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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 14

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Episode 14

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

“Cara I will never gonna leave my house, I mean my husband…” Sophia was still saying but Cara interrupted.

“Your husband indeed! why are you always calling him your husband”

“Haven’t I told you that he is not your husband, you are just a girl friend”

“Both of you are just a girl friend to the Don, haven’t I told you that?”

“Well I think that Axel is the one I told that” Cara said as Sophia reacted.

“What…? you mean that you told my…” Sophia was still saying but Cara still interrupted.

“Oh yeah I did, I personally told your husband that you are not his wife”

“You have no child for him and there is no legal marriage that have been done”

“So… I don’t understand why you guys keep calling them your husband”

“Besides I was kidding, I have never reached out to your husband”

“Am not talking to you Megan, am talking to Sophia”

“Actually I don’t even know your husband not to talk of speaking with him” Cara said.

“So… Cara this is how you have decided to pay me after all the things that I have done for you?”

“After bringing you here to give you a good life, why are you like this?”

“I should have listened to your mum and let you stay with her”

“I could have gone out to look for someone better”

“What am I even saying, I could have been managing our house maids”

“But look at me, I went to brought devil into my home” Sophia said bitterly.

And tears lines out of her eyes as she cleans it up slowly.

“Well this is my turn, No wonder the say says that GOD’S TIME IS THE BEST”

“I can really see it now, it is my time to revenge on what you have done to me”

“You hurt my mum and think that you will go scot free” Cara said.

“What have I done to your mum?” Sophia asked.

“Are you not aware that Don 1 is supposed to be my step father”

“But you snatched her away from my mum” Cara said and Sophia stares at her for some seconds.

“So now I can understand that your mum is the one that sent you to come and avenge her”

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“How was your mum supposed to tell you such at this your age”

“Well, I should tell you what really transpired between me and your mum”

“Note that all this just happened only few months ago”

“To tell you that even if Axel accepted you guys, he will never accept you”

“With the way you behave, your dreadful character and all that”

“Well, what happened was never my fault and never was it your mum’s fault”

“Your mum met Axel few months ago and Axel liked her”

“And then there is this day I came to your house and you were not at home then”

“I don’t know where she have sent you to and it has been long I have seen you”

“I think she travelled you to another town so that she will be able to have a good time with Axel”

“And mostly so that Axel will not be able to notice that she has a child as grown as you”

“So on this very day that I came to her house to visit her”

“Actually your mum was the one that called me to visit her”

“And I did as she said as her best friend and best sister I can’t miss her invitation”

“And when I arrived, she introduced me to Axel, and after that gathering”

“Axel started following me up and down that he loves me so much”

“And on this same time I was also receiving complaints from your mother”

“That Axel did this Axel did that, and I knew that Axel does no longer love her”

“And that is why he is after me and me I can’t accept him”

“Because it would be a broken heart to my own sister”

“And then I tried to plead on her behalf to Axel but Axel vowed that he has nothing to do with her again”

“And he will never have anything to do with her again”

“Because your mum is far more older than him and I was warned by him”

“That I should never mention your mothers name to him again” Sophia was still narrating the news but Cara interrupted.

“And then you decided to betray her by allowing him to date you?” Cara said.

“Am still talking okay? just calm down and let me finish what am saying”

“So I decided to tell your mum everything, how I begged him”

“But he still insists and I also told her how he had been after me”

“And your mother asked me if I love him, and I said yes I love him”

“And then she was the one that suggested that it is not good for us to let him go just like that”

“She said that if things can walk out between me and Axel I should check it out first”

“And that was why I started living a life with Axel”

“So what have your mother said that I have done wrong”

“You that heard the story that I just narrated where have I offended your mum?” Sophia asked.

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“By getting married to him, sorry I mean trying to get married to him?”

“Why would you think of such without even considering her and me?”

“Is she the only one that will take my full responsibility?”

“So you don’t know that you need to keep talking to him about me?”

“You don’t know? tell me that you don’t know that I need a dad? I need someone to call a dad” Cara replied.

“Cara I haven’t stopped telling him about your mum till the day he totally stopped me”

“And said it with a serious face that I should never ever repeat your mothers name again in his ear?”

“I new that you need a father and that is why I have come a long way”

“To your home, that is why I came to your home to come and take you”

“I bring you here so that you can still regard her as your father”

“I brought you here to take good care of you” Sophia said.

