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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 15

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Episode 15

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

★The Dons Home★

“So what plan do you have at hand now? what plan did you think that it will work out perfectly?’ Sophia whispered back to Megan.

“Actually there is no plan that would work out so perfectly like the way you are expecting”

“But with this one that I have in mind which the maids are to assist us”

“I think that it would do a little good” Megan replied.

“So please can you go on and break this plan of yours to me?” Sophia requested.

“I will tell you but I don’t think that it would be here” Megan wisely said.

Because she also is smart enough to know how smart Cara is.

She know that she might be somewhere else around the corner peeping her head to hear what they are saying.

So it would be better for her to take Sophia to her own apartment.

Where she will lock up there self in a room and have their discussion peacefully.

Although Sophia was still asking Megan why she doesn’t want to tell her the plan here.

“I don’t understand, why do you find it hard to tell me the plan right here?”

“Please there is no need for all this, you know we have to act fast”

“And remember that the Dons will soon be back so let’s act fast”

“Just tell me the plan here so that I can also contribute my own choice to it” Sophia replied.

While Megan takes some minutes silent and stares at her.

“I don’t understand why you are looking at me like that”

“Brake the plan already and you are using the time you could have used to do that to stare at me” Sophia said.

“Now I can see that the main reason why Cara got you trapped like this was because you are not smart” Megan said to Sophia.

“And what was that supposed to mean, I don’t understand you” Sophia responded.

“How would you understand, you don’t know that you have to act smarter when you are dealing with someone that is so smart”

“If I am the one that is staying with this girl, I could have known the real her”

“I could have fished her out and then I won’t be able to bring her to my home”

“Because I now know the real her and I know what she is capable of doing” Megan said.

“Yeah…. so what was that supposed to mean? I mean what’s your point in this whole thing that you said?”

“Wait a minute… I hope that with this whole thing you said”

“I hope that you are not trying to blame me of what happened?”

“Like seriously you are trying to say what happened is my fault right?” Sophia asked.

“No… I will never said that, not when I know I am the one at fault”

“What am trying to say is that we are not going to talk anything here”

“I suggested that you should follow me to my room, there will be better”

“There we will be a better place to discuss and plan for ourself”

“We can’t discuss here not when we know that Cara might hear us here?” Megan said.

“But Cara has done back to her room, how would she be able to hear us out” Sophia responded.

“Exactly the real reason why I said that you are not smart”

“You know that that girl is just too smart, she may be hearing us all this while”

“And besides she was inside her room, she was inside the same room that she is when we were enjoying ourselves?”

“But think about it? what did we saw next? a camcorder videoing us”

“We must act smart too, yes we know that she us inside her room”

“But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be careful with what we are doing”

“So can we go please?” Megan said as Sopgia stares at her for some minutes.

And then she used her mind to think about what Megan just said.

And then she discovered that it was true, Megan was very right.

Cara is something else, she is beyond expectation.

“Megan you are right, so let’s go to your room” Sophia accepted.

“But before that, I should wear my clothes back” Sophia said.

“Of course, are we supposed to leave without putting on our clothes back?”

“Of course no, it wasn’t supposed to be so, so let’s…” Megan said as she started putting on her clothes back.

And then after some few minutes passed by they were donned on their clothes.

And then they started heading to House 1 which is Jackie’s house.

And was also Megan’s house as the wife of Jackie.

So when they get to the house they entered inside.

And when they get to Megan’s room they entered as Megan locked the door immediately.

And immediately Sophia entered she walked straight to the bed where she sat sadly.

“Umm, Sophia I think that we should go deeper inside” Megan said.

“I don’t understand, come closer let’s start the plan, at least so that I can hear you well”

“,What do you mean by we should go deeper, I don’t get it” Sophia said.

“I mean that we should go deeper inside the room, okay?”

“Cara might still be here striking to hear what we are saying”

“Bit I must tell her that am smarter today, so I think that it is time we should shift to the inner room” Megan said.

“Are you serious, you mean this is your room? is this your room?”

“Or this is a place that was just designed for something else?” Sophia asked.

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“It is my room, this is both my room and my husband’s room”

“Most especially my room, this is not our matrimonial room”

“So this room particularly belong to me, but why did you asked?” Megan requested to know.

“Because it us really wonderful, hmm Jackie really love you”

“I must say that that must be the reason why your secrets are always secured” Sophia said out of amazement.

