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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 20

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Episode 20

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

“Cara you can see that I have tasted the food so can you go?” Sophia requested.

“Go where?” Cara asked as Sophia looks so confused with the question that she asked back.

“I mean can you go now, I thought that the reason why you asked me to taste the food was because you thought that I poisoned it right?”

“You have seen it already that I have tasted it, so can you please let me go?” Sophia requested.

“Yeah I actually thought that you put something in the food”

“But I thought that I was mistaken but with the way you are acting”

“I can see it that I was actually right and I wondered why you are trying to poison your husband?” Cara asked.

“Oh Cara p….” Sophia was still trying to say something but Cara interrupted.

“Wait a minute did you say that I should let you go? like seriously”

“Am I holding you, did I trapped you or what are you trying to say?” Cara asked.

But by then Sophia is already feeling asleep as she was kindly trying to hold herself not to sleep.


Megan was coming out of the parlor which has the same passage that heads to Tricia’s and Bianca’s room.

And to her greatest surprised she met Tricia with her belongings.

Although she sighted them from afar and she goes close to them to know what’s going on.

And when she get closed to them, they did not even mind her.

Neither did they act like as if they have someone in their midst not to talk of greeting her as one of their boss.

And they tried to walk away from her and she was staring at them.

“Tricia and Bianca, you did not see me?” Megan asked them.

“Oh sorry, pardon me Megan, it was caused by this inconvenient bag”

“It was just disturbing me the way I don’t like but without saying much?”

“Bianca let’s go” Tricia said as she and Bianca tries to walk away.

Although they are expecting her to shout at them.

But to their greatest surprise, she did not shout at them.

She rather referred to them with a cool voice “Hey… come on wait a minute”

“Please, am not here to shout or quarrel with you guys, am just here to know what’s going on?”

“Why are you walking out of the house, what really happened?”

“Did they sacked you guys because of the more time I gave you guys?” Megan asked.

“Oh that come to remind me, thank you very much for the time you gave us”

“Actually the reason why we are taking this bag out of this place can ever be explained to you”

“But I assure you, that, taking this bag out is like upgrading our status in this house”

“So good luck to you Megan, don’t bother yourself about us, we will be okay” Tricia responded to Megan.

“Are you sure that you are not packing out of the house”

“Please, if you are packing out of the house you should let me know?”

“Or are you tired of the job? am very ready to increase your salary okay?” Megan promised.

“Salary of what exactly, being your house maids and running up and down for you?”

“And after everything the only accommodation we will get from you is hate words”

“Never gets satisfied, is that what you really want us to keep doing?” Bianca said to Megan.

“Alright am very very sorry for the way I have been reacting to you guys”

“You guys should have known that am very sorry and I have changed”

“That is why I actually add time for you guys to go and flex with?”

“Am really sorry and I promised that once things get back the way it was supposed to be”

“I promise you guys for a better place, you will no longer be doing a stressful job” Megan said to them.

And they are so surprised that Megan pleaded that way to them.

What she has never done before, they are just so surprised as they stared at themselves.

“So this one that you are being so submissive like this”

“I hope that everything is alright?” Bianca asked.

“Actually everything is not alright am totally finished”

“Please I need your help, if you can help me out, I will do whatsoever you want me to do for you” Megan confessed.

“I knew it, I knew that something fishy is on ground”

“I knew it that this way you have been apologizing, you really want something from us”

“But don’t worry we are sick and tired of all this, we don’t want to help”

“So go and look for help else where but not beside us okay?”

“Can we go please Tricia?” Bianca requested as they tries to walk away.

“Please you guys are my last hope, I know that I have been doing so bad to you guys”

“But I promise that I will make everything work again”

“But please you shouldn’t abandon me in this kind of situation”

“I have no one else to run to, you guys are my last hope” Megan pleaded but Bianca hissed.

“Tricia, let’s ignore this whole blah blah coming out from her mouth”

“Let’s keep going to where we are going to” Bianca said.

“No Bianca, look at the way she have been begging us about this”

“That means that this might have been a very serious issue”

“And they could be a case that this may also terminate our future here in this compound”

“Let’s wait and here her out” Tricia demanded and then they walked back to Megan where she was kneeling.

“So Megan what do you want us to do for you? what do you wan really desire us to do for you?”

“You need to speak up please because we are running out of time okay?” Bianca said

“We need to talk while sitting, this is not what we can be talking while standing” Megan said and Tricia and and Bianca looked at each other.

“Then just hold it there, I don’t think that we can do this any more”

“Sorry that is not what I wanted to say, I wanted to say that we will be back in short time just wait for us here”

“Okay, let us go and keep our bags we will be back okay?” Tricia said to Megan.

“What do you guys mean that you want to go and keep your bag?”

“Why not keep your bag by the side by the time we are done you can take it to wherever you are taking it to?” Megan requested.

“But this bag you are seeing here what everything for me?”

“I can’t just hang out by the side till the bag gets to it’s expected position” Tricia said to Megan.

“Oh please you guys really want to make me to loose everything I have in life”

“Just help me, I promise that I will compensate you with what that will what three times of whatever that bag what for you!” Megan said.

And then Bianca and Tricia stares at themselves, although what really surprises them.

Was that Megan said that they want to make her to loose everything that she has in life.

Although that thought was for Bianca, while Tricia was busy thinking about what will what three times of what the bag qualifies for her.

“Hmmm, I don’t like what you are saying, there is nothing”

“,That is more important to me than this bag so stop it”

“By the way I have already promised you that I will be back here withing some minutes”

“Just give me some seconds okay?” Tricia said as she tries to walk away.

But she was held back by Bianca “what?” Tricia said to Bianca.

“Come on, look at her she looked just so helpless”

“Let’s hear her out first, and know what’s really bothering her” Bianca said to Tricia.

“Sorry but that’s not possible, I don’t want Don to think that I did not come back in time”

“And you heard what she said, she said that we should go and sit down before she can start”

“Which means that it contains a long story, well I have the best solution for this”

“This is how we can do this now, you will stay with her here”

“While I go and deliver the bag to him and I will be back withing few minutes” Tricia whispered to Bianca.

And Bianca agreed as they faced Megan and told her their outcome.

“Alright Megan, Bianca will stay with you here and when I return back”

“I will join you guys, I just need to deliver this bag” Tricia said.

“Oh thank you so much guys, please when you are back meet us at the parlor okay?”

“Bianca let’s go to the parlor, but Tricia what’s in that bag of yours?” Megan asked and Tricia waves her head.

“None of your business, although it is my clothes” Tricia said as she then heads straight to house 2.

…To Be Continued….

Will Don 2 allow Tricia to come back?

mostly will he accepts her?

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