“Liar, you brought me to come and serve as your house maid”

“You never brought me here to come and give me good life”

“So you think that I did not hear the discussion you discussed with Axel?” Cara said.

“You see I know that you are smart, but you apply all your smart ness to waste.

“Look at you, I thought that if I bring you here I will introduce you to the maid of the house”

“So that my husband will not be able to notice or suspect any movement”

“But then I also thought that with this your smartness”

“You will be able to make him love you, and like that he will start showering you fatherly love” Sophia said.

“You must be joking, I am almost 18yrs already so you must be joking”

“Who told you that I am still looking for who to call my dad?”

“Well, I have come to stay as someone better than a step daughter okay?”

“Well let’s forget about this long discussion, I have already told you guys what I need from you guys”

“I want you guys to leave this house and go to your parents house?”

“Or at least find somewhere outside this house and stay for a week there”

“And than after a week you can come back to come and claim your husband”

“But you refuse to go, I will show him this video right in front of your eyes” Cara said as she walks away.

And then Megan and Sophia stares at them self “We are finished”

“Am so sorry, I am not meant to put you into trouble” Megan said with tears.

“Hey… it was never your fault, you did nothing wrong”

“We both just have to stand and take whatever occurs in the future” Sophia said as Megan stares at her.

“You mean that you will stay here or what?” Meagan asked as Sophia waves her head with her face that looks somehow confusing.

“I don’t understand what you are saying?” Sophia asked.

“I mean are you not leaving the house and stay one week outside the house as she ordered?” Megan asked.

“Over my dead body will I leave my home for her to rule over”

“Fuck that shut if you even think of leaving it truly”

“What are you saying? you really wanna leave your home for her?”

“Okay just to think of it, what if she later showed them the video at our back?”

“What will now happen when we will return back??” Sophia asked.

“Then let’s go now, beat her up and take the keys” Megan suggested.

“Like seriously? do you remember that you are dealing with Cara?”

“I can assure you that she has already made 10 different copies of that video”

“When it comes to this, she is very smart and doesn’t do mistake”

“So please talk about something else for beating her will make it worst”

“You are very right Sophia, but we can’t just stay like this?”

“If we stay like this we already know that, that little devil will surely disgrace us”

“So please why staying to claim our home, what are we supposed to be doing?”

“I mean how should we start attacking her right now?” Megan said.

“Well that’s the problem, well since it’s like this, the only suggestion I would give”

“Is that I think that we should confess to our husband”

“Maybe they will have pity and accept us back, after all”

“We only slept with each other we did not really cheat on them with another man”

“So what do you think about that idea?” Sophia asked.

“Well, truth to be told to me, I don’t know how it sounds to you”

“But to me, it will never gonna work out, did you notice that the other co-wives are no longer here with us?” Megan asked.

“Yes..? I was even thinking of asking you about them but…”

“When ever I see you, I won’t remember to ask you again?”

“So enlighten me a little, what really happened to them?” Sophia asked.

“Well, they were all sent packing by the Dons, and all that happened in a week time?”

“You know you usually stay inside you don’t come out”

“So I don’t think that you will be able to know all this things” Megan said.

“Like seriously? but why we’re they all sent packing what did they do?” Sophia asked.

“That’s exactly why I said that your plan will not work at all”

“Because they were all sent packing just because they were caught…”

“Having a drink with another man, talking with another man”

“Walking in a street with another man?” Megan said as Sophia stares at her.

“You mean that someone was sent packing just because they saw her walking with a man”

“You mean even talking with a Man is crime also?” Sophia asked out of surprise.

“Oh yes that is what am trying to tell you, they will not hesitate in sending us away”

“Once they caught us sleeping with each other, so we must find another way”

“Besides… I have a plan, but come closer so that no body would hear” Megan said as Sophia steps closer.

“In this plan, first of all we would need the help of Tricia and Bianca” Megan whispered.

★At The Club★

“So Don please which of the corner are we to follow? right or left?” Tricia asked Don 2.

“We use the right one, come on let’s go be quick about it” Don 2 said as Tricia stands up and they heads to the corner.

As he was stylishly romancing Tricia’s buttock, but why they were entering the corner.

They started hearing moaning voice, and they stares at each other as they can fully recognize the voice.

“Who would that be and what’s that moan for?” Don 2 asked.

“Isn’t that Bianca’s voice, I think that we should check who it is” Tricia said.

And then they started walking close to the moaning voice.

….To Be Continued….

Who is the owner of the voice?

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