Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 17

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🎩The Dons🎩

Episode 17

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

“So Tricia you also came here to enjoy yourself as well?”

“Wow and you are hiding the secret from me, well”

“I think that both of us have back stabbed ourselves”

“And at least we know all our secrets now, there is nothing we should be hiding from each other again” Bianca said while Tricia was still badly looking at her.

“What?” Bianca asked and then Tricia smiled and laughed heavily.

“Hmm, you know that it has been long that we have been keeping this secret from each other?”

“I hope you know right?” Tricia asked while the Dons was only looking at them.

Although Don 2 was already running out of patient.

Because he is too excited that he his about to have what he have been expecting.

“Oh please enough of the discussion already, Tricia can we go inside”

“Bianca you and Jackie should be leaving already” Don 2 said hurriedly.

“It is alright, see you soon Tricia” Bianca said as she walks away.

And then Jackie stares at Don 2 as he points at him while smiling.

“Jax… easy men! don’t be harsh with it okay?” Jackie said as Jax smiles.

And then they chopped their knuckles which they usually do.

And then Don 1 left them and as soon as he was leaving.

Don 2 grabbed Tricia closer to himself and started kissing her.

And then she opened the door and carried her inside the room.

And then the room appears to be well decorated, they have a very good bed also.

And then Don pushed Tricia on top of the bed as he has no time for him to start removing his clothes.

All he did was to loose his belt and then bring our his di**k while he started kissing Tricia.

As he was kissing her he was also shifting her p**ts to the corner.

And then he slowly inserts his di**k inside her as she moaned softly.

And then he started firing down her hole, they did a lot of styles.

And after the s*x Tricia can really testify that Jax was the best man she have been with.

Jax was the only man that handled her se* urge very well.

And satisfied her very well that she too is now tired.

“Hmm, you are so sweet, I hope you enjoyed it baby?” Jax asked.

“Oh yes darling, I really enjoyed this very well, I love it very very much”

“I can really say that you are the only one that have handled me the way I want”

“Thank you so much darling for making this night enjoyable to me” Tricia said to Don 2.

“Oh yes, and I can’t wait for you do become my wife”

“So that I can satisfy you more and more” Don 2 said as Tricia stares at him.

“Like seriously Don are you still serious about this? you…”

“You truly wanna make me your wife?” Tricia asked.

“Yes of course, wait a minute, did you doubt it?” Don asked.

“Not really but I thought that you said that just to sleep with me” Tricia said while Don waves his head with smiles.

“No… that cannever be my type of person, I can’t lie with such”

“I mean it and I really want to make you my next wife, and I promise that”

“We will live together and forever” Don 2 said with a serious look on his face.

“Like seriously you really mean this? Oh my God thank you so much for choosing me”

“I promise to be so faithful to you, thank you very very much” Tricia said emotionally.

“You are welcome dear, I think that we will need to be leaving immediately”

“The Dons maybe waiting for us outside” Don 2 said as Tricia stares at him.

“Like are you being serious, did you tell them that you are coming after me…?” Tricia asked.

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“Not really, that is not what I meant, I meant that the Dons will be waiting for me by now”

“And since you are here, they are waiting for us, so please dress up”

“So that we can start going it are you not going back home with me?” Don 2 asked.

“Yes of course, am not going home with you, because I don’t want them to notice that am here” Tricia replied.

“Are you afraid of them? of course you are but please don’t be”

“Am right behind you, don’t forget that you are about to become my wife”

“What am I even saying, you are my wife already, so why should you be afraid of my colleagues?” Don 2 asked.

But Tricia couldn’t answer, she was only frowning her face.

“I know that you must be afraid of flooding your jobs but I promise you”

“That you will no longer be working as a maid, did you think I’m joking when I said”

“That I want to make you my wife? Oh come on, once we get home”

“The next morning I will make it official and announce it to everyone that you are now my wife” Don 2 promised.

“Hell no! that is not what I want, look am very glad that you want to make me your wife”

“And you can see how happy I am right now, but what I don’t want…”

“Is you announcing it to anybody, don’t worry, I will pack in quietly”

“And then anyone that asks you was sup, I mean you or me”

“Anyone that asks us what is going on, then we will now brake the news to them”

“And tell them that we are now in love” Tricia ordered as Don 2 stares at her.

“Is that how you want it?” Don 2 asked.

“Yeah I think that I love it better that way, I don’t like you calling everyone to announce it” Tricia said.

“Okay, you have no problem about that, you have my words”

“But are you trying to say that you can’t follow me home now?” Don 2 asked.

“Not that I can’t follow you but I don’t want to” Tricia responded.

“Why?” Don 2 asked.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, but I don’t just want to follow you guys home”

“And I seriously don’t want to think about it twice” Tricia said.

“Okay… I have heard you, I will go and leave you behind”

“But can you remember that you promised to be so faithfully to me?” Don asked.