“Like… I don’t understand what you are trying to say, please clear me off” Megan respond to Sophia.

“Come on look at this room, I mean it doesn’t look suspected that there is any room inside it”

“I am yet to believe it after all, how can you say that this room still has the inner one”

“Because am not seeing any door here, if I may ask”

“Where is the door?” Sophia asked.

“Well, look at the door over there at the wall, so there is nothing to be worried about” Megan said ad she points at the wall.

But then Sophia stares all around but couldn’t find any door.

She followed Megan’s pointed finger over and over again but yet.

She couldn’t locate the door “Umm… sorry Megan, but I think that you are making a mistake” Sophia said.

“What mistake exactly?” Megan asked.

“Come on just take a look at where you are pointing, there is no door way there” Sophia said.

“Sophia the door is there but it doesn’t show, so it is only the person that owns it that would notice it”

“But I was wondering why you are so surprised about this?” Megan asked.

“And why shouldn’t I be surprise about it, isn’t it great enough to surprise me?” Sophia asked.

“Come on that’s not what am trying to say, but you are just to amused by this”

“It is only those that doesn’t have this are supposed to be as happy as that”

“Come on this type of room is in every Don’s house”

“I think so, and I have visited several of them, when they bought the house knew” Megan said.

“Hmm, I know that we has this type of room in our house”

“But I informed my husband that we should make use of it”

“But he refused, he rather used it for what I don’t know” Sophia said.

“Hmm… well that case should be on the side, let’s focus on what we are here for” Megan said as she walks close to the door of the inner room.

Although the door was just so invincible as it looks like wall itself.

So when Megan walked closed to the door she operated a button on the wall.

And then the wall divided into two as the slowly opens backwards.

“Wow, is that how it looks like? come on this is the best room ever created in the world” Sopgia says while Megan was only staring at her.

“I don’t understand why you are just to happy this night?”

“Are you not supposed to be sad because of the issue at hand?” Megan said.

“And why should I be bothered about it when you personally…”

“Told me that you are a master smart ness and you also have a very good plan”

“That will leads us out of this at once, so why should I bother?” Sophia asked.

“Like seriously all your hopes is all me, you really depend on me to save you?”

“Hmm, I must say that you are wonderful, yes I said that”

“But that doesn’t mean that you should bring your own thought too”

“And mind you that I said that my plan will work, it is not a sure plan”

“Please get inside so that I can lock this up” Megan requested.

★Tricia And Jackie★

Tricia and Jackie was still searching for the moaning and voice.

Till get to a place where the voice was sounding out heavily.

“I think this is the room that they are, and as you can see”

“She is enjoying herself instead, she is not in any danger” Tricia said to Jackie.

“Who the fuck will she be having sex with them? I will need to know that bastard”

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“And Bianca will surely pay for what he has done right now and right here?”

“And please has he been doing this before?” Don asked.

“Well…” Tricia said as she doesn’t know what to say because she us aware.

That Bianca has been doing this several times, but why must she talk bad against her.

And besides, she herself has done even than Bianca could think of.

Besides she had slept with almost all the Dons in the compound.

So with all this she has to cover up for Bianca is that Bianca won’t leak her own too.

“Umm, I don’t think that she had done it before, and I was even wondering if this is her”

“Sir I think that this is not her, because the Bianca that I know will never do such”

“I think that these are couples that are enjoying themselves”

“So please I think that we should leave this place so that they won’t say that we are peeping at them” Tricia said as she tries to walk away.

“Hold it there…” Don ordered as she halted immediately with her heart beating heavily.

“Well I think that you are right but I don’t think that we need to leave”

“Let’s just stat at the corner and wait for them, so that we can really use the room to enjoy ourselves too” Don said.

And then Tricia smirked her face and was so unhappy.

Because she knew that if they still start there and wait for them.

Things may still go wrong but she had I choice than to accept the decision Don made.

Because Don will still sense that something is fishy if she continue persuading him that they should go.

“Ummm…. if you say so Don but I would really suggest that we should leave?”

“Or maybe we should just have our own quick here and leave here immediately” Tricia suggested.

“No I insist that we should wait for them, just calm down okay”

“You will really love it very much” Don said as he smiled.

While Tricia really looked so troubled but she was although hiding he feeling from Don.

……To Be Continued….

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