives out a fake smile.

“Yeah you are right, apology accepted” Tricia responded as she concentrated back on her phone.

And acts like nobody is sitting besides her “Tricia am still speaking with you” Don said to her.

“Yes I know that… you are still speaking with me, so go on”

“Am all ears, go on with what you are saying” Tricia said as she offs her phone and focused in Don.

“Please how do you consider allowing me to touch you please” Don 2 said.

“Sorry you are not allowed to do that” Tricia said to Don.

“Okay… what do you want me to do for you, you can mention whatsoever you want me to do for you”

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“I don’t want you to do anything for me and I don’t want you to torch me as well” Tricia said to Don.

“Alright I promise that I will keep giving you guys times like this to go out and flex”

“And while going out I will always give you guys some little things to use and enjoy yourselves”

“I mean I will give you guys a real cash for you to use and enjoy yourself”

“So you can mention whatever you want, and I promise that I will do it for you”

“Just please allow me to feel you with my whole body”

“Look at me Tricia, I love you so much right from the day you stepped into the compound” Don 2 said.

“like seriously!? wow!? wow!? what a lie, I don’t like lies please” Tricia said out of amazement.

“I really mean it, I love you so much please…” Don was still saying but Tricia interrupted.

“Enough of this lies already, are you aware, that I was in your house”

“I mean we are already employed, me and Bianca was already working for you guys”

“Before you married your wife, so why didn’t you show any concentration on me?” Tricia asked.

“That’s because I… I don’t know how to express myself for you”

“I don’t know how I can reach you out and tell you my feelings for you”

“And as am telling you, the same girl you are talking about is no longer with me”

“I have taken her back to her home, am single now, you can come into my life now” Don 2 said.

“You can’t be serious, are you serious or you are joking?” Tricia asked.

“Oh come on, why should I joke with such, come on am telling the truth here baby” Don 2 said.

“Okay in that case I have agreed to have se* with you”

“But you must keep your promise” Tricia said to Don.

“Don’t worry I will never disappoint you, am here for you okay?” Don 2 said to her.

“Okay where are we going to use now, you wanna pay for a space?” Tricia asked.

“No… because if I pay for a room now, while we will be trying to walk inside the other Dons might see you and request to know you” Don 2 replied.

“You mean that the other Dons… all the Dons came here with you?” Tricia asked and Don 2 nods.

“Okay where should we use now?” Tricia asked.

“We should use the corner” Don replied.

★Megan And Sophia★

“Yah! fuck me harder” Megan was moaning as Sophia was fingering her.

Although they have already pull off their clothes and was completely on nude.

And while Sophia was fingering Megan she was also sucking her br***t.



Cara was inside her room as she was trying to sleep.

But she can’t sleep, she was trying to force herself to sleep but she can’t.

Like there is this spirit that is always leading her, it never allows her to miss an important opportunity like this.

And this spirit is the one giving her a sleepless night.

She then rises up from her bed and sat on it instead.

“And why am I finding it so difficult to sleep this night”

“And I have told Sophia that I don’t feel like sleeping tonight”

“Because I know that it will occur like this, she could have allow me to be with her”

“At least till when she is sleepy and why must she even insist that I must sleep”

“And that’s the truth, she is so focussed that I should go and sleep”

“I think that something fishy is going on, what was she doing with that phone in her hand?”

“Am very sure that she must be doing what she doesn’t want me to know”

“And I think that it is time I will need to sneak out to that place again”

“Let me find out what the hell is going on” Cara concluded in her mind.

And then she got up from her bed and opened her door as she stepped out of her door.

She started walking direct to the parlor and while she was getting closed to the parlor.

She started hearing moan, coming out from the parlor.

“And what’s that sound for? does it mean that the Don is back and they are making out?”

“Hmm what else could it be then, he is back and Sophia is now enjoying herself with him”

“Well I should just go inside and allow Sophia to enjoy her time”

“Now that she has the time to do so, because as it appears now, Don is going to be mine very soon” Cara said as she turns and tries to walk away.

Although she had already stepped 3 steps away when she hold on again.

“No no no, I think that am hearing two female voice?”

“Why should there be two instead of 1? does it mean that Sophia will allow another woman”

“To share her man with her m, no no no, I need to check this out” Cara said as she ran to the parlor.

And just as she was coming she saw another lady that she doesn’t even know.

She saw her making out love with Sophia and she is already the one at the top sucking Sophia’s p***y.

Cara didn’t do anything, she did not even allow them to notice that she is here.

She slowly and gently ran back into her room and bring out her phone.

And was busy recording everything that they are doing as it looks like they are acting porn.

….To Be Continued…

Hmm Cara is bad enough to tell Sophia to leave the house for her immediately ooh

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