“And so, what does that get to do with what we are saying?” Tricia replied.

“Nothing, but I just want you to tell me what you will be doing here?”

“What will you be doing here when we are gone, are you expecting someone else?” Don asked.

“Oh come on Jax, your mind is going too far about this”

“Why would you think such, of course I am not expecting any body”

“In fact we will be coming home, me and Bianca will be coming home right after you guys”

“Just that I don’t want to cope with you guys” Tricia said.

“Hmmm, I hope that it us true, well I think I will be expecting you to come back okay?”

“Right after us, just like you said” Don 2 said and gives out a liquid smile.

And then he walks away as he was already dressed.

And just as soon as he left the room, Tricia stand up.

And quickly dressed up and then left the room also to meet up with Bianca.


Bianca was at her formal position where they were sitting before.

“Hey Bianca, so are the Dons gone?” A voice sounded in Bianca’s ear.

And then she looked up as she can fully recognize that the voice belongs to Tricia.

“Tricia just look at the time that you took to hop with Don 2?” Bianca said.

“And what was that supposed to mean? we didn’t spend like you guys did”

“Well that’s how you always behaves, trying to paint another person” Tricia said.

“Come on I was just trying to joke with you” Bianca said but Tricia did not interject.

“So tell me, how well did the Don go on you?” Bianca asked.

“Oh he is the best I have ever been with, he is really hard”

“I love him, he satisfied me till my last breath, he almost dislocate my waist” Tricia said.

“Hmm, like seriously, well the same with Don 1, I think that all the Dons are like that?” Bianca said.

“No no no, they are not like that, some of them are not that satisfiable”

“Most especially Don 4, I mean Axel, he couldn’t…. umm…” Tricia was saying.

And then she realized that she just leaked something very important to Bianca.

Her secret, she just leaked it by herself and Bianca also wondered about what she just said.

“Yes…? why did you stop, gone on continue with the gist?”

“You have gotten yourself right…? like seriously, you mean that it has been long you have been in this game?”

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“So you have slept with most of the Dons Tricia?” Bianca asked surprisingly.

“No not really what you are thinking, I have slept with just two”

“Which is Don 2 and Axel, and please this is my secret”

“You have to keep it secret for me, I don’t want any of the Dons to know about this”

“And not to talk about their wives, this discussion should end here please” Tricia pleaded.

“Hmm… there is no problem about that, I promise that I will keep it secret”

“Come on we have come a long way, so I will never betray you” Bianca promised.

“Oh thank you very much, so please dress up let’s go home already” Tricia said.

“But our time have not yet been exhausted, have you forgotten that Megan gave us three more hours?” Bianca replied.

“No, I don’t think that we would make use of that, besides after today”

“We would be using our hands to give ourselves free times”

“We don’t have to take excuse from any of them” Tricia said with smiles.

And then Bianca smiled too, besides she was only laughing at Tricia.

After all she can see the happiness that is inside Tricia.

And she really wonders why Tricia is just so happy this night.

“Tricia I don’t understand why you are just so happy this night?”

“Is it because that you slept with another Don?” Bianca asked.

“And does that mean that you didn’t hear what I just said?” Tricia asked.

“And what did you say?” Bianca replied.

“I just said that very soon, we will no longer be taking an excuse from anyone again”

“We will have our own free time, we will now be in control of others” Tricia said.

But Bianca was not really getting her point as her words sounds so confusing.

Although she was not meant to understand what she is saying.

“I don’t really understand your point, please clear me off” Bianca requested.

“Don’t worry, just get up let’s order for a cab and once we are going home”

“There is a very good fascinating news that I have for you” Tricia said.

And without wasting time to hear what she has to say.

Bianca agreed as she was so excited to know what’s going on.

And then they quickly ordered for a ride, and then they entered the cab.

And the Taxi man started driving them home as the story starts.

“So what’s the excitement news all about” Bianca asked.

“Well did you know that am now officially Don 2’s wife?” Tricia asked.

“And what was that supposed to mean, you are his wife? how?”

“Oh… I understand, he has clears you off the ground with their fake promise?”

“So is that why you really allowed him to torch you?”

“Come on you gonna wise up, he said all that just to get you into bed” Bianca said as she laughs.

“Well this one is not a game promise, he was even ready to start introducing me to her friends today”

“I mean this night, I was the one that told him that he shouldn’t worry”

“That I will pack into his house when I get back home that he doesn’t need to tell it to anybody”

“That it is better that people see the action instead” Tricia said.

“Like seriously?” Bianca asked surprisingly.

“Yes of course, and once I become his wife, you will stop house help immediately” Tricia was still promising her.

Meanwhile Bianca was busy with her mind.

“No no, I have to do something about this, Tricia that have been sleeping around with the whole Dons”

“Will now get married and left me in the dust as a house maid?”

“Never,I must do something about this” Bianca said in her mind.

…To Be Continued….

What’s Bianca planning on to do?