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Episode 19

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

That means that he choose to go to the dining by himself.

And she was about to heads straight to the dining when Cara stepped out from the door that head straight to the dining clapping for her.

“Wow wow wow, you made such a very tasty meal for your husband right?”

“Just taste it” Cara said to Sophia and Sophia reacted.

“And what was that supposed to mean?” Sophia asked pretending like she doesn’t have anything in mind.

“Who told you that am that dull, you think… well am not here for all that”

“I just want you to taste the food and once you are done tasting it”

“Trust me I will walk away but you will first of all return it back to the kitchen” Cara said.

“I would return it back to the kitchen how do you mean?”

“A food that I prepared specially for my husband and you are telling me to take it back” Sophia said.

“Yours husband….? oh yes… don’t worry about Axel, he is okay”

“He is at the dining enjoying my precious and tasty meal” Cara said.

“You can’t be serious, like are you being serious, you mean that Axel is eating your own food?” Sophia asked out of surprise.

It was really so surprised to her, she never expected it that Cara will appear like this, this night.

She thought that Cara would have been happily asleep since she thought that she have gotten her trapped.

But it is obvious that she is even more dangerous than expected.

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“Yes he is over there eating my meal, and please don’t think that there is anything going on between us”

“I only saw him here sitting like someone that does not have anyone”

“So I thought that you are asleep and instead of coming to wake you”

“I thought that, it will be so much disturbance to you, so I kindly take him to the dining”

“And serve him the food that I have already prepared down waiting for him” Cara said to Sophia.

“Oh… this girl is just so devilish, every time, she keeps allowing the devil to use her”

“I think that she has a monitoring spirit” Sophia was still saying in her mind when Cara interrupted.

“What…? why are you looking at me like that, have I done anything wrong by helping you out?” Cara said.

And then Sophia quickly realized herself as she gives out a game smile.

“Oh pardon me, I was just looking at you because you have really…”

“Done a very nice job, thank you so much dear, thank you so much about that”

“I should join him too although, but I should go and keep this one first” Sophia said with a faked smile.

And she turns around and tried to walk away hurriedly.

“Wait a minute, why are you leaving when I have not said that you should leave?” Cara asked.

“Oh am so sorry about that, pardon me, but what’s it?” Sophia said as she turned back and faced Cara.

“You are yet to do what I asked you to do, I said that I want you to taste the food also”

“Just taste the food that you are carrying before taking it backwards” Cara said.

“Oh yes now I remembered that you said that, but there is no problem”

“I will eat it later, am coming” Sophia said as she still turns to walk away.

“Hold it right there, I did not ask you when you would eat”

“When you will eat it is none of my business, how is that my concern?”

“I just said that you should taste the food that you prepared with your hand?”

“What’s hard about that?” Cara said to Sophia.

“Yeah that is what am saying, let me keep the food in your present”

“So that I will go and get the spoon which I need to use and eat the food”

“Just wait for me here okay, am coming, let me just get spoon from the kitchen” Sophia responded to Cara.

“So you mean that you are going to serve your husband food and you don’t have a spoon?”

“Wow, you were really expecting him to use his hand and eat or what?” Cara asked.

“No, um…. but.. you too should have known that spoons are already at the dining” Sophia said.

“Ow, you are right, okay I give you just five seconds, to go and bring the spoon and come back here now” Cara ordered.

“Okay” Sophia responded as she quickly started walking to the kitchen.

★Cara And Tricia★

Cara joined Tricia in her room as she was parking out.

“I don’t understand Tricia do you want to park everything that is inside this room” Bianca asked.

“I don’t understand you Bianca, how do you mean?” Tricia asked as Bianca’s word was just so confusing.

“I mean do you want to pack everything that is inside the room”

“Both the beds and everything?” Bianca repeated.

“And I wonder why you are asking such question, why should I?”

“Why should I pack both the beds when they are not mine? even if they are mine”

“Is it only both of us that will carry it? please stop being childish”

“Am only here to pack my clothes and nothing else” Tricia said.

“And wait a minute what do you mean by am acting so childish?”

“Like are you trying to insult me or what?” Bianca asked as Tricia smiled.

Although Bianca was just looking for what she will say that Tricia have done to her.

So that she will angrily leave her presence without assisting her to do anything.

But although Tricia looked like she noticed it and she is highly resisting it.

“Am very very sorry, I was just joking, which you yourself knew that”

“So please don’t be upset pardon me about that okay” Tricia pleads but Bianca didn’t interject.

“Pleas help we arrange my clothe fast so that we can be able to leave this place”

“And so that Don 2 will not think that we actually came late” Tricia said and then Bianca started assisting her.

But she was not assisting her with the right happiness inside her.


