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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 16

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Episode 16

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

★Don’s Home★

The room was decorated with white color, everything inside the room was white.

Both the tiles and the fan, everything was pure white, there is no other additional colors that was added into it.

Sophia was shown as she was sitting on top of the white bed.

And so as Megan was also sitting right after her and they are about to engage.

in their serious issue which brings them into this place.

“So Megan, right now that you agreed that we are free and safe from Cara hearing us”

“I think that this is the time you should start talking, and be quick about it”

“We only have few minutes left before the Dons comes back” Sophia said.

“Yeah, you are right, so what am trying to say is that”

“I think that we should leave the house for her” Megan was still saying but Sophia interrupted.

“Hold it right there, is that all? you brought me here just to tell me that?”

“You can’t be serious, I will never leave what is mine for anyone to rule over”

“I will stay here and I will fight for my right! am going no where?”

“I thought that I have told you that and yet you still brought me down to this place?”

“Just to come and start telling me this? I think that we should change plan”

“Let’s just think of something better please” Sophia keeps complaining.

While Megan was only staring at her till she is done complaining.

“So… you can’t even wait and allow me to talk? am still talking please!”

“Just allow me to finish saying what is in my mind before you starts hesitating” Megan said to Sophia.

“Okay there is no problem about that, you can go on with what you want to say” Sophia said.

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“Thank you…, so… like I was saying earlier, I think that it is better we leave the house”

“Let’s leave the house for her, but we may not stay up to that seven days she said”

“I think that girl is the maids friend? she is a friend to them right?” Megan asked Sophia.

“No I don’t think that the maids have even met with her before”

“She came here just today” Sophia said.

“Oh wow that would be the best, since they don’t know her”

“All we need to do is why we are leaving this house”

“We tell the maids to help us get her phone, and they will first of all pretends to be her friend”

“And act like they are supporting her and know everything she has in mind”

“And then any day their hand get to torch with that phone”

“They should bring it to us and I think that should be done in three or two days”

“And then we will return back to our home” Megan concluded.

“Wow such a brilliant idea from you, I love that, I think that you are right”

“We should leave this house for her, but we still have problems” Sophia said.

“What problems?” Megan asked.

“How are we going to convince them to do this for us”

“I mean the maids, even after this year’s of hating them”

“And being so much harsh on them, do you think that they will really help us?” Sophia asked.

“Just get yourself calmed, they will help us, besides we are not only using mouth to tell them?”

“While telling them we will also promise them a very big huge amount of money”

“You know that they are kind of people that love money a lot” Megan said as Sophia nods.

“You are very right, then let’s discuss on how we should talk with them”

“You know that we have just this night to stay here and then we are to declare move tomorrow”

“We might not get the chance to talk with them, so are we going to calm them when we have left?” Sophia asked.

“No that won’t be necessary, well I think that we have to find away and talk with them this night” Megan said.

“Yeah okay we should go and call on them right now” Sophia said as she was already getting up from the bed that she was sitting on.

“Actually they are not at home, they went out for clubbing which I am sure”

“That they will come back very late this night because I personally gave them more time”

“For them to spend at the club and enjoy themselves” Megan said.

“Hmmm… I think that’s where the problem begins”

“Because it would be very hard for us to speak with them?”

“How are we going to talk with them now, or should we call them on phone”

“And then request for them to start coming back home immediately” Sophia suggested.

“No, there would be no time for that, I think that what we need to do now is..”

“Ummm, we should not call them, because the Dons will be coming back very soon”

“So the best we should do is to add sleeping medicine on the Dons food”

“I mean our own husband, and once they fell asleep”

“We will now get up and and then heads straight to the maids room”

“And there we can discuss face to face with them” Megan suggested.

“Wow that is a very nice idea, I like that, so are we done now?” Sophia said.

“Yeah I think that we are done, we can now go back to your house”

“Like we know that the Dons will soon be back in a short given time” Megan said.

“Okay I should be going” Sophia responded.

“Alright… and please you have to be smart, do not let her to outsmart you” Megan warned Sophia.

“Okay” Sophia responded and then she left the room and heads straight to her house.

When she entered her house she saw that Cara really came back to the parlor and started watching film.

“Hmm Megan is so smart, she said it that Cara might still return”

“Just imagine that we were here, she could have heared everything that we discussed”

“Oh thank God that I have someone like her in this kind of situation” Sophia said in her mind as she was walking in.

