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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 18

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Episode 18

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

★Bianca And Tricia★

Tricia was still busy expressing how happy she will be if she ever gets married to Don 2.

Although they are still inside the cab which is still heading home.

“I will be very very glad if Don 2 ever marries me, and…”

“Don’t worry about your condition in the Dons home, I will put you in a very good condition”

“And besides immediately I pack into Don 2’s house, I won’t be wasting time again”

“What I will request for immediately is a proper marriage”

“And I hope that you are aware that the main reason the other wives gets thrown away was because…”

“They are not yet married?” Tricia asked but received no answer from Bianca.

Although she was not facing Bianca, she was looking at another place.

So she then turned her face and looked at Bianca.

And she saw that Bianca was not even concentrated on her at all.

She just looks like someone who has so many things that was running in her brain.

And most especially, it is obvious that it is seeable that she lost her self while thinking about something special.

And then Tricia decided to ask in other to know what’s going on.

“Umm…, Bianca are you okay?” Tricia said as she taps her.

“Oh yes I am… don’t mind me, am very much okay” Bianca said pretending to be okay.

“No… don’t tell me that, I can see on your face that you are not okay?”

“But what’s wrong with you? why are you unhappy?”

“Wait a minute… are you actually not happy for me that am getting married to the Don?” Tricia asked.

“Whaaat…. how can you ever think of such, you know that you are my best friend”

“How will I not be happy that you are getting married”

“Not even when I know that what is yours is mine too” Bianca responded to Tricia.

“But why were you not responding when I was discussing with you?”

“Why are you not happy in fact you are totally absent…” Tricia was still saying but Bianca interrupted.

“That’s because am just too surprise because of what you said”

“Even up till now I can’t still believe it that Don 2 really promised you marriage” Bianca said to Tricia.

“And me too, I still can’t believe it too, well when I get home first”

“I will see if he really meant it or he was just joking all this while” Tricia said.

“He never meant it, when we get home you will see it”

“Both of us knows that the Dons are play boys, all this he said to you is just to get your attention”

Bianca said trying to make Tricia to believe on what she is saying.

“Trust me, I think he mean it, there is this look on his face that totally told me that he meant it”

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“Come on you need to see the way he was saying this” Tricia was still saying but Bianca still interrupts.

“I said it is all lies, came on you need to believe me, when we get home just relax your head and sleep”

“Do not even bother to pack into his house because ”

“Am very sure that he will end up disgracing you, so please don’t go” Bianca still trying to discourage Tricia.

But anyways Tricia still insists, she knows that this is the only chance she have in this house to take herself higher.

So that is why she decided that she is not going to miss trying it out.

Either it is real, prank or whatever she must try it first.

“I have heard you Bianca but I don’t think that I will stay just like that”

“I will have to pack in okay then if he says that it is a prank”

“Then I will believe it and kindly take my belongings back to my room”

“Which is not far and it is not stressful also, so don’t bother yourself about this again”

“I am packing in this night, and that is immediately we get home”

“Am not wasting any time about it” Tricia assures Bianca.

★The Dons Home★

The five cars of the Dons was shown as they arrives at the compound.

And when they get to the compound they parked at their park’s slowly.

Although each of the car has it own parks besides each house.

Don 1 has his own car park besides his house, so as the other Dons does.

So they all parked according to the way the parks was arranged.

And then the Dons stepped out of their cars gently.

And they they greeted and shaked each other happily.

“Men I think that this night is just so enjoyable, I really love to witness some nights like this” Don 2 said.

“Yeah you are right, so enjoyable, I think that I like it too”

“And I wish to witness some nights like this, it will really be so amazing” Don 1 said.

“Hmm, I wonder why both of you are just so happy about the night”

“But it is the same both of you that did not enjoy the things we bought at the club with us”

“Because you guys were absent, so tell us what’s the secret?” Don 3 said.

“You are really not good in this game Murphy” Don 1 referred to Don 3.

“So what’s the game all about?” Don 3 asked.

“Well it is nothing actually, but I will be getting…” Don 2 was almost leaking to the other Dons.

He wanted to tell them about his intention of marrying Tricia but then he remembered that he was warned by Tricia.

Never to expose it to anyone till they starts seeing the action.

So he holds back immediately and shut up while the Dons were still waiting for him to finish saying what he started.

“You will be getting what?” Don 5 asked.

“Well, am sorry guys for the inconvenience statement”

“But I think that I need to be going to bed by now, the time is already late”

“Alright, I will see you guys tomorrow okay?” Don 2 said as he salutes and then walks away and enters her house which is house 2.