Megan was seeing as she was sitting on a chair in the parlor.

As she puts her head down to her fist which she was using to held her head.

Although she sat like someone who really have a serious issue to solve

And that is true, she really have so many issues which she needs to solve.

And she was thinking of the main issue which is at hand, and that is how they could get rid of Cara.

And it is well known to her that Cara can never be that easy to get.

She is just like someone that have a special power that allowed her to be so smart.

Although Megan was already done putting her husband to sleep.

And right now Jackie is on top of the bed sleeping.

While Megan was at the parlor waiting for Sophia’s arrival.

“Hmm, it is already getting too late and Sophia is not yet here?”

“What is wrong with her? she supposed to know that our time is counting?”

“And yet she us not here yet, but I actually don’t think that everything is alright”

“Hmm, or does it mean that she finds it difficult to put her husband to sleep?”

“Yea I think so, I think that I should go and assist her”

“But no, if I go now and her husband is still awake, he will suspect us”

“And besides I don’t have to make him to notice me when I come”

“But what about the devil living with them? how am I going to escape Cara?” Megan said in her mind.

“Hmmm that is the toughest of them all, because that girl is extra ordinary dangerous”

“And how am I sure that she is not the one that trapped Sophia?”

“Oh…. I can now sence the real reason why Sophia hasn’t come out”

“She have been trapped by those little girl again, I think that I should go and help her out”

“Let me go, I know that she is still with her by now?”

“But how am I going to sneak into the house, well it doesn’t matter”

“When I get to the house I will know what to do” Megan said as she get up from her bed.

And hopes on going to House 4 to know what’s going on with Sophia.

★Tricia And Bianca★

They were still busy packing up their clothes as they were talking with each other.

Although Tricia was busy promising Bianca the things that she would do for her if she finally becomes Don 2 wife.

And on the other hand Bianca was also busy giving her a fake smile.

While she was thinking of what to do in her mind to get rid of the marriage.

“Tricia so now that we are done packaging your clothes, what’s next?” Bianca asked.

“What else could be next, let’s head straight to Dons room”

“I mean, let’s head straight to house 2, and there will be our final destination” Tricia said.

“Okay, please can I ask you for a favour?” Bianca requested.

“Yea of course, you can ask me for whatever you want”

“And I promise that if it is what I can afford, and then you will have it immediately” Tricia said with smiles.

“Of course it is what you can afford” Bianca said with smiles too.

“Okay, can I please hear what you are requesting for first?” Tricia said to her.

“Please can I pack into house 2 with you this night?” Bianca asked with a low voice.

Because she know that even if she is the one she will refuse that request.

How can your best friend be living in the same house with your husband?

It doesn’t make sense at all, although she was thinking that it will be her first plan of scattering the marriage.

And for her greatest surprise Tricia agreed without hesitation.

“Seriously is that all that you are requesting for?” Tricia asked and Bianca nods.

“Then I don’t think that you have to bother yourself about anything, you have my word” Tricia promised Bianca.

“Wow… Are you being serious? like are you trying to say”

“That I can pack in with you just like that?” Bianca asked out of amazement.

“Yes, will I ever think of joking with that, yes you can pack in with me?” Tricia said with smiles.

“Oh my God, thank you so much, I really appreciates”

“So be fast let’s go so that I can pack my belongings too” Bianca said out of amazement.

“So that you can go and do what again?” Tricia asked as she seized from smiling.

“So that I can go and bring my belongings too” Bianca said.

“No, I don’t mean this night, you will come other day when am fully balanced”

“Not packing in the same day that am packing, is he marrying both of us together?”

“Come on think about it, it is not right to do it that way”

“But one thing am promising you is that, you will pack in very soon”

“But not actually this night” Tricia said as she sipped her bag and then started driving it to outside.

Heading straight to house 2 while Bianca stares at her very badly.

★House 4★

Sophia was seeing in the kitchen as she was holding one unknown substance.

Which she is about to cut and drink so that the medicine she put in her husband food will not affect her when she eats it.

“So what’s that thing that you are holding in your hand?” Cara’s voice sound.

And she quickly throw it away without drinking it and pretended like she is not holding anything and then she turned and saw Cara standing on the door of the kitchen with the food.

“So here is the food, and there are a lot of spoon here”

“In fact let me help you with one” Cara said as she brings the food closer to Sophia and helped her out to get a spoon.

And Sophia decided to end it all as she quickly deep the spoon into her food and ate one spoon.

With the hope that Cara will leave immediately she tastes the food.

So that she will be able to drink something that will make the substance not to affect her.

But Cara stand still watching her to know what will transpire.

….To Be Continued…

What will happen to our Sophia in the next episode?

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