And when she gets to where Cara was sitting, she did not mind talking with her.

She tried to head straight to her room but Cara stopped her.

“Hold it right there, where exactly are you going to?” Cara asked.

“Where else am I heading to? am heading to my room of course” Sophia said when she stopped.

“Alright come back here, pardon me for asking you where you are heading to”

“So… come here, come and have sit please” Cara requested.

“Umm… I don’t feel like sitting, am so tired right now, I need to be sleeping by now” Sophia said as she tries to walk away.

“Hold it there! I didn’t ask you if you would like to sit here or not”

“What I said is that you should come and have a sit here” Cara ordered.

And then Sophia kindly saunters back and then sat besides her.

“So… am sure that you don’t know the reason I called you”

“So I want you to tell me the plan that you guys planned against me?”

“I mean what is the plan that you and Megan discussed against me?” Cara asked.

And Sophia was just so surprised about what she just said.

How come she knew about the plan, that is to say that she is already with them.

When they are still at the parlor which Megan insisted that they should leave.

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If not they would have been caught by her and she will have everything they said in her hand.

“Hmm, the smart Megan, I really appreciate her for being this smart”

“So we could have been here discussing not knowing that this devil is behind us”

“Hmm, but how the hell did she sneaked into this parlor?” Sophia was still arguing with her brain.

But Cara interrupted “I don’t know why you are keeping silent at me”

“Look at me and tell me what you planned against me” Cara repeated again.

“Sorry, but I don’t get what you are saying, we didn’t plan anything against you?” Sophia replied.

“Like seriously? you did not plan anything against me right?”

“Then where are you coming from?” Cara asked.

“I only went to visit Megan at her own house, there is nothing else about this” Sophia said.

“Hmm I can see that you think that am joking, well I am having a change of mind”

“Both of you are no longer going anywhere tomorrow morning”

“Once the Dons come back I will show this video to them”

“The only thing that would make me to have a change of mind is if you tell me what you guys planned against me”

“Just tell me the plan that you and Megan planned against me”

“,And then I will reconsider you, if not, then have it in mind”

“That it all ends in this night okay?” Cara concluded.

“Alright let me tell you what we planned, we planned that we get to be so nice to you”

“And we will stylishly take away your phone by giving you a sleeping pill” Sophia said with a low voice.

“Seriously? you wanna give me a sleeping medicine?”

“Just because of this little thing that I have done, you guys are just so heartless”

“Heartless people, well thank your God that you have told me now”

“If not, I could have made up my mind to show the video to the Dons this night”

“But it is okay, I think that you can go to bed now” Cara ordered.

“Okay there is no problem about that” Sophia said as she stand up and started walking away.

And while she was walking away she was also smiling in her heart.

“So.. to her, she thinks that she is the smartest person on earth”

“She doesn’t know that there at a time people will develop what they don’t have before”

“All because of condition, Look at the way I outsmart her”

“And she did not even suspect anything, she just believed it”

“Wow that is so nice, I think that if I continue it like this”

“I will win this battle with a low difficulty” Sophia was saying as she was heading straight to her room.

And then she has already gotten to the steps, so she ran upstairs immediately.

And when she get to her room, she sat on the bed and started watching the time.

While she was waiting for Axel to come back home.

★At The Club★

Don and Tricia was still sitting at the corner waiting for this guys that are using the inner room.

And it wasn’t up to a few seconds and the door opened.

And then Don 1 was the one that stepped out of the room first.

And then the next was Bianca “Wow! am not surprised”

“Jackie I knew that you are so bad” Don 2 said as he smiled.

And then Don 1 stared at them with shock and so as Bianca was so shocked.

She wondered how Tricia get to know where she is.

How did she even know that she is with the Don not to talk of her location.

“So…. Bianca, so this is you? and you have been pretending all this while?” Tricia said pretending like they came here because of them.

Although she thought that Don 2 will also act the same.

“Am so sorry Tricia, I know that am not meant to keep this kind of secret away from you”

“Am very very sorry about that please forgive me, I promise that it won’t happen again” Bianca was still pleading.

But Don 2 just broke the news to her immediately.

“And why are you pleading, just go so that we will have ours too” Don 2 said as Bianca stares at Tricia.

…To Be Continued…

Will the plan of Megan and Sophia work?

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