“Hmm… am not surprised about what Jax just did”

“That is his personality, always acts stupid sometimes”

“Well I also think that he is right as well, it is fine to put our heads on bed”

“So good bye to you all” Don 4 said as he enters his house too.

And then all the Dons chopped knuckles and went into their house too.


Sophia was seen as she steppes out if her room and heads straight to the parlor.

So that she will welcome her husband as well, so when she get to the parlor.

Axel was sitting at the sofa chair at the parlor when Sophia arrived.

“Oh Sophia you are awake, I thought that you would have been asleep by now”

“Am so so sorry that I came back this early” Axel was still pleading but Sophia interrupted.

“No no no, don’t be okay, It is not your fault after all, so….” Sophia said as she walked closed to Axel.

And Axel started kissing her and was attempting to pull off her clothes.

“No… wait babe, I know that you really want this but not now” Sophia said as she separated herself from Axel.

“Let me help you pull if your shoes first and then you need to be at the dining”

“So that I can bring your food for you and then we will eat together”

“And after that, am all yours sweetheart, you know you need to eat something first right?” Tricia said.

“Yeah you are right, but you should have known that I equally went to eat outside” Axel said to Sophia.

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“Come on am not talking about drink, do you guys even eat outside?”

“No you don’t eat outside, what you guys does is to drink a lot”

“And possibly a meat as well, am talking about to serve you a well prepared delicious food”

“I made this one specially for you, don’t worry I know that you will love it” Sophia said.

“Okay, if you insists” Axel agreed and then Sophia vent down and pull off her shoes.

“Please stand up and go to the dinning and wait for me”

“And besides… what am I even saying, you can stay here and wait for me”

“So that I can come and take you to the dining room by myself okay?” Sophia said as Axel nods with smiles.

And then Sophia left the present if Axel and ran into the kitchen immediately.

★Tricia And Bianca★

Their cab was shown as it drives into the compound and parked.

And then both if them stepped out of the car and Tricia quickly paid their bills.

Both for her and for Bianca “No no no, don’t worry about mine”

“I can pay for myself, so don’t bother paying for me” Bianca said.

As she serious inserts her hand inside her bag and bring out money and hand it over to the driver.

“I don’t understand Bianca, but I have paid for you already”

“Why not just keep your money inside your pocket and preserve it for another day?” Tricia said to Bianca.

“But I don’t want it to be so this night, I just feell like paying for myself okay?”

“I think that you should collect your money back from the driver” Bianca responded to Tricia.

“Bianca what has gotten over you, but we have been doing this for a while now”

“But it is well, although that is how you always behaved sometimes”

“Just behaves like you are out of network” Tricia said as she turn to the driver who was already handling over her money back to her.

“Don’t wordy sir, you can keep the change of you don’t mind” Tricia said to the driver.

“Oh thank you very much dear” The driver said as he kindly inserts the money back to his little cave.

And then turned and forcefully drive away with force.

“Bianca like seriously, I don’t understand the way you are acting towards me this night?”

“Please if you are not happy that am marrying the Don just let me know okay?”

“What’s wrong, you are just feeling so uncomfortable this night?” Tricia asked.

“Come on Tricia, please stop saying that am not happy for you?”

“Why will I not be happy for you, of course am so glad for you” Bianca said with a serious look on her face.

“But then why did you refuse for me to pay your bills?” Tricia asked.

“Is that why you said that am not happy? come on Tricia you could have known me better than this”

“You should have known that, this is normally my behavior”

“And after all, this is not my first time doing this? I do this regularly” Bianca said and came to think of it, it is true.

That is the way she behaves, and that is why Tricia can’t really figure out if she is happy or sad.

“Okay if you say so, let’s go in so that you can help me pack my things to Don 2’s house” Tricia said as she started walking inside.

And that bittered Bianca’s mind very much and she doesn’t know how she could say no.

★Don 4’s House★

The food has already been prepared, so she quickly arranged it.

And then add some little white substance into the food and covered it.

And then make the food to look more delicious and attractive.

As she arranges it in a pan and then carried it and heads straight to the parlor.

So that she would be able to go direct to the dinning with Axel.

But when she get to the parlor Axel was not there.

Then where else must he have been? he us simply at the dining.

That means that he choose to go to the dining by himself.

And she was about to heads straight to the dining when Cara stepped out from the door that head straight to the dinning clapping for her.

“Wow wow wow, you made such a very tasty meal for your husband right?”

“Just taste it” Cara said to Sophia.

…To Be Continued….

Cara said that she should taste it ooh😆😆😆😆

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